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Brangelina Is Pissed At Jen!

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Oh boy!

Jennifer Aniston really opened a can of worms when she opened her mouth in that Vogue interview.

The perpetually-whining actress got a phone call from her ex-husband Brad Pitt, who was none too pleased about the interview in which Maniston calls Angelina "uncool" while she goes to great lengths to praise Pitt.

A source close to the Mr. & Mrs. Smith pair says that they were "totally thrown" by the piece because they thought Man "had already moved on."

Another source says that Angelina had Brad by the balls while he made that phone call to Jennifer.

Just kidding!

Sort of.

An email to Aniston's rep got a very curt "That's personal information. That really is no one's business.”

[Images by David Aguilera via Buzz Foto and WENN.]

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328 comments to “Brangelina Is Pissed At Jen!”

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  1. 101

  2. 102

    Re: Antony – You are SO right! And that response from Jen's rep makes me think that Brad and Angie really ARE pissed at Jen. She needs to stop dragging out the sob story every time she has a movie to promote - it's much more classy to say "There will be no further comment from me about my ex-husband or Angelina Jolie. I'll be happy to talk about my upcoming movies or (if she chooses) about my personal life NOW". THAT'S how you take the high road, Jen. Stop playing games. If you're REALLY over it, act like it.

  3. 103

    This reaction from Angelina isn't that surprising, she is a control freak about her image. She won't even allow her kids be photographed with their nannies, cause she doesn't want it to "appear" they are taken care of by them. Lady when you choose to have 6 kids under 6 years old, you are going to NEED the help. Accept it, embrace it…you chose it.

  4. 104

    Jen is delusional…her husband chose to end the marriage not Angelina. Even Courtne Cox said Brad was honest from the beginning and no longer wanted to be with Jen. She fails to realize that whether she likes it or not he has moved on and has children with this woman. He has never ever said anything negative about Jen. He respects her and she should respect his new life. BTW her lack of vocabulary disturbs me.

  5. 105

    seriously they have no right to be pissed at her! They both did her wrong and after Angelina made her comment Jenn had every right to say that and by the way what she said was not mean hearted, all she said was how uncool that was and IT WAS, it was pretty low down and mean. I cant stand Angelina and Brad anymore, TEAM ANISTON !! She is such a better person she doesnt have to hide behind her kids to make her self look good

  6. 106

    That is the funniest thing I heard all day. It is OK to show the world a picture of you breastfeeding and admitting that you are a dick sucking whore but it is not okay to call her uncool?
    Brad you are a piece of shit along with your hooker "partner" which you haven't even married yet but have 20 kids with already!

  7. 107

    EWW stop showing that picture of Brad he looks like ass

  8. 108

    Brad has NERVE to call Jen to blast her about her "subtle" comment about Angelina!!!! Angelina had ZERO class talking about falling in love with someone else's husband during the film Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Why should Angelina be given the green light to add insult to injury and Jen remain silent? Just because the woman adopts children from 3rd world countries makes her a saint? Does everyone fail to forget her shady past? Cutting herself, wearing blood viles around her neck, stealing Billy Bob Thornton when he was engaged to Laura Dern, etc. Agreed she is physically beautiful, talented but bottom line SHE DOESN'T GIVE A DAMN about trampling over other woman to get what she wants. As women, we should should have empathy towards Jen!

  9. FS says – reply to this


    Jen has every right to say whatever she wants after the public humiliation she faced by those 2 do gooders. angelina has no problem sneaking in underhanded and below the radar snubs but if Jen speaks up, she deserves to be yelled at? SHE WAS BRAD'S WIFE, SHE WAS THE ONE WHO WAS CHEATED ON!! Angelina is a hypocrite to judge her father for the very same things that SHE DOES. Billy Bob and Laura Dern, remember anyone?? And then Brad Pitt. It very clear that Brad and Ang are meant to be BUT they could've handled the situation with more decorum and integrity instead of rubbing their adultery and relationship in Jen's face on a constant and consistent basis AND when she was still in a lot of distress. I can only imagine how hard it was for Jen to get over this, maybe its something you never fully get over. I hope Jen writes a book, that would be the best thing and cathartic……..lets hear the real story Jen and make those 2 bastards get whats coming to them. Its due time and your silence will be deafening.

  10. 110

    but it's ok for angelina to talk talk about it? just not jen?

