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A Sad Fact

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The majority of Latinos and Blacks voted IN FAVOR of Proposition 8 in California.

This breaks our heart and confuses us so much.

Why would people who themselves are often victims of discrimination discriminate against others????

Our guess is that those communities are also more religious.

Well, you know what???? Jesus loves us! And God made us gay!!!!

Civil marriage has nothing to do with religion. It has everything to do with equality - equal rights, privileges and protections.

So sad.

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437 comments to “A Sad Fact”

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  1. 1

    amen sister

  2. 2

    i am a very displeased person this morning.
    Why on H8? What are people so FUCKING afraid of?

  3. 3

    It's called Social Conservatism you douche bag whining bitch.

  4. 4

    agreed perez. as a black america. i am disapointed and apologize to you. marriage for gays is so important to me

  5. 5

    I couldn't BELIEVE this news last night– :(

  6. 6


  7. 7

    HAHAHAHAHAHA to you assmunch. So much for AA and Latinos being on your side. how does it feel?

  8. 8

    I agree Perez. I wish those religious people would think with their heart and spirit and not with an interpretation of a book of stories. Religion sucks!

  9. 9

    Perhaps because the proposition is a misnomer and very misleading. Minority communities are often uneducated and were not schooled on the wording and meaning of the proposition and their vote.

  10. 10

    So blacks and hispanics aren't supposed to be racist? Guess you've never been called a 'white mother fucking honky' over there in California…

  11. 11

    Yes, Jesus loves you, but God did not make you gay. That is your choice. And to compare that to the discrmination that the blacks suffered thru for so many years is insane.

  12. Shay says – reply to this



  13. 13

    I am all for gay marriage. BUT—–Do you seriously think that ALL minorities are ALL ABOUT peace, love, and gay marriage? Do you not think that minorities DO NOT have prejudices? Gimme a break. America is VERY delusional.

  14. 14


  15. 15

    this is terrible.
    Obama's win is such a wonderful thing, and this makes it bittersweet.
    I live in Miami and they passed Amendment 2, which is the same as prop. 8.
    So terrible.
    We have to believe that change will come…
    just not today.

  16. 16

    idk but i kinda figured that

  17. 17

    I don't understand why there is so much hate.
    Let people be!!

  18. 18

    Anyone who voted YES on Prop 8 should be ashamed of themselves.
    This is sooo not fair :(

  19. 19

    "God made you gay" Wow that's the most ignorant thing I've ever heard.

    Let me see hear, is it just a coincidence that EVERY single person gay person I have EVER met has been molested/abused when they were younger (I live in SF so I know A LOT and are friends with so many)…is that a coincidence??? Yah coincidence….I'm really sure.

    Can't deny that.

  20. 20

    Come on Perez, don't you know that only whites can be racists? I learned that here.

  21. Tam says – reply to this


    i really feel for you, this is truly so sad and confusing

  22. 22

    u r right Perez I'm a latina and not against gay marriage. They are people like us and they deserve to be happy. lol

  23. 23

    thats just sad man you americans are weard the best thing that you guys have eve done ist choosing obama..

  24. 24

    I voted YES on Prop 8 because of you Perez. Had you not taken such a hard stance on it, I would have thought differently.

  25. 25

    Religious homophobes….what a bunch of mindless fucks.

  26. 26

    Religion is the reason for there vote Perez. Blacks and Latinos are religiously influenced in most decisions. Nothing against religion but it can be crutch in thinking independently and doesn't always guide people in making the right choices!

  27. ELUC says – reply to this


    That is sad!! But most Latinos are Catholics! They do not believe in birth control, hense all this kids. And they do not believe God makes you gay!

    I believe that! I do not believe someone would put themselves out there like that just because they woke up one day and said *I want to be Gay!* I do not believe it is a choice. And if any of my three boys turn out to be Gay, I will fight for him to have all the equallity as his brothers.


  28. BNG says – reply to this


    Just fucking move to Montreal Nasty… we don't give a rats ass who you're married to around here, sorry the ignorance won.


