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Cindy McCain Caught Cheating???!!!

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This is just too good to be true!!!

A witness snapped photos of Cindy McCain trading smooches with a fellow who was not hubby and ex-prez candidate John, who is Cindy's senior by 18 years.


Losing an election because you shot yourself in the foot can really put a strain on your personal relationships.

The spy said he could not believe his eyes as he watched Cindy lock lips with a dude he describes to the National Enquirer as a "washed-up 80s rock star."

The pair have actually been spotted at a few concerts and sporting events in Arizona, canoodling away. These grainy pictures were taken at the Tempe Music Festival. Another witness caught them making out at a Moody Blues concert.

Sounds like some Nights in White Satin!

A McCain spokesperson declined to comment altogether, which makes us positively giddy with gossip.

It's true the photos are pretty low quality, but just look at the hair!

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197 comments to “Cindy McCain Caught Cheating???!!!”

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  1. 1

    first! and who cares!

  2. 2

    i don't think her hair is that long…..

  3. 3

    …no just a professional kisser trying to suck her face back out after too much botox. "For All We Know" her navel button is the dot on her forehead!

  4. 4

    I'm sure she popped a few pills too. She's pissed that she will never live in the white house and is rebelling. Lol, I hope it's true!

  5. 5

    More like "Nights on Stained Satin"…can't believe it's Cindy - she's a bit too classy. And 50+ rock-stars? not everyone's into your form of perversion, Perez. She do better sticking with MCain.

  6. 6

    Isn't this from the VHS of NAILIN' PALIN?

  7. 7

    Oh, give me a break!

  8. 8

    Oh that dirty whore!

  9. 9

    exactly…look at that hair…it isn't hers. her hair isn't that long. but hey…if the enquierer says it's true….oh it must be true! to bad you can't she the person's face or make out ONE feature. PLEASE. looking for gossip where there is none.

  10. 10

    Cindy McCain wouldn't be caught dead in a shirt like that!!!!

  11. 11

    that is not her

  12. 12

    haha soo good

  13. 13

    so cindy wanted to be like holly and cheat on her older man. hahaha

  14. Fire says – reply to this


    That B is almost as UGLY as U!!

    WHO really cares?

  15. 15

    it's so obvious it's not her, but perez is a bitter fag…….even though his pres choice won, he's so bitter about prop 8 he's taking it out on the republicans

  16. 16

    Doesn't she have short hair?

  17. 17

    I don't think it's her…but if it is, GOOD FOR HER!

  18. 18

    It's true the photos are pretty low quality, but just look at the hair!

    Fuckin' dick Perez, I'd call your lawyer like right now.

  19. Fire says – reply to this


    #10.., but Mario "I'm not Fat".., WOULD!!


  20. 20

    umm no i call bs

  21. 21

    Can you blame her????? Anyway, all you liberals proclaim Bill Clinton the best president ever and look at all the slimy shit he did…………and with a fat, ugly wanna be!!!!!!!1

  22. 22

    Oh how divine

  23. 23

    millions of women have hair like that. get back to work perez, your despearate now.

  24. 24

    her hair is not that long

  25. 25

    You know Perez, harboring ill feelings toward others can be very harmful to your health.

    Now, GET OVER IT!!!!! You don't have to slam them anymore!!! Damit!!! LET IT GO!!!!!

  26. 26

    it's been sooo obvious that there is nothing left between cindy and john. i mean they don't even touch each other. what about when cindy was taking up to 15 painkillers a day and john mccain didn't have a f'ing clue. what a fake ass relationship. good for her. no more "nasty, old, angry pee pee" for her ass.

  27. 27

    I totally believe it, she looked like she was bored to tears every time I saw her on stage behind old man McPain. She's got blow job face, and most likely a Sarah Palinish hanging snatch to match.

  28. 28

    You know, I don't really think *anything* surprises me anymore…..

  29. 29

    No news here!! That is not Cindy Mccain!!! Her hair is not that long.

  30. 30

    Is John Edwards whoring around again?

