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Salami Hayek's Addicted to Breastfeeding

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She's putting the big girls to work!

Salma Hayek reveals in a new interview that she is addicted to breastfeeding!

Says Salami, "I'm like an alcoholic. It is like, I don't care if I cry, I don't care if I am fat, I am just going to do it for one more week, one more month, and then when I see how much good it is doing her (precious little Valentina) and I can't stop."

Maybe she'll stop when more of baby V's teeth come in?

Hey, moms out there, when did U stop whipping out the boob and why?

Is Salami's addiction a normal thing?

Enlighten us!

[Image via WENN.]

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427 comments to “Salami Hayek's Addicted to Breastfeeding”

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  1. 301

    She's absolutely right! I nursed for 20 months and was forced to quit because I had to be away on travel with my job. I am the one that had to be weened, not my son. He's two now and I miss it!

  2. 302

    Re: Suuuuuu – I totally agree…the la leche league needs to shut the eff up

  3. 303

    Perez, I breastfed each kid 16 months each. I have 5 from 12 to 2. They are all very intelligent and healthy. It really is better than formula fed.

  4. 304

    nursing for a year is acceptable!!! anything over a year is molestation! After a year of nursing it has no nutritional value. Im a huge fan of breastfeeding( nursed both of my kids and stopped on their first bday), but there comes a time the baby is no longer a baby! its a hard thing to accept but all good things must come to an end!

  5. 305

    22 months here

  6. 306

    I breastfed my son until he wanted to stop, which was 22 months. Best thing I ever did and totally worth it.

  7. JKJK says – reply to this


    Ok, if you are breast feeding your kid at 3 1/2…you are a mental whack job and have some serious issues!!! Don't get upset when people talk about you on they way out of the ladies room! My niece is 3 1/2 and she wipes her own ass, feeds and dresses herself, and speaks in full sentences.18 months is about the maximum for breast feeding. I breast fed until my daughter was 1 year and even then it was challenging, trying to pump and keep up the demand of milk. And I worked full time. Don't call people idiots if they don't choose to breast feed. Do what you are comfortable with. It is total BS that people say you are prettier, smarter,higher IQ if you are breast fed. What garbage…some hippie intellect made all that shit up…oh, and the "my baby is healthier" thing is so stupid too. My sister didn't breast fed any of her kids, and they have NEVER had ear infections. My child had 2 within the first year…

  8. 308

    She is not addicted to breast feeding. She is nursing her child as we were meant to as a species. Again, nursing is recommended up to the age of 6yrs. Why? At the age of six a physiological transformation takes place: adult front teeth come in and the last set of molars. Now they are mentally and physically ready to move from mother to the outside world. I nursed till my son was nearly four years. I thought I would nurse until he was ready to stop. I am sure he would still be nursing now at the age of seven, if I did not decide I was ready to ween him. He has fond memories of nursing and we do share a special mother and son bond. He calls breasts, "milk."It is a special relationship; one of comfort and nourishment gained both physically and emotionally.

  9. 309

    I can definitely understand why she is addicted to it. I BF 3 children until they were about 12 mos. - They pretty much weaned themselves, but I was sad.
    When you BF - your body releases hormones that are very soothing and comforting. That is what she is addicted to.
    I feel sorry for women who don't do it.

  10. 310

    The only reason I quit when my kids were 16 months old was because I started my period again.

  11. 311

    There was a story on TV a few months ago about an 8 year old still being breast fed. His mother said she will let him do it as long as he wants. Talk about an Oedipus complex.

  12. 312

    Kinda depends on how old the kid is, you know? Mine both weaned themselves at about 9 months or so. I think if they're walkin and talkin AND nursin it seems a bit odd. And no, I don't miss it a bit, it was uncomfortable and very messy, but I'm convinced it was the best for them, so I'm glad I did it.

  13. 313

    My son is 17 months old and still is breastfeed. i wouldn't say I am addicted to it, but there is some relief when he hasn't fed in a while.