  29. 29

    Re: MegeraRe: Melissa is always right.

    maybe blacks and latinos feel like their rights need to be addressed/were there first before the gays…

    give the blacks and latinos a chance first i guess.

  30. 30

    this latino voted NO on prop 8… though i was the only one in my family of 5.

  31. 31

    Re: Melissa is always right. – I like your new pic, bitch!

  32. Shay says – reply to this


    So will gay people who has already married havea void marriage?

  33. 33

    Re: Smurffy – They were schooled, they just chose not to listen. It was just easier to hang out on the corner with 40's or procreate like fucking rabbits than to take the time to self educate.

  34. 34

    Just awful. Shame on them.

  35. 35

    you are 1000% right!
    that is sad. all the latinos i know voted NO on prop 8

  36. 36

    You are right, Jesus does love you but you can be sure that God didn't make you gay.

  37. 37

    Re: Its McFucky McLicky McForehead you Fuck – That's my nick name and I smile when ever someone calls me cracker!! White trash is also a complement!!

  38. 38

    It does have to do with religion! Domestic partnership gives you the same rights as a marriage, it's just the name you can't have…get over it.

    If the church doesn't want to have anything to do with you, why would you want to have anything to do with the church??

  39. 39

    i cant understand why americans are so behind wiht this, in canada same-sex marriage is legal everywhere!

  40. 40

    its not over yet Perez they're still counting. There is still hope. And if the ignorant win well we'll just have to fight a little harder. Its discrimination and well now that Obama is in office (someone with an open mind) maybe change can be made for the whole US

  41. 41

    STFU about it already. My God, you've posted like 4 things on Prop 8 in the past freaking hour! The election is over, what is is. Your Messiah won, so be happy about that. Enough already!

  42. 42

    Minority and fringe groups are often more conservative by nature…it's compensation. And don't sing a song about minorities…gays are also extremely conservative

  43. 43

    The proposition was badly worded, some people thought they were voting yes on gay marriage. They were duped.

  44. 44

    you shouldnt have CHOSEN to be gay then.

  45. 45

    Shame on you. God did not make you gay. It is not your civil right to be able to marry but it it is your civil right to be able to be with whomever you please. If God wanted this to pass he would've spoken to the hearts of the people but that just wasn't the case now, was it?

  46. 46

    i would of voted against prop 8 if i resided in california!
    condolences to those that were affected by the new law :(

  47. 47

    My heart is broken.

  48. 48

    yes God does love us all, and no matter what you are, there will always be someone out there who will either love you or hate you.

  49. 49

    Re: guilty of being white – And YES..I voted for Obama, the white trash that I am. Guilty of being white…..

  50. 50


  51. Gen says – reply to this


    Don't worry Perez! It won't last. We may have a while to wait, yet, but it'll get over turned eventually–it's inevitable. I am very sad this morning too. Well, it's bitter sweet. I am so happy Obama was elected, but I am very disappointed that hateful legislation was passed. You can thank the Mormon church for this one. They heavily lobbied in California. I hope the IRS yanks their tax exempt status for being a politically active church in violation of the rules.

  52. 52

    Very true! I saw way too many people in areas outside of San Francisco with Yes on 8 that were Latino. I try to be open minded and asked myself do you really understand this. What if this was a proposition to ban Latinos and Blacks from marrying?

  53. 53

    Re: _Alice_ – Morning, girl…what's the "stimmung" like in your part fo the world? Are they dancing in the streets or pssed off?

  54. 54

    Sorry, fruitcup.
    The secular community forgets how the churchy crowds vote-as one large block. That's how this initiative got dunked. While they'll cross color barriers, they view sexual orientation as a choice. I was listening to KCBS in San Francisco last night, and they were equally shocked, some calling it the Bradley Effect. People were lying to the exit polls because they were afraid of backlash-afraid of being called intolerant and homophobic. But when the rubber hit the road, they went with their core religious beliefs…one where God's law supersedes the rule of Caesar. Am I surprised? Nope. The right didn't get the White House, but they decided to act locally.

