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Forget Rescheduling, Janet Cancels!

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Poor Janet Jackson.

It seems the bad ticket sales are really affecting her.

Now Ms. Jackson has cancelled yet ANOTHER concert.

Janet was supposed to have a concert in Connecticut back on October 11th, but it was then postponed because of her "vertigo".

However, now it seems the postponed concert is being turned into the cancelled concert.

A release has just been issued by the Mohegan Sun Arena in Connecticut. It says:

Janet Jackson Performance at Mohegan Sun Has Been Cancelled

Mohegan Sun regrets to announce that the concert featuring Janet Jackson has been officially cancelled. There will not be a rescheduled date.

All those who purchased tickets for the Janet Jackson show at The Mohegan Sun Box Office or at a Ticketmaster outlet should return to the point of purchase for refunds. Those who purchased tickets at ticketmaster.com or via phone will be refunded automatically.

For more information on other great events at Mohegan Sun, visit mohegansun.com. For information on this week’s schedule, call the Entertainment and Special Events hotline.

No official excuse has been given for the cancellation.

No word on whether or not the other shows that were postponed will go ahead as planned or cancelled as well.

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44 comments to “Forget Rescheduling, Janet Cancels!”

  1. 1


  2. 2

    What a Waste…!

  3. 3

    still love ya janet!

  4. 4

    I actually suffer from migraines and vertigo. When I turn my head to one side too fast, I automatically throw up. So, I can understand that she can't perform under those conditions. Perez so nicely wrote "vertigo" in quotes, meaning he doesn't believe her and blames sales. Last time I checked, Perez isn't bff with Janet and isn't a doctor. Eff off, Perez…

  5. 5

    ok SERIOUSLY she needs to just cancel the whole fuckin tour already, its just turning into a joke

  6. 6

    No more singing about JUST SEX!!! Start getting in contact with some super producers instead.

  7. Shai says – reply to this


    As usual more negativity is being posted by friend 2day, and snake the next… I don,t believe everything I read unless it has been confirmed by a reliable source… I'm with you JuliaGulia having vertigo is not something to trivialise Janet will do just fine she has had rave reviews from everybody who has attended her concerts. But it seems what ever Janet does haters will try and block her… This is why I love Janet for keeps on going on and doing her own thang!!!

  8. 8

    no one has money to spend to go see a wash up.


  9. 9


  10. 10

    Janet is an old whore.

    shes so over.

  11. mvp says – reply to this



  12. 12

    I have to agree with Nelly_In_SJ on this one. Janet's problem isn't vertigo (well, maybe PHYSICALLY it is) but a lack of decent releases over the past 10 years. Every bloody song is about sex. Madonna did it. Then moved on. Xtina did it. Then moved on. Britney did it. Then (kinda) moved on. Seriously, she has basically been portraying the same image since 1993's 'Janet' album. Reinvent yourself. Stop with the BLOODY ANNOYING interludes in every single lackluster album (and I feel I can say this as I've seen Janet 3 times in concert and used to be a HUGE fan - although I haven't really loved anything she's done in the past 10 years since 'Velvet Rope' and have only moderately enjoyed any of her singles since that album. Although I thought 'Feedback' was really good….

  13. MP says – reply to this


    That's too bad. What happened to Janet Jackson? She's very talented I think and she's a classic. Where did things go wrong for her? I can't imagine the superbowl thing had anything to do with her downturn. P.S. Perez, vertigo is pretty serious and unpleasant from what I've heard. It can strike at any age and at any moment, so maybe Janet really does suffer from this.

  14. 14

    She ain't got nothin' on gbm! You're my #1! For real! ;)

  15. 15

    Hey idiots…I saw her in San Diego. This woman is a born entertainer and she absolutely killed it! The crowd was a little thin, but the music and choregraphy was on point. Perez your a fat tool.

  16. 16

    Vertigo = morning sickness

  17. 17

    Janet's SOOOOO OVER…poor gal…Couldn't catch up with well…ME!

  18. 18


  19. 19

    WTF? So we are supposed to believe that is her body in the picture?

  20. Laury says – reply to this


    Ugh, just cancel the entire freaking tour altogether and be done with it. No one wants to see it anyway.

  21. 21

    I don't really care for her but,
    I HATE when performers cancel.
    She's not mainstream though, so what do you expect?

  22. 22

    I feel bad for the true janet fans, the show was Amazing she kick ass. I was luck enough 2c her in L.A.

  23. 23

    No surprise here at all.

  24. 0LRB0 says – reply to this


    She should just cancel alltogether and like, play mini malls when shes "better"

  25. 25

    no one wants to re sign her.
    she is poison to sales.

