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More on the Xtina Vs Gaga Rivalry! Aguilera Continues To Steal Appropriate

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As many of you know by now, it's obvious that Christina Aguilera has been borrowing looks from Lady Gaga. Her hair, her makeup, her outfits. Even her music is starting to sound more like Gaga's!

Xtina just spoke about it for the first time.

And, now, she's dissing Gaga some more in another new interview!

Aguilera just "laughs those comparisons off" and instead she goes on to name-drop everyone that has recently inspired her, minus, Gaga. Xtina says that Sia and Goldfrapp are big inspirations for her current look and sound.

Yea, right!

And then she goes on to "borrow" Lady Gaga's terminology.

Gaga is known to describe her music as "pop art" inspired.

But Xtina says during her interview of her new look and sound, "Also, speaking of Warhol, Nico from the Velvet Underground … so it all kind of ties in to a pop-art feel and twist, with a mod look. But a futuristic taste of what's to come."

Gaga has used that same explanation forever!!!!!!!!!

In an earlier interview Gaga perviously said, Andy Warhol "made fine art out of, I don’t know, commercial … the concept of commercial work. And that’s what I’m trying to do. It’s pop music, but it’s art. It’s pop art music"

She said the same thing back in May and on other various occasions, such as stating several times, "I consider myself to make pop art music."

Even the NY Post has Gaga saying, "I want to make pop music, pop art performance and pop fashion that's taken seriously as high fashion and highbrow."

Listen, it's ok to get inspired by other musicians. But don't lie about it, Aguilera!!!!!!!

[Photo via Getty Images.]

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253 comments to “More on the Xtina Vs Gaga Rivalry! Aguilera Continues To Steal Appropriate”

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  1. 101

    Although I love both ladies… Christina does it better. Gaga is just a gimick.

  2. 102


  3. 103

    TEAM GAGA, even though I don't know who the bitch is. Christina is ugly, altered, and overrated.

  4. 104

    If CA doesn't know who LG is, that says a lot for her lack of control own image, but what else is new in the world of pop? LG makes art out of this very conceptual reality, and if CA does know about LG and is lying about it, then she's a cheating lying fraud. Either way, why not give LG, an artist without the huge $$$ or fame, a shout out for the obvious inspiration. It's not like such an acknowledgement would hurt CA.

  5. 105


  6. 106

    hey perez,
    i thought you weren't gonna talk about christina..
    only the bad things i guess..
    i guess they just have the same good taste in music, clothing, pop culture..
    christina has too much talent to waste on copying some newbie!

  7. 107

    Lady Gaga shouldn't be riding off Christina's fame. Using her name to sell records is really lame. To bad its not working cause Lady flop flop's album flopped.

  8. 108

    Lady FlopFlop shouldn't be riding off Christina's fame. Using her name to sell records is just lame. To bad it's not work cause her album flopped.

  9. 109

    This gaga lady totally stole Cher's look from her "Strong Enough" video from like 10 years ago.

  10. 110

    Xtina wins the titty round but GAGA takes the Camel Toe event.

  11. 111

    stop comparing xtina to makes me gag a

  12. 112

    All shite, no matter how you package it.

  13. 113

    As far as the look, I can't help but wonder if the problem is with Xtina's stylist(s) and not her personally.

  14. 114


  15. 115

    Haguilera been cloning a lot of people. Someone finally notice.

    Britney Spears start out dancing in video. The clone does second rate job of it.
    Britney does Pepsi. She does Coke then Pepsi. She's been trying to do everything Britney has done. What's creative about that. She does a second rate job of it too. Ie her cheap Keeps getting better video.

  16. 116


  17. 117

    Xtina's thighs look fucking HUGE in those pants…
    I mean we all know you had a baby but come on!!
    But, hey at least she's wearing pants…

  18. 118

    I love Xtina, but what is wrong with her hips? ever since she had her baby, she looks pretty disturbing ( her hips do anyways!) seriously like bugs me to watch her now! hate to say it, but its the truth! sorry Xtina!

