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Cindy McCain Caught Cheating???!!!

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This is just too good to be true!!!

A witness snapped photos of Cindy McCain trading smooches with a fellow who was not hubby and ex-prez candidate John, who is Cindy's senior by 18 years.


Losing an election because you shot yourself in the foot can really put a strain on your personal relationships.

The spy said he could not believe his eyes as he watched Cindy lock lips with a dude he describes to the National Enquirer as a "washed-up 80s rock star."

The pair have actually been spotted at a few concerts and sporting events in Arizona, canoodling away. These grainy pictures were taken at the Tempe Music Festival. Another witness caught them making out at a Moody Blues concert.

Sounds like some Nights in White Satin!

A McCain spokesperson declined to comment altogether, which makes us positively giddy with gossip.

It's true the photos are pretty low quality, but just look at the hair!

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197 comments to “Cindy McCain Caught Cheating???!!!”

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  1. 101


  2. 102

    Re: Leona$ Gho$t – Leona! Hello Darling!

  3. 103

    Someone cheating on their spouse makes you giddy? That's pretty pathetic now isn't it…

  4. 104

    So it goes like this?…… A famous 80's rock star and the famous wife of a senator and presidential candidate were sucking face all over town and in plain view of thousands of people? It doesn't pass the smell test. Whatever people say about Cindy McCain, she is not naive or stupid. I would think that if they were that public and out about it, many and better pictures would be plenty to show as proof.

  5. 105

    I heard the chupacabra is living in the east wing of the White House.

  6. 106

    He looks like David Soul

  7. 107

    Looks more like the actress who plays Angela on "The Office" than it does Cindy McCain. But Mrs. McCain would make it far more interesting!

  8. 108

    the national enquirer??? seriously?? who reads that shit….and youre going to believe that shit Perez?? I thought they only handled Aliens….LOL

  9. 109


  10. 110

    I LOVE IT! I sensed she was fooling around but wasn't sure.

  11. 111

    Cindy would never wear that ugly plaid turtleneck shirt. No way is it her.

  12. Fluky says – reply to this


    The quality of the picture is bad. I don't think her hair is that long either but shit happens!! He lost and she's out to get laid! Go head girl!! I'm just saying!!

  13. 113

    it looks like gene simmons…

  14. 114

    first that person is way too young hair is way too long and waayyy blonderrrr. that is not her! you wish it was her!

  15. 115

    Nah, that isn't her

  16. 116

    Very interesting…………………ya think John McCain will stand by the little woman, looking up at her adoringly and holding her hand while SHE holds a press conference admitting to adultery and begging for everyones forgiveness just like all the male politicians do when THEY have been caught? Somehow I doubt it.

  17. 117

    This makes me feel bad for john. He's having a bad month.

  18. 118

    That redneck looking shirt surely wouldn't be something Cindy McCain would wear. She seems way too classy to wear something like that. I don't think it's even her.

  19. 119


  20. 120

    Yeah, um, I don't see Cindy McCain wearing a manly plaid shirt like that, or wearing her hair like that in public.

  21. 121

    HA like she would ever OWN a scrunchy!

  22. 122

    Hmmm…not only is her hair not this long or thick…SHE WAS IN KOSOVO WHEN THIS SHOT WAS SUPPOSEDLY TAKEN!! oops. Guess that's why the NE is still just a gum-rack rag.

  23. 123

    thats bullshit and you all know it

  24. 124

    you are so sick. you don't understand politics and you are so bitter. go cry in the corner cause you can't get married but i can.

  25. k-lee says – reply to this


    of course this is true, national enquirer is known for its credibility.

  26. 126

    seriously Perez?? It's the NATIONAL ENQUIRER. What kind of dumbass uses that publication for Official "news"? Of course it isn't true. The picture is so pixelated that both of those people couldn't be identified anyway.

    Obama won the election, so lay off of McCain already. And for that matter, leave Palin alone, too. This isn't news.

  27. 127

    OMG, you fucking jerk…the ELECTION is OVER! Leave them alone already for FUCK SAKE!!! IT"S NOT CINDY MCCAIN!

    I hope that when any shit like this comes out on your precious NOBAMA and HORSE wife you post it as well…

  28. 128

    omg Cindy McCain wouldn't be caught dead in an ugly plaid shirt like that.

  29. 129

    That can't be her. She's always trying to dress so "proper." I don't think she would ever wear a turtle neck with a flannel shirt.

  30. 130

    Doubtful that it's Cindy. She would never dress like that. And she is the only person in the world with blonde hair??? The election is over Perez, stop being desperate and grasping for straws. Lets talk about your Anti-American Michelle Obama.

