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I Can Cry If I Want To

| Filed under: Baby BlabberTom CruiseKatie Holmes


The usually adorable Suri Cruise seems to have been in a not-so-happy mood on Halloween weekend.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes picked up Suri from their New York City apartment for a night out trick-or-treating.

And, although Suri had a box of yummy pumpkin shaped Halloween Peeps, she didn't seem too happy.

Especially not when she spotted the paparazzi!

Damn those pesky photos!

PS. We Loves it that Suri is wearing red nail polish matching her red dress.


[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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75 comments to “I Can Cry If I Want To”

  1. 1

    Suri is the cutest!!!

  2. 2

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  3. 3

    is that katies chin? it looks horrific.

  4. pryme says – reply to this


    maybe she's crying because she wants to open those halloween peeps…..i love marshmallow peeps!!!

  5. 5

    www.bornalivetruth.org obama is a sick mofo fo sho

  6. 6

    shes the devil

  7. 7

    maybe she is cold. wtf at her never wearing a coat or tights under those dresses.

  8. 8

    This kid is too perdect! Could she be an alien?

  9. 9

    Oh, I hope that black guy takes her. She deserves a better papa.

  10. 10

    She's so cute, not in this pic though..

  11. 11

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  12. 12

    I wonder why Suri gets paraded around all the time and Tom's other kids are never seen I mean like NEVER???

    I can't stand him or the wife anymore but that little girl is truly adorable…I hope she doesn't get screwed up when she grows up!

  13. 13

    The paps scare her. Poor kid. Why do they have to bring her into the fray all the time? I see years of therapy down the road.

  14. 14

    eww why do people think that Suri is so cute. Hello! people check your eyes she not. i do feel sorry for her having Tom Cruise as a father. VOTE NO ON PROP 8

  15. 15

    Re: Prof. Minerva McGonagle – To answer my own question…because the older kids can TALK…

  16. 16

    I hope she turns out to be a druggy skanky slut like Bridget Fonda or Tatum O'Neal.

  17. 17

    So Cute !!

  18. 18

    You mean photogs?

  19. 19

    do they have to dress her in red velvet every day???…..on halloween?

  20. 20


  21. 21

    does that kid EVER wear anything BUT short sleeve dresses?? I bet her manicure cost more than a tank of gas……

  22. gtfo says – reply to this


    She is such a cute little girl. I just wish her mom and dad would dress her appropriately. You see them parading her around in their pants, coats, sweaters, etc. yet she is always in dress with a damn blanket, like its going to do any good, when half the time it's not around her.

  23. 23

    That kid is going to be such a brat when she gets older.

  24. 24

    suri is too cute

  25. 25

    Her eyes are wattering from the odor of the diversity.
    Stinch Douche

  26. 26

    Poor kid! ok well I mean sure shes spoiled and everything but it must suck to have to grow up with eyes on you 24/7

  27. 27

    I'd be pissed too if I got Peeps.
    those things are naaassty

  28. 28

    Re: i8carrotcake – You degrade carrot cake, and I like carrot cake. So it is on.
    Orange shit Douche

  29. 29

    they finally cut her bangs so she freaked out and doesn't recognize herself

  30. 30

    Koons, my mama used to sweep them off the portch with a broom.
    That floating leaf Douche

  31. 31

    Re: ladynTO – Once again, you prove that Canada is America's retard cousin.
    Slobbery Douche

  32. 32

    "Usually adorable". My, that's quite a turnaround Perez, given you 'usually' call her an alien. Methinks you're changing your tune given the negative responses the last few times you've bagged this two year old…

  33. 33

    And still no jacket!

  34. 34

    I feel so sorry for this little girl…….

  35. 35

    What I find disturbing are not Suri's moods, but the fact that her parents don't think to PUT A JACKET OR A COAT ON THAT POOR CHILD.
    It's cold(er) in NYC this time of year, and, although we see her parents all bundled up, poor Suri never has on so much as a sweater!
    She'll catch pneumonia, poor thing.

  36. 36

    H-E-L-L-O!! this child needs a coat! i'm in NYC and my daughter and i have been wearing coats for weeks. i have yet to see this little one in more than a summer dress. WTF is wrong with these people???

  37. 37

    crabby kid….Surley Cruise

  38. 38

    yea..ask her where the fuck her coat is?!
    it is fuckin cold in NY…that's why she is not happy! Another reason to blame tom (he is a fuckin psycho!) and katie. Dress your kid according to the weather!

  39. 39

    is this what we have to look forward to with an Obama administration? Black men will legally have the right to feel up our white children!

  40. 40

    she is a spoiled brat and i am tired of seeing katie.

  41. 41

    Mmmmmmm peeps!

  42. 42

    "we loves it that…" ??!!?!?!?! my god, fatty's english is absolutely fucking atrocious. It should be 'I love that Suri is…' somebody needs to teach that fucktard mario some english! how stupid is he

  43. 43

    When are they going to let this poor little girl get her nap already? She looks miserable and tired. She's getting as haggard looking as her mother. Tom & Kate Cruise suck as parents. Someone call DSS!

  44. 44

    Re: PunkyBrewstein

    You are an idiot!!!!!

  45. 45

    I think she is just wiping her tired little eyes. Suri is a beautiful child, despite the barley water. I hope she writes a BIG tell all when she is 25 and we all get to find out how crazy it is over there in the bin. She looks a lot like her mom. Thank god they cut her bangs- those other bangs were a danger to her vision and safety. She looked like she had a rug on her head.

  46. 46

    Re: PerezDouche

    I would say America is more the retard than Canada. You voted George Bush in TWICE…and where is the country now?