  19. 119

    I still say they both look like a mix of Donatella and Billie Jewel with a side scoop of Madonna and a good measure of Jordan thrown in there too.
    I don't know if it's one trying to copy the other or if maybe they just have the same influences??
    Christina has a great voice it's true.
    When she first started though I thought she sounded boring and like a Britney copy.
    Then she found her voice and now she's a legend.
    So give Gaga a chance!
    She's got some good raw materials to work with she just needs more time & experience.

  20. 120

    okay I would say that Xtina is hardly stealing Lady Gaga's style. Lady Gaga looks like a confused idiot who just got hit by an American Apparel tornado. SHE LOOKS LIKE AN IDIOT, SHE IS NOT HIGH FASHION. I would say high fashion is when you don't look like your trying to hard, and Gaga looks like shes always trying too hard, from her cake face to her nasty clothes. GIVE IT UP PEREZ, Xtina takes a similar and makes it look classy. Lady Gaga is not at all original.

  21. 121

    Since I can't talk a lot. Second post. Aguilera totally cloned Pink's Misunderstood album for Stripped.

    Get the party started=Dirrty
    Don't let me get me=Beautiful
    Family Portrait=I'm ok
    Dear Diary=Voice within
    I'm just a pill=Fighter

    Aguilera's whole Back to basic tour was a rip off of Madonna's old otour
    Her whole career has been sampling ie cloning people's idea and sound.
    She's sad. She calls herself innovative but she's just a biter.

    She has criticize Britney, Beyonce, Pink, Mariah, and now Gaga and all more successful then her and creative. Star quality is when you have something unique. Aguilera you don't have that.

  22. 122

    Perez GET A LIFE… I don't think… that Christina Aguilera imitates anyone… I like her songs… I'm not crazy about her though…. Anyhow I think that she has proven throughout the years that she doesn't need to copy anyone else… She has her own and she has gotten to where she is all by herself and her God given voice… Lady Gaga has 1 hit… Christina has like…Hell I can't count that high… lol's… PUH LEEZEEE

  23. 123

    im so over christina lately, shes turning into a real nut job

  24. 124

    Chirstina is like the old run down busted up version of GAGA

    its pretty sad actually. and now she's lieing about knowing anything about her….god how pathetic. Pretty funny though.

  25. 125

    Umm, that picture of Christina is A LOT older than the picture of Lady Cameltoe. As for the "terminology" … Well, that has been around a lot longer than both Christina or Lady Transgendered. Madonna has even used it.
    If anyone is "biting" (as everyone here is calling it) anyone else, it is Lady Kaka biting Grace Jones.

    Christina is fierce. This other thing looks like she's trying her hardest to appeal to the gays and is failing miserably.

  26. 126

    Re: fabulousdivabuns – Yes! I totally agree. Both aren't orginal. And Lady Gaga is goign to be a one hit wonder. Her song "Just Dance" is SO PLAYED OUT! I heared it 5 times during a 30 minute period just listening to the radio.

  27. 127


  28. 128

    I admit not may of my friends know Gaga, but once I sing the song "Just Dance" they are like…….."Oh I love that song!" Maybe Xtina's people were counting on the fact that Lady Gaga is new and thought that everyone would assume she was biting off Xtina instead of vice versa.

  29. 129

    Re: Listen To Mayday Parade – yeah i know idiot…i meant to….someone else has paramore

  30. 130

    Stick a fork in her. She's done. Soooo LAME!

  31. 131

    I don't think Christina Aguilera would get her looks from Lady Gaga. Her hair is the style right now. A LOT of people have that haircut. As for her music, it's the same pop it has been. It is reasonable that she has not heard of Lady Gaga because I hadn't until a week or so ago. As for her not knowing if she was a woman, the word "lady" does seem drag queenish now-a-days.

  32. 132

    Also Christina mentioned Andy Warhol in her interview with "Jane" magazine in 2004. She aslo took a picture in 2004 standing in front of a Andy Warhol picture at an art museum. Way before Lady Gaga came around. So you can go somewhere with that took Andy Warhol insprition from Gaga BS.

  33. 133

    I have never even heard of GaGa outside of this blog. Team Christina :)

  34. 134

    I've seen both of them live and Christina Aguilera is by far the most talented of the two. As for looks, the only thing that I notice is the same hair and style. I honestly don't believe they sound alike, let alone look alike. I think Christina is trying to go the synth pop route and trying to become eclectic.

