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Twilight's Robert Pattinson Ignites Massive Mayhem in San Fran

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Holy mayhem!

We received a ton of emails this morning from super upset Twilight fans.

Apparently, British hawtness Robert Pattinson was scheduled to do a fan meet-and-greet tonight, Monday evening, at a San Francisco-area Hot Topic as part of a promotion campaign for the Twilight movie.

However, due to event mismanagement, the event's been cancelled!

A Twilight fan was whisked away in an ambulance because she was crushed by the poorly managed crowd.

Here's Perezcious reader Amanda Nicole's eyewitness account:

Rob's stop in San Francisco was cancelled this morning. All because the people at the front of the line did not want to form a line. They crowded the malls entrance, police were called, and the whole event was cancelled and it will not be rescheduled. Even as it was announced that the event was cancelled, people still continued to stay in line. 1000+ people were in line for only 500 wristband that would allow you to meet Rob this evening. The tour is sponsored by Hot topic.

Police would not allow the mall to open until everyone cleared out. They were probably scared that people would rush Hot Topic. The whole situation was utterly ridiculous. The event was not organized and people would just pull up in their cars and cut in front of the hundreds of people who had been in line. Some waited since before 5am. The problem centered around the "mosh pit" environment at the front of the mall. People were being pushed up against glass doors and the risk for injury was very high from what I saw.

And the event was at a relatively small mall right across from the SFSU campus.

I would tell everyone attending the other stops, be careful. When security tells you to move back, move back. They are not joking around and will cancel the event.


We hope shiz is sorted out for the upcoming tour stops.

And, it SUCKS that San Fran fans were screwed over!


[Images by Danielle Deffenbaugh]

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132 comments to “Twilight's Robert Pattinson Ignites Massive Mayhem in San Fran”

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  1. 101

    wow! this is so stupid! all of the fans that were waiting to meet him since 3 a.m. that actually listened to the authorities that said it was canceled are getting punished. that is ridiculously! they lied to everyone just so they would leave, but their whole thing was to be fair and "first come, first serve." well i definitely got there at 4 a.m. and i didnt get to meet him because i actually believed hot topic and the police. guess you cant trust anyone, not even the cops.

  2. 102

    Re: morganmmm12
    yea it sucks. well you know why they lied to everyone, you said it yourself, they wanted as many people to clear out of the area. that way, when most of the crowd had cleared, they could say the event was back on. they wanted to save themselves from it further turning into an ugly scene.

  3. 103

    hey, that's twilight fans for ya.

  4. 104

    Re: Listen To Mayday Parade – nope. you should've seen it. the police said that because it was dangerous. tre fact: it didn't get cancelled. rob was in san francisco all day.

  5. 105

    He was indeed at the mall, along with 2000 screaming girls. He was hidden in the back by posters and eventually came out while running his fingers through his hair and looking coy. He then proceeded to pull a fast one on the hyperventilating teens and exited out of a shop two stores away, which of course set the tone for madness as the girls scrambled about. Some were even pushed off the railings and fell on top of unsuspecting mall rats. Ok. Maybe that part didn't happen, but he was there.

  6. 106

    that is ridiculous.

    anyways to those that are upset about the movie being completely different then the book.. there was an interview with stephanie meyer who discussed about the differences. she basically OKed the differences b/c she wanted people to enjoy and appreciate the film as a movie. you basically have to watch the movie without thinking about the book.

    also… i mean if you think about it… i think the movie would be really boring if it was EXACTLY like the book. it would have been a movie with no acting and 100% narration from bella.

    the last movie that was almost exactly like the book turned out to be a huge snooze-fest. (ie. the da vinci code)

  7. vamp says – reply to this



  8. 108

    Perez, you should really update this. He DID show up. This morning's chaos was just for buying the shirt & wristband. I don't think you should blame Robert or the security..blame the crazed fans who couldn't behave and control themselves. Robert is just a PERSON for pete's sake, he's not the actual character from a book.

