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J. K. Rowling Admits Things "Could Have Gone That Way"

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In a recent interview with Her Wizardness, J. K. Rowling admits that Harry and Hermione "could have gone that way" because Hermione "shared something very instense with Harry," but that ultimately, they are not for each other.

They should have!!!!!! Don't u think???

Speaking of script-writer and good friend Steve Kloves, Rowling says that even he felt some uncertainty between the characters' relationship.

She says, "After he read book seven he said to me, 'You, know, I thought something was going to happen between Harry and Hermione, and I didn't know whether I wanted it or not.'"

Rowling maintains that Harry's true soulmate is Ginny, and that even though Hermione and Ron have shared moments, they are ultimately destined for a close friendship.

Which means more than a relationship, right?

We can't wait for the movie!

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102 comments to “J. K. Rowling Admits Things "Could Have Gone That Way"”

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  1. 1

    and awww, i want Ron adn Hermione together forever!

  2. 2

    Actually, Hermione's character would be most fitting paired with that of Snape. JK's epilogue essentially ruined the whole series for me. =)

  3. 3

    awww, Hermione and Harry SHOULD have gotten together!!! :(

    the couples she put together suck

  4. 4

    what? no lesbian angle? damn!
    more lesbians Perez! hurry!

  5. 5

    umm in the final book ron and hermione ARE together, as in married.

  6. 6

    i wish it would have been hermione and harry

  7. 7

    R/Hr FTW!!! (L)

  8. 8

    What are you talking about perez? In the last book at the end in the epilogue it shows Harry and Ginny married and Hermione and Ron married was the following paragraph a typo?
    "Rowling maintains that Harry's true soulmate is Ginny, and that even though Hermione and Ron have shared moments, they are ultimately destined for a close friendship."

    Did you mean that even though Hermione and HARRY have shared moments??

  9. 9

    screw that.
    hahah r/h foreverrr! (:

  10. 10

    Yawwwwwwwwn… I never really got all into "Harry Potter" the way everyone else did lol…

  11. 11

    I love how it worked out. If Harry had gotten with Hermione, then Ron would have been odd man out. This way, Harry being in love with Ron's sister, who is also Hermione's best friend, they could all remain best friends. It was always so obvious from very early on that Ron and Hermione had a connection.

  12. 12

    I kinda thought that Ron and Hermoine would be together cause of the past two movies, like when Ron was jealous when Hermoine went to the dance with the other guy. But with Harry IDK, I thought him and Cho were going to get together…

  13. 13

    Re: stuchbery
    you know these people only watch the movies! they didn't know tht!
    Even though you should ALL read the books! because I have read them all and they are amazing! Include A LOT MORE then the movies can fit in, and you get to find out what happens and don't have to wait for the next movies!

  14. 14

    I'm confused - in the last book, Hermione and Ron are together, like married, not just friends. Did you mistype, or just not read the books? The last half of your post just doesn't make sense.

  15. 15

    Anyone who's read the books knows that Ron and Hermione are meant for each other. So, no, I don't think Harry and Hermione should have gone that way.

  16. 16

    hmm if they HAD done something about that relationship, it would be very interesting!!!

  17. 17

    I think Harry and Ginny are perfect for each other as well as Ron and Hermione. I also believe that H&G had to end up together cause there wasn't really another female caracter in the books that was important enough to end up with Ron. Obviously it could ot be Ginny cause they are brother and sister. And the chemistry between H&G was there from book one…..so everything is perfect!

    Obama did it!

    I love Perez

  18. 18

    hermione and harry? i don't see that at all. ron and hermione had this weird chemistry from practically the very beginning!!!!! harry and hermione act more like me and my best guy friend. ron and hermione act like they want to jump each other very two seconds.
    have you read the books???

  19. 19

    read the books perez! the ending is already out there for all to see! but i won't be a dick like stuchbery and tell you what happens!

  20. 20

    i like hermoine and ron :)

  21. Taren says – reply to this


    Perez, have you even read the books? I don't think you know what you're talking about.

  22. 22

    it's true! i thought Ron and Hermoine would be together. i also sense the connection between Harry and Hermoine, but i'm happy he's with Ginny :]

  23. 23

    duh, ron and hermione DO get together at the end of the 7th book. did you mean "even though hermione and HARRY" shared moments, they are destined only for friendship"? you need a proof-reader, Perez!!!