  11. 111

    Re: geminibabe – Lol good one geminibabe……

  12. 112

    so angelina can talk about it four years later but jen can't…thats bullsh*t….angelina talks all the time about how they fell in love….it would be hard to get over your ex when his new lady constantly is rubbing it in your face….i have lost all respect for brad

  13. 113

    some people take marrage seriuosly unlike angelina who seduces married men to leave their wives then brag about it . i do not care how long it is if you truly loved that person it will hurt . why can't they move on and stop talking about it

  14. 114

    Brangelina needs to shut the fuck up!!! Angelina can talk about falling in love with Brad while he was married to her, but Jen doesn't have the right to say she thought that was uncool??? Those two think way too highly of themselves

  15. 115

    Seems to me like Angelina Jolie is the one who got this shit started again. She is such a bitch in sheeps clothing. Good for Jen

  16. 116

    Jen has remained quiet and ladylike for like 3yrs. Ang is the one who gave an interview talkin bout how she was all up on a married man during the filming of Mr and Mrs Smith. Jen's comment that it was "uncool" is an understatement to say the least. Team Jen on this one!

  17. 117

    Re: Nubian Goddess aka Hottentot Venus – OH how lovely the poser is back Why are you worried about me so much…Damn you truly have no life when you try to depict african americans in a negative light and start with someone who was sticking to the issues at hand posted on a blog..Are you jealous because you weigh 500 lbs and eat lard all day or is it you hate what you can never be ? Meaning beautiful witty and way above low class low lives like you and the other hate mongers on here….I pity you for your ugly both inside as well as out!

  18. AJR says – reply to this


    THE TRUTH HURTS, DOESN'T IT????????????


  19. 119

    Angelinga got that crap started. Good for Jen.

  20. 120

    What Angelina and Brad did, did suck and Angelina DID blab about how they fell inlove while making the movie and Jennifer Aniston WAS married to Brad Pitt while the movie was being made. i would have told Angelina to go suck on a vile of Brad's blood while cutting herself. I'm no fan of either one, but being dumped for someone else is totally embarrassing and hurtful and I can't imagine how it feels on such a public level. I know you can't help who you fall inlove with but Angelina should not have talked about how they fell inlove during the movie if she didn't want a response from the ex-wife. duh.

  21. 121

    Jennifer Aniston has all the rights in this world to talk about her feelings regarding her cheating ex-husband. Angelina has a hell of a nerve to get upset. You were the homewrecker, baby girl.

  22. EatMe says – reply to this


    Re: Neverevenknewhim – Who said she's not over it?? Skankalina started flapping her gums over how the affair started. Jen was asked about it in an interview. At least she showed restraint and class unlike Holie who has absolutely none.

  23. 123

    Uncool? Uncool? Let's talk about what was really uncool! Angelina having an affair with Jen's husband! Now that's really uncool! Just wait until Brad hooks up with another co-star, and reenacts his uncool behavior on Angelina,…NOW THAT WOULD BE COOL!!!!!!!! Ha! Ha!

  24. 124

    seriously perez you need to praise her for not saying anything else her saying that angie is uncool is like saying shes nice she should have called all she really is a hoebag a tramp slut b tch and all those good things big deal shes uncool oooooohhhhhhhhhh

  25. 125

    Those cheating Brangelina Bastards have no right to be upset because Jen is speaking their mind. They think because they trot around their adopted-for-publicity kids they are saints are something. All of these people need to get over themselves.

  26. 126

    Maniston needs to get over herself already. She obviously did not give Brad what he needed and he went elsewhere! Get over it and get a life! Maniston, in your next interview, lets try and not dwell on the past and focus on your future which is looking bleek!

  27. 127

    Jennifer is not needy or heartless some try to claim, the woman infact was the opposite! It seems that BRAD the egotistical terd wanted a woman to need him to assist her mother theresa syndrome antics!Angelina is the needy one, always in need of affection and recognition, the affection even transcended to smooching her brother!CMON NOW!She was a homewrecker but not alone for BRAD was more than happy to leave a vibrant and independent woman so that he too could feel needed 24/7 by their brood!ANYHOW I admire the end result their humanitarian acts have on society.HOWEVER it does not remove the fact that Angelina is a fuck whole who needs to take what is thrown at her for doing what she did to another person's marriage!FIRM FIRM believer in Karma, no matter how much good she is doing, this act WILL come back round to haunt her!FUCK OFF BRAD AND ANGELINA, LEAVE FOR JENNY ALONE!GOOD LUCK JEN, YOU HAVE REMAINED SO GRACEFUL THUS FAR AND YOU HAVE MANY PEOPLE BEHIND YOU WHO ADMIRE YOU FOR THIS!!!