  31. 31


  32. 32

    "Nights in White Satin" by the Moody Blues

  33. 33

    :::waiting for more pics/better confirmation:::

  34. 34


  35. 35

    OMG! I voted for McCain, but I always loved Michelle Obama and her style. The only thing I didnt like was that she said that she was finally proud to be an American. Anyways, OMG!!!! I never liked Cindy, haha this is too good to be true. It just goes to show that politicians and their wives are shady!!!
    I love Perez, P NASTY FOR PRESIDENT 2012!!!!

  36. 36

    it looks like she's kissing STEVEN SEGAL

  37. 37

    and how many women have hair like that in the world….please perez….reaching a little?

    its pathetic

  38. 38

    Cindy's hair isn't that long at ALL, and she'd never EVER wear a flannel shirt!!

  39. 39

    Don't blame her have you seen McCain up close?!!!! eewwwwww

  40. 40

    No way it's her.

  41. 41

    L-A-M-E That could be ANYONE. How many women in the world have hair like that? Puhleasee so lame.

  42. 42

    This pictures looks like it was taken in the 70s.

  43. 43

    I'd cheat on JM's tired old butt too. He's a grampy

  44. 44

    that bitch is rich, i'd jump her old bones too, hell yeah!

  45. 45

    and seriously…who believes the National Enquirer …oh wait…Perez Does
    My Bad

  46. 46

    It's coming from the enquirer and there is tons of women with hair like that. I'm doubting it's her.

  47. 47

    "look at the hair" COME ON!!! I live in AZ. 95% of the girls here have long ass blonde hair.

  48. 48

    Who would blame her? Old man McCain has one foot in the grave and some nasty ass yellow nuggets for teeth!!!!!

  49. 49

    Yes, it must be here. Because lord know she is the only woman in the world with long blonde hair *rolls eyes*

  50. 50

    bahahahahah that is hilarious..thats watcha get McCain

  51. 51

    OMG blonde hair. It must be her! Please! Bitter much, Perez!

  52. 52

    Seriously… are you so stupid that you believ this, or anything from NI? That is not her. Besides, anyone in the public eye has enough sense to cheat in private.

  53. 53

    The old fart probably cannot get it up anymore. The woman needs some love. Get what you need lady!!

  54. 54

    OMG LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL! That's too funny! She is SO they type of fake rich bitch to stay married to a powerful man like mccain but then have a younger guy on the side!

  55. 55

    1. She's not a celeb, so Im sure no one cares !
    2. She's been really honest about her drug problems in the past.
    3. That blond in the pic, could be anyone, you can't see a face…

  56. 56

    oh, please. you are an idiot!! low quality, can't see faces. why would you even post this on your website?! it makes you look bad.

  57. 57

    Mario, how stupid do you think your readers really are?

  58. 58

    Perez, aren't you smart enough to know that nobody would cheat in public like that especially if you are famous. Your a dumb ass, Perez. Secondly, the way you make fun of people and verbally hurt people is just because you are jealous. Look at the way your site has become all about you. To name a few…you always like to point out the people that mention you or your site, Madonna talking to you, you pushing your candidate and agendas. boy, are you getting full of yourself. I can't wait for someone to start making fun of you and knocking you off your high horse. Oh and yeah, karma will bite you in the arse, Perez.

  59. 59

    come on even in low quality i can tell it is not cindy…she is hot for her age…anyone who says otherwise is a hater:P the woman clearly is not her…

  60. 60

    I don't think that's concrete proof that it's Cindy McCain. Hell, it looks more like Willie Nelson to me.

  61. 61

    That is NOT Cindy McCain.. one, she wouldn't be caught dead in that ugly plaid shirt she is way classier than that, and two her hair may be white but it isn't that long! Nice try, but no cigar.

  62. 62

    Perez is only posting what's already been published in the NATIONAL ENQUIRER. They've been sued so many times for publishing false stories, so I hope they're ready to pay out again if it turns out not to be her. By the way, according to the report, the picture was allegedly taken two years ago, hence the different/longer hairstyle (I'm not saying I believe it's her..I'm just saying).

  63. 63

    as much as i wish it were her, i don't think it is… her hair isnt that long

  64. 64

    No, this woman's hair is too long to be Cindy McCain.

  65. law18 says – reply to this


    Why is this too good to be true? You are disgusting and have no brains or intelligence about politics etc whatsoever.

  66. 66


  67. 67

    I think it's a look a like, and I agree that she would not be caught in a plaid flannel shirt.