  47. 47

    Poor thing, she looks like she's having a mid-afternoon meltdown. I DON'T like the idea of a person that young wearing nail polish, especially when the hands go in the mouth all the time with toddlers. That stuff is incredibly toxic, even the "natural" ones, and DOES NOT belong anywhere NEAR a toddler! STOP with the polish!
    Perez, for someone who loves children, DIDN'T you KNOW THIS?????????

  48. 48

    Yeah, I can't imagine from being born having the paps follow me the lights from the cameras probably bother her eyes!

  49. 49

    That is a creepy ugly child! She lookslike she came from a scientoloty milkshake for sure. She is fugly.

    Her parents need to stop parading this squinty eyed, flat square headed freak child around, and let her be a kid.
    She is probably sick of her publicity whore parents using her for their paparazzi fix.
    But she is ugly ugly.

  50. 50

    Ewww she is an ugly kid, but then again her parents are ugly. I guess mixing gay tom's sperm with L Rn Hubbards made a weird looking child! Ewwww.

    Fugly alien face.

  51. 51

    Re: Prof. Minerva McGonagle – Because they don't need to be carried around, they're both teenagers I'm pretty sure…if not, close to being teenagers. They have school and other things to do besides tag along with Katie every day.

  52. 52

    A blanket is not a coat!!!!!

  53. 53

    Type II diabetes just waiting to happen.

  54. 54

    She's got nothing to cry about. Rich kids shouldn't cry in public.

  55. 55

    SHE'S COLD!!! This is just disgusting, letting a toddler go without a coat in NY this time of year. Why? So they can show off her little designer outfits? Yeah, we realize that they can afford pretty dresses for their little girl, so freaking WHAT? The blanket doesn't cut it anymore, she's no longer an infant! If she doesn't want to wear a coat, that's easily solved, you PUT ONE ON HER ANYWAY!! If she takes it off, put it back on her. It's just that simple. Who is in control, the parents or the child? This is child abuse, plain and simple. Of course she cries when she sees the photographers, they hurt her eyes! When I see video clips where there are a lot of paparazzi, the flashes are enough to give me a migraine, I can't imagine how it must feel to actually be in the midst of it. Both parents have coats and sunglasses, how about some for the kid?? At least her bangs protected her eyes a little bit. Oh, but if they put sunglasses on her, we wouldn't get to see her pretty eyes. They need to realize that she's a real child, not a doll to dress up and show off. She's not even that cute anymore. If she had been anyone elses child, she would have been taken away from them already, they are ABUSING her by letting her freeze! As far as the nail polish goes, next it will be makeup. JonBenet Ramsey, anyone? This just sickens me, she's just a little kid who needs parents that know how to take care of one.

  56. 56

    She is so cute but gonna grow up to be sooo spoilt!

  57. 57

    This child is being used by her parents as a mini media whore.It is a disgrace.Let the poor kid have a normal childhood. FFS. I am sick to death of 50 paps a day of this kid.

  58. 58

    Put a sweater on that child!!!

  59. 59

    Her parents need to step up and protect her instead of feeding their own egos by parading her around….and put a coat on her! It's cold in NYC

  60. ELUC says – reply to this


    I hate it when moms put nailpolish on little girl's fingernails!!

  61. 61

    I love Suri! I think she is the cutest celeb tot out there. To bad she has such crazy parents!

  62. 62

    Not me, I voted Gore and Kerry

  63. 63

    poor lil'thing is adorable!

  64. 64

    She's crying because they're gonna take away her yummy peeps and it's back to barley water for her ass! Free Katie so she can feed Suri!

  65. 65

    Poor kid.

  66. 66

    She crying because she is probably freezing!
    Put a jacket on her for crying out loud!!!!!

    Oh, and get out to VOTE TODAY. I cannot because I am Canadian,
    but all you Americans can help to shape our futures and point us all in the right direction if you VOTE OBAMA BARACK!
    Vote "No" on Propostion 8 as well, please exercise your rights!!!!

  67. 67

    Re: marlow – The same place it always was, south of Can'tada, moron.
    Latitude Douche

  68. 68

    She's crying cuz it's 40 degrees and everyone is wearing wool coats and she only get a short sleeve dress every damn day

  69. 69

    Ruh roh! Suri needs to be audited

  70. 70

    Spoiled rotton,the kid needs to hang with other kids once and awhile ughh.

  71. 71

    Lose the nail polish - totally inappropriate for a child that young - and get her a coat. Tom & Katie are imbeciles! Someone arrange parenting lessons for them. Maybe Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck can offer tips.

  72. 72

    does anyone here see any of Tom's genes in this kiddo?

  73. 73

    Re: johnde – Nope. And that's because there are none. It's more likely that John Jones of Halidash Perkopsy is her father than Tom Cruise.

  74. 74

    Yeh. When you realise that 40F is 5C… you know that kid needs a coat. We wear them when it's 15C.

    Cruelty. Abuse. All the shiz. Yep. Tommy Girl and his beard are all sorts of good parents.

    By the way, does anyone know if the Scientolofag donated to any political campaign? If so, that would make Co$ a non religious organisation by associating with politics.

    C'mon anon. Check it out. It's a brilliant way of ensuring the C0$ loses its tax free status. We know it's a cult. Not a religion. Maybe tomfag or Miscarriage slipped up and donated???? Possibly to McCain?

  75. 75

    Has anyone else noticed that almost all photos with Suri include food?? Usually it some sugary something too!! Perez - you should do a collage of sorts! Yeah, she is cute though!!