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Now's The Time To Buy A New Car!

| Filed under: Business Blitz

Auto sales fell 32% in October!!!

Ford reports a 29% drop for the month compared with last year; General Motors is down 45%. Among imports, Toyota falls 21% and Honda, 26%. The last time auto sales were this bad, the U.S. had just gone to war in Iraq — for the first time.

We're sure you can get a good deal on a nice, eco-friendly new car now!

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18 comments to “Now's The Time To Buy A New Car!”

  1. 1

    Fuck that, mine's payed for.

  2. 2

    Fuck Eco Friendly, I LOVE my Suburban!

  3. 3

    Hmmm I guess I'll just ride my bike and make a cardboard cut out of a car and tape it to the bike.

  4. 4

    I am going to need a car very very soon!!!!!!!! and I want a Hybrid for sureeee!!!!! I like the new Highlanders (toyota)…they're so cute

  5. 5

    yay new cars!

  6. 6

    Fuck that! You Obama tree huging fucks. I am going to buy a disel Powerstroke and burn as much fuel and emit all the toxins possible. Enjoy your brave new world and your radical dipshit president and his crappot cronnies.

  7. 7

    Ford Stands for Fix Or Repair Daily. When I'm V/P I will make great efficient cars. I love Americain.

  8. 8

    buy your cars on craigslist for $100

  9. 9

    If people had money to buy a new care, the auto industry wouldn't be in the crapper right now SHERLOCK!

  10. 10

    No you can't. Honda's Fit sales are thru the roof. If you wanna buy a SUV, yeah….good deal about.

  11. Synik says – reply to this


    Those nice, eco-friendly cars are on wait lists. The falling sales are, in large part, due to those gas guzzling SUVs the American manufacturers kept in production in spite of the rising fuel prices.

  12. 12

    Leave the largest footprint possible. Obama is gonna save the world! There is no cryptonite for Obama.

  13. 13

    While were at it with all the money you presume we have, why not also a giant plasma tv, boat, vacation home, and madonna tickets.

  14. 14

    But who has the money to spend on a new car? If I had to choose between a roof over my head and a new prius, sorry toyota. I'm keeping my head covered.


  15. 15

    Good for the douche bags! I had a problem with my Ford last year and they basically told me to go fuck myself. I wil NEVER EVER buy a Ford again!!!!

  16. 16

    Actually, it's not the best time, as the auto company's banks aren't willing to give the low financing for credit, because our economy is so bad. Businesses are going under, and people are getting laid off. If you have the money to put down, then that's fine, but most people don't. It's too risky.

  17. 17

    If you have ready cash, you will get a steal with rebates and other incentives. If you need a loan to buy, maybe if your credit is great 740+, or if you belong to a credit union. If you have no cash, no credit you might as well forget it. I just ordered a car for my hubby and it is lesser priced than I had hoped to go-we went with mostly basic car that gets good mileage-but very few cars being sold or ordered here in Michigan. I am paying cash because with that I also get another discount bonus.

  18. 18

    Before you buy those electric cars you might want to check to see how much those batteries cost to replace in 5 years (that is usually when they need to be replaced) I spoke to a service manager at a dealership and he told me it cost $6000.00 every 5 years. Hardly worth it! Buy a safer car that you won't get crushed in if you get in an accident.