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Jennifer Aniston Caught Lying!

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Vogue 2008:

* What really rankled Aniston about the piece was that Jolie felt the need to recount a detailed timeline of exactly how her relationship developed on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, while Aniston was still married to and living with Pitt. "There was stuff printed there that was definitely from a time when I was unaware that it was happening," says Aniston.

Vanity Fair 2005:

* "She wasn't naïve," says Aniston pal Kristin Hahn. "She's not suggesting she didn't know there was an enchantment, and a friendship [between Pitt and Jolie]."

* "I don't think he started an affair physically, but I think he was attracted to her," says Courteney Cox, who vacationed with her husband, David Arquette, and the Pitts on Anguilla just before they announced their separation. "There was a connection, and he was honest about that with Jen. Most of the time, when people are attracted to other people, they don't tell. At least he was honest about it. It was an attraction that he fought for a period of time."

Vogue 2007, Angelina Jolie's actual quote:

* "Because of the film, we ended up being brought together to do all these crazy things, and I think we found this strange friendship and partnership that kind of just suddenly happened. I think a few months in I realized, 'God, I can't wait to get to work.' … Anything we had to do with each other, we just found a lot of joy in it together and a lot of real teamwork. We just became kind of a pair."

Vogue 2008:

* "Well, it never was that bad," she says, knowing that it will be hard for a lot of people to believe. "I mean, look, it's not like divorce is something that you go, 'Oooh, I can't wait to get divorced!' It doesn't feel like a tickle. But I've got to tell you, it's so vague at this point, it's so faraway in my mind, I can't even remember the darkness. I mean, in the end, we really had an amicable split. It wasn't mean and hateful and all of this stuff that they tried to create about Brad can't talk to Jen and Jen can't talk to Brad because this person won't allow it. It just didn't happen. The marriage didn't work out. And pretty soon after we separated, we got on the phone and we had a long, long conversation with each other and said a lot of things, and ever since we've been unbelievably warm and respectful of each other. Whoever said everything has to be forever, that's setting your hopes too high.

Vanity Fair 2005:

* "Am I lonely? Yes. Am I upset? Yes. Am I confused? Yes. Do I have my days when I've thrown a little pity party for myself? Absolutely.

* "I don't feel like a victim," she says. "I've worked with this therapist for a long time, and her major focus is that you get one day of being a victim—and that's it. Then we take responsibility for our own input. To live in a victim place is pointing a finger at someone else, as if you have no control. Relationships are two people; everyone is accountable. A lot goes into a relationship coming together, and a lot goes into a relationship falling apart.

* "There's a sensitivity chip that's missing," she says.

Vogue 2008:

* These days, the public fascination with her relationship with Vince Vaughn seems almost quaint. I ask her if there's anything else to be said about that time. "I call Vince my defibrillator," she says with genuine affection. "He literally brought me back to life

Vanity Fair 2005:

* When she arrived in Chicago to film The Break-Up, the gossip media, frantic for a new development, immediately plunged her into a torrid romance with her co-star, Vince Vaughn. This affair apparently does not exist.

* "I adore Vince Vaughn, but I'm not going out with Vince Vaughn," she says. "I barely know the guy. We've exchanged a wine-and-cheese basket for the start of the movie, and we've gone out to dinner with the director and other people. We've got to get to know each other."

[Image via WENN.]

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309 comments to “Jennifer Aniston Caught Lying!”

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  1. 1

    I had my fill of this bitch yesterday, NEXT!

  2. 2

    Team Bragelina! Aniston sucks!

  3. 3

    WHOA, this is really really confusing.

  4. 4

    Where are the lies??

  5. 5

    perez leave her alone

  6. 6

    I don't care about either of these women, personally or professionally. However, leave Jennifer Anniston alone. She was married to one of the best looking men on the planet, and Her Weirdness (blood vials, anyone?) decided SHE wanted him.

  7. 7

    fugly bitch!!! :evil:

  8. 8

    i dont get it

  9. 9

    not sure what your point is but whatever!