  28. 128

    JEN MOVE ON! u have john mayer– LOL!! he aint no brad pitt so i guess i can undestand– how can anyone really get over that!! u need to adopt a kid or something n quit whining– be a woman about your shit– u got played coz u didn't take care of your man needs– SHEEEESHH! brad & angelina are lovely- happy with their lives — move on with your failing career that u once chose over brad!!!–

  29. 129

    brads taken inspiration from clooneys 'tache!

  30. I.Z. says – reply to this


    Team Aniston, all the way! Jennifer did a right thing: she doesn't need to ask for anybody's permission to express her feelings! Skankalina must be so pissed right now! First Brad humiliated her at Oprah's by not responding to the question if she was the love of his life and opened his mouth about Pax still peeing in his pants, now Jennifer speaks up in the Vogue interview. Anorexic bitch should have thought twice before hooking up with a married man: Karma is a bitch, baby!

  31. 131

    Jolie is a homewrecker. brad is a coward. Jen can say whatever she wants


  32. lilli says – reply to this


    Angelina Jolie was wrong to embarass Aniston publicly - why hasnt Jolie moved on! why is she publicly mining the immoral, selfish and ignoble beginning of her hook up…..that bitch is gonna get hers!!!!

  33. 133

    Angelina is MORE THEN UNCOOL!

  34. 134

    The Christians tell us that marriage is only between a man and a woman for the purpose of procreation. Jennifer did not want children because of her giant teevee career. Talented Brad continued to rise in popularity, but still wanted children. Now Jennifer has turned up the volume on her perpetual whining. GET OVER IT!! "Friends" is over and she isn't suitable for the big screen. If she wants to further her career, she should seek someone outside the public eye. She would have no competition. Her ego is way too big for her limited talent.

  35. 135

    Brad shouldn't be called a man - AJ has ripped that from him - AJ keeps giving interviews about how she meet this married man and how her kids can see them fall in love well guess what he was married and finally the wife speak out saying that was uncool - guess what that was uncool - Brad and AJ should go away and just shut up maybe now that Jennifer finally said something they will - I'm hoping and praying they go away!

  36. 136

    THEY'RE pissed?!! Well, bfd. Who cares? So Angelina can't handle being called uncool? Poor baby. She really wouldn't like what I would call her if I were Jennifer! If you put yourself in the position of being an adulterer you'd better be able to take the heat for your actions. Angelina and Brad should be happy that Jennifer kept things as low-key as she has. How can they be so dense as to expect her not to say anything after what they did so publicly to her? What a couple of insensitive pigs. Angelina is the one who dug up the whole situation with her comment about how her kids could see the movie where their parents fell in love. Did she really think that Jen was supposed to sit back and not say anything? Bitch!! I have no sympathy for Brad and Angelina at all. Saint Angelina? Ha! Go Jennifer!!

  37. 137

    who cares if Brad is mad - I know I wouldn't be!

  38. 138

    angelina is a bitch deal with it perez and all you other ass lickers

  39. 139

    Sounds like Angelina is the one that is whining. OH BOO HOO, Now people are going to know that I am a WHORE!!!! Brad is just as bad, god get some balls!

  40. 140

    Aww, poor Brad. He can't take negative press when the truth hurts. He cheated on Jennifer. Jennifer had every right to make the comment because of what whore Angelina said about falling in love with Brad during "Mr and Mrs Smith". I am happy that the pair got slapped back in the face. I can't stand any of these people.

  41. 141

    I knew that would happen if Jen opened her mouth about it, they made her look silly and like shes not over it.
    It was cunning of them to turn it around on Jen but by rising to them its her who looks the victim again. Poor Jen, but she really should have kept quiet about the situation.

  42. 142

    Brad's just pissed because Jen called Ange's remark uncool and Jen is right-don't rub the girl's face in it,Ange. Ange could invent a cure for Aids and she's still be a class A bitch.

  43. 143

    Awww I feel bad for Jen, what was she expecting for Brad to side with her?? That sucks, as for Ange I cant believe she would set that bad example for her kids. Yeah mommy fucked a married man =( I like Ange and Brad I just dont live their love affair or how it started. Eventhough they seem so happy it makes me suck.