  35. 135

    BOOO i used to be a xtina fan, but i saw her on a recent Target commercial… and can you say SELL-OUT??!? she's so unoriginal and uninteresting now!! and it's really not cool that she's stealing Lady Gaga's stuff. i think that creatively, Lady Gaga is faaaarr more original and superior to xtina. how sad.

  36. 136

    christina is sooooo lame….isnt she old enough to be lying….come on! i love lady gaga shes just….awesome…and its pretty pathetic what xtina is doing…i think shes like way too far from being like her ha

  37. 137

    yeah right!!! y quien diantre es "LADY GAGA" ??!! lol.. XD
    your comparing a grammy award winner Christina Aguilera to an up-and-coming "LADY GAGA"..OHH PLEASEEE!! .. and yeah btw that pic like others have said is from her back to basics tour GOOGLE IT!!!

  38. 138


  39. 139

    Lady Gag is kind of gross.

  40. 140

    Lady GaGa is chill, but she just degraded herself by trying to be music's Andy Warhol…because he was such a crappy artist who tried to hard to be different when in actuality he was just a dumb fuck like the rest of us. Xtina can get over herself, because she's a little late on the train to start listening to Sia and Goldfrapp.

  41. 141

    I think everyone takes from everyone so who cares your making people hate eachother or pick sides.

  42. 142

    Lady Gaga is better. Her music reminds me of art. Xtina even ripsoff Gaga's hooded look.

  43. 143

    xtina is so fucken ugly

  44. 144

    xtina is just causing controversy she is old news and jealous that britneys come back is better, gaga is the new, fresh look. I must say at leat gaga can write her own songs and went to school, NYU that is!

  45. 145

    I've always said that christina aguilera has no personality. At first she tried to copy britneys looks, then marilyn monroe, and now lady gaga… She doesn't know herself

  46. 146

    Her music has become downright annoying and dated. I'm also tired of her PORN look. Try as she may, she OUT.

  47. 147

    Wow….I just lost all respect for you Perez and I was your biggest fan!!!

    This is low, even for you!

    Playing the bias card just because Gaga is your friend, wow, I am honestly disgusted. I guess knowing people these days really gets you places, even if you are no one!

    I guess I don't blame Christina for not buttering up to you and trying to be your bff.

  48. 148

    Christina! Lay off the chocolate!

  49. 149

    I love Xtina, but I do think she is "inspired" by Gaga.

  50. 150

    christina is a bitch, shes so annoying! lady gaga is BOMB, and xxxtina should just own up to COPING her completly!!!

  51. MBkc says – reply to this


    Ok, no one knows Lady Gaga exists. I've never seen her mentioned besides this website. And I don't think a singer as successful as Christina Aguilera would copy a nobody.

    P.S. And Christina's white suit is like the one she used for her Back to Basics tour a year and a half ago!

  52. 152

    who the hell is gaga anyway?????????? where was she when Christina was a star and still is !!! Xtina has the best voice out there and is beautiful !!!!! She doesn't need to copy some weird chick that nobody knows!!!
    It's not even right to put their names together or compair them anyhow !!!

  53. 153


    this whole thing is a big fucking ridiculous JOKE. People are freaking out about country singers singing the same kind of country music are they? HEY GUESS WHAT both of these women are POP SINGERS… big surprise they might have similar SOUNDS STYLES FASHIONS… whatever … ALL ART IS INSPIRED.

    WHy don't we just bring in every other fucking platinum blonde bitch on the block and start accusing THEM of "biting" "stealing" "copying"… Gwen Stefani? Pamela Anderson? The Girls Next door? Pink has platinum hair now too… How about Marilyn Monroe… ? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm…?

    No one gave a flying fuck when Christina was running around lookin like Marilyn Monroe… being all "Old School Glam"… OBVIOUSLY inspired by fashions and sounds from back in the day…

    Christina's been my girl since THE BEGINNING… but I'm not going to sit here and talk SHIT about GaGa… leave it you drama bullshit loving FUCKS to pit two wonderfully talented ARTISTS against each other…

    Christina has nothing to prove. Her talent has gotten her to where she is… and she'll continue to reign supreme.

