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Taylor Needs To Move On

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Taylor Swift is treading dangerously close to Aniston territory!

Working the red carpet at last night's Country Music Awards, Taylor couldn't resist yet another jab at telephone tag ex Joe Jonas - after news was made public yesterday about his new relationship with actress Camilla Belle.

Swift told OK!, "They've been together since we broke up. That's why we broke up - because he met her."


But Taylor advises "writing songs" to overcome heartache.

She's probably been writing a lot then, since when asked if she and her ex are friends, she replied gingerly, "We don't talk."

Getting dumped sucks, Taylor. But it happens.


[Image via Mavrix Online and WENN.]

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133 comments to “Taylor Needs To Move On”

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  1. 101

    I mean she is kind of milking it but i mean she was in love and he broke her heart. Give her some time. She's young in Hollywod. But i mean if i mean had a loser bf like Joe JOnas who dumped me like that i'd be pretty pissed too.

  2. 102

    funny. she sold more cd's the first day than they sold in the first week of sales.
    taylor has true staying power. jonas's are already on the decline. i used to absolutely LOVE them, but their true colors are coming out. they have become asshole sellouts. it's sad.

  3. 103

    whens the last time you were in a relationship?! if a year from now shes still all about the breakup you can say anything you want but give the girl a break! and she didnt take a jab at him she merely stated a fact. she was probably asked abotu it to so people like you could post about it on their blogs to make money. so you should be thanking her for saying anything at all.

  4. 104

    You got dumped, life goes on. MOVE ON.
    Clearly he has.

  5. 105

    She makes my ears bleed….get over it already and put your big girl panties on!!!

  6. 106

    It's also funny how news of him and his new girlfriend broke right after Taylor did her interview with Ellen, where she totally disses him…I think people in general need to get over a lot of things(not to be too specific) so I don't think it's fair to single her out, it's her first heartbreak and to have it happen the way it did must hurt, especially at her age…give her a break!

  7. 107

    Now she's gonna cause that people hate joe or her or maybe ever both by making stupid aliances GO JOE! TEAM TAYLOR! THEY ARE BOTH STUPID!
    grow up! sometimes people break up so get over it.

  8. 108

    She's young and she got her heartbroken! Let her vent! What does it matter to you? Besides Perez….I thought you adored Taylor! Is there anyone you won't bitch about???? Cuz that would be news!

  9. 109

    i dont care how far away he is! hes rich enough to get a plane to wherever she is and do it right! grow some balls joe, dont do it over the phone!

  10. 110

    Now can you understand why he dumped her?

    She is a stalker through and through. Clingy and would not take no for an answer. You are not dumping someone over the phone when you have tried multiple times in person.

    She needs to compose herself with some dignity, she just keeps lowering herself.

  11. 111

    At least she is being Honest about it! He broke up with her over the phone, give her a break!

  12. 112

    Re: Major Dude
    lmao hahah.
    This made me spill my drink out.

  13. 113

    Taylor you have to stop bitching and get over it!! Go write some shitty-ass country music to get over it.

  14. 114

    can she please get over it!? yea it most likely really hurts but she doesnt have to blab on to the media about it…she just wants freaking attention and she needs to stop honestly! she just sounds so stupid! ever heard about private life taylor? maybe you should get a grasp on privacy?

  15. 115

    I love her but seriously Taylor its time to move on.You will find another guy.

  16. 116

    finally!! someone sees my point!!!
    it's been months–i mean heartbreak hurts, but they weren't even official until she went all "joe bashing" on us-and the media! She's so talented, and I'd hate to see her turn into Miley-look how many fans miley lost for being dramatic and rude and catty…i'd hate that to happen to someone with actual talent. I love the jonas brothers, and i like taylor…i just wish she had more class than to just tell us her side of the story…hasn't she ever done anything wrong in relationships? why is she always the victim?? i wish her and miley had some class and didn't go public with what went wrong in their split…i mean, it's called a personal life for a reason.