  14. 314

    Re: Sonita72
    I also bf my daughter until she was 2 and got those stupid looks from people. But i didn't care my daughter is so smart and healthy ( she is 11 now) I also bf my other two children, the socond until he was 1, and my third baby until he was 18 months. I doesn't matter if you bf for a week or a year or if you pump or not, it is the best form of nutrition for your child.

  15. 315

    Good for Salma and baby Valentina. Babys sure love the milk and the warmth of a mothers heart. And it is normal to breastfeed well past two years of age. DON'T say it's grosse cuz it's not!!! Your mamas did that to you anyways.

  16. 316

    Re: La Diva
    Is that you Jennifer???????????????????

  17. 317

    Nooooo!!!!!!!!!!! Gross!!!!! A mother only should breastfeed her child the first six months afte that it is unnecesary for the baby and fot the mother. Salma, let your baby grow up.

  18. CLove says – reply to this


    Re: mamacita402 – This is most fucked up statement I ever heard. You shouldn't call your self a mother but a SLUT

  19. 319

    8 months old. due to biting………painful

  20. 320

    I breastfed three kids and I stopped nursing them all by the time they were one. I am glad I did but I would never nurse over the age of one. They can hold a cup,and feed themselves,that is good enough.

  21. 321

    There's a certain amount of pride knowing you're giving your child the best nutrition that exists for them.

    The bonding is incredible.

    Teeth don't matter. It's easy to teach a baby not to bite. Bite = no booby. No bite = booby. Easy peasy.

  22. 322

    I have 3 kids and I breastfed all 3. But the longest I ever went was 14 weeks. I know it's best for the babies, and for your body, etc…
    I quit because I didn't really care for it. It was great bonding experience at first, but then it became a hassle.
    I never felt addicted to it at all! And unlike other posters on here, I never felt euphoric during/after breastfeeding. I just felt like a big cow/milk factory!
    Just my experience…obviously I don't speak for many moms out there.

  23. 323

    My mom couldn't have kids, so I was adopted. Since she obviously couldn't breastfeed, I was bottle fed. I don't feel any ill wish against her - she didn't give birth to me so her body wasn't producing it! However, I want to breastfeed my own children. I'm only 17 but my maternal instinct is kicking in and I cannot wait for about six more years before I can have kids… I want to have two to four. I want every experience of motherhood I can have, a breastfeeding is part of it.

  24. 324

    I stopped when my baby was 13 months old. She got her teeth very late, thank God! I actually had a puncture in one nipple ( those little teeth are sharp!) and it was extremely painful, but eventually healed. It took a while to wean her, but it happened. Even so, it was worth it all.

  25. 325

    Hey Perez!!!

    You had NO IDEA the Mommy War you stepped into did you?

  26. 326

    Ian is almost 7 months and still breastfeeding. It was SO hard at first but once we got the hang of it, it was (and is) great. I've lost 40 POUNDS without doing anything!

  27. 327

    Re: prima ballerina – It is NOT molestation, that is an utterly ignorant and ridiculous statement…. The AAP recommends at least 12 months…and the WHO recommends at least 2 years. AAP is expected to extend to 2 years as well, in the near future. Americans can so backward when it comes to breastfeeding.

  28. 328

    I've known some woman who breastfeed until the chld is a toddler. It's considered "normal" by the professionals, but I consider it a little weird. I breastfed my son until he was 6 weeks old, but at that point he wasn't getting enough and I had to supplement with bottles anyway, so I quit. I couldn't breastfeed my daughter at all because she was in NICU for a week and my milk didn't ever really come in.

  29. 329

    Wow so many ignorant people on here. To say that bf past a year is for the mother is the most incorrect statement I think I have seen posted so far. Toddlers are finicky little things, you think they will bf just cause mommy tells them too??? Hello if is was that simple all one year olds would be potty trained cause mommy told them to go on the toilet. My son is 26months, I have been trying to no avail to ween him for 3 months. He gets it at nap time and bedtime only. Asks for it a whole bunch but I set some boundaries. Hey if it makes him feel safe, no matter how irritating it is for me, I will do it. I am a mother first, then I am my own person. his needs and wants come first. And for those of you who think breast milk isn't all that much different than formula, well why do you think formula fed babies sleep longer? It's cause they stay fuller longer because their body had a much harder time breaking down the unnatural milk. It's not rocket science, and just as it is your choice to bottle feed formula, it's my choice to care for my son the best way I see fit. FYI, breast milk is constantly changing as a child grows, giving him/her just what their body needs for their development. Formula can't do that!

