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Ivana Trump's 20-years Younger Husband Caught Cheating!!! On TV!!

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Italian reader Max tuned us onto some juicy stuff!

For her sake, we hope Ivana Trump has an ironclad prenup because her young, stud-muffin husband, Rossano Rubicond, was caught red-handed cheating on her while participating in Italian TV's version of Celebrity Survivor.

Actually, cheating is a mild way to put it.

Rossano fucked another contestant….on the show!!!!

Yes, banged another woman knowing that TV cameras were all over the Survivor set!!

Argentinian model, Belen Rodriguez, was the subject of Rossano's affections.

What straight man wouldn't choose a young model over Ivana for some naughty time?

The story gets better!

Belen and Rossano were ratted out to the world by a contestant named Vladimir Luxuria.

Vladimir is transgender and used to be part of the Italian parliament.

A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to win Survivor, right?

The Italian public ended up voting Rossano off for his indiscretion.

We're assuming Ivana has already had Donald's lawyers draw up divorce papers.

Crazy stuff!!

[Image via WENN.]

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67 comments to “Ivana Trump's 20-years Younger Husband Caught Cheating!!! On TV!!”

  1. 1

    I imagine seeing Ivana naked is like seeing a Char Pai…

    all wrinkles fur and fleas….

  2. 2

    That's what she get for marrying some boy toy half her age!!!

  3. 3

    HAHAHAHHAHAHAH I think this is hysterical funny .. like noone knew this was coming!

  4. 4

    Ain't the first time she's lost out to a younger POA!

  5. 5

    ….he's done that before…this is not "new"….she puts up with it to keep the stable boy happy.

  6. 6

    This really doesn't surprise me. He obviously married Ivana for her cash…

  7. 7

    Woahhhhhhhhhh! The fucktard shoud have keep it in his pants.

  8. 8


  9. 9

    I had that hairdu back when I was in 8th grade… in the early 90's lol Gotta love it

  10. 10

    this is stupid

  11. EatMe says – reply to this


    haha. Not surprising.

  12. 12

    omg! and maybe you don't know it (of course you don't….you don't live in italy…) but belen is the girlfriend of a football player from AC Milan (yes, the one beckham is going to play in), his name is marco borriello. i guess he's not happy at all!

  13. 13


  14. 14

    Maybe they have an open marriage.

  15. 15

    MAYBE… that chicks a slut and so is Rossano… bunch of pigs. Though, I agree with the open marriage comment, whomever said it… they HAVE to have one. It's on TV, he had to know it would possibly (if not positively) get out.

  16. 16

    Never ever let your man go on a reality show without you! lol cause your relationship will be screwed. and everyone in the world will be able to see your failure on national tv hahaha:) there is always some hot hoochie wanting what you have hahahah:) what was she expecting DUH!

  17. 17

    She has a lot in common with Linda Hogan, nasty cougars.

  18. 18

    don't give him an out because the model was half Ivana's age. I rarely see any crap when it is the man that is older. whoever Ivana's husband of the moment is, he is the one that went into the marriage and I don't believe for a moment that Ivana has an open marriage, she was humiliated by the donald the same way. And if this jerk married her just for the money, he should have tried alot harder to keep it zipped. I think she just married a total bimbo, just like her ex, the donald does.

  19. 19

    Re: LettyB – Love that picture..scary. Her husband looks gay and he is fucking stupid for being with her old face.

  20. 20

    Saw this coming from day one… isn't it strange that SHE didn't? Love sure is blind. Feel bad for her

  21. 21

    Oh shit, I looked up the 'mistress', and even as a (straight) girl I cannot blame him…hahahahahaha

  22. 22

    They weren't caught having sex…not even a kiss was shown on the tv show (i'm watching it).
    But there have been talks of the 2 having an affair for weeks, and yesterday it was all said by Vladimir during the live show.

  23. 23

    no wonder he did it. with that shit-nasty dress she has on u can already guess why.

  24. 24

    Vote for me and John McCain. I'm not going back to Alaska no matter what. I'm the White oprah. I'm here to stay. Yep, not going anywhere. Golly gee, I think we might win with the electorial votes. Yea! I love Americain.

  25. D-Bag says – reply to this


    He's hot. I'd give up the mouth and manhole for him to use up. It would feel a lot better than her dried up old snatch too.

  26. 26

    well, that sucks ass.

