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Salami Hayek's Addicted to Breastfeeding

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She's putting the big girls to work!

Salma Hayek reveals in a new interview that she is addicted to breastfeeding!

Says Salami, "I'm like an alcoholic. It is like, I don't care if I cry, I don't care if I am fat, I am just going to do it for one more week, one more month, and then when I see how much good it is doing her (precious little Valentina) and I can't stop."

Maybe she'll stop when more of baby V's teeth come in?

Hey, moms out there, when did U stop whipping out the boob and why?

Is Salami's addiction a normal thing?

Enlighten us!

[Image via WENN.]

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427 comments to “Salami Hayek's Addicted to Breastfeeding”

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  1. 401

    I planned on breastfeeding until my daughter was 1, but she bit me 2 weeks before her first birthday….and that was the end of it. Pediatrician said there were not any real health benefits to go any longer than 1.

  2. 402

    Re: Texas Mom – I hear you…I know it is the best for the child & I would do it all over again but in my case, my son had major ear problems even though I BF

  3. 403

    World Health Organization says to two and beyond…the benefits are endless to both child and mother. Reduced risk of breast cancer, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and obesity. Think about it, the last 50 years have been the years that formula was touted as better than breastmilk, we have huge problems with obesity, diabetes etc etc.

    In Western society we've created these arbitrary limits to how long a child should be dependent on it's mother, add our typical North American puritanism to the mix and people aren't comfortable with breastfeeding past 6 months…when really it should be two years minimum.

    I applaud Salma, she's doing a great thing. Hope she doesn't give in to outside pressure to take this away from her daughter.

    I'm currently nursing my almost two year old and the goal post keeps moving. It's not just about nutrition, but attachment as well.

  4. 404

    i have a 10 month old son, i only breastfed him for two months because he didnt want to go anymore. its a great feeling ot feed your child from your own body. and if it was up to me id keep doing it. and if i looked as good as she does i really would keep breastfeeding. also, breastfeeding helps you lose weight.

  5. 405

    Nursing releases fell good and love hormones in both mother and baby… and for good reason!
    I nursed until 3 years old with my first, and will do the same with my 2nd, there is nothing better for the babies… my husband thinks that me nursing our children is the most beautiful thing he's ever seen, and I've only had positive comments from friends, both male and female. Beautiful, natural, healthy… anyone who has a problem with it might want to look at their own neurosis and hangups and think about why they feel that way.

  6. 406

    most countries breastfeed for several years but thats cuz they don't have foodin America it's about 1 year max!

  7. 407

    Re: prima ballerina – HAHAHAHAHAAH

  8. 408

    Re: Lizetter – Fast Food and no exercise would be the problem with obesity in our society. Schools have cut recesses down to 25 minutes, once a day, here in AZ. Its sickening. I force my kids to go out and ride bikes. As children, we were all very active but the kids nowadays want to stay inside. Formula has NOTHING to do with childhood obesity. LOL

  9. 409

    I hear a lot of Moms getting weird like that. Breast feed for a few months and don't be having a toddler grope you in public which is disgusting. Overly distorted maternal sense isn't healthy.

  10. 410

    I breastfed both my kids. They kind of quit on their own as they get a bit older. My son took a little milk only at night until he was almost 3. Then he just woke up for a cuddle, then that was it.
    Breast milk is superior infant food. Plus the bonding is vital. BTW, when they nurse, they generally do not bite.

  11. 411

    It's good to nurse up until age 2. I wouldn't though. I think it's tacky.

  12. 412

    The AAP says at least 1 year and the WHO says at least 2 years. I've been going five months strong with the newest cutie while also pumping so I can work. Like Ms. Hayek, I don't care if I'm hanging on to those extra five pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight, I will keep on doing the best for my baby. No artifical milk for him!

  13. 413

    16 months, 8 months, and 19 months. To know that you're giving the very best that you can to your child and not filling them with crap that is in formula. That and to know that you and you alone have sustained a little life is the most rewarding thing possible. Infant formula was not designed to be the sole nutrition of an infant. It doesn't not have nearly enough of anything in it. It was made to replace breastmilk when there was none.
    SIDS is 50 times more common in a formula fed infant than a breast fed infant.

  14. 414

    Re: poisanna – Agreed that lack of activity is PART of the problem. However, many studies have been done linking obesity with formula in infancy. Just google it.

