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New York City Is Hurting Bad

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Uh oh!

This might spoil his third term hopes!

On Wednesday, New York City's mayor, Michael Bloomberg, announced plans to save the city $1.5 billion this year and next.

It includes cutting 3,000 city jobs and rolling back a 'popular' 7 percent property tax cut AND suspending the annual $400 property tax rebate checks that homeowners in the city get.

The mayor said:

“There is no magic answer to our budget challenges. We didn’t ask for our financial system’s meltdown, and we didn’t create it, but we certainly have to deal with it, and we have to deal with it honestly and straightforwardly, in order to protect the people of New York City.”

We hope something will be done to help the 3,000 who are going to be laid off.

So sad.

[Image via WENN.]

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17 comments to “New York City Is Hurting Bad”

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  3. 3

    3,000 laid off? Well damn I think I'm going to move to New Jersey then… this sucks!

  4. 4

    he better tape a good episode on "the view" tomorrow…

  5. 5

    OMG, so 10% of them may have been gay and they were laid off. Headline coiiiuld have been 320 gays laid off by Bloomberg. Discrimination. Stop the hate. Lets all march because New York City is antigay. Where is the love people?

    See Mario, you could have spun this one lavender as well.

  6. 6

    OMG, so 10% of them may have been gay and they were laid off. Headline could have been 300 gays laid off by Bloomberg. Discrimination. Stop the hate. Lets all march because New York City is antigay. Where is the love people?

    See Mario, you could have spun this one lavender as well.

  7. 7

    Perezer don't worry yourself over those 3000 lost jobs……

    ***Boooobama will save them*****
    He's gonna pay their mortgages
    Buy their gas
    Give them their government handouts
    Buy them snacks
    Buy them a Gallon of Milk
    And take from your pocket and put it in theirs..gotta spread and not be selfish
    Don't worry all is good again, and gumdrops will soon fall from the sky don't cha know……

  8. 8

    Nice Rolls Royce.

  9. Synik says – reply to this


    Chances are, Mayor Bloomberg will have a bit of trouble getting reelected anyway. We New Yorkers are pretty ticked off by the way Hizzoner strong-armed the City Council to approve the demise of the term limits, instead of putting it to a (third time) vote. If a decent rival comes along, he's got a fight on his hands. Even though I personally liked the job he's done, he hasn't been THAT great. The chaotic mess that is the Ground Zero reconstruction is a prime example.

  10. 10

    he's seriously such a joke it's ridiculous. as a new yorker, i almost shit myself that his ego allows him to think that rules should bend for him and he should be mayor once again. he sucks and i cant wait to vote against him. we need a new mayor PRONTO not this piece of selfish shit. i've seen so many people around me lose their jobs bc of the economy and his solution is to continue pushing people out of jobs??? i mean really are you serious???? what an idiot.

  11. 11

    Hey b, yat. Hope you have a relaxing night, Nite 46

  12. 12

    what happened to the surplus he had before the 'crisis.'
    My guess?
    It vanished the same way the second and third set of books kept by the MTA, vanished.
    We are all being duped!
    By the feds, the state and the big cities.

  13. 13

    Legalize marijuana and prostitution and then tax it and then use that money to pay for shit.

  14. 14

    bloomy is an asshole and unfortunately, he will probably get a third term-even though the voters passed a 2term max twice. When guliani said that he should stay for a while after 9/11 becasue he knew what was going on, dear sweet bloomy told him to take a hike, he already did 2 terms. this moron was planning this 3rd term for a while but used the financial crisis as a crutch, saying he had alot of financial experience to help. if he knows so much, how come he did not warn about it? How come the day after election day he announces this cut? he is cutting the jan 2009 police academy class of 1000, he is going to close dental clinics for the poor. meanwhile he poured millions of his billions to get this 3rd term chance, but does he personally donate any, if not the same amount to help fund the clinics, the food kitchens? unless he is hiding his loving givng way, he is not spending one dime on this city.

  15. 15

    Crybabies. 3,000 jobs in a huge city like NY, please. Does it suck, yes, but is outrageous compared to other major cities…Not at all.
    I would gladly vote for Bloomberg again if I lived in NYC still. He is the only big city mayor with a clue.

  16. 16

    Gee the super-rich plan to "save money" by taking everyone else's - BIG surprise!!

  17. 17

    they should just cut funds on the MTA, they spend like what? 12 billion a year, might be even more then that. I don't really care if my station has new paint, I understand fixing the stations so they are functional but some of the reasons why they are under construction are just silly.