  27. 27

    Guys, Im writting from Milan and I can, unfortunately, say that l'Isola dei famosi (celebrity survivor) is HUGE here and it's impossible not to watch. So… gotta say, they didn't have sex. it would be nice! But they didn't, not even a kiss, nothing. She has a boyfriend, who's like: UNBELIVEABLE!!!! He's too hot. And Rossano seems gay… Anyway, just to clear it for you, they didn't have sex!! Ciao!

  28. 28

    Why would she marry this tool? You can tell he's a cheater just by looking at him….well, we know why he married her now don't we….$$$

  29. 29

    classless loser pieces of shit, go to hell

  30. 30

    I feel for her. Ivana next time just don't get married! Stay strong.

  31. bbliz says – reply to this


    I'm writing from Italy, can confirm there is no video or image of Ivana Trump's husband and Belen Rodriguez having sex nor even kissing… or, better to say, if they exist, they weren't shown on TV. There are only suspects, taking origin from some behaviors of Rossano (it seems he asked the production not to pass some images on tv…) and from something other participants say, but there is nothing certain. What is sure is that there was some kind of attraction between them, if they did something or not is hard to know.

  32. AMO says – reply to this


    Damn Gina! Are we surprised though? That Belen chick is one hot piece.

  33. 33

    Re: sheba08

    That Belen has a boyfriend a famous football Italian player, so yeah she a ho

  34. 34

    If this doesn't prove that a man will fuck anything with a hole, I don't know what will!! All he had to do was fuck and shat up!!! He could've creeped for years IN PRIVATE, but he couldn't…really how hard is it to pretend?
    IS something in your genes that cause MEN to want to fuck anything with a pulse or is that learned.

  35. 35

    There's been no live shagging. Mr Rubicondi has asked the Production to remove some "compromising" scenes, it's been assumed these scenes involved making out, since another competitor (Miss De Vivo) has openly witnessed to have seen it. A deep chat between Mr Rubicondi and Miss Rodriguez has been filmed: he said "There's no problem, they said they're not going to broadcast it. Behave as if nothing had happened." The scenes, actually, have not been broadcasted. But it's clear there was a strong attraction between Mr Rubicondi and Miss Rodriguez from the beginning: he's openly kissed her breast in front of the cameras and they sometimes were caught goosing each other (less openly).
    He's a former "exotic dancer" and nude magazine model, he's not a celebrity in Italy at all (well, he wasn't until he entered the Celebrity Survivor competition): he's only known as "Mrs Trump's husband".
    He's always talked about Mrs Trump as someTHING he had "earned".

  36. 36

    She didn't see it COMING for sure… DUH! DUMB EASTERN EUROPEAN BITCH!

  37. 37

    whoa dropping the f-bomb? im a little startled perez…

  38. 38

    Even with a nosejob and face lift and browlift & eyelift, Ivana will never be pretty, even. See she still is sporting that brassy blond hair.

  39. 39

    Re: Miss Mess – You sound like such an ass with the Mr. & Miss. Wanna be PR agent, you.

  40. 40

    She has a look of pain across her face. She needs to buy some Spanx. Sucking your stomach in all night so it won't stick out of that dress is unhealthy. Her anus is doing all the work.

  41. 41

    Their wedding was on cable earlier this year. He was drunk at their wedding during the nuptials. He was flirting with her daughter, and wasn't really taking it seriously. Nothing would surprise me on this train wreck waiting to happen down the road.

  42. 42

    I'm writing from Milan (Italy) and i confirm all the things said by Miss Mess. Nothing has been broadcasted to public, but all behaviors between Rossano and Belem seems to hide something like an affair. Of course i can also say that Vladimir Luxuria (well known transgender and former parliament deputy) has been acused to be envious by their affair because she likes very much Rossano with no hope at all….
    For those who are sayng Rossano looks like a gay i can say that is not true. In Italy all females are crazy for him. I'm sorry for Mrs Ivana Trump … she must be very unhappy in love…

  43. 43

    Hi to all fellows,
    I'm Italian and I saw the "live" of the TV show on monday..
    There is something to say about; just to be clear.
    First: There's no prove about the cheating.
    All cameramen were asked if they filmed something about the cheating, but nothing came out. And I know that if something has happened and filmed then they will show on TV too (imagine the share!!).
    The "thing came" out from onother two twin sisters (part of the TV program kicked out last week) from Naples, that admitted to have seen a kiss between the two.
    The Transgender Vladimir Luxuria is assuming that Belen Rodriguez once came to her crying, saying that she was afraid that someone could misunderstand her behaviour with Rossano (she's engaged with Milan A.C. soccer player Marco Borriello).
    That's the true story… then both the twins and Vladimir admitted before during the show that they have liked to have a sex story with Rossano.