  31. 131

    its KENDRA… no its MADONNA… no its GWEN.. with a weave of course… wait no its HOLLY… or maybe HEIDI??? hmmmm

    so if someone snapped a pic of a sea lion we can say its perez swimming??!??

  32. Wrenn says – reply to this


    Let's just pray it's true…I love it when those "holier than thou" Republicans get caught doing what they preach against. GO ENQUIRER!!!!!

  33. 133

    That isn't her…

  34. 134

    that's Ted Nugent and his wife

  35. 135

    look at the hair?? look at HIS hair. that looks exactly like john mccain, with some photo editing to give him dark hair instead of white hair.

  36. embo says – reply to this


    Ewwww, she loves the old man peen! Now leave Gollum alone, she has pill popping to attend to!

  37. 137

    Why couldn't she at least have picked a young, hot guy? That woman has NO TASTE whatsoever. Yuck.

  38. 138

    The election is over there Perez. No one cares anymore. If your site is seriously going to turn into politics and almost every move that femme d-bag from fall out boy (WHO YOU WON'T OUT!) makes, I'm out.

  39. 139

    Re: DolceGabbana420 – That's funny you'd say that because I heard she was on the way to your boyfriend's house next

  40. 140

    OMG all this discussion on if it is McCain…. I WANT TO KNOW WHO THE AGING ROCK STAR IS !!!

  41. 141

    I don't think she'd be wearing a FLANNEL shirt!

  42. 142

    God. I hope it'd true! It never seemed like they liked each other let alone loved each other. Why did these pictures take so long to come out, If it is true? Can't stand her or her Miss Piggy lookalike daughter.

  43. 143

    Well, she hooked up with the Senator while he was still married to his first wife.

  44. 144

    its not her.

  45. 145

    Her hair is not even close to that long idiot!

  46. 146

    maybe she added extensions to throw everyone off.

  47. 147

    Robert Palmer"?/

  48. 148

    Is that Ted Nugent? haha

  49. Tulip says – reply to this


    Why wouldn't she cheat? She and her husband were married the day after his divorce from his first wife became final. And I doubt it was love at firs sight.

  50. 150

    She quite possbily would wear a flannel shirt to draw less attention. I mean who the hell knows or cares. She looked like a Stepford Wife anyways.

  51. 151

    Cindy McCain's hair is not that long.

    That's not her.

  52. 152

    her hair is not that long and i dont think she would be caught dead in a flannel shirt like that. Also her face is alot more bony than the woman in the pic.

  53. 153

    to all you morons saying her hair isnt that long havent you ever heard of extensions thats totally her and yeah she probably did pop a few pills i cant believe how stupid some of you are we where close to having a junie in the white house lord help us

  54. 154

    Re: PoisonApple – Who believes the Enquirer? The mag was RIGHT about Patrick Swayze's cancer, Dog the Bounty Hunter's racist tapes AND John Edwards' affair.

  55. jefdo says – reply to this


    You can tell nothing from that photo. Perez is so biased every rumor he hears about Obama he quickly dismisses, but if there's one about the McCain/Palin camp he buys every word. A blonde in a pony tail could only be Cindy McCain right? Give me a break! The elections over and the bias media and left keep the McCain/Palin rumors flowing, it just shows how slimy they truly are.

  56. 156

    That is not Cindy. Her hair is not that long and she now has bangs. Also, with today's technology, why is the picture so grainy. I call B.S.

  57. 157

    More more more! Perez!! I want to hear and see more of Cindy Mccain being a big fat fabulous whore! LOL

  58. 158

    doesnt look like her

  59. 159

    Any can put their hair in a pony tail! Plus, her hair isn't that long.

  60. 160

    The Tempe Music Festival is in April. Here in AZ…..it's already too hot to wear a shirt like that in April….even at night.

    Nice try……but slandering Cindy is just wrong.

    I was never a Cindy McCain fan until I took the time to learn more about her.

    Some of yall are going to be pretty pissy when your checks don't show up. I will be LMAO!!! More government….just what we need.

  61. 161

    Why would any of you sick idiots wish ANYONE was having an affair? No matter what you think of someone. You all need to grow up, and perez get over prop 8 already!

  62. 162

    I'm not sure if that's her, but if it is…LOL.

  63. 163

    maybe it IS her. I mean seriously, can McStain even get it up anymore???

  64. 164

    that photo is from like 1970.. are you sure thats cindy mccain and not cheryl ladd?

  65. 165

    nope–hair is too long and thick to be Cindy

  66. 166

    Cindy stayed in AZ to raise their FOUR kids instead of uprooting them to DC.

    Give her a break - she's done more for poor and sick kids around the world than Michelle Obama has for anyone.

  67. 167

    That is not her, she wouldn't wear those clothes, and her hair is not that long!

