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Oregon Puts California To Shame

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This Election Season marks the beginnings of a new era in this country.

We elected an African-American president.

And in the tiny city of Silverton, Oregon, voters pulled off what California could not: looked past differences to see the person underneath and treat him without discrimination.

Stu Rasmussen has become one of the first openly transgender mayors in the United States.

Rasmussen has served 2 terms as Mayor of Silverton, but it was only this time around that he campaigned in a skirt and heels.

Rasmussen identifies as a heterosexual male, and his girlfriend is happy for his landslide win. He has always been transgender, but "came out" only a couple of years ago. He jokingly says that his bosom was the result of a mid-life crisis, "Some guys' mid-life crisis is motorcycles or sports cars or climbing mountains or trophy wives or whatever. I always wanted cleavage, so I went out and acquired some."

Stu admits that was worried how his run for Mayor would go, but was glad to see that people were unfazed. "We get down to discussing whatever the issue is - city business or business or whatever - and they figure out this guy's different, but he knows what he's talking about."

Voter Gail Frassenei says, "He wants to maintain the integrity of Silverton. I think it's amazing a small town like this can be so open-minded, to elect someone that's made a life change."

Becoming a little bit emotional, Rasmussen says, "I'm prejudiced, but I think this is just about the coolest town on Earth."

We wish we could say similarly for California.

By the way, yes, we used the term "transgender" correctly.

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309 comments to “Oregon Puts California To Shame”

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  1. 1

    Better move fucktard.

  2. 2


  3. 3


  4. 4

    Re: Melissa is always right. – No, why don't you move to Utah? Get your magic panties to fly you away.

  5. 5


  6. 6

    Good for them, but seriously, get the hell over the passive aggressive 'i hate california' bullshit in every post. If you want to get married, I hear Massachusetts is nice this time of year.

  7. 7

    So, shame now equals the will of the people being opposed to the will a blogger? God I hate the new media.

  8. 8

    Melissa is always a bitch :)

    I'm all for it, but it's a little freaky. Nothing about what he is or who he is, but that he still has a man voice and cleavage :O T.V has disillusioned me into thinking trans genders and Transvestites always come out pretty >

  9. edtor says – reply to this


    That is kind of cool but I would like to know more about this town.

  10. 10

    Not to steal your thunder perez, but every state puts California to shame. That's why everyone keeps moving to other states.

  11. 11

    Re: masterdeluniverso – uh, um…ok, but I don't wear panties.

  12. 12

    loves it

  13. 13

    I live in Oregon, and while we are a very progressive state, in 2004 we outlawed gay marriage too, so we're not a whole lot better than Cali. Luckily we did push through civil unions for same-sex couples along with benefits for those couples, so we got something right.

  14. 14

    Oregon is the shit! 503 represent! I love my state

  15. 15

    wow that is really cool

  16. 16

    wow this gives a lot of hope. good job.

  17. 17

    how fucking FaGULOUS! Glad i dont live there.

  18. me84 says – reply to this


    Im sorry, I can't feel bad about people in california. At least their governor likes them. Try living in Michigan and have your govenor hate you and want to abandon your state that she fucked up. Sorry can't feel bad, theres worst things going on in this country then not allowing gays to marry.

  19. 19

    oregon is so much better

  20. 20

    Go Oregon.

  21. 21

    its because oregon is pretty much cananda, ans us canadians are not discriminators.

  22. 22

    Perez- you have the option of civil union/domestic partnership. But then again I don't think you'll need to exercise the option. You do realize that gay people can be bigoted assholes as well?

  23. 23

    Re: lolololo – they're probably glad that don't have to live with you either.

  24. 24

    …and what a looker (s)he is. Puts Palin to shame.

  25. 25

    Awesome! Hopefully some of the goodness will waft across the state border to Cali!

  26. 26

    So technically doesn't that make him a lesbian?

  27. Sgirl says – reply to this


    That is so nasty. What the fuck is wrong with people? And, this is good why? What a freak! I cannot believe anyone would agree with this shit. You should get some tits too Prez!! I'll bet you wish you could!

  28. 28


  29. 29

    I live in Oregon and I'm completely disgusted with this article. For one thing how dare gay people compare themselves to a black person who had been opressed for hundreds of years. They did not choose to be born colored gays choose to be gay. So a big boo freaking who because you don't have the right to marry. Get over it or go straight quit waisting our tax money and give it to a poor kid! And for the trangender freak in Silverton put on a pair of pants, take off the makeup and have a normal mid life crisis.

  30. 30

    The man is clearly mentally ill. How can Silverton, Or. expect to be taken seriously? What a distraction in town meetings, etc. The city just wants to be placed on the map as being wacky.