  44. 44

    Rossano e' un mantenuto…In Italia prima che approdasse all isola,era uno sconosciuto N.I.P…..In america e' conosciuto per essere il marito di Ivana.Ora…io spero che Ivana gli faccia un culo grosso e lo mandi affanculooooo…..

  45. 45

    Oh, Perz, I bet you can't find any other Country where a transgender could be part of the Parliament! She's a very special person, very clever, ironical and humane, and if she did what she did probably it's because she had many reasons why
    Rubicondi is a stupid man and Belen…well, wait a minute before saying she's so beautiful!

  46. 46

    I'm italian, and that's the true. Nobody said that they facked. Maybe Rossano Rubicondi kissed Belen Rodriguez, maybe not. Nobody knows the true because nobody has seen them, apart twin sisters Imma and Eleonora that aren't two person reliable. It's certain that exists between Rossano and Belen a strong sexual attraction, but it seems to me an exaggeration to talk about betrayal. I don't like Rossano, I think that he's an idiot, and he behaves and talks like an idiot. If I were him I'll be careful. If I were married with a old rich woman that give to me a lot of money I don't courting another woman, as Rossano has done with Belen Rodriguez, at least not in front of the cameras. These are things that a man like Rossano can't do under the spotlight. That's why I think he's an idiot. Also he has asked to a cameraman to erase a compromising video. Why? At the same time he said that he never kissed Belen Rodriguez. But then why is he so worried? Why doesn't he want to return in United States? However, this whole story is based on an unnecessary gossip. No one has seen anything but everyone's talking as if they had seen something. Is ridiculous!
    The only person to whom I give my sympathy is Marco Borriello, the boyfriend of Belen Rodriguez. Poor Marco!

  47. 47

    Anyway Vladimir Luxuria is a great person! Not criticized him, especially if you do not know him. He's the only one in the italian parliement to be worthy of respect. However, I am surprised that an intelligent person like Vladimir hears similar things, especially if reported by stupid people as the twins sisters from Naples.
    Vladimir should never have to say those things on TV about Rossano and Belen, especially because there is no evidence.

  48. 48

    Sorry thegreatmoore,
    I'm Italian and I probably read more newspapers than you…
    Maybe "she was" the only one in the italian parliement to be worthy of respect.
    Vladimir Luxuria was in the parliament last term.
    Now if you didn't know (or you don't want to realize) there's another term.
    You know Berlusconi…?
    Then, last time during the live on the TV show they asked (in a sort of stupid game to gain food) where the headquarter of the EU Parliament are located?
    Luxuria said : Bruxelles
    Wrooooong…….Is Strasburg
    No comment !!

  49. 49

    I write from Italy. The video about the hot moment has been cancelled, but on the internet you can find a video of Belen and Rossano speaking while they thought the microphones were off, he says "don't worry, they swore the've cancelled it"
    And they don't mean a kiss………….

  50. 50

    Re: Blackmonkpress

    I've never spoke about Berlusconi! I don't know him and I don't want to know him. So why do you talk about him? How can you know how many newspapers I read? So don't express comments about things that you can't know (my life is my business!). And concerning Vladimir I know him/her personally because I work in the parliement (camera dei depupati), and I assure you that Vladimir is a kind, clever, honest, human person, and there should be more person like him/her specially in our parliement.
    I've never expressed comments about vladimir's culture, the rest we all know how much ignorance there is in Italy. Are you surprised? I've expressed a commentary on his/her behavior shown on TV, a wrong behavior in my opinion. then can you explain to what does means your previous comments concerning with what I said about vladimir in my previous post?

  51. 51

    Artemisia , you presume, my darling.
    And since Italy is a republic founded on democracy, presuming is not a charge.
    And why you presume there is more that a kiss.
    I'm a lawyer, and this is a clear winning, for me off course.
    I could charge you for insult, libel, slander (Ingiuria, diffamazione, calunnia)
    And if something happened (as I aslo think) but has been deleted,
    Ok, not enough to ruin two people just for envy.
    So I hope, Rossano and Belen will do.

