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Obama Stars In An HBO Movie

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With the recent election of Barack Obama as our new President, it was only a matter of time before they started to make movies about him.

And as it turns out, HBO has just closed a seven-figure deal for the U.S. right to a Barack documentary.

The still untitled piece will be produced by actor Edward Norton.

It seems Edward's Class 5 Films had approached the Obama campaign back in 2006 about creating a documentary chronicling his history in politics.

Directors were also granted access to film Obama before he launched his presidential campaign in 2007 and continued filming all the way through his victory this Tuesday.

Norton said, "Senator Obama's history-making race for the White House has given our film a perfect framework to explore the pulse of the country at this vital moment in our history."

As for HBO, they plan to air the documentary next year.

Can't wait to watch.

[Image via AP Images.]

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124 comments to “Obama Stars In An HBO Movie”

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  1. 101

    Charmoll - I believe this is the type of ignorance that you and I were talking about…

    "That's Mrs. B to you! - and mostly, he was elected because he's a nig ger. come on admit it you know you want to. "

    You disgust me and I am horrified that you would even think of yourself as an American. If you can't live in a country w/ all races and religions, poor and rich, etc….move to a predominantly white country, but I guarantee you…no one will accept your ignorance!

  2. 102

    Let's hear a real argument instead of 'you voted for him b/c he was black' and use the 'N' word over and over. I did not vote for him b/c he is black. I voted for him BECAUSE I AM A DEMOCRAT AND WE CAN'T AFFORD ANOTHER REPUBLICAN IN OFFICE. Get your facts straight. …and if you want anymore read my past posts…I won't repeat nor waste my time on ignorant people like you.

  3. 103

    Re: DSummerfan – That's because Obama is SUPER COOL FANTATIC just like Britney!

    You fucking communist pig liberal dumbfuck!

  4. 104

    How did we bring racism back? You're not very bright are you? If anything a black president makes more peace. Black people feel like they have hit a milestone, in which they have, and it gives them comfort that they can feel like equals. They should have felt like that all along, but it's people like you who make them feel like a minority.

  5. 105

    Re: tm4peaceRe: tm4peace – What, 97% of blacks voted for obama. What did they get all fucking smart all of a sudden? All the fuckers that never voted before all of a fucking sudden came out, registered and voted for him, because what, they all of a fucking sudden got interested in policies? Don't give me, or Mrs. B, or anyone else here your fucking bullshit, we know truth, you know truth, deal with it. There are blacks, and there are nig gers. We all know that too, and nig gers voted for obama. blacks have jobs and don't want to get fucked in the ass so some fucking nig ger can pick up their welfare check. so piss off, moron, don't talk about shit when you ignore the fucking truth.

  6. 106

    Re: Fukitol Fred – WOW Bitter much?

    Re: Mrs. B(igot) – You can bark racist remarks all you want, when it comes down to it, almost half of the US consists of minorities, so get used to it. and stop your lame ass "WHIIIIIIIITE POOOOOOWER!" Bullshit, you just look like an ignorant waste of space!

  7. 107

    Re: Latina8 – and you need to swim back across.

  8. 108

    Re: Fukitol Fred – 97%! HAHAHAH! Where did you get that percentage??! If you've been paying attention, which you obviously have not than you would know that politicians were shocked at the LOW numbers of African Americans that voted for Obama. Yes, more voted, but not all for Obama, it was shockingly low. …and you think they only came out to vote BECAUSE he was black? NO! It's because more than 60% of this country couldn't bear to see another Republican in office! We needed to see if a change could be made b/c our country is in shambles!

    …and you talk ignoring the truth…YOU are the ignorant ones! Thinking that there is only ONE reason why he was elected. PURE IGNORANCE!!!!! BACK IT UP W/ FACTS, NOT YOUR ILLITERATE BULLSH*T AND NAME CALLING.

    I agree, you are bitter. Suck it up, if you're an American you will help our country, not hurt it. ….and in the meantime…grow up.

  9. 109

    Re: Fukitol Fred – FYI: I don't talk Sh!t…I talk facts. That's more than I can say that you do. I base my opinion on my facts, you base your opinion on your ignorance. It's people like you that give this country a bad name.

  10. 110

    Re: Latina8 – I like you :) haha!

  11. 111

    Re: Latina8 – pendejo

  12. 112

    I'm out of here, it was nice debating w/ everyone (Charmoll - catch you later), yes, even the ones filled w/ hate…

    ….you should probably take a look in the mirror and work on that. I bet your parents are really proud.

  13. 113

    Re: Fukitol Fred – Hahaha God your STUPID! Lets see, you assume that because I'm Hispanic, I'm Mexican, and that I swam to the US. Get a clue dumbass, I was born here in the US. Good job on learning some spanish though, I'm pretty sure you've heard the word pendejo many times! It suits you well. You might want to try something original next time…oh but wait, something like that would require brains. I guess that takes you out of the equation!

  14. 114

    So predictable. I knew a movie about Obama was gonna be made sooner or later. I guess it's gonna be sooner.