  24. 24

    Ron and Harry should have gotten together.

  25. 25

    Yeah this post doesn't make sense. Hermione and Ron got married
    They were meant to be! I never once wanted Harry and Hermoine to get together - even in the last book!
    The really don't explain well in the movies at all but any one who reads the books always knew it was Ron and Hermoine! :)

  26. 26

    Didn't Ron and Hermione have kids? Or am I going crazy?

  27. 27

    Of course it could have went that way! It's a fucking work of fiction people. It can go anyway the author so chooses.

  28. 28

    hmm idk i think harry and hermione are too close of friends idk thats a hard one and would be kinda weird

  29. 29

    For all you people who are saying that Ron and Hermione got together not Harry and Hermione… DUH! Perez is not saying that Harry and Hermione got together. He is saying that in a recent interview JK Rowling said that she was considering pairing them up but decided against it, thus giving us the couples in the epilogue. I think she realized that if she did have them together that Ron and Ginny would have been left out, I mean unless they ended up with Luna and Neville or something (but thats not the point).
    Me? I've kinda been a fan of Draco with Hermione, and before you kill me save your breath, I know that there is no way in hell for them. It's a completely AU pairing, but hey thats my preference, and then Harry/Hermione and finally Ron/Hermione. Again… MY PREFERNCE… don't yell at me for it.

  30. 30

    awwsz can't wait to see ron nd hermione together finallii

  31. 31

    Harry Potter must be gay.

  32. 32


  33. 33

    I like Hermione with Ron but I HATE Ginny. Ew.

  34. 34


  35. 35

    Ginny was a pathetic excuse of a character. She did a total 180 from her original character, and it wasn't written in a logical way. It seemed like JKR just needed Harry to have a romance and handed him Ginny so he could officially be one of the Weasleys. Kind of cheapened the whole family-even-if-not-blood-related theme, but whatevs.

  36. 36

    Hermione is HOT!!! JK is a biutch

  37. 37

    i thought ron and hermione had kids and married?
    but yeah me too harry and hermionie would be a good couple

  38. 38

    Does nobody remember the movies OR the books? It's always been Ron and Hermione! This is old news, haha! XD Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, and I like it that way. Good work, JKR.

    'Sides, there's always fanfiction for all you sad sods.

  39. 39


  40. 40

    Re: clb011

    EXACTLY! I was going to write and say..uh perez….ron and hermoine have 3 kids and are married in the epilogue. *sigh* probably a typo

  41. 41

    they should have an affair

  42. 42

    do u know how to read? Hermione and Ron HAVE KIDS together and everything!

  43. auds says – reply to this


    Ron and Hermione just makes sense! Poor Ron deserves something good in his life! BTW Maybe you should read the books, Perez. Ron and Herms get married, as to Harry and Ginny.

  44. 44

    "even though Hermione and Ron have shared moments, they are ultimately destined for a close friendship."

    in the epilogue don't they have kids together?

  45. 45

    i prefer ron and hermione together.

  46. 46

    OMG! PEREZ you linked my forum!!! as your source!!!
    You Go you!

    and yes I agree with you. the movies would be hell interesting :)

  47. 47

    Ron and Hermione have been fighting like a married couple for years…..

  48. 48

    Nahh, I think Hermione and Ron are good together. They're like the playful couple, you know? The kind you can laugh about but still be happy for. Ginny and Harry seem the slightly more serious, perfect couple.

  49. 49

    While i never actually wanted harry and hermione together i just really didnt want her with ron. but i could have dealt with that but the harry and ginny thing was just ridiculous. i wish ginny died in 2

  50. 50

    you mean Hermoine and Harry had their moments???

    I like the way it ended up, ginny is way cooler for harry..

  51. 51

    Ummm…read the book. Harry and Ginny get married as well as Ron and Hermoine…i can't believe Perez didn't even google that bit of info.