  44. 144

    Re: Jenfraud – shut the fuck up you dont even know what you are saying shitface

  45. 145

    If that's true it just cements my opinion of Brad and Angelina. The higher road would be to not say anything and let it die - Jennifer was the ONLY ONE wronged in this triangle. If I were Jennifer when he called, I would have said, "Sorry, do you think I owe you anything?"

  46. 146

    Team Anistonnnn. She has a reason to be pissed. I have respect for Jolie for all that she does but as far as this issue, Jen all the way. And Brad needs to stfu because he's done a lot worse than Jen whining a little in a magazine about a topic she didn't even bring up herself.

  47. 147

    It is way beyond time for Aniston to let it go . . . .it is over, he has a new life with 6 kids, let it go . . . , go get your own life and live it

  48. 148

    leave it along… Jenn has every right to be pissed… answer this question did she or did she NOT steal Brad ? exactly she DID so don't pin to her as a victim

  49. 149

    I dont blame them what done is done it's been 4 yrs and 6 kids later and she really is talikin all this shit now get over it shit happens sometines it's the way u handle that makes u stronger see angelina compared to Jen who keeps complaining for gossip!

  50. 150

    Jen opened up the can of worms? I think not, Brad and his husband stealing GF is the one who started this entire thing. Those 2 bout make me sick, ok, there good with the whole good will thing, giving to others, having kid after kid after kid. That does not make up for what they did. Maybe Angelina and Brad need to take a long look in the miiror before feeling all offended by Jen's remars. Thay have alot of nerve. Its not like she called her a S**T, all she said was that her comments where Uncool! Dang, I think Jen has held her composure long enough, she was hurt, deeply.

  51. 151

    Fuck Angelina

  52. 152

    This makes no sense. Angelina just did intereview talking about falling in love with Brad while he was married. Common f*cking sense would tell you they will ask Jennifer how she felt about it! I dont even like jen much but I do feel sorry for her. Angelina should have known better then to say what she did

  53. 153

    Angelina is a skank and she deserves every bad word said about her. Karna will come around and bite her in the @$S! Team ANISTON!!!!!!!! Angelina = Skanky Aniston = Classy

    GO JEN GO!!

  54. 154

    It is called an "INTERVIEW". Interviewer asks questions. Interviewee answers questions. Jennifer answered a question honestly and kept it classy.

  55. 155

    "Totally thrown"? I'm sure that's how Jen felt when she found out Brad was unfaithful. If Brad is upset these girls aren't keeping their mouths shut - he should have kept his pants zipped! It's his fault, and he looks like shit. His karma is catching up with him. Frankly, Morticia and Brad should be grateful that Jen hasn't said more, she could have written a best-seller and trashed that blood wearing, brother sucking, Billy-Bob lovin' piece of trash.

  56. 156

    Every homewrecker needs to accept the fact that it might come back to haunt her one day! What, can't face the truth about yourself, slut?? Jennifer had every right to say what she said and we all know "uncool" is definitely an understatement.

  57. 157

    Re: myknkat

    actually,technically,she was his mistress.

  58. 158

    I believe Angelina was the one that spoke first PUBLICLY about falling in love during the making of Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Aniston has EVERY right to comment about that…even if she is over it. Angelina basically admitted they hooked up when Brad and Jen were still married. GET YOUR NOSE OUT OF ANGELINA'S ASS AND SEE HER FOR THE SKANK HO SHE IS!!!

  59. 159

    Ok, so Saint Angelina is allowed to discuss how she couldn't wait to get to work on the set of Mr & Mrs Smith and how it was all just so great and gush on and on and on….. (you get the idea). But when Jennifer says that what they did was "uncool" she gets slammed for it??? I think this is a case of practice what you preach Brangelina!!!

  60. 160

    Angelina, dear, if you can't take the heat then you shouldn't have f*cked everyone in the kitchen.

  61. 161

    How funny! Skankalina can comment on WATEVER she wants, just like hooking up with a married man, but she has a problem with being called out on it. What a couple of losers they are. I'm sooo happy that Jenn finally spoke out and let everyone know where she stood. I think that SKANKalina should consider herself lucky thats ALL she had to say, because had it been me, I'd have said alot worse than UNCOOL. BRAD IS A HYPOCRIT and ANGIE IS A SKANK who tongue kisses her brother!!! hmmmm

  62. 162

    Re: Desilu – I agree 100%

  63. 163

    Brangelina should be happy that was all Jen said.