  15. 115

    Obama is a fuckin genius!!!! it's sad that there are WHITE people in this great country that were actually raise without seeing or conversing with black people!!! it's absolutely insane. fucktard parents they had…how could you raise your children to be so uneducated about the country their living in?!?! no wonder these idiots think he's some terrorist muslim…they never seen a normal black person! it's like seeing a foreigner to these pooor lads. i blame the dumb ass parents!!!believe you me if barack was anything other then an african american(african and white like most black people in america)average black people would have seen right through it. (this is not including the people that just like war and think barack is too peaceful.)

  16. 116

    @ mrs (B)igot: you fucking cracker cuntface. nice to know you made your bed in hell already. like the rest of your ancestors boiling right now.

  17. 117

    Here's the thing those who are hating on obama it's only because of his skin color, and I'm glad mccain and palin didn't win, if you hear the radio or watch the news about palin well, she was only to spend a certain amount of money for some outfits for herself, hubby, kids, but in fact what did she do, she went beyond her means and on top of that asked the staff that worked for mccain to buy her more clothes on their personal credit cards. when mccain and palin weren't infront of the tv, they barely said 2 words to each other, but yet she was going on about being there for the people and here she is taking advantage of a spending limit she was suppose to have, yeah greedy. The economy is bad because of bush who made promises and kept not one of them. mccain happened to be his right hand man, seriously what do you think would've happened if mccain became president. with obama we have a chance. STOP being such haters and know your facts. while you sit there and talk smack, guess what he'll still be sitting in the white house. This racist has to stop already, we are in 2008, so before you put out what you think of obama and anyone else for that matter take a long look at your life, because if your still acting racist and talking crap about someone well then there's obviously something wrong with yours.

  18. 118

    Re: tm4peace – Why do you use that "N" word so much, do you know the meaning of that word, it means slave. lets just let go of that word it's harsh and besides you wouldn't want someone calling you racist names. lets be cool and human about this we are not in 5th grade anymore

  19. 119

    Re: Lmeira – Whoa Whoa Whoa! I NEVER used that word! I copied and pasted someones reaction to me for someone else to see to prove how ignorant people are. If maybe you didn't jump to conclusions and read everything that I have posted you would see that I'm FOR Obama and Democrats, I VOTED for Obama, and I'm FAR from racist and ignorant! I reposted what Mrs. B posted to me…she called me the N word. Classy people on here I tell ya! So therefore…I'm on your side. With all do respect…Get your facts straight before you go accusing people please.

  20. 120

    Re: charmoll – LOL that was meant tongue in cheek but your lips are really too juicy to hate on and your arguments, for the most part, try to be fair so…MUAH back at you :-D

  21. 121

    Re: Lmeira – Here is the thing (and remember that I am an Obama supporter)…
    You can't back your arguments on 'Sarah Palin spent so much only on personal items.' Yes, it is controversial and she might be greedy and it doesn't look good on her, BUT it's not the REAL issue here. Who cares what she spends…what we need to look at are the real deal issues, like the economy…what does she stand for? Taxes…what does she stand for? Etc…
    As far as McCain being Bush's 'right hand man' you are SO far from right. McCain is the most Liberal Republican there is and he is very well respected and known for his Liberal values….yes he IS a Republican, but in no way is he Bush's right hand man. Why would you think this? Because you see them in pictures together? I hate to break it to you, but they HAVE to be seen together and they are all politicians and they work together. I respect McCain and think he is a good politician, but I do not think he should be in office for the simple fact of we can't afford a Rep in office…I can't stress it enough. With that said, I am all for Obama and stand for EVERYTHING he stands for. Before you go making false truths and accusing people of doing this and doing that do your research b/c you make Democrats…like me…look bad.

  22. 122

    There were no black men/women that could produce the movie? Since when has Ed Norton been a good producer?

  23. 123

    are you kiddddinggg !?!?!? what history in politics? oh yeahhh you mean the history of him and alquida ? or what about him and all the other terrorists? or wait thats righttt, you mean his 143 days as senator! omg greattt history this will REALLYYY make people love himm!

  24. 124

    Re: tm4peace – your sooo fuckin ignorantt how the FUCKK arre you gonna sit there and say mccains bushes right hand mannn , they dont even like eachother and mccain is trying soo hard to show people that but americas full of ignorant fucks like you that get things in their heads and dont let anything change it! obama is a retarddd !!! hes saying all these things hes gonna change and then contradicts it !!! omg fuckin do researchhh how the fuck old are youuu ?? im guessing old enough to vote but im 15 and you sound like your half my age ! say something intelligent about him dont just ask oh whats palin or mccains tax views blah blah blahhh when i know that you dont know obamas views on it because he doesnt even know his views on it! first he talks about lowering taxes on small businesses then he talks about raising them? bitch make up your minddd ! i hate all you dumbb people and if everyone that thinks like you stopped being ignorant, mccain wouldve won and america wouldnt be on its death bed after january 20th

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