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Completely Gratuitous

| Filed under: Yummy Yummy ScrewBrandon Flowers

bf1.jpg bf2.jpg bf4.jpg bf6.jpg bf5.jpg

Steamy new pictures of Brandon Flowers!!!!

Yes. Yes. Yes.

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119 comments to “Completely Gratuitous”

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  1. 1

    aww he's adorable

  2. 2

    I love The Killers. Brandon is adorable. He and his wife are going to have cute kids. :)

  3. 3

    I can dig it.

  4. Eleni says – reply to this


    Really?? Brandon Flowers?
    Sorry Perez - doesn't do much for me!

  5. 5

    sorry but them small lips do nothing for me….

  6. 6

    meh…he's alright i guess…looks kinda gay in the 4th pic tho :p

  7. 7

    GAY FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. 8


  9. 9

    whoa! did not know he was this hot!

  10. 10

    Steamy indeed. Yum yum.

  11. 11


  12. 12

    he is so adorable!! :]

  13. 13

    wow he looks really young…

  14. 14


  15. 15

    aha interesting

  16. 16


  17. 17

    he is sex on a stick!!!…i would totally have his kid..i think

  18. 18

    Who the hell is Brandon Flowers and why do I care? He's not even that good looking.

  19. 19

    Don't forget the boycott of California Musical Theater and the Music Circus in Sacramento. Their musical director a closet case Mormon named Scott Eckern
    donated $1000 to deny gay people their rights.

  20. 20

    Perez, finally I agree with your taste in men, the others you like are just too girly for me, but Mr Flowers is just lovely. :)

  21. 21

    mmm mmm… those are hot pics. Love love love Brandon….

  22. 22

    so sexy!

  23. 23

    i love how you have a new obsession with brandon flowers… because he is seriously a hottie. and i was ok with his dirt stach but the clean shaven face is so fresh and sexy!!

  24. 24

    who? and what a gay snake jacket/pose in 4th pic.

  25. 25

    NO! NO! NO! lol! haha

  26. 26


  27. 27

    HE IS MARRIED AND HAS KIDS????!!! LOL! i so thought this was a gay guy… with the tiger print background…striking a pose…there is no way he is straight!

  28. 28

    Completely Gratuitous!!! indeed, He looks good, I favor this new cute makeover

  29. 29

    hes gorgeous

  30. 30


  31. 31

    He's gorgeous!

  32. crtny says – reply to this


    I can't even HANDLE IT! He is RIDICULOUSLY HAWT! Thank you Perez for the pics!

    How many of you are counting down the days until the new album drops?!?!

  33. 33

    he is gorgeous!!!!!!

    love it!! thanks Perez!

  34. 34

    He's actually hot. So many times fugly guys are passed off as hot just because they are the singers.

  35. 35

    Cyndi Lauper on Gossip Girl tonight!

  36. 36


    i've always said that brandon was a sexgod.

  37. 37

    Re: Into The Nightlife – i saw it last night!! she is only in it for like 30 seconds not even.. she speaks a few words that is all… i hate jennys character now. what a tool but gossip girls episode was phenomenal!!!!! always is i love chuck bass

  38. 38

    day and age nov 25th!!

  39. 39

    he is morman and married….and cool….i went to high school with him at chapparrel in vegas. great pics. quote from coldplay vegas concert, "you think you're at the top of your game, and then a band like the killers come along."

  40. 40

    Re: mollymouse

  41. 41

    ummm..whats so steamy about them?

  42. 42

    GOD he's hot!
    Who'd have thought?

  43. 43

    haha. i love brandon, but have to say the expression he has in the first picture looks just like the mug shot expression of Balfour in the post below this one!
    strange but funny :)

  44. 44

    luv brandon and the killers but he isent that good looking

    get me some BRENDON URIE OR RYAN ROSS pics they are gorgeous and if you get a pic of them together evan better


  45. 45

    Brandon is sooooooooooooooo HAWT!!!!!! That is one HOT Mormon!

  46. 46

    Soooo HOTT!!