  64. 164

    dear brad pitt,

    please tell your piehole aka jolie to shut her fucking mouth up. i'm not an aniston fan, but you are a dog and i hope karma comes back to your flea ridden ass.


  65. 165

    OMG She called her "uncool" Oh no, how horrible. I would have been calling her a lot more than that, the no good homewrecking whore.

  66. 166


  67. 167

    Re: Dee Wood
    the same Billy Bob she stole from Laura Dern.

  68. 168

    I don't get how people think that Aniston is bitter and can't let go. The reason she can't seem to get out from under all this BS is because the media always ask her about it. She has kept her cool from day one and is just now saying that it was "uncool" of AJ. And it was. Who cares if AJ is pissed about it. She is the one who started opening her mouth about it first.

  69. 169

    If this story is true, then he's got some nerve!

  70. 170

    Brad Pitt looks like shit now. I'm sure she is over him. It's about time someone called out these "saints". They are fucking annoying.

  71. 171

    I wish Jen would have also said that what Brad did was uncool… it takes two to tango. He is no better.
    I also wonder if Angie is purposefully bringing up when they fell in love to antagonize Jen OR is she just in denial about what a skanky thing she really did.

  72. 172

    Re: Seriously – I think you are right!! Marriage is supposed to be a sacred thing!! I don't think this should be about Aniston not being able to move on, I think it should be about Jolie rubbing salt in an old wound. Just because Aniston and Pitt are divorced doesn't mean an incredibly painful experience doesn't still hurt when someone rubs it in their face. I think it was disrespectul and a dig at Aniston like "ha, I stole your man!!" I think everyone should leave Aniston alone….she's entitled to feel jilted and it does take some people longer than others to move on…..especially when the media takes every opportunity to remind her of the failure of her marriage!! Not to mention Angelina making sure to talk about how her and Brad fell in love while he was still married!! I can't imagine having to see my ex everyday in papers and interviews with some woman he left me for…..people need to remember that celebrities are human beings too!!!

  73. 173

    Perez, let it go sweetheart. My question to you is why is it okay for that fish lipped bitch to talk about screwing and falling in love with a chick's husband but it's not okay for the former wife to say its fucking uncool and lowdown?? You are way too pretentious for words dear. If Jennifer were fish lipped and spoke of her righteousness you'd be neutral? Angelina and Brad dont want folks to think less of their foul asses that's why they're pissed. Jenn has a right to say what she wants. And the truth hurts.

  74. 174

    Jajaja brangelina make me laugh so much! They are so into their fame! They can parade around how they were having an affair but she cant express her feelings! Boy are those 2 twarts and made for each other! ohh if my wish came true and Jenn hooked up with Gerard Butler.. that would be a FUCK YOU to brangelina ;D!

  75. 175

    WHY DO YOU WORSHIP THIS WHORE? When will you stop protecting her and start exposing her for what she is….she is not saint the way you describe. I hope Jenn says more then calling her "uncool", she needs to call her out in front of the whole world and call her what she is…a whore, who had an affair with her husband.

  76. 176

    Oh I see, Jen says that John Mayer will never speak to the press about personal relationships ever again but she is allowed to say whatever she wants about Brangelina. I can't believe they broke up three years ago and it's still the hottest news.

  77. 177

    Come on Perez, I love your site but I can't believe you support homewreckers, where are your values? Jenn had every right to say that what Angie did was uncool because it was and Angie should not be praised for it. I don't care if you have an issue with Jenn (it's obvious from your site that you do) but come on don't be spiteful just because you like Angie, I am sure you would be downing Brad if he did what he did to Jenn to Angie.
    Jenn as every right to speak her mind about this, stop telling her to get over it, what happened with their situation is horrible and she has every right to be hurt for a long time, however long it takes her. Why do you not like her speaking her mind, because it hurts your Santa Angie (not really a saint, far far from it).
    Find your values again because it is said that you think its alright for your favourites, very sad.

  78. moon says – reply to this


    Oh hellzzzzz to the no, jen.

  79. 179

    I just had to create an account because I get so mad because you are so one sided. Jen has a right to still be mad, Angie stole her husband away. If you don’t remember this same women took Billy from his wife, slept with a woman, frenched her brother, and hired a hit man to kill herself. For Jen to call her uncool is a huge understatement. She is fake, nasty, crazy, deceitful, manipulative and a dirty whore. I don’t give a shit how much they give it’s all an act so people like her a watch her stupid movies. You need to stop with this shit where you make people look bad because your opinion gets in the way of the truth!!!!

