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Will Smith's Son To Star In Karate Kid Remake

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Columbia Pictures is trying to wax on some extra cash with a remake of the 1984 kid classic The Karate Kid. Produced by the franchise's original money man, Jerry Weintraub, the updated version is intended as a star vehicle for Will Smith's 10-year-old son Jaden.

This already sounds obnoxious.

Smith's own Overbrook Entertainment will also be producing.

We foresee some major temper tantrums on set.

With a script by Chris Murphy, the film is scheduled to begin production next year in Beijing and other exotic locales.

Would U see a Karate Kid remake?

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115 comments to “Will Smith's Son To Star In Karate Kid Remake”

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  1. 101

    DONT mess with a classic fuckers. Bow down to Ralph Macchio. There will never be another one.

  2. 102


    Don't ruin a good thing!

  3. 103

    Fuck that!

  4. 104

    Shit! Now we have to see a whole new generation of the Smiths????
    I was already sick of seeing Will in every fucking movie.
    Plus, what is the matter with Hollywood? No talented writers? Why the lack of good scripts?
    Now it's only about remakes and copying movie ideas from France and other countries and bringing them to the USA.
    The kid looks like a major brat.
    Looks like the future Sasha Obama boyfriend. I bet Will Smith will push him towards that direction.

  5. 105

    half these celeb-spawn cant do anything talented…

  6. tetzy says – reply to this


    I wish his kid would just go the fuck away. Hey Will, I don't care about your family - stop trying to pass them off on us.

  7. 107

    I won't waste my money.

  8. 108

    Re: PunkyBrewstein
    I had to become a member of this site to let you know how absolutely ignorant you are. The fact that you would hide behind an avatar of Joan Crawford shows you are a coward since you can't show your face; you choose to make hateful comments anonymously. You are one of the reasons we need Obama in office; so ignorant individuals like you can realize people of color are here to stay and will continue to contribute to our great country. You should be ashamed of yourself and you should take a course in diversity. Maybe if you spent the same amount of time educating yourself about other cultures as you spend on this site you would know better than spew hate that way.

  9. 109

    WHat NOOOOOO! You cant remake this movie!! Some movies should NOT be remade! Why dont people make their own movies and stop remaking and ruing good ones.

  10. 110

    It won't be Karate Kid without Mr. Myagi…

  11. 111

    this was announced a long time ago! i think mitchell muso would be a better pick!

  12. 112


  13. 113

    I wont go see it. It sounds really dumb.

  14. 114

    Re: douche77 – he is isn't he just like his mom

  15. 115

    I WILL NOT SEE THE MOVIE. I can't believe they think they can make this classic better- who is going to be Mr Miyagi? Will smith? Barak Obama?
    don't mess with this movie!!!!
    It will be forced, cheesie, ONORGINAL, to say the least! I wish Pat was around to stop this foolishness, and too bad Ralph is too ugly for anyone to listen to him!!!

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