  47. 47

    hot amazing singer liked him better with more hair though lol

  48. neyva says – reply to this


    mmmmmmmmmmmmmm he looks soo good!

  49. 49

    not many white guys are hot but i think he is one of the very few!

  50. 50

    Meh, he's okay, I suppose.

  51. 51

    Thank GOD he got rid of his "molester stache"

    Brandon Flowers is a lyrical genius..and I can't wait for him to lay on top of me one day! HA!!!!

  52. 52

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! just call my bitchass DJ DITTLES

  53. 53

    fuckkkkkkkk and i thought zacquisha looked gay.. this guy is uber ghey and has the last name to prove it

  54. 54

    He's beautiful.

  55. 55

    SO HOT!

  56. 56

    the boy's got style, i'll give him that.
    although, i still think his personality's kinda bland.

  57. 57

    *Gasp* I love The Killers. Thank God he got rid of that beard..

  58. 58

    Oh he is so beautiful.

  59. 59

    i'm not just talking about the non-hairness BUT does he look different to anyone else? his face looks a lot more mature than it was just a year ago

  60. 60

    where did these come from perez?! I must know!!! thanks for sharing!

  61. 61

    Somebody told me he's mormon and still goes to church from time to time in Las Vegas. (Perez, do you still think he's cute?)

  62. 62

    yum…more please.

  63. 63

    OMG his is hot!

  64. 64

    Re: jd573f
    on wikipedia it quotes him in an interview saying he supports gay rights.

  65. abbyq says – reply to this


    Re: jd573f – Yea, he's Mormon. But wait, Perez, you hate Mormons, right?

  66. Bongo says – reply to this


    Who is this guy? Or kid?

  67. 67

    " You're so gay and you don't even like boys"

  68. 68

    Re: Leona$ Gho$t – KISSES LG! fierce avatar honey:)

  69. 69

    as a MORMAN…. what does he think about prop 8???

  70. 70

    Thank GAWD that horrible moustache is gone!

  71. 71

    Oh, god the things I could do to that poor man.

  72. 72

    hes so hot, it makes me want to cry. :')

  73. 73

    yum yum yum. i love brandon flowers. he's gorgeous.

  74. 74

    Oh, thank GAWD that he shaved off that shiteous mustache!!!! I've been
    waiting years to see his upper lip! I love you Brandon, MUAH!

  75. 75

    Ive always liked him hes gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. 76

    aw i actually hadn't seen that first one :]

  77. 77

    he's so my latest obssesion now…

  78. 78

    Re: sheba08 – #71.


  79. 79

    Re: mismizmis
    I've read in an interview that as a MORMON his views on gay rights have not been affected and he and his church are supportive of giving equality for everyone, so I would think that he is against Prop 8. Mormon does not mean anti-gay, even within the same religion, different people may have their own views.

  80. 80

    He's got a face you'd love to smack don't he?

  81. 81

    Wow!! Put more up!!!

  82. 82

    Someone's gonna need a whole lot of botox, if they keep making that face..

  83. 83

    Hot, Hot, Hot!!!

  84. 84

    Yes…looks better with facial hair though.

  85. 85

    How much did his agent pay you?
    He is…

  86. 86

    He is so hot. Drool.

  87. 87

    I am IN LOVE with Brandon Flowers. He's beautiful and his music is amazing. He's just about perfect, I think.


  88. 88

    WOW he is unbelievable

  89. 89

    Oh yes.

    I love him.

  90. 90

    sexyyy mann

  91. 91

    I Love Brandon Flowers….

  92. 92

    he looks amazing! glad he got the mustache off!

  93. 93

    Well hello there Mr. Flowers!!!

  94. 94

    is he gay?
    i love him
    it would be a waste..

  95. 95


  96. 96

    Hey, Leonas Ghost lets get that straw! I am so ready! xoxo! Looking good girl!

  97. 97

    Awww, I love him. He's gorgeous

  98. 98

    I MISS THE 'STACHE!! It was so cute!

  99. 99

    He's got a serious case of Gayface in those pics…. But I still love him!

  100. 100

    The Killers, ewh.
    The only thing they had going for them was his mustache. And that's gone.

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