  54. 154

    who the hell is gaga anyway?????????? where was she when Christina was a star and still is !!! Xtina has the best voice out there and is beautiful !!!!! She doesn't need to copy some weird chick that nobody knows!!!
    It's not even right to put their names together or compare them anyhow !!!

  55. 155

    gaga sucks go xstina! :] :]

  56. 156

    Re: PONYBOY – you actually have a sense of humor but your a fucking cunt idiot.and why on earth would you think i would get upset or something,before i even read the part at the end where you tried to make it obvious you were trying to annoy me,i was actually flattered and laughing that you copied me.let me know if you need any more help with anything like vows or speeches of any kind your parents funeral….whatever just let me know if you need any material,id be delighted to help.ga ga my ass!!

  57. 157

    this is the only place i've EVER heard of gaga…and to be honest I agree with Xtina…its hard to tell if the name Lady Gaga is an actual female or a drag queen name…come to think of it looking at the photo it might be a drag queen!!!!

  58. 158

    Re: PONYBOY – and for the record i am not into christina all that much but for fuck sake i can see talent when its right in front of me and christina has talent even if im not into her stuff and this goo goo idiot doesnt have it,shell fade away, youll see.

  59. 159

    Lady Gaguilera!

  60. 160

    Stefani Germanta (LG's real name) did not START any of these looks, btw. She's "appropriating" them from Blondie, Madonna, Cher, Gwen Stefani, Goldfrapp and many other pop artists (no, this term "pop art" is not new, Perez-boy) from the past. That being said, you prolly have Germy calling you freaking out that Xtina is doing the look BETTER.
    Germy, if you took a little more effort you, too…could look hot like Xtina - you're getting closer….almost…there….

  61. 161

    Lady gaga is very talented! Its a shame the good singers dont get recognized! So Christina thinks "well ill pick off this chicks style cause shes a nobody" well guess what BITCH we know her!

  62. RDRH says – reply to this


    There is NOOOOOO reason on this earth for Christina to need to "borrow" ideas from a wannabe. Christina is genuinely talented and has made a huge name for herself. Look how long she's been around? Her vocals are genuinely amazing. Like her or not, she's a good singer. Unless the life of her child depended on it, there is no reason for an A-lister to steal ideas from a no one. She's smart enough to know that in this business you do not copy unless it's from a legend. Why would she purposely put herself out there for a jerk like fat perez to make fun? Please. Let's use some logic for once.

    Not a huge fan of either.

  63. 163

    Re: Parramore

    Oh, so sorry, on what planet is Gaga "HUGE", ’cause I've been on earth, and I don't know who the hell she is. I've only ever heard that name here.

  64. RDRH says – reply to this


    Re: MBitch

    She's not huge. She has her own tranny, NYC and euro-trash following. She'll die down in a couple of years. And hopefull, go away.

    And don't know if you know this, unlike CHRISTINA, lady Gag comes from upper east side money. Daddy and mommy pulled strings so this bitch wouldn't have to go to college after finishing school. Must be nice…

  65. 165

    So, exactly how is Christina biting Gaga's style in the above picture? Christina wore that outfit way before Gaga. Who gives a shit even Christina has the same hair style that aint even Gaga's real hair! Its a fucking wig! .. I bet she bite the hair style from Susan Somers cause you know she is blonde with bangs!

  66. 166

    christina was always changing her music and looks even before lady gaga popped out of the scene, if christina would copy, she wouldn't make it that obvious, let's not blame it all to her, maybe her stylist did that. it wasn't her fault. and perez, don't be bias, just because you like lady gaga better than christina, it doesn't mean that you can say that christina copied gaga. we don't even know the whole story guys, so just let it be.:)

  67. coco says – reply to this


    I ask this before you judge. Lady Gaga and Christina are only similar because of the white hair and bangs. Everything else is not the same. If Lady Gaga want's to make POP QUALITY MUSIC she would not be making corny songs like Just Dance and Poker Face. Quality Pop Music is like Goldfrapp, Kylie Minogue, Roisin Muprhy etc. Lady Gaga's look is not original either. Hello Roisin Murphy anyone. She can't even compare herself to a female David Bowie no matter how gay, gay, ziggy stardust era.