  68. 68

    Hey douche bags!!! The reason the dude looks like he is from the 80's probably is because the pictures is from the 80's!!!!

    And FYI…there is no way that is her!!! But like it was said from a previous post since it is from the National Enquire I am sure it has to be true!!!!!

  69. 69

    I'll wait for a clearer picture and or more validation before I'm believing that one.

  70. 70

    I don't think it is her.
    Poor quality and retouched.

  71. 71

    I don't think her hair is that long or that thick. Besides, seems to me she'd have more class than to be so indiscreet. She is not a stupid woman. If she really wants to have an affair she's got enough money to fly away to very secluded places where she could carry on to her heart's content. I think this whole thing is bogus.

  72. 72

    First Cindy Mccain is a good person and loves John for love not money cause she has got it all. second thats not even her douchbag perez third if I were the McCains I would sue for Slander just to piss you off, and as far as prop8 Im so flippin glad for it NO MOR GAY WEDDINGS!! no adam and steves no ellen and portias God you re pathetic cant find anything better to do but try to ruin peoples relationships real marriages isnt your 15 minutes about up? whats that I hear a toilet flushing perez away to never never land

  73. 73

    Oh, snap!

  74. 74

    I just want to know who the washed up 80s rock star is.

  75. 75

    Wives of nearly dead men don't wear plaid.

  76. 76

    Until I see a clearer picture….

  77. 77

    it's not…her hair is NOT that long
    But then again you can ALWAYS trust the National Enquirer

  78. allyk says – reply to this


    look at the hair? cindy schmindy. who the hell cares. let them get their 80's love on.

  79. 79

    I don't think Cindy would wear a plaid shirt. Why is the picture so grainy? My cell phone takes much better pictures than that. It just doesn't seem "right"…

  80. 80

    That is SO not Cindy McCain. Wish it was, but it's not.

  81. 81

    That does not look like her…..The chick looks way too young to be her!!!!!

  82. 82

    looks more like christina aguilera and arnold schwarzenegger to me…

  83. 83

    why would you wish that kind of pain on someone? you may not like the guy but cheating is never pretty or acceptable….and hell for the one being cheated on.

  84. 84

    the woman in the picture looks to be wearing a scrunchie. Cindy McCain would not be caught dead wearing a scrunchie.

  85. 85

    Her hair is not a good indicator of it being her! Half of the girls in the porn industry have that same hair!!!

  86. 86


  87. 87

    There is no way! I don't buy it.

  88. 88

    NE is the only mag/site that accepts these blurry ass pics

    There is no excuse for having a .05 pixal picture as proof

  89. 89

    the enquirer what a valid source! i sure believe this the same as i believe in the chupacabra is living under the left over plastic pool from summer in my backyard~ LOOSER PEREZ

  90. 90

    Scandaliscious!! Here is why I think it is true. The Enquirer would NEVER risk the seeerious lawsuit they would surely be byatch slapped with for running this — they are sure it's her. Everyone doubted them with John Edwards and look what happened with that. Cougars need love too.

  91. 91

    Re: Smirks
    Re: sheba08
    Re: karencarpenter
    Re: LULU~*
    Re: sweetpiece


  92. 92

    I CALL BULLSHIT. She would never wear a flannel shirt

  93. 93

    Not believeing this for a second - no way would Cindy McCain be caught in that shirt, looks to me like it cost's under a $1,000…..but would love to know who the washed up singer is!!

  94. 94

    looks like John Edwards!

  95. 95

    it is so incredibly obvious that it is NOT her, can we please use our brains a litttle more?

  96. 96

    Gee… are you sure the "witness" didn't PAINT this stoopid photo? I don't believe it. This is the shittiest display of gossip I've seen this week. LOL.

  97. 97

    Holy Toledo Batman!

  98. 98


  99. MissT says – reply to this


    Looks more like Kendra then McCain! It's not her. The flannel shirt… NO WAY. I can't believe you printed this, if we can tell it's not her, surely you can. Or is this just another way to put down the republican's? They lost, you won get over it!

  100. 100

    John mcCain spends something like 2 days a month back in AZ with his wife, he has been in the senate for decades. Do you REALLY think that she is staying celebate that whole time? It's a sure thing he probably didn't.

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