  52. 52

    I was actually really disappointed with the way Rowling paired everyone up. It was just so cookie cutter BORING! Everyone could see a mile away that Hermione was going to end up with Ron or Harry, probably Ron so that Harry would be free to hook up with Ginny. Please, there was absolutely no imagination there. Draco is an immensely popular character, and she had plans to have him turn to the good side (in a way), so why not have him convert sooner in the book and get with Hermione or Ginny? That would have been unexpected.
    My personal pairing preferences are Ron with Hermione, Harry with Luna, and Draco with Ginny. I'm even open to Snape with Hermione. Just give me something that isn't blatantly obviously going to happen.

  53. 53

    i think it was great that harry and hermione were more like siblings than anything else. they cared very deeply for each other, but not in a sexual way. i don't really like that harry ended up with ginny, but i'm glad ron and hermione ended up together.

  54. 54

    Harry and Hermione were SO not meant for each other. Its clear that there is no sexual tension between them like there is with Ron.

  55. 55

    Thats retarded. Ron and Hermoine ARE together, married, and have kids in the book. And I like them together!!! But I'm not too keen on Ginny and Harry. I dont know who I like him with..

  56. 56

    sorry but are you retarded?

    ron/hermione was building up since book 1. they were married with two kids in the epilogue…"close friendship" my ass. did you even read the books?

  57. 57

    well in the end of the seventh book ron and hermione get married and are more than just close friends… so why would jk rowling pretend that she didnt write that in her epilogue?

    and also… harry and hermione together would be terrible. ginny and harry are perfect. everyone always forgets about ron and acts like he doesnt deserve anything, but he deserves hermione

  58. 58

    Geez, they are fictional characters that have no lives after the novel. Don't get me wrong I love Harry Potter books. But, its already been written there is no speculation to be had.

  59. 59

    I love how all the HP geeks come out to defend their shitastic couple. Most of them never had boyfriends or girlfriends, are probably 16 with no friends, or 40 year old virgins. Sad. HARRY AND HERMIONE! DUH!

  60. 60

    did you not read the book perez? they are married… wow. way to stay on top of things

  61. 61

    Thanks for spoiling it for the rest of us you fat fart filled fucker!!!

  62. Bree says – reply to this


    Should be Ron and Hermoine…but thanks for spoiling it! Shouldve put Spoiler alert for those of us who havent read the books!!!!!!

  63. 63

    i wanted harry and hermione to get together too. but it was funnier to have ron and hermione. it would be even funnier to have harry and ron. ooh la la

  64. 64

    No JKR has it right the way it is! Harry & Hermione are like brother and sister maybe b/c they are only children and live in muggle world before going to Hogwarts…SO NO PEREZ! THEY SHOULDN'T!!!

  65. LEAH. says – reply to this




  66. 66

    Re: stuchbery – I was thinking the same thing - -they got married and had kids?!?!?

  67. 67

    Personally, and I've read each of the books many times, that it's true that there was something between Harry and Hermione but I always thought of them as more brother and sister. They really did have something though.

    While Ron and Hermione prove that opposites attract.

  68. 68

    harry and hermione should not have gotten together!!
    it would have been terrible, like, unbelievable stupid.
    harry and ginny are meant to be together.
    ron and hermione are meant to be together.
    point blank. :] :] :]

  69. 69

    Re: BreeRe: Topher – Quit your bitching. If you honestly gave a crap about the characters, you would have read the books.

  70. 70

    well if you read the book it makes things pretty clear about who ends up with who
    not close friendship.

  71. 71

    How old do you think your readers are? This subject is so "17" or "Tiger Beat" Magazine — even for YOU!

  72. 72

    Maybe I'm just a huge dork…in fact I'm sure I am, but I thought that at the end of the 7th book Ron & Hermoine did get together- married I believe. Does J.K. Rowling have selective amnesia? I thinka Yes!

  73. 73

    JK Rowling is a famewhore
    this is like how she announced the dumbledore is gay. shes done with the books and misses the attention.

  74. 74

    nahhh. harry and hermione don't belong together. i think that harry should have stayed dead in the last book. and then hermione and ron stay bffls. but thats just me.

  75. 75

    awww this picture brings me back!

  76. slgee says – reply to this


    Wow, um…
    I guess Perez has not read the books…
    Anyone who (anyone who read the books, that is) thought Hermoine & Harry were going to be together is not very smart.