  80. 180

    Oh sure Angelina and Brad have said quite a bit on this topic, but when Jennifer says how she feels about some of what's been said she gets her hand slapped total BS.

  81. 181

    Sienna could actually take some lessons from Ange-"how to steal a married man and keep him"( Billy Bob did walk in the end tho')

  82. 182

    Brad has been with Angelina for years now, why is Jennifer just now starting to bitch?

  83. 183

    Angelina is nothing but a homewrecker. I don't care how many kids she's adopted and saved. A whore is a whore no matter what. Jen has every right to speak out about this! I can't believe the comments actually supporting angelina. She did soooo wrong. Pay back is a bitch!

  84. 184

    ok people unless you were cheated on then don't be making fun of aniston. it hurts even way after the fact. you can be over it but when you think that person is it and the next thing you know they're someone elses it. it scars you. and angelina opened it back up. it's like she's slapping jennifer in the face saying i cant wait for our kids to watch mr and mrs smith and see us fall in love. seriously. she's a homewrecker.

  85. 185

    There is something fundamentally WRONG with Aniston. She hasn't talked to her mom in a decade, and she can't hold on to a man. ANY man. Oh, and she can't act, either.

  86. 186

    As if Angelina should be upset about anything!!!!!!!!!! Jennifer Aniston has kept quiet for all these years now. While Angelina dished about what was "personal business" in a number of articles and interviews!!! Jen has one article speaking out and Angelina is upset??? For real????

  87. 187

    seroiusly perez? you are ridiculous. how can you hate homewreckers (like sienna) but yet praise Angelina? Jennifer has every right to speak about whatever she pleases. And it's not even like she said anything bad, maybe if she spoke the truth and called angie a whore, all she did was call her uncool after she was asked a question. I think you PEREZ NEED TO GET OVER IT. Leave Jen ALONE!


    ps. you sounded horrible singing with madonna.

  88. 188

    Some needs to blow the top off Brad and Angie, I mean come on lets get real.

  89. 189

    They are all gross. Who cares!

  90. 190

    angelina started it by opening her mouth about how her and brad fell in love while he was still married to jen! why shouldn't jen lash out about that?

  91. 191

    Sorry but being disgustingly beautiful doesn't mean you get free passes to drag someone through the dirt, embarrass and ruin their life publicly and they don't get a free pass to talk about it when they are ready. Angelina was a liar when she interviewed and said she would never be attracted to a man that cheats on their wife…she was already with Brad and maybe even pregnant at the time.

    For those of you ragging on Jennifer Aniston "not being over" it…how soon would you get over the man you love cheating on you so publicly? And to be real just because she is talking about it doesn't mean she's not over it…it could be that she actually IS over it now…and can look back and, rather than say what Angelina REALLY was for fucking Brad while they were married, all she called her was "uncool."

  92. 192

    Oh No time for Angie to Get Preggers, She might not be able to keep Brad.

  93. 193

    Re: Whimsical101 – AMEN!! And it says something about a woman when she has no female friends. Notice Angelina has ZERO!

  94. 194

    1. Angelina Jolie likes the fact that she stole someone's husband. When it wears off, so will their relationship.

    2. Brad Pitt has only ever had his looks and they're going - QUICKLY

    3. Jennifer Aniston is PERFECT. Everything she says is "bigger person" of her.

  95. 195

    I think they are both amazing women in their own right! But in this case Angelina started it! Jennifer is entitled to make her statements as well. Angelina stuck her foot in her mouth by addressing that period in time specifically.

  96. bash2 says – reply to this


    brad can keep his mouth shut. aj talked and talked about falling in love with a married man. jen calls her uncool and then PRAISES BOTH OF THEM on oprah but no obviously perez would ignore that. she is over it and that's what she's saying. it's not wrong of her to say what comment hurt her. she got it out and it's done. saying one word "uncool" compared to interviews and interviews about falling in love with a married man is NOTHING. JEN IS OVER IT AND THIS MAKES IT VERY CLEAR!!!! —- those of you who don't believe it should look at the oprah interview she just gave. this is an obvious attempt to prove to mayer that she is over her past

  97. 197


  98. 198

    now this is horse shit, pez has no access to this kind of private interaction. He is just making this shit up and who cares anyway?

  99. 199


  100. 200

    Angelina opened her big mouth first, so Jen has every right to say how it made her feel. If Angelina doesn't like it she should learn to keep her big lips closed.

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