    When a child breastfeeds, the first milk they get is to quench thirst, followed by hindmilk which relieves hunger and also sends the message to their brains that they're full…with bottled milk this doesn't happen so the child becomes less aware of their own feelings of fullness.

    It's all about the foundations set during infancy.

  15. 415

    Re: PrettyCatEyes

    Yea typical woman, blame the male for boobs being sexual. Who was the woman who opened the idea of a breast being a sex object?

  16. 416

    Re: Mrs Joker

    Haha, Funniest post ever!!! I loved his "Pencil Trick"!!

  17. 417

    Re: kikiissexy

    I don't know, you look as good, if not better than Salma from your pic.

  18. 418

    it's better to be addicted to breast feeding than other things out there. At least breast feeding benefits everyone involved. Only thing I ask of breast feeding moms is to please cover up when in public, that is unless you're Salami then I wouldn't mind taking a peek. coming from a straight woman she's a beautiful woman.

  19. 419

    Re: HotLikeWasabi
    @ HotLikeWasabi,
    Your husband is an idiot.
    I am board certified lactation consultant. That means that I am an EXPERT when it comes to breastfeeding.
    Either you lie about your husband being a pediatrician, or your man needs to go back to school. If he is really saying that after 6 months there are no medical benefits then he should have his license revoked.
    Ah, but lets not forget that many Dr.'s get funds from disgusting formula companies for peddling their formucrap to new mothers who don't know any better.
    So yeah, either you are a liar, married to a man who is not fit to do his job, or he is sacrificing the lives of babies for cash.
    Wow. You must be so proud *eye roll*

    If for some chance you are really married to a DR, I wish knew he was so I could report him.
    Dr,'s can be forced to take breastfeeding classes (which I teach, BTW) Your husband needs to take a few.

    The true fact is that at the end of the first year the immunities DOUBLE from what they were at one month of age.

    The WHO (that stands for World Health Organization in case your moron husband thinks it's some sort children's book) recommends that mothers nurse for TWO years, and then as long after that as mom and child are comfortable.

  20. 420

    Re: Babiesandbellies – The lactation consultants at the hospital i went to were awful and I asked that they leave me alone with my second child. If breastfeeding is so natural, why do they even need lactation consultants?

  21. 421

    Re: poisanna – Because we've made breastfeeding so taboo that no one does it in public or around other mothers. We've forgotten how to breastfeed as a society, even our mothers (most in my generation) didn't. They were told formula was better…we're now trying to get ourselves out of this whole and need experts to teach us how to do it again.

  22. 422

    Re: poisanna
    There are bad apples in every profession.
    I gave birth to all my children in the comfort of my own home, but I do work in a hospital, and even though the LC's that I work with are wonderful, there are some out there who are not.

    By the way, always make sure your lactation consultant is truly board certified.
    It's very easy for someone to take a few classes and then call themselves a lactation consultant. That is not right, though.
    Be sure to ask what her board ID number is. All IBCLC's (international board certified lactation consultant) have one.
    Also, hospitals are corrupt. A lot of them wont balk at hiring someone with minimal training just so that they can keep the WHO of their backs. They pay malpractice insurance for a reason, ya know.

    As per your question that can't possibly be a serious one; even things that are normal and natural need help sometimes.
    Sleep is one of the most normal, natural and needed things in the world, however, there are still people who suffer from insomnia.

  23. 423

    My kid is 8 months and I plan to breastfeed for at least a year!


    Our country is stupid, other places in the world don't care, its the best for baby and mom… it's burns 400 calories a day, that's like running for for 45 min. I look good and my baby is never sick, crawled early, talked early, walks early!

  24. 424

    Re: mamacita402 – You sound like a superficial bee-yotch! Your breasts were made for you babies, not you're man… I bet you have a low IQ! Stop Breeding!

  25. 425

    Re: fuzzbucket – You're an idiot! Read a book!

  26. 426

    I breastfed my daughter until recently. *She just turned 3* And my son is 7 months and I'll nurse him until he self weans- The World Health Organization reccommends breastfeeding until at LEAST TWO … The child benefits as long as they breastfeed.

  27. 427

    Re: Habibti
    Sounds like you did some tandem nursing :)
    I was still nursing my first when my second was born, then I was still nursing my second when my third was born. I got my tubes tied when my third was 3 months old. 3 months after that I got pregnant…with twins! Very unexpected to say the least!
    When they were born I was still nursing the third one, so at one point I was nursing three kids at once. LOL

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