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Another One Bites The Dust!

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Conde Nast is being hit hard!

PerezHilton.com has exclusively learned that the magazine publishers just announced to staffers at Men's Vogue that the magazine is folding.

Even more people out of work!

Fun times.

Update: Though they have fired most of their staff, Conde Nast has just announced that Men's Vogue will publish two issues per year.

Why bother????

Two words: Anna Wintour.

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39 comments to “Another One Bites The Dust!”

  1. 1


  2. 2

    Too bad he's fucking gay, coz one day I would screw his brains out.

  3. 3

    George Looney looks so weird…

  4. 4

    It is such a shit . The world is craching !

    But… hey… good last magazine . I do love George Cloney . =P

  5. 5

    I'd kick my husband's ass if I saw him reading that queer mag.

  6. 6

    NOOoooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! ȠThere is no god!

  7. 7

    Fire Anna Wintour already!

  8. 8

    Gee, golly gee. George has always been a secret crush of mine.
    Gotcha bitches.

  9. 9

    They need to buy my video" How be a Mangina" just $19.95

  10. 10

    …I didn't even know it was around, not that I'd read it anyway. Maybe with George on the cover… If I did I'd have it delivered in a brown paper wrapper. "Please Mr. Postman" deliver the letter the sooner I get wetter…

  11. 11

    ANother one can bite me on my big white ass…

  12. 12

    Good. The mag was stupid and the editors and writers were dimwits mostly

  13. 13

    Terrible news, but on a lighter note, OMG! Look at that cover of George Clooney!

  14. 14

    Never liked it much anyways, GQ and Arena have more in them :S

  15. jkf says – reply to this


    I never heard of MENS Vogue. My guess is it never made money and probably should have been closed long ago.

  16. 16

    Real men don't read Men's Vogue

  17. 17

    are you kidding me? they just sent us a renewal notice just the other day!! bastards!!

  18. 18

    It's confirmed. Know peeps there…

  19. 19

    Wow…this is my first time even hearing about Men’s Vogue…

  20. 20

    Survival of the fittest!

  21. 21

    what's the point of print magazines anymore anyway….who gives a shit

  22. 22

  23. 23

    is there a man any sexier than george? omg?? anyway, great cover, bad times. scary times. save your pennies!

  24. 24

    What the hell is Men's Vogue??? I didn't even know that it existed!

  25. 25

    That magazine sucked nad bag
    enough already!

  26. 26

    Where will all the fags get their mani/pedi tips now?

  27. 27


  28. 28

    Clooney needs my dick up his ass. That'll straighten him out.

  29. 29

    Never even knew it existed, great marketing!

  30. 30

    men's vogue…..seriously, such a mag exists….no wonder it is folding…..

  31. 31

    Don't so much care about the magazine. But Oh my is Gearge dreamy or what!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  32. 32

    What kind of guy reads that magazine??

  33. 33

    Am I supposed to feel sorry for people that work at magazines? Really? That is ridiculous. Magazines are expensive enterprises. They go out of business ALL the time. Men's Vogue? Really? I guess you wouldn't need gaydar if you found THAT in your boyfriend's apartment.

  34. 34

    Who care's about the magazine. That picture of George is hot!

  35. 35


  36. 36

    To be honest…I have never SEEN this magazine so I won't miss it.


  37. 37

    it's not that it's hard times…did you look at the fucking mag? It was a POS.

  38. 38

    Re: Almondjoy

    I still have a job, interest rates are down, gas is cheaper, I just invested more in the market which will rebound soon. Why should I save my pennies again?

  39. 39

    Re: Vince will Shamwow your ass

    I'd mace my wife in the face and make her shit on a tarp if I ever saw her looking at this queer website