  55. 55

    Perez, they're just a few steps behind. They will realize that being religious means to love all. This step back isn't permanent. Give it time.

  56. 56

    You're right!!! 'Why would people who themselves are often victims of discrimination discriminate against others????' Because they're close minded and ignorant! For some reason the African-American community has been brainwashed to think that it's our business on what goes on in other people bedrooms…….IT'S NOT!!!! I'm speaking to my people, the African-Americans out there who are bible thumping, scripture hollering, faith shouting, sanctimonious folks who think they've cornered God's love because they can cite a verse or attend church every Sunday. God loves us all!!!! A true Christian is not one that judges! We have more to worry about than who is sleeping with whom! Wake up….it's 2008! We just elected our first African-American President! My God……stop throwing stones and teaching hate. I'd much rather have a true gay person be my friend than a false 'Christian' who casts stones!!!!!!

  57. 57

    I can't even hold back the tears from how sick and sad I am that this will most likely pass… or that it is even this close…

    I am heterosexual… and I wish there were more of us that believed in equality!

    I voted NO on 8 and I wish more people did as well!

    The propaganda that the promoters of this measure used was absolutely disgusting…

    God loves everyone the same… and if even if you believe God thinks being gay is wrong… well, leave it up to him to judge… it's no human's right to decide what is right for someone else!

    Let's hope we can do something to get this repealed so all people can be treated equally under the law!

  58. 58

    this is sick. since when do two loving people not deserve to spend time together. i was raised roman catholic and about 4 years ago my mother came out and since then i can not see her happier without her partner. people are sick to think this has ANYTHING to do with the first meaning of "marriage". this is all about equality. but i guess this is normal for America being woman didn't get to vote for a hella long time. all you that voted yes on 8 are ignorant hate mongers that will live with a large void in your life for hating something so petty in your life.

  59. 59

    I'm not gay but this breaks my heart so much to know that someone who was born something, and not be able to control it can be illegal! Is it illegal to be black? White? latino? Asian? your right Perez it has NOTHING to do with religion, even if it does, we need to keep religion OUT of politics! Everyone is entitled to believe the way they want to believe and LIVE the way they want to live!

  60. 60

    People just connect it too much with religion and church. It just shows me that people can talk up a storm about how they love their gay friends and clap for gay rights, yet in the end, they can't put their money where their mouth is.


  61. 61

    Re: CrazyBeautiful84 – Wow for someone who thinks they are smart you sure don't know how to spell. why don't you do us all a favor and go back to school you retard.

  62. 62

    SAD…When will there be a true division of church and state?When will they apply constitutional rights to ALL? When will people realize that religion is just another word for love and hope and faith,in ALL people?Jesus doesnt care who lays in your bed,just whats in your hearts. We have come a long way as we have seen last night..but there is clearly a long road ahead.
    Keep the faith

  63. 63

    There used to be laws that forbade interracial marriage and the people who supported those laws thought they had rational, logical reasons to do so. Looking back we can see that it was discrimination, pure and simple. In the future, people will look back on us and shake their heads as they wonder how so many people could be so wrong and so bigoted.

  64. 64

    Why do other cultures continue to crucify the white race?!? Other cultures show how prejudice they are and it still falls on the white mans lap. I really am beginning to see reverse discrimination and that has been going on for sometime. So Perez PLEASE don't act surprised about this.

  65. 65

    Come to Canada. We don't hate. We accept and celebrate!!

  66. 66

    hopefully those 3 million absentee ballots will change the outcome..!!! I just saw them talking about in on CNN (after I read about the 3 million ballots here, lol)

  67. 67


  68. 68

    Well the bottom line is that most Hispanics are Catholics. Catholics are one of the most staunch supporters of the anti-gay marriage front. I am not surprised most of them voted for it.
    And well…let's face it I don't know any black gays. Well, I know one. But he is absolutely loathed by his fellow black community for being that way. It's horribly sad.
    The color of your skin you cannot change, but a lot of people still think being gay is a choice. Therefore it's a hell of a lot easier to support ending racism against blacks than it is against the gays.
    But it's not over till its over!! EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL!!!

