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Just Askin'

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Who do U think is hotter right now????

  • Robert Pattinson (66%)
  • Zac Efron (34%)

Total Votes: 163,943

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[Efron image via WENN. Patzz image via Buzz Foto.]

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311 comments to “Just Askin'”

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  1. 101

    Robert is dumb, check out the much music interview to prove it….

  2. 102

    Rob Pattinson for sure!!!!!!!!

  3. 103

    Robert Pattinson is not hot. People just identify him as Edward so much, it makes him seem hot. It's psychological transference. Robert = Edward = OMG so Robert = OMG. Lame.

  4. 104

    Are you serious!!! obviously Rob . . you can't either compare the two, ones a proper man and the other is basically a lady boy! seriously . . eugh!! Rob is sexy as hell too which also brings me to my conclusion all the quicker ;)

  5. 105

    I vote Rob. Just because he's not a hair-obssessed pretty boy like Zaquisha.

  6. 106

    He looks damn sexy in that picture.

  7. 107


  8. 108

    Zac needs to quit wearing his makeup and maybe take a few acting classes then he will be a little better, but no one is better than Rob.

  9. 109

    EFRON! without question

  10. 110

    I never thought zac efron was attractive…

    Rob Pattinson, though… he's a hottie! Plus, I LOVE his singing voice too.

  11. 111

    None. Nick Jonas is better then both of them!!!

  12. 112

    lol so funny when i was tween zac was getting popular now to new tweens this guy(who is he btw?) i popular

  13. 113

    i don't get the obsession with this kid

  14. 114

    see both are hotties but robert patterson has a certain 'im anemic' qualities about him whereas Zac efron…er hello has anyone seen his GUNS?! he's so hot! face and bod! yum. but yeh. rob as a vampire = yummmmy!!

  15. 115

    rpatz! AH HES BEAST!!!! :D :D:D:D

  16. 116

    Definitely Rob!!! Zac still has the hot body, BUT Rob is way popular now!!

    No competition, sorry zaquisha

    I love twilight!!

  17. 117

    robert all the way.although he looks sexy no matter what,there is def.hotter ones of him than this.love robb

  18. 118


  19. 119

    patty cakes all the way

  20. 120

    Re: Lola-itis – how can you generalise like that? i MUCH prefer him as himself to him playing an American vampire! so thats one person your wrong about! Gosh he's has one of the sexiest accents and mannerisms i've seen or heard on a guy.. have you ever seen him interviewed?. . properly where he is comfortable and without the silly screaming girls who can't control their hormones, i think your missing out if you can't see what i see . . he's an intelligent, deep, complex, down to earth and interesting guy who deserves alot more then all the 13-14 year olds screaming at him for the sake of screaming, he's more of a James Dean type and i think its ridiculous even comparing him to that other guy who just does as he's told for money money money, where as Rob is so un-Hollywood and uncomfortable with the attention he's now getting and the idea of being a teen heartthrob . . .okay so can you tell i LOVE him alittle bit more than is humanly possible haha . . essay over lol :)

  21. 121

    Rob is a million percent hotter!
    He is my life!
    I LOVE HIM SO EFFIN MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Zac is ugly!

  22. 122

    I am going to have to go with neither. Sorry.

  23. 123

    Honestly, I'm not a fan of Zac Efron OR Robert Pattinson, but I don't understand the hype about Robert. He's OK looking at best…I think he looks quite good in some pictures, but judging from the above, he looks messy and just not that handsome. Mind you, I don't think Zac is that good looking either, but if I had to choose, I must say that Zac is better =\

  24. 124

    Re: DaniSonia2008 – your dumb

  25. 125

    Well, twilight is going to be huge, no matter how much I don't like that.
    Zac is more cookie cutter cute, Rob is edgy.
    I don't like Rob with his beard though.
    I like Zac. Rob is dreamy, just in a different way.

  26. 126

    i just got to meet Robert Pattinson in Philadelphia!!!!!

  27. 127

    Seriously? And Zac appeals to you because….?

  28. 128

    UMMM is this a rhetorical question?

    ALL BIASED ANSWERS ASIDE: it is obvious Zac Efron is the more attractive one. end of story.
    TWILIGHT FANS will say Robert Pattinson..a big fan myself, i admit he is no zac.

  29. 129

    Robert Pattinson is way hotter, and seems to be more interesting than Zac..

  30. 130

    Spunk Ransom for sure.