  10. 10

    * These days, the public fascination with her relationship with Vince Vaughn seems almost quaint. I ask her if there's anything else to be said about that time. "I call Vince my defibrillator," she says with genuine affection. "He literally brought me back to life

    Translation= Vince fucked me stupid!

  11. 11


  12. 12

    ohhhh just leave her alone fatty

  13. 13

    why did you delete this before?

  14. 14

    Perez, you are obsessed over this shit. Why do you care so much? You seem to care more than they do. Move on.

  15. 15

    moving on…..

  16. 16

    omg P get a freaking life! boooorrrriiiiinnnnngggg to everyone but you. and p.s. j.m. was never going to end up with you so move on. geeez, youre so transparent and pathetic!

  17. 17

    Angelina confirms she fell in love and pursued a married man and YOU decide to pick on the wife that got cheated on?
    If Slutyenna adopts some kids and does some good, would you pick on Mrs. Getty?

  18. 18

    Uh? She was caught lying where exactly? You used Angelina's actual quote from last year but not the one from last month? What exactly are you trying to say fucktard?

  19. 19

    keep it comming perez EVERYONE loves reading about Jen!

  20. 20

    This is the blog equivalent of watching paint dry. Dish out some dirt and inconsistencies of your new butt-buddy, Madgelina…that should keep you hyped for a week.

  21. 21

    madonna team

  22. 22

    and where might she be caught in a lie? in the quotes from supposed friends, and not actually from her? or because she was upset in 2005, and now says it wasn't that horrible? and so what about the vince vaughan shit? i don't blame her for wanting to keep her first relationship after her split from brad private. would you give it a fucking rest already? lately, more so then ever, you seem to make shit up yourself, for the sake of trying to put together some sort of story or controversy. you sir seem to be the one that is pathetic….not jennifer aniston.

  23. 23

    Perez you are a disgusting fat pig that is jealous of Jen.
    Jen is happy now and Angelina will get what is coming to her.

  24. 24

    people will say anything to sell their films

  25. 25

    What was the point of this again?

  26. 26

    Perez, you are pathetic!! Move on and quit with your vendetta. How come you aren't slamming on Madonna for being a homewrecker???? You certainly play your favorites.

  27. 27

    You can't possibly compare what Jen said thought and felt in 2005 to how she feels about it in 2008! It's called moving on……..

  28. 28

    he said she said she said he did they did………eek

  29. 29

    There are no lies here. Sorry Brad cheated on her and then left her. TEAM ANISTON!

  30. 30

    Brad and Angie cheated. Ang knew he was married, he apparently forgot he was married. they both suck

  31. 31

    What the hell is the point of this????
    How is it lies????
    Do you stay up at night trawling through old articles and getting so delusional that you don't even know what your point is any more??
    Thats what it seems like.

  32. 32


  33. 33

    Divorce is a nightmare, I can't imagine how hard it must be to talk about it all the time, constantly be asked about it, and never be able to move on because the public won't. Leave her alone Perez and show some empathy - Brad Pitt is a hottie and he seems happy - but clearly he was not a good husband to Jennifer. Let her be.

  34. 34

    shes not lying perez, a lot can change in three years!! shes just getting over it now, the shock and pain have worn off. dont be such a jealous bitch!!

  35. 35

    So much has happened to her in the yrs that she's been separated from Brad. Her initial feelings of hurt are done and over with. Jen has been a lady throughout the whole situation, never berating Angie. However Angie's big fat lips can't seem to get Jen out of her mind since she continues to spout her dirt. It's nothing with Jen saying what she feels b/c Angie was trying to provoke something. If I was jen, lets just say Angie would've needed a restraining order on me, cuz i would've torn her a new a-hole…

  36. 36

    I gave up TMZ a couple of months ago because they were just too snarky. C'mon Perez, don't make me do the same w/you. You have a loyal fan base but you're close to losing at least one participant. Short version is that Jen was treated shabbily by Brangilina. She’s handled herself with grace and dignity. If you want to dissect someone’s career as a liar check out some of Angelina’s stories. Stop being such a hater.

  37. 37

    Perez… give it up… you are being a petty little man… something you regularly accuse Aniston of being herself… who cares… divorce is something that is painful and difficult and there is a grieving process one goes through that takes on different levels at different times… you need to not comment on shit you don't understand because you've never been divorced or married for that matter.