  9. 109

    I arrived at 3:30 am, and there was a system going on in which everyone would write their name down and get a number written on their hand, me being in the 150's. Unfortunately, everything got out of hand at around 5 am, when the police and security guard, decided not to honor the list, and have everyone basically run toward the entrance. It was dark and the ground was wet. A bunch of people fell, while sprinting to the entrance. Everybody was squishing so hard together it was difficult to breathe, and some people even fainted. We stood there for around 1 and a half hours, with the one security guard trying to form lines even though it wasn't really possible because people weren't moving back. At around 8, a bunch of police officers squished through the crowd, making it extremely difficult to breath, and decided to terminate everything. Later, I came back at lunch during school time, and saw a bunch of little kids in line to buy the t-shirts, just as a souvenir or something, and I didn't really want to buy a shirt because I didn't want one unless I was able to meet him. Then they decide to have him show up, so basically the people who arrived at the early morning hours were screwed over while the people who decided to buy it it in the middle of the day got to meet him.

  10. 110

    well…. thanks to all those freak chics who give sane girls a bad name…. should they make anymore Twilight movies, someone like Zack Efrwhatever will probably take over the role of Edward…. Bravo psycho girls… bravo!

  11. 111

    Re: akak717
    "so basically the people who arrived at the early morning hours were screwed over while the people who decided to buy it it in the middle of the day got to meet him"

    not necessarily. alot of the people that did get to meet him were those who stuck around even when they were told the event was cancelled that morning. the promoters are the ones to blame for essentially lying and not being organized

  12. 112

    He DID show up! and just let me say that he looks waay better in person. he was incredibly nice and relaxed despite the screaming fans (those w/o a wristband) right outside the store. this time there were way more cops, about 20 just at the door. so they certianly learned their lesson lol one cop isnt gonna cut it

  13. 113

    lmfao i was here.
    people were actually starting riots at 7 AM and i was across the street at Mercy High School wishing i was there. One girl got her nose broken, another fainted, and another girl got her neck cut cause of a necklace. There were about 3,000 people there and when the police "cancelled" it, it died down to about 600. Rob was actually nice tho. He was shy and scared because of what happened but he stayed until 9:30 or so, making sure everyone with a wristband got a signature. I didn't have one but he was nice to wave at us at least. :)

  14. 114

    I got to see him! I was there early early this morning and was told it was canceled but i decided to stay and get my tee and wrist band. After that I was told that we would be getting the posters and deiced to stick around for that also. After that they told us that he was going to actually come! He did and he was an amazing sweet but shy guy that plays with his hair. Best day ever!

  15. 115

    I live out in SF and Rob actually did make the appearance last night. While I didn't head out there, I'm excited like a 16 year old girl about this movie!!

  16. 116

    some of this obbsessive shitt makes me ashamed to say that i have read the saga. its fiction, people really need to come down. its so ridculous. hes not edward. EDWARD IS NOT REAL. get over itt.

  17. 117

    you guys, honestly…this is less about "Edward" and "Twilight" and more about the appeal of Robert Pattinson at this point. The guy needs to stop being so fucking dreamy and shit!lol

  18. 118

    Re: flipoutitsfay – well i live in canada anyways and wouldnt have gone.. but thats good that the die hards got an autograph with him … poor guy having to deal with screaming animals.. i mean little girls.

  19. 119

    Re: Amour7287 – the author is mormon and doesnt believe in sex before marriage which is why the book was so pure. her skanking it up in the movie is going to be a rediculous extra.. just liek ehr hair is always done nicey and she wear makeup.. uhm hi, she is suppose to not try.. the book will be better then the movie, these actors are half ass, especially kristen stuart, and even though i will see the movie, ill hate it. i know it.