  31. 131

    Re: honey20z

    I am not even going to mention how grammatically incorrect your post is and I'll be sure not to mention the spelling. Besides that who are you to criticize a person's intelligence when you can't even write clearly yourself. Plus his answers were obviously sarcastic but I'm guessing that went over your head.

  32. 132

    Re: Lovernotafighter – Bless your poor heart. English must be your second language. And you wouldn't know James Dean if he accidentally slipped his gay dick down your throat.

  33. 133

    Two completely different comparisons! Zac Efron is just a pretty boy who probably spends more time grooming himself then a woman and never has a hair out of place, and Robert Pattinson doesn't give a rats ass how he looks and openly said he doesn't shower for weeks and his hair is all over the place (literally)… so um…. ? lol If Rob showered I'd take him!!

  34. 134

    Robert is pretty damn sexy

  35. 135

    so obviously Robert is wayyyyy sexier!!!!
    i met him in philadelphia this past week and he was even better in person

  36. 136


  37. 137

    pattinson for sure…actually looks like a straight man. efron looks like a twink, no shame in that, but a twink none the less (which as a straight girl, I'm not attracted to).

  38. 138

    was zac erfron ever hot to begin with?
    go rob patterson!!

  39. 139

    Well R-Pat is straight & tall… so hes a clear winner for me

  40. 140

    deffinetly zac
    he is sexyy to the max!

  41. 141

    Robert no doubt, on top of that I like his looks better than Zac's artificial, metrosexual ones.

  42. 142

    Re: CHANCE – Yet "cracker cunts" takes an educated person with an extended vocabulary…*roles eyes* please.

  43. 143

    i want to zooma zoom zoom in the boom boom rob thank god he is as old as me I can't mess with young boys lol

  44. 144

    barf…what if you are a gay man…or a psycho obsessed tween or 30 year old woman in denial?!!!! hahahahahhahah! NEITHER!

  45. 145

    Rob is definitely more handsome…Zac is almost too pretty, too feminine for me.

  46. 146

    rob… of course

  47. 147

    i see where you're going with this

    rpattz, obv?

  48. 148

    no contest. Robert is SO much hotter than Zac. Who can resist a ruggedly handsome man who is super nice and has a accent?

  49. 149

    ROB is soooo much hotter than Zac…….

  50. NJK says – reply to this



  51. 151

    Re: Nubian Princess With Dinner Plate – oh sweetheart . . bless . . . your very defensive aren't you? . . . that usually signifies insecurity, you should check that out with someone, maybe your parents didnt show you enough love as enough as a child . . i'm here if you need to talk, scream, cry or just blame someone for your shitty little excuse for a life.
    haha so i wouldn't know James Dean if he slipped his gay dick down my throat then (your so eloquent btw . . are you American by any chance? i guess what with just over a week ago the US took a great stride forward with Barrack being elected that someone has to let the world know that not all Americas citizens have evolved to become forward thinking people who realise different people . . different opinions, so well done you for being that said person)
    . . . ummm unless you were a close personal friend of James' i'm guessing that i know him just about as much. . or even better than you . . which isn't hard considering he made 3 films and died young . . meaning not much history to swot up on.
    Darling English isn't my first or second language then? how about try it is MY language i.e ENGLISH = ENGLAND AK.A originated in my home country of the United Kingdom, aww don't worry about it hun, we all make mistakes and look foolish at times . .and now this is your moment :D

  52. 152

    What?!?! Rob is Winning???? It's just cause he plays the Perfect and Incredible Edward Cullen. If he wasn't… he wouldn't win. I mean have you SEEN Zac's body??? Yummy…

  53. 153

    Neither…why don't you ever have an other option

  54. 154

    Rob! No contest. Zac is SO fake; pretty boy w/ zero talent.

  55. 155

    i usually chase girls but even i would fuck rob

  56. 156

    It's not hard to understand that Robert is famous because of playing Edward. BUT, Robert is getting mad love now cause people like ROBERT, not just Robert as Edward. He's a breath of fresh air and not so cookie cutter like a lot of young actors today.

  57. 157

    ps: And I think both Zac and Robert are both good looking boys naturally. I just prefer Robert's looks to Zac, he's a little more exotic and mysterious to me, where Zac is more golden boy next door. But come on, they are both good looking guys.

  58. 158

    Now that was an easy question. Pattinson of course!

  59. 159

    Re: oliver kid – hahaha good on ya ;)

  60. 160

    wow is this a joke? ROBERT ALL THE WAY! zac efron is a piece of disney crap. at least robert has substance!! and plus he so much hotter

  61. 161

    Robert for sure! Zac looks too much like a bitch!