  68. 168

    Re: FAGS SHOULD BE SMOKED! – I think you're the bitter fag - besides if the Republicans are such a strong connected party then how on earth would one little gay man like Perez be able to cause them any problems. You're problem is you have a very negative attitude and you really should take it somewhere else.
    And this is NOT Cindy McCain - she's far too instantly recongisable to be at rock concerts sucking face in public. The Enquirer has got a photo and said "Cool, this looks enough like Cindy for us to run with the story".

  69. 169

    Really? You think that's Cindy McCain? Because there's NOBODY else that has that same gros color of fake blonde hair.

    And, WHO CARES?

  70. 170

    ohh please! that woman's head is turned to the side, and the picture is fuzzy… it could be any woman on the street… chance are the national enquirer said to someone "hey, you have hair like cindy mccain, come pose for some fake pics for us". national enquirer is a joke, everyone knows that they make up half of the things they say. ha you guys are idiots.

  71. 171

    Ok, honestly. What type of camera produces an image that pixelated? I'm sure it was intended to be a low quality image. They have obviously done this on purpose so we're left guessing. Well, except me. I know these tricks in and out. Nice try.

  72. 172

    Like Cindy Mccain is that stupid to make out in public. Give me a break.

  73. 173

    Cindy McCain would not wear a shirt like that…she's too classy!

  74. 174

    Maybe this guy has some good drugs.

  75. 175

    First of all:

    Tempe Music Festival happens at the end of March every year, which might explain the change in hair. That festival is full of aging rockstars, so I wouldn't be the least bit surprised.

    My friend in Arizona saw them out at dinner. And yes, making out. Game. Set. Match.

  76. 176

    tRe: jayzee – that is not a flannel shirt, its just a western shirt. it looks cotton to me, otherwise it wouldn't crease like that

  77. 177

    Well what would you expect? John McCain is a womanizer and Cindy met him while he was still married to his first wife. I mean, they're both cheaters.

  78. 178

    The pic is to grainy to really be able to tell if it is her or not. Cindy Mccain does have long hair though. And by looking at her throughout the campain, she always looked good. She probably got her a little pony tail weave or something. That Dude looks like Ted Nuggent. And why wouldn't she like rock and rollers, she likes race cars and pills. Just saying. It is probably her. She is probably tired of being one of John Mccain's fellow prisoners.

  79. 179

    Re: cris2you
    Yor quite a mean little witch. Since when did it become OK for people to Vote against equality? It was wrong for the voters to be able to take away the civil rights of so many people. Life is to short for this shit. No one should have to live their life unhappy. By the way, I am striaght, but If Adam and STeve want to get together or Ellen and Portia, So be it. Who are you or anyone else to judge them.

  80. 180

    dude, that looks like Even Rachel Wood and Mickey Rourke!!!!

  81. 181

    good 4 her.
    did anyone actually think she crawls in bed with that old man john.

  82. 182

    It lookz nothing
    like her and she
    doezn't wear a

  83. 183

    that is definitely not her

  84. ESTRY says – reply to this


    That woman could be just about anyone!!!

  85. 185

    that doesnt look like her.

  86. 186

    how does she fuck mccain????

    I guess a person can do anything for 10 min if they dont breathe in….

  87. WIN3S says – reply to this


    She is so pretty, and has BEAUTIFUL hair. I bet its true! She looks like an (ex) party girl.

  88. 188

    Re: PoisonApple – you would be surprised how often the inquirer is right on the money

  89. 189


  90. 190

    That could be any blonde girl. It even kinda looks like Kendra from the GND. Seriously Enquirer?? Let it alone.

  91. 191

    Everyone should have know the cunt was f*ing around. you all didnt notice…every event his tie or something was out of wack, and the whore never bothered to fix it. what an unfit wife. Obama's wife is his right hand, and she always made sure he looked presentable to America. oh well…thats good for John McCain's old ass for cheating on his first wife cause she had a disability. now the blonde bimbo getn a** on the side. the man can barely wipe his nose, so you know he cant wax that a**!!!

  92. 192

    whatever bitches!

  93. 193

    Am I the only one who realizes that the National Enquirer is the magazine that says aliens have been spotted on mars or earth or something? if it's from the Nat'l Enquirer, it's probs not true

  94. 194

    It's sad if this is true, but doesn't anyone see 'National Enquirer' stamped over this picture? Remember it reporting aliens landing, Jesus reincarnating and Oprah to Dr Phil: "I will destroy you!"? I don't think this is true, but if it is, I feel really bad for John McCain even though I don't support him but Obama.

  95. 195

    Re: tinye68 – I just realized your comment after posting mine, and I agree with you.

  96. 196

    Just another LIE like everything ELSE asscociated with that asshole Obama.

  97. 197

    it may look look her, but there are plenty of bleached blonde chicks out there…..

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