  31. Sgirl says – reply to this


    Re: Melissa is always right.
    Funny Reply!!! :)

  32. 32

    Congrats to Oregon!!!

  33. 33

    Yay I live in Portland, Oregon–and we're an awesome state. We have the first-elected Gay Mayor of Portland, first to start the recycling revolution in the 90's, and one of the first states to legalize weed…Pretty unique place ;)

  34. 34

    Oh, and let me add- the crazy pregnant man that was on Oprah…yep Oregon

  35. 35

    Yay I live in Portland! Oregon is the best.

    We get sick of all the Californians moving here though… So if you're from Cali then Oregon stinks, don't move here!


  36. 36

    congrats to Silverton!

  37. 37

    I am proud to be an Oregonian! Let's not forget that Portland elected the first openly gay mayor of A MAJOR US CITY! Take that California.– though most of Oregon outside of Portland and Eugene voted for McCain…yipes.

  38. 38

    We have gay mayors, judges, teachers, loved ones, brothers ,sisters, artist, actors, directors etc in california so what the fuck are you talking about? Tell your friends that they didn't get what they wanted because they did a bad campaign. Protesting in gay hollywood, san francisco, and other gay populated areas is not educating anyone but gay folks. Don't start hating groups of races because no on went to their neck of the woods to educate or promote the prop. So why blame blacks, and latinos when their was no representation in the hood. That is the difference between the civil right movement and this movement, blacks and minorities went to the people that was holding us back to talk to them, But PEREZ HILTON ignorant and it shows.

  39. 39

    Why the fuck should California be ashamed. Who wants a cross dresser as mayor?

    Perez, sounds like you want to move to Oregan. So if an openly transgender goes mental, they can kill themselves with the state supported suicide law?


  40. 40

    Re: State ziti – sounds like you speak from experience

  41. 41

    Who cares if the guy's a chick or dude or whatever the hell he's supposed to be or thinks he is as long as he's an effective politician and a competent mayor. If he's the best candidate for the job, he'd get my vote.

  42. 42


  43. 43

    Whooo Hoooo!!! go OREGON!!! The greatest state in the entire union!

    oh and p.s. GO DUCKS!

  44. lara says – reply to this


    "looked past differences to see the person underneath and treat him without discrimination."
    way to spend all day talking about discrimination in California and then use gender biased language.

  45. 45

    Re: lolololo – I think most Oregonians are pleased to know you don't live there.

  46. 46

    No I don't think you use the term "transgender" correctly… I read the link, but have also read other articles that explain it as…
    if he physically alters his body (i.e., hormones, boob jobs, etc) and disassociates with his male identity then he is a "transexual"
    either way that is cool that he/she won based on his/her ability to govern not his sexual identity…

  47. SoCal says – reply to this


    You use transgender. I use buttfucker, back door jumper, fudgepacker, deviant. It doesn't matter what "you" call it; it's all gay. And it lost in California. Yay!!!!

  48. 48

    Equal taxes=equal rights….I hope Melissa Etheridge moves and takes her half million a year of tax money with her. California is in the dark ages - it's going to be allowed eventually as the old guard kicks the bucket and the more understanding younger generation reverses this decision so why not just let them get married now? California is backward - weird for the 21st century.

  49. 49

    Re: Whathefuck – Nice tits - are they yours?

  50. 50

    Aww, bless his/her heart. I just looked at his/her website. Interesting! I can't believe a small town can be that open-minded…very cool! There is hope afterall.

  51. 51

    Damn straight!

    Lived in Oregon all my life and have never heard of the town, but that's cool…

  52. 52

    Re: Melissa is always right. – sweeeet! comando!

  53. 53

    oh yippee!! they got to use the oregon picture again!! WOO FUCKING HOO!!

  54. 54

    Re: Skiracer019 – If only that were true! I wish everyone who kept complaining about it here would get the fuck out! I love how everyone complains, yet everyone stays!

  55. 55

    what the fuck is this COUNTRY coming to?
    everyone is a goddamn fucktard.

  56. 56

    if this person was born male and recognizes as male, then technically he wouldn't be transgendered, he would be a cross-dresser…if he was born female and recognized as a male or born male and recognized as female he would be transgendered…so as much as I love you, perez, you are not using the term correctly unless I am missing a chunk of the story

  57. 57

    Re: wakeupsami – Most of the Californians who move to Oregon are hippies. The rest of us don't much want to even pass through there, let alone move there!

  58. pcj says – reply to this


    I don’t get why there are so many people talking of how wrong it is. If you don’t like gay people or like what they do why are you even on this website that is run by a gay person? You need to find something better to do with your time besides judging other peoples lives. I wont comment anymore so if you have something to say about my comment you can go ahead and say what ever you guys want because I wont waste anymore time arguing with ignorant people.