  38. 38

    Angelina Jolie is a nasty vile husband-stealing ho bag who will soon be dumped, and Perez is fat, no-talent, opportunistic freak who prints lots of unsubstantiated bullshit…

  39. 39

    sorry i dont see the lies. i see someone who was trying to keep her private life just that, while she dealt with a devestating breakup and watched her ex move right on. why in gods name are you harping on it?

  40. 40

    UMMM wheres the lie?

  41. GalaD says – reply to this


    Where exactly did Aniston lie!? Personally, I think Angelina sharing her feelings about Brad while filming Mr. and Mrs. Smith is a sign of insecurity…that relationship isin't solid. They can go adopt 10 more kids and it still wouldn't strengthen a relationship build on deceit. I don't see how either one of them could ever trust each other considering how their relationship developed.

  42. 42

    And I notice how you don't hate on Brad and Angie for lying about when they started the relationship. You SUCK. You are obsessed with this!!!

  43. 43


  44. 44

    What lies are you referring to? Her changing emotions? Those aren't lies. That's how she feels at different times. Don't know why you pick on her, but it's getting old.

  45. 45

    And…? These quotes are from different times. Usually people go through a range of emotions when dealing with something like that. Which is probably why she doesn't talk about it much; so people don't pin one label on her. Shame.

  46. 46


  47. 47

    What are you trying to prove here? Obviously things change after time. I don't understand what you are trying to acomplish by showing quotes right after Brad dumper her for another woman and 3 years later. Right after something happens your feelings and thoughts are very fresh in your mind, years later those memories fade. Especially if it is soemthing that hurt you and you want to push it away. Perez stop digging up old dirt hoping to find some juice.

  48. 48

    Caught you last night on that suckful show Privilege. Perez, sweetie, please hire a stylist; you looked like one of my stained & spotted sanitary napkins after a flight to Hong Kong.
    Angelia Jolie is nasty, dirty, vile, husband stealing devil of a bitch. Mr. Brad is a hot guy (albeit a total narcissist with a bad complexion) and we know he's going to dump crazy, weird Angie for the next hot thang that comes along…You know he's just itching and twitching to dump this be-atch and get his lips around some fresh pou-tang…

  49. 49

    Ummmm, what's the big lie? Vince Vaugn? Most celebrities don't announce when they are going out with someone, and who knows–maybe she wasn't sure how serious it was yet. Not everyone airs their personal life over an 18 page spread (not that I think that's terrible–the money went to charity). Still, not everyone is comfortable with doing that.

    Or was it the over it/not quite over it? Well, Perez, you get into a highly public marriage for 5 years, get into a highly public divorce for the last few years, and then I'll listen to you. Breaking up is hard enough without the public, and they really loved each other. Not easy… Hell, YOU aren't even over it. You're posting about it all over the place!!

    Also, your timeline sucks. People are entitled to change their minds where their emotions are concerned, and some of these "lies" are three years apart. Nice try, still adore Jennifer, still love Angelina.

  50. 50

    jolies a homewrecker. brad sucks.

  51. 51

    and leave her alone.

  52. 52

    What the fuck is the relevancy?

  53. 53

    seriously, perez.

    it doesnt matter if you like aniston or not, the truth is BRAD CHEATED and jolie was a homewrecker in spite of how she dealt with it. angelina is no saint like you make her out to be. so just cut her some slack, its about time you do! or are you just too jealous about mayer? ;)

  54. 54

    If another person posts the same damn comment of "where are the lies?" I'm going to scream. Are people that stupid?

  55. 55

    Perez, we love you… but leave Jen alone.
    My friends say they wont read you for a week next time…
    I met her on set when I was an extra and she was so sweet and friendly very unhollywood unlike most other actresses
    with love a bunch of girls reading perez at 2am in Australia!!!

  56. 56

    What the heck is your problem Perez you jealous fuk…Leave her alone…Jen is a beautiful girl….you have me so sick of all the crap you talk about her…Angelina is a freaking home wrecker….Aniston team all the way……

  57. 57

    Who cares? You are dying to have Brangelina include your name in a song like Madonna did. Get over yourself you Egomaniac.

