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Is That Holly???

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"Illusionist" Criss Angel tongue fucks some blonde at a party at the Palms HOtel in Las Vegas on Wednesday night.

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155 comments to “Is That Holly???”

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  1. 101

    how do we know who belongs to the tongue?

  2. 102

    Re: CrazyDRe: CrazyD – Crazy D is the type of dog they euthanize daily at the pound or use to tease pits in a fight. Apricot is a purebred bitch that is a diva and out of your money range. Loser!

  3. 103

    Megan Summers

  4. 104

    shes just deperat'e for some young lovin.

    wouldnt you be ?

  5. 105

    PDA much?

  6. 106

    obviously it's Holly…look at that polyester weave

  7. 107

    Hell yes that's Holly! No one else has that platinum plastic Barbie hair!

  8. 108


  9. 109


  10. 110

    ewww theyre not even kissing. like you said he's tongue f@#$%ing her. she stupid if she wants to have a kid with this nastyass

  11. 111

    It doesn't look like her. Holly has a very well defined bone structure in her face and the nose looks completely different. The slope of Holly's nose tends to curve inward and points upward at the tip.

  12. 112

    Holly is an ungrateful slut and I hope Hef has already taken her out of his will. Poor Hef is going to die any minute and this ho doesn't even care. Selfish.

  13. 113

    Totally disgusting…wait, she did kiss Hugh Hefner, so maybe this is a step up from dirty old man dick to dated everyone else but younger dick.

  14. 114

    Re: WTFisgoingon – I totally agree with you! Idiots like Crazy D write comments like "ewwww" and make fun of people's avators. Why are they even on this blog. If it is Holly or another girl, good for them! Kissing a hot guy is always a good thing!!!!

  15. 115

    looks like her

  16. 116

    Just got back from Believe.
    It wasn't horrible. Slightly boring, though.
    Not very much cirque, a lot of bad acting by Criss. A couple tricks.

  17. 117

    okay, that is quite sickening isnt it? oh yuck! whose is it?

  18. 118

    Wait.. he's not gay?

  19. 119

    i love holly :)

  20. 120

    fucking trashyy. I thought she had class.

  21. 121

    soo holly!

  22. 122

    it suureee looks like Holly!!

  23. 123


  24. 124

    It might be her but it also could not. There are loads of girls who look like this!

  25. 125

    Maybe he isn't tongue fucking her, maybe that is an illusion, maybe everyone thinks that he is with Holly because he gives the illusion that he is…maybe that chick isn't even real! Yeah right, he's totally tongue fucking that broad & it's Holly.

  26. 126

    This is the GROSSEST man alive and if this Holly, she obviously likes them that way. None of my posts are getting posted since I busted Perez out on getting paid by publicists. Lets see if this one gets posted. Hmmm.

  27. 127

    Re: && I got a thing for you! – take a chill pill yeesh

  28. 128


  29. 129

    Re: thewrightsource – yes it is

  30. 130

    I was there-it was Holly Madison but this happened Tuesday night. Holly hosted a party at Moon in the Palms Hotel. They were all over each other.

  31. 131

    Thats so her!

  32. 132

    AHHHHHHHHHHH! I THINK I JUST GOT HERPES OF THE EYEBALLS JUST BY VIEWING THIS!!! Prezzie, puh-leeze for the last time put up a eye-condom warning before posting this type of ew! Gracias.

  33. 133

    looks like holly madison to me, eww not a good look, you can do better sister

  34. 134

    that is FOR SURE Holly Madison!! Now that her and Puffin are over, so are her 15 minutes. Let's stop giving the digger the attention she doesn't deserve.

  35. AMO says – reply to this


    Re: Dating Misanthrope – Right? He is so atrocious!

  36. 136

    God, he is absolutely disgusting.

  37. 29 says – reply to this


    Re: && I got a thing for you! – you could have saved yourself the trouble of writing so much if you had just said "i'm a white trash gold digging whore with no ambition who prefers old dick over a full and happy life i can make on my own".

  38. 138

    He is so gross! And he's a total NERD. Have you seen old Criss Angel, he is such a DORCAS! Just because he has emo hair and wears eyeliner all the sudden he's hot… I think NOT!!!

  39. 139


  40. 140

    UMMMM that's DEFINITELY Holly Madison! Sorry Hef, but maybe now Holly can have that baby she's always wanted since Im assuming Criss Angel's sperm is actually viable for reproduction. As gross as that shiteous baby would be, better than having a kid whose dad turns 93 when he/she is only 10

  41. 141

    Thats totally Holly you can see her sexy eye lashes

  42. 142

    totally her
    but the real question is…
    how can she like that type of making out?

  43. 143

    It sure looks like Holly - she was dressed like Baywatch Pam Anderson that night - but you can't tell what this girl is wearing. That's gross. Holly can do SOOOOO much better than that. She is the most beautiful girl - but since Hef is getting it on with some gross ugly chicks - maybe she is just doing the same. Of all the beautiful women in the world - Hef could find some muchpretty girls than them ugly ho's. And Holly could do likewise. Just a rebound thing - if it is anything - I would say - at least I HOPE……….

  44. 144

    It's Holly, shes on TMZ too - went to a Las Vegas Halloween party, she might not be perfect but that woman could do much better than Criss Angel….yuck!

  45. 145

    Looks like Holly! They are REALLY GOOD FRIENDS!!! LOL

  46. 146

    GAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGG I always thought she was the smartest girl next door too but apparently not if shes fucking that tool

  47. Preps says – reply to this


    It so looks like Heidi Montag, haha, that is soo gross, ewwwwy,that's funny because he sort of looks like justin bobby before he cut his hair, ewwwwwwwwy

  48. 148

    it looks like Heidi Montag to me. and he's not that bad looking. the lisp is what throws me off.

  49. 149

    Downright not what I want to see ever. I'm less than pleased about this. I asked her to invite me to Vegas hours ago before I saw this picture. Not the best thing I have seen. I'm scarred for life, than again I may forget all about this disaster, but Holly and I's fledgling relationship is null and void. This might be my first time lookin around Perez Hilton, to those of you that don't know me: You Are The Minority. I live in the shadows out doing famous people of all different kinds for no pay or play. Storing up treasures in Heaven

  50. 150

    EHHHH i dont know why he dates those kind of people ……ughhh i mean cant he find sombody whos atleast on the same level as him or higher???why so low on standards criss ? any ways its his personal life…..and he can date who he want no matter how icky they are…so Perez hes a pretty cool guy …yea kinda a man whore….but wy make fun of him all te time?

  51. 151

    100% that IS Holly Madison

  52. Jai says – reply to this


    He's a greasy famewhore and she's just a whore…..it's a perfect match.

  53. 153

    ewwwww such a man cheater!

  54. 154


  55. 155

    To be honest, it looks a little like Heidi Montag, but yeah its prob holly. this picturee is nastyy either way. wtf Isnt criss angel like 40??!

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