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Mexico City Will Give You A Hard-On

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Lots of horny old dudes might soon be retiring in Mexico City!

The Mexican capital will soon be giving out free Viagra and other impotence drugs to those men over 70 years-old.

Sex-happy Mayor Marcelo Ebrard says that the city is implementing the new plan because sexuality "has a lot to do with quality of life and our happiness."

Hell yeah!

Yesterday, Armando Ahued, the City Health Secretary, said the government will start handing out doses of one or two Viagra, Levitra or Cialis pills starting on December 1st.

Just in time for the holidays!

The pills will be distributed at three centers that focus on specializing in sexual health for the elderly.

According to Ahued, there's an estimated 112,000 men 70 or older that live in the Federal District, which has a total population of 8.7 million.

Should the United States start providing free Viagra to all men 70 and older too?

[Image via AP Images.]

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88 comments to “Mexico City Will Give You A Hard-On”

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  3. 3

    haha that's too funny…GO GRANDPA!

  4. 4

    La Diva you WHORE! That's where you are,it's like a slo-mo donkey show!

  5. 5

    that's pretty dumb… can they afford these drugs, or are they handing out generics?

  6. 6

    Obama needs these to get it up for Michelle…damn that bitch be ugly

  7. 7

    Does Mexico city provide birth control pills free to women? Does Mexico city have a good program that protects sex workers and pregnant teens?

  8. AJ. says – reply to this


    perez, i live in mexico city and please add that the government is doing this in a responsible way. these elderly men must pass a health exam before being prescribed the drug.

  9. 9

    Re: _Alice_ – Wanta get fisted?

  10. 10


  11. 11

    Hey those are my peeps and go for it Grandpa!!!! LOL!

  12. MP says – reply to this


    No, we can't afford another handout.

  13. 13

    the US shouldn't do it unless they are also providing free birth control to all women.

    which i'm guessing they don't do in mexico city - but i don't actually know - i'd love to find out that i'm wrong….

  14. 14

    GROSS! Now the women of Mexico have to deal with a bunch of horny old men.

  15. 15

    this is so very sexist. they care more about men getting a hard on than the issues involving teen pregnancy. unless, of course, they are also distributing free birth control pills - then I'm totally on board. ugh.

  16. 16

    they better be giving out free birth control too!!!! we mexicans are very fertile.

  17. 17

    Re: Big Black Dick – Do you hafta ask?

  18. 18

    yes yesyes! ahhhh!yes…oh…he died.

  19. 19

    …sounds responsible to me. They of course add a pamphlet explaining the rise of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases along with the free pills. "Kiss Me The Way You Did Last Night" but put that 'thing' away for a while…

  20. 20

    hahaha ! ! !
    1. "La Zona Rosa" will get very occupied during this up coming holyday !
    2. What about birth control? Is that free in mex?
    3. Shit, they all gonna get free blue pills and if there
    are no old ladies for the job, then i feel bad for the donkeys ! ! !
    (Green peace and peta should be informed about this)

  21. 21

    Re: Leona$ Gho$t – Wanna get fisted?

  22. 22


  23. 23

    Bravooooo Mexicoooooo !!!!!

  24. ??? says – reply to this


    Yeah! What do old people have else to do that will make them happy? Bingo? Sex is great! Let them enjoy it. But just as long as insurance provides free birth control!!!

  25. 25

    Re: _Alice_ – Tender young Alice!

  26. 26

    Re: Buster HymanNow if gramps gets a woman pregnant, he can just lock himself in his old folks home bedroom.

  27. 27


  28. 28


  29. 29

    Re: Leona$ Gho$t – HEY DARLING!

  30. 30

    Oh my f'ing head.
    Proof that this is a man's world - run by men for men.
    Who are these 70 year old dudes planning on having sex with anyway?
    I'm pretty sure it's not their 70 year old wives.
    Doesn't Mexico have one or two better things to spend its money on?

  31. 31

    Re: Big Black Dick – Spank me!

  32. 32

    ummm..unless they are handing out lube and a pill to enhance libido in women…there are going to be a lot of annoyed old ladies!

  33. 33

    Kudos Mexico! The US has to lighten up about sex.

  34. RDRH says – reply to this


    Fuck. Do Latinos even NEED this shit? Now there's gonna be even more fucking babies trying to get into our country. What a fucking waste of money and time. So glad that assbackward third world shit hole has it's priorities straight. Meanwhile… just outside the city you have homes made of tires. fucktits.

  35. 35

    anyone else hate all the e d commercials on t.v???…..i can't believe how often my kids hear the words erectile dysfunction and talk of problem stiffies lasting more than 4 hours…..makes me fucking cringe!!!

  36. 36

    They should spend that money on the poor so they'd quit jumping our fucking border.

  37. 37

    Re: Big Black Dick

  38. 38

    Re: _Alice_ – has your hater been silenced yet? can't say you didn't try to reach out :)

  39. 39

    Re: LettyB
    TEAM LettyB!!!

  40. 40

    Re: lolagyrl
    they do, every woman who atends oficial medical services provided by the goverment, all around the country, can ask for pills or comdoms according to their needs..

  41. 41

    Re: mamajud – Ahahahahahaha… I haven't seen American commercials in a while. I miss it.

  42. 42

    to answer some of the question.

    -nop they are not generics
    -yes the goverment those giveaway birthcontrol pills
    -they need to pass a health test.

    mexico city its actually a really progressive city, gay marriage is legal..no prop 8 stuff haha greetings.