  58. 58

    um, things CHANGE in 3 years. She said she knew they were firends, not that they were in LOVE as Angie now says. and she said she worked with a therapist, so NOW she is ready to move on but 3 yrs ago she wasnt. Look at you, last year at this time u were a MAJOR pig, and now ur just a pig, so does that mean YOU cant change either, NO! shut the fuck up and spare us you're bullshit all the time when dealing with celebs you hate.

    talk about madonna and how she looked like she couldnt have cared less to speak to u lol

  59. 59

    Perez, you really need to be a little more compassionate.
    I can't believe you are this insensitive to her situation. Of course she went through times where she was confused, where one day she felt fine and ready to move on and the next, probably depressed. It's a day to day battle when someone you love leaves you and starts a family with another person this fast.

  60. 60

    Your such the bullshit artist Perez. In the public eye do you really think that as a professional that Jen or Courtney would bad mouth Brad? Its not smart. Now that Angie has come out basically admitting it, which get real we all know it happened, now she finds it approperiate to set her record straight. We'd all do the same damn thing, I find it fun that you hypocrites feel the need to dog Jen. Whether you think Angelina is a saint or more beautiful isn't the issue. Jennifer was left for another woman no matter your opinion of Angie if it were you, you'd be hurt, confused and all the things that she went through. I can't stand how you all seem to just to Angie's defense when you know good and damn well if it were you, you'd be just as hurt. Double standards much?

  61. 61

    Are you getting the sense that people are turning on you perez? Because a lot are, sure you're still getting hits from us but pretty soon we'll stop coming here. I think I get dumber and dumber every time I visit your site. You spew hatred in almost all your posts and its almost always directed at women, what have you got against us pervez? Are you jealous you weren't born female? You seriously need some psychiatric help.

  62. 62

    Perez, SHE HASN'T LIED. i read no lies there…all of those quotes were taken from different stages of her divorce and new relationship with Vaughn…and no friend would be quoted as saying any of those things. The only lies are coming from you! WHY are you punishing her for being a good person who loved her husband that committed ADULTERY with Angelina Jolie? You're so fake Perez, you should love Sienna Miller just as much as you love Angelina!

  63. k-lee says – reply to this


    WTF Perez, what exactly is your point? What lies are you talking about?

  64. 64

    I don't get it???? What lies? EXPLAIN!!

  65. SaraL says – reply to this


    I'm so tired of everyone bashing Jennifer Aniston! What the hell did she do that was so wrong? Her husband found someone new, and she moved the hell on! Let it go people!

  66. CbAl says – reply to this


    Wow - still confused on the actual "lie"

    A.J. went after a married man and made herself available to him when he was off limits. That in my opinion is a home wrecking slut. Not to mention she is fucking nuts for having all those children - Jen is way better off without Brad cuz he is fucking nuts for having all those kids too.

  67. 67

    Get over it. You'll be kissin her butt in a week trying to make up for all the shit you sling about her.

  68. 68

    Everyone who has seen M/M Smith know Brad and Angelina were effing on the set. Neither one are that good actors. Jennifer Aniston was cheated on, dumped and humiliated by her husband and his whore. Period - end of story. Now the two psychotic crusaders are hell-bent on ruining the lives of a small army of children with their self-serving, deceitful, hypocritical lifestyle of media manipulation and self-congratulation. I for one find their "philanthropy" of donating the millions they make off baby pictures a joke. And finally, Angelina Jolie does nothing but lie! So why pin lying on Jennifer Aniston. Blame the victim much?

  69. 69

    TEAM ANISTON!! Angelina is a skank whore! Now leave Jen alone! Poor girl has had enough drama.

  70. 70

    i dont know what ur trying to get at perez..where are the lies? at least try to explain it for the less intellectual ones..artard

  71. 71

    i like Jennifer and she seems like a classy woman, so just leave her alone.
    Hasn't she gone through enough with skank whore Angelina and her asshole ex Pitt?
    seriously, lay off the crack and start thinking straight.