  30. 330

    with my first i stopped when she was 7 mo. then with my second i stopped at 3 weeks…. my poor baby i really fucked him over lol

  31. 331

    I breastfed my 1st for two weeks, but not by choice. My doctors put me on BC that the didn't warn me would dry my supply. I was PISSED. My second now is 7 months, and I am still breastfeeding, and plan to do so until she is at least a year.

  32. 332

    Breast feeding was not wonderful nor did I feel like I was bonding. My boobs were like leaden rocks full of pain. My nipples cracked and bleed. I had two sons and they were like giant sucker fishes draining my body of all vital nutrients and energy. I felt like I was held hostage by my breasts because they would leak every time a baby cried or I didnt feed the baby after two hours. 6 weeks was all I could handle. Yes if you can do it it's wonderful blah blah blah. If you can't do it nothin wrong with ya and don't feel like a horrible person. It is just not easy or freakin fun for some women.

  33. 333

    Re: PurpleRose – Nooooo!!!!!!!!!!! Gross!!!!! A mother only should breastfeed her child the first six months afte that it is unnecesary for the baby and fot the mother. Salma, let your baby grow up.

    OKAY, uh, do you see what you said here?? "let your BABY grow up". She's a baby for Gods sake. Not able to understand the concept between man and woman, spanking or hitting, let alone that a boob, which brings her close to mom, comforts her, calms her, and nourishes her, is "gross". Do a little research on child development before you try this one lady!

  34. 334

    My son is 16 months and I'm still breastfeeding him. I know how she feels! It's such a strong way to bond with your child, and it really is giving them the best nutrition they could hope to get - much better than cow milk. Do cows give their calves human milk? I plan to keep breastfeeding for as long as he wants it, and he definitely loves his num-nums.

  35. 335

    Re: sherrz like WHOA – Yup…that was my point. Neither one of my kids were breastfed for the recommended time that Dr's seem to say and they are super healthy. 19 months…that is awesome to still not have gotten a cold! You're lucky:) you feel so terrible when they are miserable and all stuffed up. No fun at all.

  36. 336

    Holy ta-ta's!

  37. 337

    I let my little babe ween herself, and it just happened to be at 6 mos. — right when she was getting teeth (thank god!). I do miss it, however, so I totally understand where Salma is comin from.

  38. 338

    breast milk is the best. go evolution!!!

  39. 339

    I think with each woman it's different as far as when to stop. It can become 'addicting' because of the bonding and the hormones that go along with breastfeeding.

    I think its ridiculous how some people are grossed out or offended by breastfeeding though- that's what they're there for! America is so strange about boobs. They're there first and foremost to feed babies, not for men to oogle over.

  40. 340

    I nursed my twins for 18 months and their little brother is just about two and I'm letting him self wean. I fully expect him to wean himself by three.

    I've yet to see a kid having to wean when they go off to college. When they get their second year molars it is only then that they are capable of meeting all of their nutritional needs with their own ability to eat and through their diet in first world regions. The immune system isn't fully mature until about 5 or so, and the antibodies in breastmilk are still beneficial up until that point. We're still learning what's in breastmilk and as time goes on more benefits are becoming apparent.

    We are like any other mammal. Ideally we would be nursing them until they loose their "milk teeth" like other mammal babies.

    When did you lose your first baby tooth Perez?

  41. erik says – reply to this


    I'd suck on those titties EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! EVERY DAY!!

  42. 342

    &i thought my jugs were big!woowza:o

  43. 343

    It IS addicting! It's very personal, close, and a wonderful way to bond with your baby. Not to mention the relief of pent-up breast milk! I breastfed my daughter for a year, and only stopped because she was old enough to be on only regular food and drank from a sippy cup. I'm breastfeeding my son now, and I think the same things as Salma..one more day…week…month…and I know I'll breastfeed him until he's a year, too, because I'll never have that joy and closeness again.