  43. 43

    Re: mamajud – LOL…I don't know. But I think he's in love with me. I mean, who wouldn't be? Just look at my hair;)

  44. 44

    NO! Those old bastards had enough time for sex. Not to mention all the horny old farts who will end having heart complications after taking it.

  45. 45

  46. 46

    How stupid. Why not hand out condoms and birth control to the people who are REALLY having sex!

  47. 47

    oh, QUE RICO!
    chi HUA HUA!

  48. 48

    Hell tha fuck no, 70 year old men don't need to have sex, it stopped working for a reason.

  49. 49

    Mexicans mass produce enough…they don't need more men having sex and making MORE children.

  50. 50

    NO WONDER! My grandma lives in Mexico City, and we just heard that he got a putita knocked up! AY DIOS MIO!!!

    -La Coacha from ChismeTime.com

  51. 51

    Re: Big Black Dick – what stupidity r u talkin about. I c u keep callin me…. speak already….

  52. 52

    Imagine this is like putting a Ferrari motor in a El Dorado! As soon as it goes full blast it will probably fall apart!

  53. 53

    If they plan on providing old men these "sex" pills…they should be able to provide us females "birth control" when we officially become "women" for free. Promote sexual needs for all not for just MEN.

  54. 54

    just what we need…………..more mexicans crossing the border.

  55. 55


  56. 56

    Wasn't that part of McCains economic plan?

  57. 57

    Part of the stimulus package?

  58. 58

    Great! It will keep them off the street and in the bedroom. It'll stimulate the porn industry too.

  59. 59

    This earth is suffering a population explosion. The future will not yield enough food, or clean water for all of it's inhabitants. For whatever reason(s), Mexicans give birth to more children than they can feed or afford.
    Future wars will be fought over food and water. China and India are the worst. Some form of birth control needs to be implemented.

  60. 60

    I'm moving to Mexico City. Adios!

  61. 61

    how about a big no.

    not until they start giving women free birth control.

    lets see which one happens first.

  62. 62

    Re: sweetpiece – #57.

  63. 63

    Yeah, they should give it away…as soon as they start giving away birth control…

    Funny, male impotence drugs are covered under most prescription plans, but birth control is not….I guess it's not too funny after all.

  64. 64

    The US should first worry about the fact that my birth control is $130 a pack. THEN they can worry about old men who can't get it up.

  65. 65

    Excuse me, but why do you have to be over 70 to get this privilege? What about younger men with impotence? Doesn't their quality of life count?

  66. BJT says – reply to this


    Hello there this is crazy funny but a bit sad if these guys 70 are over have bad hearts it could give them a heart attack ut what a way to go out with a hard on in bed having sex i guess if it makes these guys happy and it a miracle that there ding dong will be able to work my grandfather has a weird heart he has not had sex in about ten years he is 69 now they need to make something healthier for guys with heart issues just a thought.

  67. Tulip says – reply to this


    Only if birth control is provided at no charge.

  68. 68

    They should be giving away birth control instead!

    Mexico City is way too overpopulated. Like much of the world.

    Now these guys can add to more unwanted pregnancies. (Cause we all know they are going o use rubbers - NOT!)

    Are people fucking stupid?

  69. 69

    I live in Mexico City and yes we can get free birth control if we need it, and free condoms, and gov't will even cover tubal litigation

  70. 70

    as long as we give free birth control to women of all ages… i'm just sayin…

  71. 71

    to everyone that‘s been wondering… women can get free birth control in Mexico in various hospitals and health centers…
    and by the way, the Federal District does have a population of around 8 million, but Mexico City as a whole has more than 20 million

  72. 72

    ha ha
    old men like sex

  73. 73

    …so the Mexican government can handle creating a large organized system to distribute ED pills but they can't manage to reform their immigration laws so it takes less than ten years for one of their citizens to immigrate LEGALLY to the US? We're all sitting in the states waiting for Mexico to fix their damn laws so we can stop being bled dry by the illegals and instead they're doing crap like this. Great country.

  74. 74

    Ya after they give women free birth control pills!!! Let's do that first!!

  75. 75

    Birth control is free in goverment hospitals.

    Same sex marriage is legal as well but just in Mexico City.

    Renfamous, go back an check who is really stoping the immigration laws and in bennefit of who, have not been authorized. Need to read more, and talk less.

  76. 76

    Only if they start handing out free birth control too (not condoms).

  77. 77

    this is awful.

  78. 78

    I am going to vomit. Thank god I'm a lesbian!!

  79. 79

    mexico city has a population of 20 million, not 8 million

  80. 80


    I'm sorry ya'll. I'm visual, and now I feel sick! I don't even want to think about, wait, my FIL is in his 60's, they still get it on! Ugh. I've got to figure out how to turn off my mind's eye!

  81. 81

    …Just what we need. -_-

  82. 82

    Re: RDRH – This.

  83. 83

    Stupid Idea always catering to men and it's even more disgusting since they are old

  84. 84

    I can't think of anything less fuckable than an old-ass Mexican.

  85. auds says – reply to this


    oh please, that's disgusting. i also love how they're focusing completely on men. what about women's sexuality? old men can live without sex, who gives a shit?

  86. 86

    OMFG Whats next free bikini's for the kids trying to swim over to Texas?

  87. 87

    Oh great, now we are gonna have horny old men crossing the border.

  88. 88

    they give away condoms, and papiloma vaccins for teenagers, thats in mexico city only, They been making this social programas lately… And yes abortion is legal, sadly in the rest on the country its another story…