  59. 59


  60. 60

    There is hope for all… If someone is mentally, emotionally and physically fit to do a job in what ever arena they choose, there should be no issue in allowing that person to do the job or be hired for that job. Congratulation to Oregon for leading the way.

  61. 61

    This blog is rapidly becoming a bunch of boring (and annoying) pontification. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

    We can get that anywhere! I'm outta here.


  62. 62

    open minded? sorry, but politics is not a circus. i think even as a mayor you have enough time off to celebrate your midlife crisis. damn! in what world are we living? ken and barbies plastic paradise, or what?
    and so, why is there any need to get married nowadays. haven't you learned enough of the madonna/ritchie debakel, kidman/cruise, sheen/richards, mccartney/mills, foster/bernard - whomsovers divorce you are reporting. be free and fuck around, but stay earthbound (as far as you're able to).
    and to make things clear - i'm for equality, but some things are better done without public. not everyone could do everything and not every behaviour will cause no harm for the people you are "serving". if so everyone should be able to get his drugs legally - equality! let wino smoke her crack in a restaurant - equality!! or call it anarchy.

  63. 63

    Good for them, Perez… see, change is happening. But Perez, seriously just stop this ' I hate California' thing. I'm not happy about the yes on Prop 8 either.

  64. 64

    Seen the freak on TV!!!….I just dont think there is anyone smart enough that can run against him in that tiny little town.

  65. 65

    Outstanding! Hopefully one day everyone will focus on what individuals can contribute to society as opposed to their individual lifestyles.

    Sounds like the kind of town I would be proud to live in! Much support to Stu and the residents of Silverton.

  66. 66

    Re: ****MRS.JOSH*HOLLOWAY @>—–^—– – AMEN!!!

    am i the only one who finds dudes in dresses and getting fake breasts wierd?

  67. 67

    Wow. Congrats to them! Wish people could learn to accept other people for who they are, but discrimination will never be wiped off the planet. Now are you people seriously surprised that California passed prop 8?! I mean, California outlaws the ownership of the domestic ferret. An animal that has been domesticated since the time of the ancient Romans and possibly even ancient Egypt. So, yeah…California is one messed up state.

  68. 68

    Re: fashionista5452 – Touche. I love living in Portland.

  69. 69

    shut up.

  70. 70

    Re: State ziti – haha…65..everyone in a while you come up with a good one

  71. 71

    Perez, if you hate California so much, MOVE TO CANADA! California, Arizona AND Florida all voted against Gay Marriage. Get over it, suck it up, act like the (wo)man you are and move on already!! If you continue to diss the state you live in, you're a moron to live here! MOOOOOOOOOVE ALREADY!

  72. 72

    Perez, see th front page of USA today? YOUR rabid sicko HOMO agenda out protesting around churches - we were RIGHT about you fuckers all along - your just a bunch of faggy, castrated little fucks with DADDY issues - so UNSTABLE - SO ANGRY - SO UNFIT to ever be patents FOR sure - happy about AIRZONA - it is DISGUSTING how SORE losers you are - keep complaining, keep suing, and we will KEEP passing things like PROP 8 - I AM SO HAPPY you bastards are so spun up - do you understand that if homo sex won't play in CA - it's not gonna play ANYWHERE else either - it's the LAW - get FUCKING USED TO IT!

  73. 73

    The only hope for America is Jesus; The only hope for our country is HIM.
    If we repent of our ways, stand firm and say, "We need God in America again".

  74. 74

    We want to become depraved/anything goes culture like Rome so we can self destruct! Yeah!!

  75. 75

    I know eventually, slowly the rest of the millions of people in the USA will become more open minded to the rationality of gay marriage. But that will only be accomplished slowly. I understand Melissa and her feelings and agree with her myself but I also understand that if the prop was voted down in CA then people need more time to be comfortable with the idea. You wouldn't force feed a child something they don't want to eat. But slow, consistent, gentle prodding might better serve your purpose. Obama won. It was a long hard slow victory, yes, but a victory it was.

  76. 76

    Yes!! Transgendered people get treated far worse than any other group in our country, in history for that matter… They need support and allies to stand with them. I am proud to be one.

  77. 77

    P.S. If you want everything now….then move to Silverton.

  78. 78

    to praise one thing while simultaneously insulting another, comparing and contrasting is so fucking irritating especially since you're not even a native here. Don't get me wrong I voted no on 8 but don't start taking this wonderful state for granted. You can move to Oregon now.