  44. 344

    Re: mamacita402 – You're an idiot. Breasts are on our body for our CHILDREN, NOT men! You think MEN need to be breastfed? NO you jackass!! We have breasts to feed our babies! Men are the sickos that made them sexual. You're a moron.

  45. 345

    I'm still feeding my 10 month old…he hasn't bitten me yet and I will be feeding him for the recommended 2 years. Kudos to Christina and Salma and other celebrity Mommas, maybe they will encourage others! Salma is wrong on one count though - breastfeeding doesn't make you fat…you can actually burn up to 600 cals a day by breastfeeding!!!

  46. 346

    Re: topper – You can you tube it…it's quite creepy, the kids says…and I quote…"It's better than anything in the entire world"…alrighty then

  47. 347

    Re: Starequisite – "Breastfeeding does keep you fat cause you EAT MORE"…I agree 100%…breast fed both kids….didn't lose any weight doing so

  48. 348

    Thanks for asking what's normal instead of being a jackass like MichaelK. on his blog

    My daughter is 2.5 and still nursing and it works for our family. The worldwide average for breastfeeding is 4.2 years, unlike our apparently progressive society that would rather subscribe to some taboo theory about what is "gross" and completely ignore what is healthy and natural.

    A child's body knows when it's immune system is ready to completely support itself, and they will lose their ability to latch at that time. So no age is the right age - it depends on each child. Ever wonder why there's a huge increase in autoimmune diseases? How about looking back to the beginning.

    Why are boobs gross when they are used for what they are meant to, but not when it comes to ogling them? I think Salma rocks for getting the message of extended breastfeeding out there!

  49. 349

    I can totally understand that! I breastfed my youngest for ten months and until today I regret that I quit.
    She 's not been ill AT all, although she's already 2 yrs old and goes to daycare. So good job Salma!!!

  50. 350

    Re: MissDoodahDay

    was it really necessary to call the rest of us that don't "idiots"?

  51. 351

    she does it cause it burns so much calories and that way she can shed the extra pounds!!!!!!!!

  52. 352


  53. 353

    I breastfed my son for about a year, it stopped naturally as he wasn't interested anymore.

  54. 354

    Yep - Perez..totally normal. I have 5 lil monkeys and nursed them all past a year. I think the longest was 18 or 19 months. The benefits to breastfeeding are amazing! Why do you think we have boobies? Well…I guess they're fun to stare at too, lol!

  55. 355

    Perez, dude, don't let any of these breastfeeding nazi tell you that breast in best dude.

    It's almost 2009, formula is the BEST it's ever been and kids prove to do just as wonderful then breastfed kids.
    With all the pollution, the crap in our food, and especially since some sick mothers are *gasp* smoking and drinking while breastfeeding, formula is looking to be the better choice. Many studies have shown breastmilk containing many toxings from the air we breathe and the food we eat.

    Go formula go.

  56. 356

    AND gooooo Jennifer Lopez, who had twins and said she was going to bottle feed. Oh no, her twins are doomed!!!

    Swallow that breatfeeding nazi.

  57. 357

    Well I would keep breastfeeding if my boobs looked like that too!!

  58. melb says – reply to this


    I breastfed my daughter until 18 months - she grew teeth and it was starting to hurt. By that time she was drinking out of a sippy cup and just wanted to nurse for comfort not for nourishment.
    People that have a problem with breastfeeding must be very dimwitted- it is natural and the best thing you can do for your child.

  59. 359

    No breast feeding for me…..I don't wont to ruin these puppies!!

  60. 360

    I did it for 2 mo. with my first, 6 mo. with my second, and 15 mo. with my 3rd. I stopped to go to Puerto Rico for vacation…ok…it might had not been a good reason to stop…but soooo worth it!

  61. 361

    I breast fed both my kids and loved it! It is the best thing for them! they were a lot healthier!