  68. 168

    Perez you suck ass!! literally…you use to give Christina praises before but now that gaga is getting out there more you are trying to compare her to xtina….gaga sure has great music but how long will she last for? I am pretty sure that gaga is stealing some inspiration for her look for the 80's maybe you should get mad at her for stealing someones idea!!

  69. 169

    Kay I SAW Xtina in Toronto a year ago, or more and she was so doing the whole bangs/white outfit thing before Gaga, either way it does not bother me but really there is worse going on !!!!!!!!!!!! They are both HOT and have a unique thing going on, they are similar!!!!!

  70. 170

    Xtina rocks my world!! Lady Blah Blah….Who???

  71. 171

    Lady Gaga tries too hard

  72. 172

    Nico, i summon you from the dead to come and shut these stupid asses up!

  73. 173

    christina need to STFU
    like seriously!,
    you gon try to steal/jock someone else's swagg
    and wanna play off like who df is this chick?
    woah she just lost major brownie points in my book
    never really liked her tho,
    Lady GaGa on the other hand is HAWT i love her style shes so unique
    i second/love the whole pop art music thing

  74. 174


  75. 175

    Re: Friend of P

    you again? get your head out of your ass and stop being such hater. You don't even know what the fuck you're talking about. BYE.

  76. 176

    come on haters, who the hell knew this gaga women?! she's getting famous jux because a fucking famous and successful artist like xtina has a similar style! who cares abt the damn gaga, get a life haters!

  77. 177

    First off, whoever doesnt know who LAdy GaGa is should come out from under the rock in which they are living under and join the real world. . .
    Second, it is so unbelievable that X-Tina thinks we (the public) are so ignorant, that we are gonna believe the lies and bullshit she is feeding us. This BITCH knows who GaGa is and has known for some time now. . .

    Tina. . .your a dumb bitch who has been stealing other artists ideas and looks for many years now. .do us all a favor and fucking retire!

    you dont belong to the gays anymore. . .we are OVER IT!

    GaGa is our Goddess now. . .DEAL WITH IT!

  78. AnneM says – reply to this


    To be honest, I thought that the new ad for her new album, was for Britney Spears.

    Especially the cover of the CD, she really looks like Britney

  79. 179

    That aguilara bitch looks like porn star patricia pettite who is much more talented at double penetration than these skanks.

  80. 180

    Lady Gaga had ONE hit song, she's a fucking nobody. Who cares?

  81. 181

    Maybe someone advised Aguilera this new look before she even knew who Lady Gaga was, and now it's too late to go back.
    I have to say, it's pretty clear someone ripped someone else off. And Gaga is definitely more original in her attempts.

  82. 182

    Christina is gorgeous! She is a bad ass and she has a set of lungs, the woman can sing!! What Celebrity's don't copy each other???I don't know who the hell this Lady Gaga is, but I sure know who Christina Aguilera is……….enough said.

  83. 183

    Re: Miryyyy – Yeah, that's why it's easier to rip off someone's style, when their less known…maybe the Christina camp thought it was going to fly, but it's not.
    Obviously Christina's been around longer, but she's never had one single style - she keeps changing, so the "she been around longer" or "she's more well known" has absolutely NO basis in this ordeal.
    At least Lady Gaga isn't a catty bitch when she talks about their similar styles, where Christina is…and there's the reason why she's so effing defensive.

  84. 184


  85. 185

    wowza look at that camel toe on gaga!

  86. 186

    Back off Perez You Fat fucking Bitch!!! What's your deal with Xtina???? Christina mentioned during her pregnancy that she was going for a more futuristic look and sound that was inspired by Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. It's on the record too! Her Inspire Perfume and Commercial is also inspired by Pop Art and Futuristic Tokyo settings. Why all the Hate Perez Hasn't Madonna taught you anything or is she that full of Shit too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. 187

    Yeah, and about a zillion rock stars before dumbass Gaga said music was pop art, Perez, you dipshit! You are really starting to annoy me with your loud ignorance. I used to like this blog, dammit.

  88. 188

    I was sooo excited when I 1st saw what Lady GaGa looked like. Her style is ridiculous but her music does no measure up. On the other hand, I think as far as Christina's "look" right now is a total GaGa copycat but Christina's new music is waaaaaaaaaaaaay better than the poppy Colby O'Donis collaborations GaGa is putting out there. If GaGa's sound was as good as she looked i'de b on the GaGa train also. I love Christina's current direction in music but would rather watch Gaga on mute.