  69. BNG says – reply to this


    CrazyBeautiful84: "God made you gay" Wow that's the most ignorant thing I've ever heard. let me see hear…

    Well for starters, it can't possibly be the most ignorant thing you've ever heard. You didn't hear it, you read it. Second, let me see HERE… now please keep telling me about ignorance?

  70. 70

    amendment 2 in florida went anti gay also

  71. 71

    Im so sorry Perez :( I was hoping prop 8 wouldnt pass, but the good news is that this country IS moving towards change…and hopefully under Obama more and more people will realize that we ARE all equal, not just some of us.

  72. 72

    Re: _Alice_ – ty alice!

  73. 73

    It's your right to be gay and want to get married and it's also everyone's right to carry arms. But Your president wants to take that away.

    HOW IS THAT RIGHT????????????????????

  74. 74

    Re: SpeakerofTruth – You're a moron. Why would anyone choose to be different? Please change your sign on to "Speaker of Idiotic Thoughts".

  75. 75

    I'm so sad too Perez. This sucks. I can't believe people think its ok to take away this right. No matter what, everyone is still human. We can't take away people's rights just because they do something differently. I am soooo disappointed.

  76. 76

    It's too bad that on a day of such joy - a day that Martin Luther King's dream finally came full circle - there should be such sadness caused by another form of bigotry.

    Religion has no place in law.

  77. 77

    prop 8 is just continuing the same hate of anti-miscegination laws.


  78. 78

    Re: CrazyBeautiful84 – that is absolutely ridiculous!!!

    and i feel bad for your gay friends because you clearly have no respect for them to go as far as to say that being gay is a result of molestation or abuse…

  79. 79

    that is YOUR opinion Perez and you are entitled to it but not EVERYONE agrees with you! God did not MAKE you gay!!!

  80. 80

    Religious people are the most hypocrite kind!
    Every single religious person I know is so fucking hypocrite!

  81. 81

    Re: SpeakerofTruth

    that is hypocrisy…

    claiming to be a good christian but only loving certain people?

  82. 82

    hey all!

    you know this is a very interesting topic. Perez, you say that God made you gay, yet God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for people having same sex relations, among other reasons. I'm not discriminating you or anyone else who is gay. I love gay people! My cousin's gay! It's just an interesting topic because no one is clear on what God says about gay people. Why wouldn't He love you? He loves everyone, right? Yes, He does.

  83. 83

    Perez, i would love to vote no on prop 8, I live in Illinois. I believe that same sex couples should have all the rights that married couples do. However, there is one big flaw here. You have repeatedly said that marriage has nothing to do with religion. Perez honey, marriage has EVERYTHING to do with religion. Marriage is the promise made between a woman and a man to God that you will stay together and share your faith together. Same sex couples should have all the rights that married couples do but the reason is that it cannot be the same thing. You cannot go around changing definitions in peoples religions. It is not fair to anyone. Same sex couples should have a partnership that grants them the same rights and benefits as those married couples. So please stop saying it has nothing to do with religion when we all know it has EVERYTHING to do with religion. And please recognize the fact that by saying that people lose your respect and are unable to see clearly about why they should vote no on prop 8. A lot of people have religion Perez, you shouldnt be putting them down you should be inspiring them.

  84. 84

    Sad sad sad. What's the issue for those who favored 8? Is it really going to affect their daily lives that they had to deny others a right too often taken for granted. I don't plan on marrying same sex but would love for others to have the opportunity to do so if the choose. It hurts me to know loving couples are being denied marriage. I hope to see that change in my lifetime.