  62. 362

    I nursed my son for a year. No big deal. Some nurse longer. Its normal

  63. Fluky says – reply to this


    Breastfeeding is a beautiful thing. It will benefit the baby so much and you have that special bond with your baby. When I have kids, I am breastfeeding all of them until they turn 1 yrs old! Kudos to Salma!!

  64. 364

    I think Breast is Best when possible, but I cannot stand these titnatzis who verbally beat up other Mothers for bottle feeding (especially when it can't be avoided due to health or physiology). And I believe these women that BF past a year will eventually hear, "I want Bitty!" from their 30 year old "child". Could you imagine if the tables were turned and men BF'd like this? They'd be locked up and the key thrown away!

    And another thing, does anyone seem a little creeped out that so many posters on here feel the need to divulge every damn detail about their child's breast feeding? Listen up ladies (I'm a woman also), no one cares about your kid or your bodily functions, except YOU!

  65. 365

    I stopped at one year. Then switched to whole milk. I pumped into bottles too.

  66. yup says – reply to this


    At the end of the line, so no one will probably read this, but my daughter would have DIED if I hadnt breast fed. We found out at 2 months old she didnt have a thymus gland which means she had NO immune system. I was giving her my antibodies via breast milk, which in turn saved her life. Just the way God intended :)

  67. 367

    NOt an addiction. It's a natural thing. You just do it. I can admit, that when my son was an intty bitty baby, It wasn't such a chore…he is now 18 months old and BIG and plays while nursing…its kind of annoying! But I'll go unitl he is 2 if that is what nature wants. I couldn't go past 2. It does make you feel wonderful to know that something that comes from you, which you are suppose to be feeding your child anyway, has made them so healthy, plump and beautiful. I dont think that there is anyone to really know what it's like, that bond, and feeling of naturalism until you do it yourself. It is just nature taking course, like any other baby, they feed from their mommas until they are ready to stop. The WHO(world health organization) says that nursing until 2 is what is reccomended for health reasons among many other reasons, but the global average I 'think', THINK, is 4 years. In other countries …Woman alk around nursing their toddlers all over the place. La Leche League is a GREAT place for info. Or the WHO as previously stated. GO SALAMI!!!!!!

  68. 368

    Re: petiteCobaye
    If you're so freakin' grossed out by other people talking about their natural bodily functions, then get off the goddamn forum, you moron.
    And no, I'm not creeped out. It's about the boob, food, milk, nipples… that's the goddamn topic of this thread.
    Thanks for expressing yourself on the subject, but jeeez, get some help on the "creeping out" part. You're a woman yourself, as you said, for fuck's sake! If you can't handle bodily function talk, how the hell will you manage POTTY-TRAINING?

  69. 369

    I stopped when my daughter was 4 months old. At that point she was eating some solid foods and I had to go back to work. Its very hard to say "excuse me" and go pump for 45 min twice- three times a day.

  70. 370

    Breastfeeding after a year is because the mother is either too addicted or too lazy to wean. Just because a child will continue to suckle, doesn't make it right. If a child can talk and eat steak, it doesn't need to be hanging from a breast. And all these quotes about WHO neglects to mention that these recommendations are for DEVELOPING or under developed nations where nutrition as a whole is a problem. It would make sense to breastfeed your child for 2 years if you're an Ethiopian refugee! As for breastfed children being smarter, bull. Any child without mental problems will flourish and be smart if properly nurtered. Stop justifying self gratifying, weird behaviors.

  71. 371

    Re: flowerzulu – You need counselling. Age 4 is not a "special bond", but denotes an unhealthy dependancy….on your part.

  72. 372

    Re: petiteCobaye
    Good Post!!

    And I love how people say "I'm doing what nature intended" and "breasts were made for feeding"
    Then tell me? Why are breast implants so popular? Why is it the #1 most preformed cosmetic sugrery in North America?!
    Breasts ARE sexual objects. They CAN be used to feed your child, or they can be used to make your body look more proportionate, make a shirt look better, raise your confidence etc.
    We ain't livin in the caveman era. Most woman buy their breasts, and it's not to feed their child!