  52. 52


    Could you please try to do better with that "Ctrl-c Ctrl-v" with google translate? ;-)
    I'm not saying Vladimir is a bad person, I'm only saying that "she" (and you should know that she wants everybody to talk to her with female pronames, if is true that you know her)an envy and human person that don't even know(also if she should know) where the headquarter of the UE Parliament is.
    And you should know also (because you know Vladimir Luxuria by person) that in the last 2008 elections she wasn't reelected.
    Sorry but I don't even beleive you work in the Italian Parliament.
    Or, if it's like this I start to worry… For real!!

  53. 53

    Re: Blackmonkpress – .

    STENDIAMO UN VELO PIETOSO. Mi sembra persino inutile rispondere ai tuoi messaggi. e impara un po' di educazione!

  54. 54

    Re: thegreatmoore

    I Hope minister Brunetta will put more control about absenteeism in public jobs too.

    P.S. Learn a little about english language, if you want to write on an english forum.

  55. 55

    Re: Blackmonkpress

    congratulazioni per aver ulteriormente confermato la mia affermazione precedente….in quanto al tuo inglese …preferisco non commentare.
    la tua condotta oltretutto avvalora la teoria secondo cui le persone ignoranti quando sono a corto di argomenti iniziano ad insultare i propri interlocutori. mi dispiace soltanto che scrivi….oltretutto in un inglese pessimo, i tuoi sproloqui su un sito americano. mi chiedo che diamine di opinione si faranno gli americani sugli italiani.

  56. 56

    Re: thegreatmoore

    Are you maybe Prodi?
    You're more offending to continue to write in Italian in an english forum than anything.
    Santa ignoranza

  57. 57

    Re: Blackmonkpress – amore sono avvocato anch'io, te lo dico visto che sembra che questo faccia di te un essere migliore e l'unico abilitato ad esprimersi. Il video con Rossano che rassicura Belen esiste.
    Informati tesoro e magari dà un'occhiata in rete per accertarti che io abbia torto prima di fare il saputello.
    A parte questo, non credo proprio che tu sia avvocato, perché sapresti che dal profilo legale stai dicendo scemenze.
    Le tue cordiali minacce dimostrano il tuo livello, non credo proprio che perderò altro tempo con te.
    E a proposito dei tuoi commenti sull'inglese degli altri partecipanti,la tua grammatica é pietosa e of course si scrive con un f sola, amore.

    Honey, I'm a lawyer too, I'm telling you just because this seems to make you feel a better person and the only one entitled to speak. The video with Rossano reassuring Belen exist and maybe check in the internet and make sure you're right before playing Mr. I-Know-everything.
    A part from that, I don't think you're lawyer, because otherwise you'd know that what you're saying is crap.
    You're threats show your level, I'll hardly waste more time with you.
    Oh, and about your comments about other members english:your grammar is lousy and "of course" with one single f, baby

  58. Catya says – reply to this


    Scusate se scrivo in Italiano,vivo appunto in un paese democratico,e come tale rispetto chi in tanti forum Italiani scrive in varie lingue,dopotutto c'è il traduttore no? Ehehehehe.
    In merito alla questione Rubicondi-Belen non penso proprio che sia successo l'irreparabile,e non credo sia corretto "insultare" Ivana Trump sulla questione dell età.Non c'è bisogno di puntualizzarlo,è evidente no? A me lei è simpatica così come Rossano,che di questa faccenda pare sia molto divertito.E' semplice Gossip per ravvivare la trasmissione Isola dei Famosi.Anche voi Americani a gossip non scherzate he! Anzi alcune testate giornalistiche nonchè i vari siti web,risultano essere terribilmente spietati.Una mia personalissima opinione? Prendetela tutti a ridere,lo ripeto è semplice gossip.Rossano si è prestato bene,perchè vivace,divertente ironico è scherzoso,e se qualche volta si è arrabbiato credo sia normalissimo,succede a tutti.Chi lo ha votato per farlo uscire dall isola ha sbagliato tantissimo.Senza di lui c'è noia! Penso che Ivana Trump sia una donna intelligente e di sicuro sa come gira il mondo(fino ad un certo punto però…mi risulta che non sa dove si trovi l'Honduras ahahahahaha spero sia una barzelletta)come sa di aver sposato un uomo più giovane di lei.Aprite le menti gente,se non si vivono certe situazioni mai giudicare.Forza Rossano e Viva Ivana Trump.Kiss.