  17. Ammie says – reply to this


    You go, Taylor. Speak up all you want. You too, Jennifer. It's about time. I SINCERELY HOPE THAT NO ONE LISTENS TO THE PEREZ, HE'S PATHETIC.

  18. 118

    (1) Joe is too good for her. He can do better.

    (2) 18 is old enough not to be a pathetic whiner who keeps repeating herself about how he moved on from her. They weren't married: they dated a few months, he found someone he started liking more and broke up with her. Did it over the phone, which is better than the millions of teens who break up nowadays without even talking–texts, IMs, never calling back, etc. End of story.

    (3) If Joe is dating Camilla, she's much prettier than Taylor Swift and I hope she is a lot nicer.

    (4) Her performance at the CMAs yesterday was awful.

    (5) Joe is DATING now - he's a teen and that's what you're supposed to do, especially for guys as grounded as them who really want to find the right one. That may not be Camilla either, but hopefully when (if) they break up in the future, she will be a lot classier.

    (6) For now, hope he's happy with whomever he chooses to date.

    (7) 25 to 30 seconds… that's enough time to say I'm not interested in dating you anymore. She knew they were drifting apart anyway, cause she said they weren't connecting anymore.

    (8) Jonas Brothers background is Italian, Irish, German and Cherokee. I love Joe's exotic look.

    (9) The Jonas Brothers are talented, sweet, funny, smart and respectable. I adore them. Enjoyed their live concerts too; amazing show.

    (10) Perez, I agree with you totally and I like the Jo Bros too.

  19. 119

    Taylor sucks and she is so arrogant I bet that is the reason she was dumped.

    She is milking this breakup to get pity to sell more of her crappy album. pathetic!

  20. 120

    His new girlfriend is HOT and WAY prettier then Taylor. Seems nicer too, and less fake. Taylor is a fake, arrogant no-talent brat, who can't accept that Joe saw her for what she is– and told her to hit the road.


  21. 121

    i love her!!

  22. 122

    Considering they shot that video about 2 monthes ago and him and Taylor broke up at the end of October…
    That's definitly cheating. He's such a gentlemen.

  23. 123

    I think it's great she won't stop talking about it, not so she can let out her emotions and move on but… so people understand that the Jonas Brithers are asshole and not the perfect gentlemen that they try to make people think they are!

  24. 124

    Yeah but Maniston is 39 years old.

  25. 125

    Taylor claims that she is in "love" with everybody. If you ever listen to her CD you would know that she talks about a breakup in every song. I'm really sick of her aways whining abut everything. She says that she won't even remember Joe when she finds the right guy, hah. I really doubt that, he is all she talks about. She really needs to stop. She is 18 years old, she is going to have other boyfriends.
    and while im at it, leave Joe alone. I've never even been a huge fan of them and I am on his side. Seriously? all he did was breakup with her. It happens to everyone, not just Taylor. When I hear about people who used to be big fans of him and now they're not because of this almost makes me mad. You should like him for his music and talent, not because of who he dates or in this case, breaks up with. Seriously die-hard Taylor fans get over it.

  26. 126

    shes so pathetic
    get over it

    as if anyone believed they were really dating
    now shes getting attention, just like her plan
    fucking idiot

  27. 127

    she needs to get over Joe.
    he obviously broke up with her for a reason…

    Team Jonas!

  28. 128

    Ugh, what a dick.

  29. 129

    Okay, I get Taylor's point and all. She was hurt, he was a tool and a asshole for dumping her… But Taylor, well, she needs to move on… Really, get over it.

  30. 130

    Re: Taylor – what the hell is that supposed to mean?

  31. 131

    now i don't know who to believe joe or taylor!

  32. 132

    nice that once Joe actually speaks out, she comes up with something else to throw everything off her, he admits she ended the call at 27 seconds and wont take his calls, and now she says he cheated, wow! I tend not to believe this because if it was true she would have brought up that he went with someone else before.

  33. 133

    bitch get over yourself
    perez stop showing her sympathy

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