  20. 120

    People need to relax more…I myself love the books…yes there are parts in some of them that I would have liked differently but as a whole I loved reading them…the first book in most series is the best one and I am really excited for the movie…Im not obsessed about it but I am excited to see it…I am going into it knowing its not going to be just like the book…movie making is completely different when it comes to telling a story than in a book… I just get tired of people complaining about it when it hasnt even come out yet

  21. 121

    Ya supposedly it wasn't canceled. Way to tell us people after we drive 3 hours home. I had been waiting there since 3 AM and the cops forced us to leave. They kept repeatedly telling us it was canceled and that there was "no chance the guy was showing up". I knew I should have waited there but my mom said we should go home. I'm beyond pissed because the civilized people ended up with nothing. The people who straggled in got stuff.

  22. 122

    ahh i'm leaving tonight at 1AM to drive 111 miles to chicago for the signging at the orland mall!! wish me luck

  23. 123

    Re: jessicablair – we aren't allowed to bring cameras in the rules are on the hot topic website which SUCKS but i wouldn't try it just in case you got kicked out or soemthing.

  24. 124

    Perez, please don't call it San Fran. Or Frisco. San Francisco, SF, Ess Eff, or the Bay Area are fine, but no one with any self respect calls it San Fran or Frisco.

  25. 125

    I would cry if that happened to me to tell you the truth.

  26. 126

    I WAS THERE! me and sisters got there before 5 am and at first there was a line forming and some lady made a list and gave everyone a number. Then all the sudden they told us to run to the front entrance of the mall and after that it was all out of control. someone lost their purse, some girl fanted, one broke her nose, cells phone were missing. it was insane. There were ppl trying to stand up on trash cans and shout orders but no one was listening, meanwhile more and more people are showing up and trying to crowd in the front of the line. by the time the sun was up the whole parking lot was filled with cars! So hours later the police are finally allowed on mall property and they along with hot topic employes tell us all to go home and its cancelled. So the people that listened to hot topic and the police and went home basically got fucked because in the end me and my sisters went back to the mall later and guess who was there signing autographs in hot topic for the 500 people who stayed and didnt listen and go home? yup super hot ROBERT PATTINSON! so thanks hot topic for screwing all of us who listened over and rewarded the ones who wouldnt corporate!! goodluck to the people who try in another city. i was lucky enough to see him walk from the hot topic to the store next door where he was taken away and it his beautiful face was worth all the maddness!!!!

  27. nisa says – reply to this


    OH wow i live here in san francisco but even i didn;t know about the things that happened on monday… yeah 415 is tha bomb! lol

  28. 128

    Re: megacola

    I agree to the name Renesme…that's when it got really ridiculous.

  29. 129

    he probably couldn't get there? wat the fuck? He was scheduled to do the whole tour. He was supposed to, and WAS going to be there. ALSO, the event was actually put back on afterwards, but only ppl who had managed to get wristbands got in. I am so upset over the shiz that went down I don't even know what else to say…absolutely disgusting behaviour. grow the fuck up teenies! there's no need to break each other's bones just to see "edward". And he ISN'T Edward at all! So many teenies just project their obsession with Edward onto poor Robert. Seriously. I feel soooo bad for the guy. He's so shy and humble and isn't used to this crazyiness at all. And he's signed on for all of the movies, so he won't really have a break from it all at all!

  30. 130

    People why are you all acting immaturely? Ok it got cancelled, people got trampled on, so what? I was sad and annoyed about it as well but I don't think it is Rob's fault for anything. He actually hang out for more hours to meet people and it was then that i got to see a glimpse of him. Can we all stop the bitchiness about the guy Ok. And I think the books rock.

  31. 131

    I cant wait for the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WOULD BE A HIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Poor Rob, though he better get used to it!!!!!!!!1

  32. 132

    i e-mailed the CEO of hot topic and she even admitted that no one got hurt and the media fabricated all the injuries.
    yes, there was an ambulance there, but no one taken away, no one broke their nose, and no one even fainted.
    it wasnt even close to as bad as everyone is making it out to be, i was there in the middle of it.

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