  72. 72

    I will never understand why you stick up for the serial home wrecker Jolie while bashing Aniston. IMO, Jolie is ugly to the bone. Aniston has nothing to prove. She hasn't broken up any marriage/relationships. Good looks fade, good character lives on forever.

  73. 73

    Stop hating on Jen! I mean seriously!!! She's dealing with divorce and moving on with her life.

    The one who deserves your hate is "Santa Angelina"…. SHE'S NO SAINT!!! First, she steals a married man, then, she claims to be a humanitarian while living in $30,000 a month mansions. AND let us recall that the Jolie-Pitts have a strict policy to not be photographed with the help… but they have help! They aren't raising those kids alone, they have a crew of nannies, maids, chefs.

    The Jolie-Pitts like to pretend they are a perfect family but their not. Their parents do not value marriage (they broke up Brad's first), they live in EXTREME luxury but claim to be down with the poor, AND they put a false image out to the world (that they're raising the kids which they aren't!).

    Leave Jen alone! Hate on Brad & Angelina.

  74. 74

    Where are the lies? You say you want her to move on, yet you call her out for feeling differently now than she did three years ago? You're ridiculous Perez. Move on or I will.

  75. 75

    I still don't see where she supposedly lied.
    Stop forcing the issue. We all know you don't like her and you love the whore Angelina. Move on.

  76. 76

    come on! breaking up and divorce is never easy! denial comes first then acceptance! give her a break!

  77. Sammy says – reply to this


    Perez my goodness hermano!!!! Angelina flat out lied and said "I do not need to sleep with married men I have more then enough lovers" Your idol Madonna lied over and over that she was not divorcing not to mention that she was not screwing A Rod, HELLO SHE IS!!! All famous people lie, they should just be honest but, they are not. If you are going to call someone a lier start with the biggest liars, your girls Angelina and MADONNA! Jennifer has gone thru alot she is the victim here your hoes are the homewreckers, of course she will have different things to say at different points in her life.

  78. 78

    OMG…Perez!! Why don't you friggen leave Jen alone?? You keep painting Skankalina as a Saint, but it's JEN who was the victim here!! Haven't you ever been royally screwed over by someone that you deeply loved??? Or is it just that you CAN'T FIND anyone to love you????? Brad cheated on Jen and Skankalina was the slimy, slutty temptress!!! Get it through your f'n thick skull!!! Let's look up and reprint all the f'n lies that SKANK Angelina has said over the years…even her FATHER says she's FUCKED UP…and that she goes through men like she goes through underwear…something to that effect! Look, Jen's the All-American, sweet as apple pie, girl next door persona, while Skankalina is the slutty, drugged out, promiscuous, home-wrecking, paint me as a saint, & holier than thou BITCH!!! She needs to go down in a plane crash, or Brad needs to cheat on her Skeletor Ass!!!! STFU about Jen….enuf's enuf!!!!!!!!

  79. 79

    Where are the lies? The only thing that was different was that at one time she felt something strongly, now she doesnt, thats not a lie.

  80. 80

    I don't see "lies" from Aniston here. I see tactful, restrained comments from a woman who had just seen her whole life shredded and subject to public humiliation by a cheating husband and his conniving, manipulative co-star. If this is the best defense you can come up with for your goddess Jolie, then the verdict stands that Jolie is STILL the lying, hypocritical, whack job adulterer in this drama. This is so desperate, Perez. It reminds me of how Sarah Palin is coping with her critics and it just makes you look more idiotic and FOS than usual.

  81. 81

    best thing about other websites, they don't personally attack people they don't like and don't know.

    you really need help. you have some angst against people and make their lives hell. done with you site until you are objective like other sites.

  82. 82

    More personalities than Sybil?? A lot of her VF stuff seemed a bit hypocritical to me.

  83. 83

    perez i love you but you're so biased! i wish you'd be a real journalist and present both sides. i understand its your blog and you're gna be nice to who you want. i love how you make fun of some celebs but why is angelina jolie an angel and jennifer aniston the devil? i hate angelina jolie, she's a homewrecker. i love coming to your site but always skip your "santangelina" posts…it makes me sick!