  59. 59

    Dear Artemisia I never said that that video doesn't exist.
    I've seen it too. And that's why I said what I said.
    Rossano said: "We all three came out …. well, don't worry beacause they swear… no no all good"
    And that's all. And if you listen better you could also understand that he said the word "giurato" (swear) but in that sentence it could also fits "Giurato" (that is the name of one of the two opinionist regurally in studio during the live TV show), that always defended Belen…
    I insist … that's not a prove legally, but only a suspition, and if you were a lawyer you should know it.
    Of course mine was an example saying that if you were a public person, and I the lawyer of Rossano (for example) I could suit you in this case.
    And , my english could be not so good, but at least I try to use my own words and not Google Translate..

  60. 60

    a trashy reality in which Non VIPs pass for VIPs, there has been attraction between the two of them, there has been a kiss from him to her breast during a live telecast, there has been a simoultaneous brushing up of the two while their shoulders were touching, they have slept among the others in the island side by side and had their lunches ad dinners sitting closely, there has been no place on the island where if Rossano was there Belen was there too…..we don't know if they had sex, but everything could be possible especially if there was an occasion to do, the guy wanted to always in any occasion make sure that everybody on the island considered him as a stud, sign, this, of a great mental unsecurity, the guy must have problems to affirm his personality, he also disclosed his past fame of lovemaker of wealthy women……………………
    Belen is no VIP and has problems with the other women on the island.
    Luxuria, ex politician, actress(great her performance in the movie Mater Natura), writer, showperson, transgender , is funny but evil…………..so the other partecipants to this reality show though……………
    Childish the wordsfights among some of you in this forum, we are not at a vanity fair and no one is better than some other one, we are here to have some fun…some of you take this too seriously…………………..

  61. 61

    theres's no doubt about the existence of a video that the cameramen had to swear they've cancelled. and since the video with him kissing her breast was shown with no problem I guess the one that has been censored or cancelled is not about a kiss on the cheek…
    But it's not my problem, if Mrs. Trump is happy with that kind of man, be my guest…

    And it's certainly ridicuolus if somebody has to make up he's a lawyer to treat others like they had no right to have an opinion or make some mistakes in english.

  62. 62


    Yeah ,SCORE!! During live TV show (this Tv show is one of the most viewed of the week) where shown on the big screen your website.. "Perez Hilton" named "the world's biggest gossip website" with photo and article.
    Ivana Trump were live from "Seraphine" restaurant in New York with the restaurant owner.
    She is not pissed off at all, she continued to drink wine and laughing.
    She said: "I don't want to divorce at all"
    "I'll wait you".
    Great Ivana and great Rossano !!!!!!!

  63. 63


    Yeah ,SCORE!! During live TV show (this Tv show is one of the most viewed of the week) where shown on the big screen your website.. "Perez Hilton" named "the world's biggest gossip website" with photo and article.
    Ivana Trump were live from "Seraphine" restaurant in New York with the restaurant owner.
    She is not pissed off at all, she continued to drink wine and laughing.
    She said: "I don't want to divorce at all"
    "I'll wait you".
    Great Ivana and great Rossano !!!!!!!
    And sorry, also if something happend this Gossip is officially FAKE..

  64. 64

    Fuck you all bastards!

  65. 65

    HI hi …. FAKE

  66. 66

    hello!!!!!!!! i am italian…. last night ivana trump was at celebrity survivor from new york by satellite…….. she said to rossano "don't worry baby, i love you, I miss you, come back to me!!!!" and Rossano ironically answered "yesssss, maybe next week!" Simona Ventura (the presenter) asked to Ivana "Ivana, will you divorce?" and MADAME Trump (she is a big, a wonderful woman) "I am here, sitted on my beautiful new bottom….. why should I divorce???? Stay away for a little time is good sometimes…." ……………………………………………….kisses to all america!!!!!! one day i will come there (when my american will be better eheheheh!!!!!!!!!!))) manu1910

  67. 67

    and as the ancient Greeks used to say: Thelos sun Theon= the end……..
    Rossano is no more news and he and his flirt have already been forgotten…………….this is the gossip's fate………..he's got his five minutes of glory……………..and we got tired of talking about this nonsense.Who's next?