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Patrick Dempsey Opens Up About Grey's Firing

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Grey's Anatomy stud Patrick Dempsey has revealed on the Ellen Show that he too was caught off guard by the sudden termination of Brooke Smith's character, Dr. Erica Hahn, from the show.

He also told the married talk show host that the bosses at ABC 'told' him what to say about the firing:

“ABC actually sends me over what I should [say] …ABC’s response … is that [I] should say: ‘We’ve had a great time working with her and that the conclusion of her [character] has been orgasmic’ — I’m sorry, I’m dyslexic! — ‘organic’ ending to the story line.’“

Spin, spin, spin!

Were the suits afraid of someone saying something they weren't supposed to?

[Image via Getty Images.]

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34 comments to “Patrick Dempsey Opens Up About Grey's Firing”

  1. 1

    Who's the Hottie in blue showin' side boob? harry likey!

  2. 2

    Alice, it's my turn.

  3. 3

    I have a place for his nice, big….nose!!

  4. 4

    You wouldn't have even known who she was or noticed that she got fired if it hadn't been about her being gay Perez.
    Does EVERYTHING have to revolve around sexual preferences for you?

  5. 5


  6. 6

    well it sounds like they wanted to kill the gay story line but wanted not to look like that in light of the other gay name calling incident they had last yr.

  7. 7


  8. tinky says – reply to this


    ok this is getting tiring by now…. we dont care! u only post stuff cause she played a lesbian.. im sorry but since when is it a law that every show should have gay people on?? if her character wasnt working anymore they should keep her just because she was gay so that other gays wouldn't be hurt??? this is insane i dont see u posting stuff about other people getting fired… get over it there is no big conspirace to eliminate gays around the world..

  9. 9

    aint married no mo lol

  10. 10

    Re: harrybalsac – Ok but be gentle. mama is gentle.

  11. 11

    Oh cool, a hand is coming out of her crotch

  12. 12

    Hey, why does that girl have fucking dents in her legs?

  13. 13

    If ABC was a bunch of homophobes, they wouldn't have fired Isiah last year, they would've let TJ go after his 'secret' got out. Quit making everything such a gay consipiracy.

  14. 14

    omg so hott.
    I am upset that they might have taken it off because they were lesbian.
    which writters were like…. okay out of ALL OUR CAST
    let me take .. CALLIE AND ERICA and put them together.
    I'm sorry EW no.
    I dont know maybe I stand alone on that comment. But EW!

  15. 15

    seems like its falling a part

  16. 16

    Mary Mother of God this is a good picture of him, the man is HOTTTTTT!

  17. 17

    i love him and his candor. very rare these days.

  18. 18

    His ass is fired for sure…
    I guess ABC doesn't indoctrine their people like NBC does

  19. 19

    Re: LickMeChuck – I agree. I think they are getting rid of her, because like they commented, they did not have "chemistry". Perez, if you actaully WATCHED the show, and didn't only care because it had to do with lesbians/gays, you would know… these two together, are NOT a match. Writers probably were like… nah, they don't go together like we thought they would. Or if they took any sort of poll, I'm sure the OVERWHELMING response would be that people did NOT like those two together. And NOT because they were a gay couple, but because they just don't mesh well.

  20. 20


  21. 21

    That looks like Megan Fox's tattoo next to him…

  22. 22


  23. 23

    I think this show is going to get thrown in the dumpster soon…. So much drama going on around it…it always ruins the chemistry!!! :( I loved it!

  24. o2bme says – reply to this


    Only gay men cross their legs like that.

  25. 25

    Seriously, quit making this something its not! Its not about the characters being gay. If you watched the show, you'd know Erica Hahn was by far the worst character on the show! She was annoying and awkward - with no personality……and I thought this from day one (when she was "straight" and had a thing for McSteamy). She should have been gone a lot sooner - like the second episode.

  26. 26

    Re: Afed44

  27. AMO says – reply to this


    How is he such a hottie now? I remember ol' Ronald McDonald Miller…

  28. 28

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    You wouldnt get this from any other guy

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  29. 29

    I'm still not over thinking of Brooke in Silence of the Lambs threatening to kill little "Precious."

  30. GIO says – reply to this


    Patrick Dempsey is a SUPER STUD!

  31. 31

    Oh my gosh… not everything has to do with sexual preference! Callie and Erica's story line was awful… they had no chemistry.

  32. 32

    He's soooo yummy!!! My man looks like him with blonde hair……yum yum, get some!!

  33. CMER says – reply to this



  34. 34

    Good for Patrick. The firing was disgraceful, yet expected. Please go to ABC.com and hit the CONTACT US link to tell them exactly what you think. Thanks to this wimpy move, lesbians now have ZERO visibility on prime time TV which has over 600 characters. If gay people are 10% of the population (as are African Americans) this is so sad considering we jumped a major hurdle for equality electing our first African American president —but are still proving that gays are the last group of people you don't even have to tolerate.

    —Mari SanGiovanni
    Author of: "Greetings From Jamaica, Wish You Were Queer…"