  84. 84

    Re: sugarbaby – It's Jen that seems hypocritical…and how long ago was the divorce? If she's moving on with her life…why hasn't she?

  85. 85

    once again you are boring us with your obsession, get a life and more importantly a good fuck coz looks like you dont get it….if you did you'll be a bit more chilled out an would mind your own business you fatso!

  86. 86

    oh my gosh I am so sick of this. Jennifer Aniston did NOTHING wrong. Just because Courtney Cox says he admitted to being attracted to that freak of nature does NOT mean she knew anything was going on between them or that Angelina felt the same. For all she knew, he just thought she was hott. NOTHING she said was a lie..NOTHING. Karma's a bitch, Angelina and Brad are gonna get what they deserve and I can't wait for that day. As far as everyone else, I guarantee you if you went what this woman went through, you wouldn't handle it half as well. And FYI, through out all of this, she has managed to stay beautiful and down to earth. Brad looks like he's 60 now and Angelina-her ugliness speaks for itself. And there was a 3 year difference between the quotes on Vince Vaughn..so that proves nothing. Clearly they didn't start a relationship as soon as they met. This post is just idiotic Perez and makes no sense.

    Maybe we should take all 3894893 of Angelina's interviews and post them to see how many times that bitch lied about not having an affair then turning around and saying she did.

  87. 87

    Shut the fuck up you hypocrite!!!
    Siena and Evan are sluts and Angelina is an angel!!
    Do you really think you're readers are stupid enough to get misled by that story??
    Obviosuly you dont think much of your readers!!! Or you've realized this is the only way to keep people coming back to your page, if that is the case, the BRAVO!
    But remember that you will reap what you sew!!
    It may not come back to you now but it will…..
    Her movies may not make a lot of money,
    but people genuinely like Jennifer as a person.
    I used to be your fan but you're just another drama queen with an opinion!!
    I hope someday soon there is a Perez sextape or something so we can
    all make fun of you, you selfish, self-loathing, fat abnoxious ASSHOLE!!!
    Go out and live your own life!!!!!!
    I bet you dont even read these comments….
    what great respect you show your fans!!!
    i hope you end up in jail for tax crimes or picking up a tranny hooker
    you piece of shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. 88

    ughhh… i'm so over this loser. jennifer aniston is nothing but a sitcom has-been. brad left you a long time ago sweetie! let it go! angelina not only has SIX children, but also has done amazing humanitarian work across the world. what has big chin aniston done?? nothing but make a couple lame movies, and date losers… hello, john mayer anyone?? the fact that she is still talking about the whole brad/angie thing that happened YEARS ago just makes her look even more desperate for attention. quit throwing sour grapes bitch and go do something productive with your life!

  89. 89

    obviously she's desperate to sell her movie before it goes directly to video. bwah what a joke and faker!

  90. 90

    Where are the lies? Why does it irk you that she's a good gal. You spent a lot of time proving nothing but that you are a bias blogger who doesn't have anything better to do than dump on decent people, that for whatever reaon, you personally don't like. I think you're twisted and are obsessed with Jennifer Aniston or maybe it's John Mayer. Someone from Angelina's camp has to be paying you off - you're psycho. You've lost a reader!

  91. 91


  92. 92

    uh … whats the point??

    WHY DO U HATE JEN? she didnt do nothing to ur fag ass!
    The more you hate on her, the more im glad prop 8 passed!!!

  93. 93

    Oh yea…and self-absorbed.

  94. 94

    she's SO desperate.

  95. 95

    Re: mwalsh – SO TRUE!

  96. 96

    Why dont you get off her ass already.

  97. 97

    Come on Perez I think you are reaching with this story.

  98. 98

    Who cares if she lied (didn't bother reading over it cause it's more "omg I love angelina" propaganda bullshit). Besides, looking back she probably has a better view of how things really happened. Brad's a dirtbag and angelina's a home-wrecking skank. I'd say that Jennifer came out as the better person in that whole situation.

  99. 99

    WTF, I don't see any lies?!?!? stop hating on Aniston.

  100. zeldy says – reply to this


    leave her alone, Peepee!! what's your problem with her? Just because of your stupid comments I'll get on Team Aniston!

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