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Brangelina Is Pissed At Jen!

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Oh boy!

Jennifer Aniston really opened a can of worms when she opened her mouth in that Vogue interview.

The perpetually-whining actress got a phone call from her ex-husband Brad Pitt, who was none too pleased about the interview in which Maniston calls Angelina "uncool" while she goes to great lengths to praise Pitt.

A source close to the Mr. & Mrs. Smith pair says that they were "totally thrown" by the piece because they thought Man "had already moved on."

Another source says that Angelina had Brad by the balls while he made that phone call to Jennifer.

Just kidding!

Sort of.

An email to Aniston's rep got a very curt "That's personal information. That really is no one's business.”

[Images by David Aguilera via Buzz Foto and WENN.]

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328 comments to “Brangelina Is Pissed At Jen!”

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  1. 301

    They thought that Jen "had already moved on." how convenient? How the fuck would anyone feel if some skanky cunt stole your husband. Yeah it takes two to tango but that bitch knew he was married. hope she dies.

  2. 302

    I loath Angie, she's an disgusting human being, i have no respect for her, not because she felt for brad but how she rubs it in Jen's face. Really, Angie, you won, does that make you happy? And now that you're stucked with fugly Brad

    Jen, the fact that you praised Brad makes me like you less.

  3. 303

    I'm not buying it. The media will say anything to stir the pot. And look, it's working.

  4. 304

    Yes, I do feel Jen brought this up to promote her movie Marley & Me. Coincidentally she was on Oprah today promoting the movie. So it make sense to get people talking abt her again. Anything to generate more buzz.

  5. @v@ says – reply to this


    Jen can say what she wants. Angie certainly did lately, with a couple of not-so-careless remarks. Jen's comments are moderate and more diplomatic than most would extend. She's a class act. Who knows. Jen may be just getting started. She can express her displeasure over insensitive remarks and still be over it. It's a free world. They flatter themselves if above tale has any merit.

  6. 306

    Oprah looked VERY uncomfortable interviewing Aniston today. The audience looked uncomfortable seeing Aniston's forced grin, forced and unnatural Rachel-voice, frowning and squinting her eyes 98% during the interview. After Obama's win, something changed Oprah–she now sees through the truth and growth, and sees how truthful Brad is as a person compared to this EPITOME OF FAKE, Aniston.

  7. 307

    honestly i think "by the balls is to much". angie would have made that call if she cared, but for real she is way better then that.

  8. 308

    Perez do you see how many people disagree with you that your Sluttelina is no saint - listen to your people and stop all the bs - you pick on so many other people that deserve it - I would love to see you trash your saint just one time - Please speak the truth once in your life!

  9. 309

    Well said. Couldn't agree more. Jen and her sad camp need to seriously stop licking her wounds and GET OVER IT. Maniston, he found better than you, move on with your sad life and ugly chin.

  10. 310

    Brad and Angie are just mad that Jen finally called them out and they can't live with the guilty conscience, so they run around, adopting Third World orphans and pretending to care and do charitable things. They're just trying to make up for being the sleazeball skanks they know they are deep down inside. I bet Brad's mom totally supports Jen in all this - they are still close and Jane Pitt has never cared much for Angie - I can see why!

  11. 311

    Perez - get off this whole train. It's played out and ridiculous to say the least.

  12. 312

    Brad shut up and go count your kids!

  13. 313

    oh jolie can talk about how she wanted to bang brad everyday while he was married but she gets all butt hurt when jen says its "uncool" blow me. shes such a fuckng media whore and cant stand to have anything negative about her. guess what ange, you're fucking WEIRD. when you talk im like wtf are you talking about?? but then again thats what heroin will do to you! what do you and brad talk about anyways?? you seem like the most off, boring personality ever. at least jen was fun and quirky.

  14. 314

    Re: Jenfraud – thats the stupidest thing i have ever read on here.being an Obama supporter gives you "see though bullshit goggles?" wtf,you crazy…HAHA. maybe she was uncomfortable b.c she got a call from her ex scolding her on her feelings, and so she is walking on eggshells and Oprah tends to be invasive in her questioning. DUUUUUUHHHHHHH

  15. kimi says – reply to this


    I am so sick of hearing about Angelina. Fuck Her!!! If everyong would quit asking Jennifer about the whore she wouldn't have said anything at all. Leave her alone, she is trying to move on.

  16. 316

    Like Jen said "That's personal information. That really is no one's business.”

    She was ASKED.

    It's no one's business then nor now.

    Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN!
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    Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN!
    Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN!
    Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN!
    Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN!
    Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN!
    Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN!
    Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN!
    Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN!
    Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN! Team JEN!

  17. 317

    I think she has the right to be angry as long as she wants. Angelina is a whore who had no respect for other peoples marriages and brad is an selfish asshole who fucked around with the skank when he was married. The way they went on in public pretending nothing was going on is messed up. to make matters worse everytime she turns around all she sees is how people love Angelina because shes adopted another child or went to another country and helping someone else. Who wouldn’t be upset if they were forced to see the bitch who came between you an your husband and the whole fucken world adores her? I say shes got a right to be upset. the sad thing is in Hollywood it seems if you adopt a child you are forgiven for your whorish ways. It worked for Angelina and Madonna. Both of them have spread their legs for more then we have currently enlisted in the military. Angelina is a whore no matter how many kids she collects or how many children she feeds shes still a WHORE and brads a douche bag who couldn’t keep his dick in his pants.