  73. 373

    I don't recall when women stopped whipping out their tits in public but I sure am glad they did. I really don't want to see your over_sized saggy titty but everyone seemed to think that it was ok because it was 'natural.' Well, honey, pissing, shitting, farting and fucking are natural also but I can ASSURE you I don't want to see that fucking shit either.

  74. 374

    Re: cybercybil

    WONDERFUL post!!!! I coulnd't agree with you more!

  75. 375

    1 year. That's it. Them teeth hurt!!

    Although it feels good to support the nutrition of your baby, addiction is, um, well, a weird word to describe it. So no, she is NOT normal! LOL

  76. 376

    Re: flowerzulu – Is anyone else just offended by this? 6 yrs old? I mean, I have a 6 year old and I couldnt even imagine. I would expect to be arrested.

  77. 377

    Re: lilly_putian – I have to agree. I got reamed earlier by someone because I was eating lunch and a lady took her breast out, nipple exposed, dripping with milk and I am supposed to be ok with that? I didnt say it offensively, but common courtesy is COVER UP! thats all.

  78. 378

    Re: Brainiac – How will I handle potty training? Um….dipshit, not everyone decides to have children - it is a choice you know (we're not in the Dark Ages anymore, in case you haven't noticed). Not everyone is a parent by default. And no, I'm not grossed out by every goddamn thing, just people that feel compelled to share every detail of their personal Hygiene (I guess your parents never taught you about discretion) - I worked in daycare for 2 years, won awards for childcare and I know how hard it is to raise healthy children. A child is not a beautiful Kodak moment 24/7 and it takes someone who desires to be a parent to be a GOOD one. I'm childfree by choice and I DID say that I agree BFing is best, under the best circumstances - just not passed a certain point…you know…when the child can talk and eat solids and I can't stand sanctimonious assholes picking on Mothers for not BF, especially if it's not physically possible. Did you even read my post? I really hope you're not procreating…YOU are the fucking moron.

    PS: your name is very ironic.

  79. 379

    Re: petiteCobaye

    Hahhaaaaaaa, god, I love your post.

  80. 380

    I am disappointed in you, Perez. This is another one that could have used some research. The AMA recommends breastfeeding to a year. The WHO goes further, to two years. The "addiction" is to the closeness she feels to her child, not in some sick sexual way.

  81. 381

    if you really are asking for a response to the question

    i don't know if i would use the word "addiction" in regards to the desire to continue breast feeding
    there's nothing that compares to the feeling of bonding, empowerment, and joy that comes from breast feeding

    it sounds to me that she getting pressure from other people to wean her baby
    she shouldn't have to make excuses or call it an addiction, to choose to continue
    just my opinion

    and yes
    she has lovely fun bags
    sorry, just wanted to fit in

  82. 382

    breastfeeding IS the best thing for babies- no matter what age- because it builds their bodies immune system. In this society it isnt AS cool to be whipping it out in public but really, some people will breastfeed until they're 6. I decided that if my daughter got teeth and/or big enough to approach me and ask for it, it was time to stop. Good for her!!

  83. 383

    To LusciousLiz,
    I didn't say it was 100% true that breastfeeding prevents ear infections, but there is a correlation, due to the fact that you are not laying the baby in a crib with a bottle, thereby causing baby to feed lying down and blocking the eustachian tubes and causing ear infections. My son was bottle fed and never had an ear infection, as I never laid him in his crib with a bottle either. My daughter has a far healthier digestive system and has always been extremely healthy. Breastfeeding is just a wonderful and natural thing to do for your child as long as you can. I was fortunate, I didn't have to go back to a job. I live in South Texas now, but was raised up north and could not believe how many women bottle feed down here. Where I grew up, everyone I knew breastfed!