  79. PLO says – reply to this


    Gender and sexual orientation are two different things. This makes the mayor a lesbian woman. It's not quite a midlife crisis. I think that he chose that way to explain it in order to diminish the hatred for most heterosexual men would love to have boobs to play with all day and women tend to already be more open about gender/orientation minorities.

    Also, gender dysphoria is not transvestic fetichism. Gender dysphoria has to do with feeling like you were born in the worn body and has nothing to do with sexuality. Transvestic fetichism (from fetish) is about gaining a sexual pleasure from occasionally dressing up like a woman. It's sad that so many people hate due to the fact that they cannot accept nonconformity to stereotypical sex role behaviors.

  80. 80

    yeeeeaaaah…. and reading the ignorant hateful comments on this site… I think I won't be back.

    Thank God I am an Oregonian…. I swear we are light years ahead of the rest of the country in terms of embracing diversity. Ya'll can stick to your homogeny, I'm in my happy place : )

  81. 81


  82. 82

    Re: Whathefuck – NICE

  83. 83


  84. 84

    proud to be an oregonian!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. 85

    does anyone remember when this site used to be entertaining and didn't force feed a political agenda constantly.

  86. 86

    Re: Lex Kitten – HA - yeah right - It is the policy of Oregon, and its political subdivisions, that only a marriage between one man and one woman shall be valid or legally recognized as a marriage - in other words… - they don't go for two lezbo's with strap on's or men who fuck each other up the ass either! Whoo Hoo - It's the Law you sore losing FUCKS - GET USED TO IT!

  87. 87

    I live in Oregon. Oregon is cool!

  88. Sgirl says – reply to this


    Wow, people are really losing it. What on earth does a man dressing like a woman, having a girlfirend, but being heterosexual and getting a boob job have to do with diversity? It is fucking disgusting. Are people becoming that stupid that they call this progress? Diversity? Get real. This is just some sick pile of shit freak and people are praising this? What on earth is wrong with this world? Anyone who agrees with this shit and thinks this is something to be tolerated needs a labotomy. What the fuck is going on? Should we accept anything and everything in the name of tolerance? Not me, not ever. Not most decent people. Lets pass a prop to send all the deviant screwed up freaks to Oregon to live with this loser!

  89. 89

    Okay, seriously STFU already! Shit! You're just being MORE annoying goddammit!

  90. PLO says – reply to this


    Re: Sgirl – She's not hurting you in any way. If you're not secure enough in your womanhood to accept this, I feel sorry for you. The diversity here is the gender dysphoria. Once again, feeling like you were born in the wrong body has nothing to do with your sexual orientation. It is found in about 1 in 32 000 men. It may not be entirely common, but it does not make it wrong. This does not make a person deviant nor a pervert or an attention seeker.

    In a way, I'm glad for small minded people like you. If it wasn't for your kind, us sex clinicians and sex clinical study students would not have a job.
    In the end, you think that it's not something to be tolerated because you are not a very tolerant person in general. You are probably submissive to men and likely to be racist. I feel deeply sorry for you. Unfortunately, you're not entirely to blame. Society teaches us stereotypical gender role behaviors. Those who do not have a higher education tend to follow what they are told without actually looking deeper into things.

  91. 91

    You may have used the term "transgender" correctly but not the pronouns associated with a male that has transitioned to female. A member of the GLBT community should know better.

  92. 92

    sooo, i don't get what California did wrong?
    They didn't elect a transgender mayer? Maybe that mayer sucked and it had nothing to do with his orientation. this is just like saying, if you don't vote for barack obama you're a racist. stupid & ignorant.

  93. 93

    Perez and friends of Perez: Ignore all of these damned homophobes. Obviously, they have a disturbed personality with a sick need to demean other people. In the meantime, gay people will continue to win their freedom, block, by block, city by city, and state by state. It was 48 to 52 this time, but next time, it's ours! Suck THAT, you fucking h8rs!!! *shoving my finger in your face!*

  94. 94

    go stu!!!!


  95. 95

    oh btw, electing some weird ass dude who likes to dress like a chick and have cleavage isn't 'progress'. it's just wrong, and disgusting!

  96. 96

    yay oregon!! … yes it is OREGON

  97. 97

    Re: Sgirl – you need an education. you are so off beat and ignorant it is ridiculous…you are the type of person that makes a mockery of human intelligence.

  98. 98

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA you fucking liberals. So weird.

  99. 99

    Re: PLO – you are amazing.

  100. 100

    Re: haleeyx – how is it wrong or disgusting? It is neither of those. Do some research and maybe you'll understand the concept better and maybe then it will be clear. Don't judge before you know exactly what you're talking about because I am positive someone thinks your lifestyle is wrong and disgusting too.

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