  18. 318

    YAWN!! First of all, I don't believe that there was a phone call from B&A about this. Second, J was being a sly bitch in trying to imply that there was still some sort of flame for her from B. Finally, FFS When will this beehatch ever move on??? If she is soooo over it, then why didn't she just deflect the question by saying "sorry, that part of my life is over so I don't see the relevance of discussing it?" The simple answer is the whiny cow knows full well that her movies blow and the fastest way to get any publicity is to drag all this crap up again. Lets face it, she wouldn't get publicity about the calibre of her performance. At the end of the day, she was too selfish to have children, she tried to bullsh*t about it, Brad met someone who proved that it doesn't have to be a choice of children OR career and then fell in love. Whether they were swinging from the chandeliers or not when filming, it doesn't matter. Meeting A made B realise that his marriage was a sham (esp, when J had been having flings previously) and he got the hell out of dodge to be with someone who he fell for.

  19. 319

    hahahaha stupid maniston.

  20. 320

    Re: guilty of being white – apparently you do tard, you commented on it.

  21. 321

    Angelina Jolie could take me by the balls ANY time.

  22. 322

    Jen should be allowed to say whatever the hell she wants. If Angelina can't handle the truth she should just F*** off! Homewrecking bitch!!! She won't stay with Brad. Wait until a better leading man comes along she'll dump him like a hot potato.

    That's not a very flattering photo of Brad either. He looks like that Mr. Noodle off of Sesame Street in this picture. Geeze WTF?! See the effect the homewrecker is having on him?!

  23. big_T says – reply to this


    Angelina may have a huge heart when it comes to world affairs but she's still a homewreaker that should learn to keep her mouth shut. She has no right to be pissed off at Aniston when SHE stole her husband and flaunted their relationship to the whole world. So they're happy… good for them. No need to flaunt their 'love' to the entire world. Aniston has every right to say what she wants if it's the truth because if they did it, then don't be afraid to admit it. It makes me sick just seeing them together because they act as if they've done nothing wrong. A fine example they're setting for their kids.

  24. 324

    Re: Vince will Shamwow your ass – i did, and does the lovely actor James Belushi who attended the last day of ALBANIA FASHION WEEK

  25. Gigi7 says – reply to this


    Angelina may have brought it up to start something and create publicity. She was also quoted as saying that when she was working on that movie. she couldn't wait to get to work every morning to see Brad .
    Angelina has done a lot of other things for publicity in the past, ex. kissing her brother on the lips like a lover, in front of cameras.
    Anyway, I've noticed Brad is looking less and less attractive every day. He's no longer the gorgeous guy who Jennifer had a marriage with. Maybe Angelina did her a favor.

  26. 326

    LOL > this is probably TRUE!

    Another source says that Angelina had Brad by the balls while he made that phone call to Jennifer.

    Angelina is a freakin HO.. who gives a rats ass if shes upset Jen called her Uncool.. I would have said a lot worse about that tramp.

  27. 327

    Unbelievable; I have no idea who these people are behind closed doors but please help me to understand how if a woman genuinely loved a man she married, planned a future with him, shared a life with him, and gave her entire "self" to him, she could ever be expected to forget the loss of that marriage and pretend for the benefit of the public or anyone that she has no associated negative emotions. People lets get it together. Starting a sexual or romantic relationship outside of a marriage is wrong. Her ex husband was wrong; However men would not be able to do their typical man thing if it were not for females making it easy for them to do it. Women should have respect for themselves first and foremost, and for their own kind second. …Respect a marriage; If someone comes to you with some sob story about their marriage, shut it down, walk away and refer them to their husband or wife; Its a mess waiting to happen. He/she needs to be telling the sob story to his/her wife or husband and attempting to resolve issues with the person they said they would love, honor, and whatever else "until death". Everyone is entitled to a major moral "slip-up", but don't be so disrespectful as to publicly mention falling in love with someone's husband and visa versa like your "happiness" did not come at someone else's expense.

  28. 328

    Whatever "attraction" they both had could have been suppressed for the sake of respecting his vows and the third party who clearly did not envision such a shattering occurrence in her personal life.

    I could not knowingly do that to another female; If I ever lost my mind and did make the choice to be a whore who contributes to the failure of a marriage/partners reconciling and resolving their issues, I would never dare be so brazenly disrespectful as to discuss it with absolutely no shame in some public format/forum.

    And if you do people dirty and the worst you get is someone saying you were "uncool", then you should be thankful. You should take whatever verbal beatings you get while holding your head down and continue to do your penance in whatever way you feel burdened to for your moral failures; Be it popping out a million kids, buying them overseas, or whatever else.

    Angelina should count herself blessed she did not do this to a female who is not as kind as Jennifer Aniston.

    She has every right to feel bad if she does, and angry or hostile if she is. There is no time frame for grieving a loss.

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