  89. 189

    Wow man! on day you say a thing the other you say another. Let me tell you that the outfit of Christina in that pic is so Back to Basics Tour (2006) so where's the copy? Besides, the Christina had that hair cut in 2004 but with black hair.. so where's the copy? Andy Warhol Pop-Art inspiration has copyright from gaga or something? so i have to say that Lady Gaga is copying Belanova from Mexico!! OMG! she's the same thing but blond.. her music, her style, her hair, her outfit.. i mean if i start to search deeper everybody is copying everybody. At least Gaga doesn't have the same voice of Christina, the talent of Christina, the career of Christina.. otherwise she is a 100% copy! my god.. this is so unffair.. Christina had been working with originality for many years.. for 10 years i mean. So.. I think there are other no-talented celebrities to bother.. like Britney Spears for example.. but the world is going crazy.. they want Talented artist go down! so. After all Lady Gaga has to thanks a lot Christina.. hey Gaga's a big famous celebrity now!

  90. 190

    she probably doesn't even know who sia or goldfrapp is..

    Team Gaga

  91. 191

    ok..1. christina has ALWAYS been a big fan of andy warhol, so to say that she is now all of a sudden a fan just cuz of gaga is a huge load of crap and u know it. 2. that outfit that christina is wearing in the pic is from her back to basics tour which was in 2006, way before anyone ever knew about gaga. 3. in one of gagas videos she is wearing a sailor hat, but how come no one says shes copying christina? anyone ever seen the candyman vid? the sailor hat thing has been done. 4. the pics where they are covering their faces with striped sweaters, christinas was out first becuz it was PART OF A PROMO FOR B2B! gagas is FROM HER VIDEO WHICH JUST CAME OUT! so where is all this bias coming from perez and all u other ignorant people? GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT BEFORE U MAKE JUDGEMENTS! christina is one of the most talented people out there..way more than gagster. this whole thing is getting old real fast..its rediculous. christina is pop royalty, u should be bowing down to her. and if christina wanted to copy someone, im sure she'd pick someone with much better talent and integrity than gagster. gag cant even compare to christina. shes only famous now becuz of all the hype everyones making. no one ever even heard of her till last friggin week!

  92. 192

    Who gives a rat's azz about either of these freak bitches. Pop art? Is that what they call the garbage they peddle? Manufactured horse shit is what I call it.

  93. 193

    You're soooo horrible Perez, you used to like Christina, now I see your "new Friend" Lady Gaga, whose single is a flop, so is her album did u know her music has gone from no. 17 to 36? hahahaha… Lady GAGA is a "0" next to Christina, I wonder if her single will ever get a Grammy jajajaja

  94. 194

    Lady who?? it's so silly to compare these two. Christina doesn't need her popart something or appearance. She is glorious we all know that. Screw the other girl..

  95. 195

    Who the bloody hell is Lady Gaga?!

  96. 196

    i'll give it to you with the other outfits but in this picture they are just both wearing white

  97. ydur says – reply to this


    Lady Who?
    WTF Perez, leave her alone, not because you copy things and lie about it everyone necessarily has to do so.

  98. ydur says – reply to this


    Re: Parramore – Bitch, she's written ONLY 2 songs in two well known albums… so shut the fuck up, and get a life. Aguilera is the voice of a generation, she'll be remembered as Whitney Houston is now… Lady Gaga is gonna be more of a Cindy Lauper

  99. 199

    I like them both! But, it's undeniable that Christina's superhero costume resembles lady gaga's look. She even has the same costume as lady gaga in her new video. Christina is great, she has great talent, but I don't think it's cool for her to try to steal another stars style, especially when they are just starting. YES I know about the blender interview, and I think it was smart of gaga to deny any copyng on Christina's part, because there would be a huge backlash from all of christina's fans

  100. 200

    oh please lady gaga is not a revolutionary - if anything shes just copied what christina did!! btw the pics in this post is sooo misleadin - aguilera wore that wayyy before gaga was even famous!! how can u even compare christina and lady gag together - they might look similar but christina sings a lot better than her..plus gag's lyrics are so frickin lame

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