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Nicole Kidman Introduces World To Baby Girl

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Your first look!

Nicole Kidman was a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show, where the Australian actress revealed to the first image of her new daughter, Sunday Roast.

How sweet!

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146 comments to “Nicole Kidman Introduces World To Baby Girl”

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  1. 101

    Roast??? Is that really her middle name? Gross. What's up with these celebs trying to outdue each other with their children's names. It's cool to be a little different, but I'm sure not going to name my next child basketball or anything.

  2. 102

    Sorry I really thought it was roast because I have seen it other places other that here.

  3. 103

    sunday roast? wtf?? weird celebutards

  4. 104

    The is one serious stupid name……………. Sunday Roast………. what were they eating a roast on Sunday when she went into labor?

  5. 105

    To all the thick-skulled pendejos out there, the baby's name is Sunday ROSE. Mammoth Head, Perez was just ridiculing of the defenseless infant.

  6. 106


  7. 107

    She's such a cute baby. I don't know why, but I just have this nagging feeling that Nicole wasn't pregnant. She never really looked pregnant. She never had the annoying "after pregnancy" belly, even a week after she supposedly had this baby. I don't know of anybody who regained their figure THAT quickly. Even tiny Nicole Richie didn't look like that a week after her baby was born.

  8. 108

    Are you people really stupid enough to believe that she named her child Sunday ROAST? Perez is being facetious. Or do you know what facetious means? Her name is SUNDAY ROSE.

  9. 109

    Re: scarlett777 – Perez is being an ass…her real name is Sunday Rose :-)

  10. 110

    Re: OhPleaseShutUp – Uh…ever heard of a little minx named "Angelina Jolie"?

  11. 111

    OMG………..lather that brown finger in LARD!!!!!
    I'm sure she can AFFORD some lotion, ointment, cream… ANYTHING
    Get that crinkle finger away from that PRECIOUS baby picture!!!!!!!

  12. 112

    who is holding that picture? the crypt keeper?

  13. 113

    Did she have a baby or a can of coffee LOL LOL

  14. 114

    Was anyone else that saw Nicole on Oprah distracted by her overly plumped big red lips? She looked like she was even have trouble talking right with them. Yikes!!

  15. 115

    Wait…. she named her kid Sunday Roast?? What a crackhead. She has had too much botox. it has fucked up her brain.. What a fucking twit.

  16. 116

    Re: SomeAngel08 – Named 'Sunday Roast' by the Sun newspaper in England, where Perez gets most of his stories these days.

  17. 117

    OK Sunday Rose… still a stupid name.

  18. 118

    Realy, "Sunday Roast" is just an English term for the beef or lamb dinner served traditionally on Sundays. As Nicole named her Sunday Rose, The Sun newspaper ran a headline saying Sunday Roast to make a fool of her name choice. Just to clear that up for people. Your welcome.

  19. 119

    sunday roast what a horrible name…i think of like a beef roast not a girl…ughh sucks to be her…nicole is on crack

  20. muggs says – reply to this


    Super cute picture, but is that Rosa Parks' hand on the right?!

  21. 121

    one grandma hand to another! hand cream….

  22. laner says – reply to this


    Is it just me or does Oprah's hand look like that of a 100yr old person

  23. 123

    OMG! Sunday Roast!! Too funny! I can't stop laughing! tee hee hee

  24. 124

    suprised her face isnt permanently stiff just like her moms lol

  25. 125

    Now if only she had a precious black and white of the surragate…

  26. 126

    she did not name her baby SUNDAY ROAST
    read this very carefully it was a joke
    now please MOVE ON

  27. 127

    Sunday Rose is absolutely precious!!!!!! I can't believe that she's already 4 months old!

  28. 128

    Re: Mistress – mistress,
    the picture was originally intended just for oprahs eyes. but oprah asked her to show it to everyone, and what are you going to do? deny her?

  29. 129

    hehehe….its Sunday Rose, Perez! But im sure u knew that..

  30. 130

    That is precious, forget selling it on a magazine this is better.

  31. AMIEE says – reply to this


    sunday roast..what kind of name is that?? sounds more like a dinner than a kid :P

  32. I.Z. says – reply to this


    Oprah's hand looks really creepy!

  33. moon says – reply to this



  34. 134

    Baby Sunday Rose is absolutely adorable. Love those chubby cheeks, so cute!!!

  35. 135

    am I the only one that thinks this looks fake? Ive heard the rumors about maybe she was never preggo - thought that'd be crazy.

    This picture looks fake as shit now makes me wonder… lol!

  36. 136

    Too bad she didn't have a picture of Keith and the baby.The picture was ruined with her big old melon head being in the shot

  37. 137

    you people are so fucking stupid

  38. 138

    Aww she will SOOO be a good mom!

  39. 139

    SUNDAY ROAST!!!!!!????

  40. 140

    Sunday Roast?!! you HAVE to be kidding me. Is she going to eat her baby for dinner? That has to be the worst name I've ever heard in the entirety of terrible names. Nicole Kidman….for shame.

  41. 141

    Has to put herself in the photo too of course…

  42. 142

    Babies and there mommas are always beautiful. And get a grip ppl, it is a joke as far as "Sunday Roast". This is Perezzers, helloooooo! Back up bitches, leave my sweetness be!!!!!!

  43. 143

    omg! wow that picture is so beautiful.

  44. 144

    Stupid name, cute f/n babygirl. I want that cabbage patch babydoll face cake.

  45. 145

    Re: Mistress – Sweetie, you need to research before you open your big trap… Nicole Kidman donates funds to the Westmead Childrens Hospital as well as other charities in the land of Oz… Instead of doing a spread for Vanity Fair she shared a photo of Sunday in more casual and mummy way.
    BTW Rose is her middle name - after her paternal Great Grandmother. Sunday after Australian patron of the arts Sunday Reed.. Research her, she's a very interesting woman..

  46. 146


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