  26. 26

    Maybe she's finally gotten too embarassed about that dreadfully horrendous outfit she's had to wear, and no longer wants to look like a badly-dressed idiot.

  27. 27

    ;-)Janet in the 80's and 90's was bigtime HOTTT!I think Ms "J" should just downsize her shows and chill with the elaborate productions….No "Dis" to Lady J, She still rocks the look, shows and music… But heck, no matter what she has her loyal fans who will still pay to see her shows and buy her music.Good Luck and much continous success Lady J!:-)

  28. 28

    Re: pseudospiceI agree with your statement

  29. 29

    This bitch should just sit down!!! It's obvious she doesn't have the will nor stamina to put on a show!! That is why Madonna remains God in this industry, she can keep going no matter what!!!!

  30. 30

    sometimes its good to cut your losses…hey ..if noone wants to show the love she deserves…deep six it

  31. 31

    Re: Madonnaismyhomegirl
    Madonna is definetly my idol…thru thick or thin shes the consemate performer…I love her now and forever

  32. 32

    she's been done since the 90's

  33. 33

    Re: JuliaGulia – If only she didn't say she was coming the day before, and cancelled AGAIN only hours before the show. I got stuck with tickets, had to keep my hotel reservations or pay anyways.


  34. 34

    I'd be PISSED if I was one of her fans and she canceled like that. Isn't it suppose to be about the "music" and not the amount of people at the show…oh yeah, I forgot she is a POP STAR which means it IS all about the money and sales. Oh well, not a good way to keep fans honey!

  35. D-Bag says – reply to this


    I've seen her twice during the height of her popularity and both shows were very similiar. Judging from the set list of this tour it sounds like much of the same with several of her new, shitty songs thrown in. I agree with the above poster that said she hasn't had anything good since "The Velvet Rope". She hasn't evolved and her whispery voice is just sad in a market full of real singers like Xtina, Beyonce and Rhianna. Time to retire Janet. No one wants to pay $100+ to see the same shit they could watch on an old concert DVD.

  36. 36

    Has-been. She's got a bad vibe going for her allready, just nix the tour.

  37. 37

    The Jackson bro's better start practicing,they lost both the meal tickets now. Watch,they will start pimping out their kids and grand kids out just like papa Joe,and I'm sure another crap reality show will not be far behind.

  38. 38

    I really feel bad for her. I saw her here in San diego and she did an awesome concert she gave it all she had. All you ppl that are calling her names are just haters and of course you all couldnt afford her concert tickets anyway talk about losers, Mrs Jenny Im so poor too buy a ticket!!!!!! Im glad I saw her she was wonderful and she loves SAN DIEGO thats why she didnt cancel on us.

  39. AMO says – reply to this


    Re: Nelly_In_SJ – Ya and we're not talking about Jermaine Dupree either!

  40. 40

    This is EXACTLY what will happen to Britney!!! HAHA in these rough times no one wants to pay to see a has-been fruitcake LIP SYNC.

  41. 41

    Re: Madonnaismyhomegirl

    Madonna keeps going beacuse of her psycho, wack job, looney fans like you. I think all of Madonna's fans are borderline retarded. JANET will always rule no matter how many haters try to spead lies about her.

  42. Shai says – reply to this


    Re:No40; Janet is no way on Britney's level to hog the lime light!!!! Britney has done too many CRazY things too compare Janet is an insult!!!! Janet actually has her own talent and she did not have to copy fom nobody!!!! People may compare her dancing to Michael but Janet's skills are just as good, she put's a different spin on dance moves…. Still remember good dance videos like Pleasure Principle that people have tried to copy and failed to duplicate…. Janet will always be no1 as she is the Godess of dance!!!!!

  43. DEET says – reply to this


    Just saw Janet J in Tulsa OK last Sunday nite, 10/26/08. Gotta say, I am an avid fan of Perez world news, but I truly didn't get what all the trashin' was about. Janet gave an excellent, heartfelt & sincere, very physical & thoroughly entertaining 2.5 hour performance. I was amazed at her dancing — very impressive! And her dancers weren't at all bad either. Overall, thought it was a great show. And I see lots of concerts per year. Lighten up Perez. Have you even seen her Rock Witchu tour yet? Next up for me — Madonna in Vegas 11/08/08 at MGM. Can't wait!

  44. 44

    What a f*cking idiot!!! Her new album only had 1 single and was so bad they stopped promotion for it and letting her shoot a second video for the album HAHAHAHAHAH Your finished Janet, never liked you, never will