  62. 162


  63. 163

    quite frankly they both are ugly.
    zac is sorta pretty, robert was hotter in harry potter.
    he completely ruined my image of edward.

  64. 164

    The Big Titty Blonde in the ad to the right!

  65. 165

    Robert…of course!!!

  66. 166


  67. 167

    Zac Efron is hot!

  68. 168

    Robert! btw Circus is awesome!

  69. 169

    Zac is pretty, Robbert has the whole sensual, morbid, attractive, sexyness going on for him. Is he great looking? Nope, but is he ATRACTIVE? Hell yeah!
    I think it's unfair to say that Zac is not a good actor, he's not bad, I def. think he has potential, it's just he's doing tween movies with very bad, cheesy scripts (honestly HSM: Oh my, I don't know what to do: Acting or basketball, oh my,it's sooo difficult). I go with Robert, not so pretty but VERY atractive, PLUS BRITTISH ACCENT! (r u kidding me?) xxx

  70. 170

    i like 'em a little more rugged…….these two both look like they're sporting twats

  71. 171

    Robert Pattinson is UUUUGGGGLLLLYYYY! Take a shower

  72. 172

    I voted for Robert, because he's so hot!!!!

  73. MR says – reply to this


    No contest!!! Zac is a little pretty boy poseur wearing way too much makeup. Rob is the hottest guy on earth right now.

  74. 174

    Who are these kids. The one on the left isn't old enough to drive let alone have sex. Don't you have any nekked pictures?

  75. 175

    They both are very good looking men, with two very different styles.
    Zac is more hip and trendy and clean, like Brad Pitt or Matt Damon, while Robert has that perfect balance of the scruffy-sexy look, like Johnny Depp.
    I'm still choosing Robert, though.
    Zac is just a little to feminine for me.

  76. 176

    RPatz needs to wash his hair. Then we can talk.

  77. 177

    thats just a bad picture of both of them. he should have used photoshoot pics.
    rob. hehe. =]

  78. 178

    both are super hot, but as of now…Rob pattinson rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. 179

    Re: kerry1

  80. 180

    Rob was hot before Twilight, thank you very much. You can't really compare Zaquisha and RPattz though. They're completely different verisons of hot. Zac's hot in that metro way, if you like that kind of thing. But Rob, honestly is way hotter. He's adorkable. His jawline is amazing, his accent is awesome and his acting chops are WAY BETTER than Zac Efron's. They really are. Watch his other work outside of HP and Twilight. Seriously.

  81. kady says – reply to this


    zac looks like a girl and i think people are getting over him.

  82. 182

    rob is the hottest guy ever!!!!


  83. 183

    he is fucking BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    he is all man. Zac efron looks like a wimp.

  84. 184

    Rob Pattinson by far, the definition of beauty has changed, and i like it.

  85. 185

    wowww. what a useless post.
    oh and PEREZ WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU ALL OF A SUDDEN OBSESSED WITH ZAC EFRON??? you called him "gay face" back when you used to be cool.

    oh and zac looks like a fucking woman, soo robert wins.

  86. 186


  87. 187

    they both look like pretty boys who would be scared to drive with the windows down lest it mess up their strategically place strands of hair.

  88. 188

    in the pictures zac efron is hotter but right now robert pattinson is hotter.

  89. 189

    R-Patz..duh! Zac Efron is ugly always has been always will be!

  90. 190

    I would have sex with all this white boyz.

  91. 191

    OMG! Roooob all the way!!!
    Zac puts too much make-up on….lol

  92. 192


  93. 193

    Rpattz For sure!

  94. 194

    rob could kick zacs ass any day

  95. 195

    Ha ha! In your face Gayfron!

    Team Edward!!!

  96. 196

    Rob looks greasy and dirty. Iccckkk

  97. 197

    um, rob :)

  98. 198

    Jac is losing.

    Disney will be upset.

    Does that mean that the nudie pix will leak soon?

  99. Galen says – reply to this


    efron looks like a young rob lowe in drag, the other dude is just creepy

  100. 200

    Robert is just dreamy!! Zac Efron may have a kick ass body, but that can only take him so far. Once Zac gets totally away from the Disney scene, he'll actually have to prove himself worthy of an acting career, whereas, Robert has already done theater, movies, and is a musician playing the piano and the guitar. Zac has nothing on Robert!! I can't wait to see How To Be, Little Ashes and hopefully the Summerhouse. :)

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