  85. Fluky says – reply to this


    This is very sad to read about! I don't understand what people are so afraid of? This makes me sick to my stomach. I, personally am a hispanic woman who lives in the Bronx, NY and I have a family member who is gay and I have friends who are gay and this is just wrong on so many levels. What, people who vote NO on Prop 8 going to turn gay or something?? WTF!!! Stop being so scared and have more of an open mind! Come on people!! We are all human in the end! Remember that shit! I wish I was was able to vote on Prop 8 here in NY. NY has tons and tons of gays and I think the numbers would be so different! :/

  86. 86

    OK, so the majority of them voted, but it wasnt the overall majority, right? I don't know. But yeah, I'm sure it was relegious. Mormons are always riding their bikes in ghetto neighborhoods trying to preach to folks.

    Whatever the case my be, you're gonna have to get over it. Too may peope are turning gay on que anyway.

  87. 87

    Oh…and to all those who think that being gay is a choice: Why would anyone choose to be discriminated against? Do you choose to be black too? Do you choose to be mentally handicapped? Do you choose to be poor? Some people are so ignorant. I can't believe how old fashioned some people are…go back to the 1800's bitches

  88. 88

    Re: CrazyBeautiful84
    Strangely enough all the gay people you talk to doesn't really count as a valid scientific study, and again, strangely enough, real fucking studies have been done. Being gay isn't and never has been.

  89. Vee28 says – reply to this


    I feel so bad for all the gay couples that have gotten married and now what it doesnt count, thats Bullshit… If you love someone who are you to say they cant stand in front of god and profess there love and make it legal, stupid ass ignorant people…

  90. 90

    jesus loves you perez.

  91. 91

    Re: SpeakerofTruth – Again with the "homosexuality is a choice". *sigh*
    Let me ask you this: Why would someone "chose to be gay"? Can you name one man who would choose a lifestyle where they're discriminated in their job and their church?
    Where they are constantly derided and condemned by society?
    Get over your belief and start broadening your horizons, imbecil.

  92. 92

    Practice what you preach!
    We are all equals!
    God love us all!

  93. 93

    Re: EFFUALL – Well he certainly made you an idiot… I thought God created us in his image? Isn't God good? Fair? loving? To say that God didn't make us what we are is absurd. And if in fact he didn't make us who we are… he certainly accepts it - otherwise he would change it.

  94. 94

    I can understand some people being indifferent, and some being in favor of gay marriage, but why anyone would be against it? It doesn't take anything away from straight people…All the religious leaders who urged people to be intolerant should be ashamed of themselves… so so sad…

  95. 95

    Re: Pwn3d! – that is a really fucking stupid reason to vote no! he took that stance because it was the RIGHT thing to do… it's NOT right to make laws to single out and discriminate against one particular group!

    it's a shame you would vote for such a stupid reason!

  96. Gigit says – reply to this


    "Why would people who themselves are often victims of discrimination discriminate against others????"

    Yah, sorry sweetie. :(

  97. 97

    I think Mexicans specially are VERY discriminative, I mean all they do is drink beer at 'work' and watch novelas at home. What do you think NOVELAS teaches them?
    1. people should be white
    2. people should be heterosexual (no gay relationships in novelas EVER)
    3. everything is drama and hate
    4. people should be catholic

    It's stupidity on a box. And black people? Well just listen to all the homophobic rap they are influenced by. They are the majority of the delinquents in this country because of that music.

    The only 'decent' black people I've met don't listen to rap… and I meet hundreds of people a day.

    Don't worry, California will ALWAYS BE GAY no matter what idiots think.

  98. 98

    Re: CrazyBeautiful84 – WOW this was the most Ignorant thing that I'VE ever read! You are stupid if you think you have to be molested as a child or raped to be gay! I feel bad for you! I dont give a flying FUck if you live in the gay capital of the world or not, it just isnt true! I live in a small city in NY and know alot of gay people. and NONE of them were molested, they just Fell in love, whats wrong with that?

  99. 99

    If Jesus were alive today, he'd be a black street magician, sporting a 70s era super afro, eeking out a living performing card tricks to tourists on Times Square, and live in tenement housing in Brooklyn. He wouldn't have time to hate, because he's Jesus and has to feed his five kids from four mommas.

  100. 100

    Re: guilty of being white

    us crackers need to stick together…

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