  84. 384

    Re: whoelsebutme – Thank you! :0)

  85. 385


    I just stopped breastfeeding my one year old within the last week ( and she has had teeth since 5 months) The WHO recommends breastfeeding until the age of 2…

    and yes there is a Neurochemical basis for the addictive feeling for breastfeeding… When a mother "lets down" her brain releases oxytocin (same neurotransmitter released during orgasm) and it also stimulates Dopamine in the mesolimbic pathway ( our reward centre~ linked to reinforcement and addiction)…

    So yes, breastfeeding is addictive, but also convenient, inexpensive, nuturing and arguably the best nutrition your baby can get :)

  86. 386

    I breast fed my daughter for 18 months, and my son is on his 9th month so far.
    Breast feeding releases all these hormones that relax you and sort of make you feel like you just ate an entire bag of really good chocolate, but without the guilt, so it's perfectly normal to feel like your addicted to it. I like to think it is evolution's way of encouraging mom's to keep at it as long as they can.

  87. 387

    I quit breastfeeding my daughter at around 14 months old. I just continued to do it until she weaned herself. I would have had to step in and cut her off if she didn't quit on her own. I wasn't going to nurse a 3 year old. I wouldn't say I was addicted to it, but she was, and it was a comfort thing also. There were many days I couldn't do anything besides sit on the couch and breastfeed, because she would do it all day long.

  88. 388

    Re: mamacita402 – you are a dumbass to the 10th degree.
    I breastfeed both my kids till 10 months then they where more intrested in solid food. Anyone who says breastfeeding is disgusting is a stupid fuck who is messed up in the brain.

  89. 389

    the WHO (world health org.) tells us the AVERAGE WORLD WIDE age of breastfeeding is until the child is four years old.

    I planned to let my son self-wean, whenever that would be, I remember my sister nursed till she was 3. However, my son had some behavior issues, like demanding it, and therefore I wouldn't let him nurse until he said please…amd stubborn little boy, he never did….so we ended up weaning him at 22months….so nearly two years for me.

    There is nothing sexual or gross about it, it's the adults who think that who are projecting their OWN sexual ideas on to it…and THAT is what is gross. Not the breastfeeding itself, but the perverts out their who THINK it's gross or sexual.

  90. 390

    One year is ideal. That's what the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends. It is sort of hard to wean the baby, because there are emotions involved and attachments. It was always a gradual process for my two babies after the one year mark. The process took 2-3 months. I would eliminate one feeding per day at a time and then allow for adjustment.

  91. 391

    Re: cybercybil – Wow. SOMEONE is actually using reason and logic and isn't just depending on one outside source as opposed to another!

  92. 392

    I breastfed the Joker until he was 27. Such a wonderful young man

  93. 393

    There's no reason to get all crazy about it! But it is recognized that US mama's are more uptight than BF'ing mama's elsewhere. And contrary to some beliefs, extended breastfeeding has benefits. I'm currently nursing my two month old, and would love to make it to 12 months. It was incredibly difficult, but really important to me. I do not think BF'ing is cheaper than formula- after you pay for pumps, lactation consultants, lanolin, and copays for weight checks, formula starts looking pretty easy. Still, I do it because I believe it's beneficial to my baby. I'm envious of Selma!

  94. 394

    Re: cybercybil – Have to agree!

  95. 395

    honestly if they can walk talk, and or ask for it… that's creepy and I'm a mom…

  96. 396

    The kid's not even a year old. It's recommended for at least 1 year. "More teeth" have nothing to do with it, the first ones to come in are the top and bottom front teeth, about 6 months old, so she has had enough teeth to bite with. You just teach her not to. Mine only bit me once and I just had to tell her not to. She's doing a hell of a lot better for her baby than Katie did for Alien baby Suri with that nasty bottle. Bottle feeding is infinitely inferior.

  97. 397

    Re: idaknow – ew terrible statement. How do you know that breastmilk was not in that bottle.? you DONT.

  98. 398

    i soped breastfeeding my son at 14 months only because i was hospitalized and the meds i had to take but if it wasnt for that i would still be breastfeeding him hope her boobs still stay perky once the milk dries out the boobs go to

  99. 399

    My husband is a pediatrician…after 6 mos the child receives no medical benefits from breast milk, but some women really like it after for various reasons. I personally think past a year is indicative of an unhealthy emotional attachment to the baby.

  100. 400


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