  77. 77

    Harry wiki perez honey. Hermoine and Ron marry and have children.

  78. 78

    i love Ron and Hermione!!!!

  79. 79

    duuude ron and hermione forever! my life would've been over if she had ended up with harry. you can feel the sexual tension between ron and hermione throughout all of the books. can't wait for their makeout scene in the 7th movie! hawt!

  80. 80

    nooooo way. im a huge harry/ginny person. first off, harry resembles his father alot, and ginny very much resembles harrys mother lily. not to mention early on in the series ginny has it really bad for harry and hes like "no" so i was totally happy that they got together. not to mention hermione/ron are really good together cuz he needs someone with brains and wits to keep him down to earth, and she needs someone to keep her from being so serious and studious all the time.

    gee, can you tell i like hp?

  81. drrtx says – reply to this


    ohh…i always wanted that from the 1st book…harry and hermione should have gotten together…i just don't feel the love between harry and ginny… so sad right now

  82. 82

    Perez, READ THIS!!
    I checked the interview again and JK said "Now the fact is that Hermione shares moments with HARRY.."
    If you wanna paraphrase the interview, get it right.
    You better change that, it's leading all sorts of ppl who haven't read the books go nuts.

  83. Hmmmm says – reply to this


    "shared something very instense with Harry,"
    What is instense and what does it have to do with Harry Potter?
    Seriously Perez, use spell check or review your post before you enter!!! Dope.

  84. 84

    Im sorry but that is one thing that annoyed me about these books

    i dont see how Ginny was his soulmate, she was infatuated with him from a young age, he was pretty much a celebrity, he only noticed her in the 6th book when everyone else starts noticing her.

    Ron and Hermione have nothing in common, if it werent for Harry and Ron saving her in the first book she wouldnt have become friends with her, and in no way would she have ended up with him.

  85. 85

    Umm…Perez, you are so out of the loop….Ron and Hermione get hitched in the last book lol.

  86. 86

    Umm people these are fictional characters. Great books (only seen 2 of the movies) but just that, books

  87. 87

    Know what?

    As a huge fan of the series, I really thought, and hoped, that Harry and Hermione would end up together, so I was kind of bummed that they didn`t…But it`s definitely nice to read that J.K had at least thought about it!

    Let`s just hope that Ms. Rowling will decide to unretire Harry some day!

  88. 88

    Ron and Hermione are MARRIED in the final book. What the fuck is she talking about? Did she forget what she wrote?

    Any true HP FAN caught on to that within half a second.

  89. 89

    Actually, they way she did it is perfect. This way, all 3 are now true family. All related.

  90. 90

    Actually Harry's true soulmate is Draco Malfoy. :P

  91. 91

    Harry and Ginny FTW!!!!

  92. 92

    NOPE Things ended JUST as they should have!! Harry & Ginny / Ron & Hermione Forever!!

  93. 93

    Just goes to show that Mario didn't read the books. Ron and Hermione ARE MARRIED - Stupid.

    Who's your fact checker.

  94. 94

    I like that rons and harrys blood line will be forever mixed. Ginny and Harry will make wonderful babies and the marriage would make rons family harry's family and thats what he needed to be whole. aww, sniff sniff, I freakn love it.

    I dont know if i can see ron and hermione together or not but I do think it could work. I think Hermione is more mature than ron but maybe thats what works sometimes.

  95. 95

    Ginny is a wretch.

  96. 96

    surprisingly, i dont care for harry potter anymore.. now its all about twilight baby! better cast, better soundtrack, better story!

  97. 97

    NOOOOOOOOO!!! NO NO NO, J.K.!!! Harry and Hermione should have been together!!!! I mean, they have that chemistry in the book AND the movie! Besides, i hate Ginny! The coupling pretty much ruined the whole Harry Potter thing for me. :(

    Oh well…maybe Emma Watson and Dan Radcliffe still have a shot…? KEEP US INFORMED, PEREZ!!!

  98. 98

    Harry and Hermione 4ever

  99. MLD says – reply to this


    Um, didn't Hermione and Ron get married?

  100. 100

    yes, Hermione and Ron get married and have kids. Harry marries Ginny. That is the ultimate ending and perfect. Hermione and Ron loved each other from the beginning. if you read them, you would know.

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