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Just Askin'

| Filed under: Zac EfronRobert Pattinson



Who do U think is hotter right now????

  • Robert Pattinson (66%)
  • Zac Efron (34%)

Total Votes: 163,943

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[Efron image via WENN. Patzz image via Buzz Foto.]

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311 comments to “Just Askin'”

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  1. 201

    Re: Hmilfziaz – lmao thats a very original comment lmao your funny

  2. 202

    oh plz its rob all the way…it doesnt get any better then a vampire…

  3. 203

    Re: Lovernotafighter – You just made my day! "…is MY language i.e ENGLISH = ENGLAND AK.A originated in my home country of the United Kingdom." I love the English and your sense of humor!!!

  4. 204

    Zac Efron is for sure hotter.
    I don't see what's so great about the guy from Twilight.

  5. 205

    Re: Amour7287 – yet again we agree!! those twilight obsessed girls are the only reason robert is winning.. he was even quoted says "this time last year, no one even cared who i was, now i cant want down the street, its… because i play a perfect vampire… well the vampire isnt perfect, trust me, ive read the fifth books manuscript.." haha but girls see him as edward not robert.. atleast zac is actually viewed as zac!!

  6. Laury says – reply to this


    Robert looks like he's in dire need of a shower… and a haircut. Zac Efron may have the gay look going on but at least it's a hot gay look.

  7. 207

    robert pattinson is a god.

  8. 208

    Pattison looks like deryck whibley of sum 41 (albiet taller).

  9. 209

    Zac Efron is totally not cute…and Robert Pattinson is really hot no matter what. :)

  10. 210

    edward cullens = sexy ass mother fucker
    robert pattinson= ugly ass mother fucker


    zac effron is fucking sexy and shouldnt even be compaired to this person i dont know

  11. 211

    People like Robert cause he looks like that hot ass music major in your freshman English class who's alittle musky but can play the guitar. Zac is more like that cute boy you can shop and wax with.They both have their draws!

  12. 212

    Wait, no one likes zac for zac either, though. They like him as that HSM kid, they want him to serenade them while he dribbles a basketball and shit like that.

    Both are liked mainly because of their looks and the attractive parts they play.

    And nothing is wrong with that-they are actors.

  13. 213

    rob :)

  14. 214

    Rob is extremely sexy. Brad Pitt was my celebrity fantasy for over 10 years. Rob has replaced him! It takes a sex-pot to take Brad's crown.

  15. 215

    ah sex i LOVE r-patz! he is amazing.

  16. 216

    gah he's gorgeous.

    efron? not so much.

    plus, rob is edward cullen. all zac is is….troy in HSM. ew. no thanks

    sexy perfect vampire over fake girly disney jock ANY DAY.

  17. 217

    is this working properly cuz after almost 90,000 votes the stats are the same as when i voted and there were only 42 votes…?

  18. 218

    Re: lilnino – Good point!!

  19. 219


  20. 220

    Now, that's a case of two very different looking men.

  21. 221

    I just thought of something. Zac is clearly wearing a TON of makeup in that photo while Rob is 100% natural. If Rob were wearing the same amount of makeup as Zac, it would be a much more interesting poll.

  22. 222

    dude this is a obv butt kicking by rob no need to ask this question

  23. Gemma says – reply to this


    Re: DaniSonia2008 – U Shut ur face!!!

  24. 224

    rpattz duh. not the best picture of him though, perez.

  25. 225



  26. 226

    SPUNK RANSOM!!!!!!!!

  27. 227

    Here's the thing. Robert is not FIONE but he exudes sex and Zac is well just pretty. I don't want anything that's too pretty to bend. Robert on the other hand clearly likes to be messy and dirty and that never fails.

  28. 228

    def robo!!!

  29. 229

    you forgot to add a neither option ;-P

  30. 230

    ROB PATTINSON!!! he's so damn sexy and 2 years younger then me but i'd hit that! lol

    Post more on him Perez!!! lol

  31. 231

    uuuuuummm so hot,ya robert pattinson

  32. 232

    go Edwar….I mean Robert!

  33. 233

    Both hot as hell, I gotta say zac efron though! better body.

  34. 234

    It might just be me, but Robert Pattinson kind of looks like Kenicky from Grease. Modern day version of course.

  35. 235


    Efron's going to cry when he sees this. LOL. Robert will be just be like, "Zac Efron… Who????"

    LMAO. That was awesome, Perez. TY

  36. 236

    ew neither should have been an option.. it would take a lot to drink before i found either of them attractive

  37. 237

    Robert Pattinson is sooooo brut! What is wrong with everyone? LoL..he looks so dirty!

  38. 238

    love em both cant choose! but at the moment it totally belongs to RPazz

  39. 239

    Re: lilnino – haha i loved this.

  40. 240

    wait…zac is so much hotter.

    robert kindddd of looks like a hobo
    just saying

  41. Joker says – reply to this


    haha def. Rob!

  42. 242

    R-patz easy. zac is the farthest thing from attractive- major gay face. Could perez have put more of an unflattering pic of either lol

  43. 243

    Efron is one of the ugliest looking guys I've ever seen in my life. One of his eyes looks like a pepper corn.

  44. 244

    perez i have to say robert pattinson! Hes the most beautiful man alive! he doesn't wear makeup like zach either zach is to prissy man or w/e u would like to call it hes a woosy! and i am sure robs wonderful mother has saw this and told rob he is winning haha! but rob alll the wayyy!

  45. 245

    zac is the hottest person alive.

  46. 246

    neither. they both look like little girls

  47. 247

    ROB WITHOUT A DOUBT! Zac pisses me off and the only people voting for him/defending him are little retarded teenage girls who have no idea what a real man (Rob) is. But I guess I can't blame them, in fact it's good that they're attracted to Zac and his teeny-girly ways because it'd be strange for them to be attracted to a MAN at their age. Which is weird because when I was their age I was horribly in love with JOHNNY DEPP!

  48. 248

    wowww… why is this even a contest?
    1. look at who's doing better in hollywood right now… ROB
    2. look at who's got WAYYYY more potential… ROB
    3. look at who's a serious actor… ROB
    and if we're going for looks here, rob definitely beats zac. i mean, it's a matter of opinion, but zac is quite girly-looking.
    soooo… next time compare rob to someone who's worthy of him, yes?

    oh and p.s. i think it's really funny that everyone is misspelling "pattinson"
    sheesh it's not that hard.

  49. 249

    Re: Eeyore

    Eeyore, I love you.

    ROB is a real man, Efron is a gay-face, make-up wearing little bitch, who has been crying about the fact that Robert has been getting more attention than him. LOL.

    And I had Johnny all over my walls. Man is hot.

  50. 250

    at least robert looks like a male

  51. 251


  52. 252

    Re: ShaylaRCakes
    lol! i agree!

  53. DEET says – reply to this


    have you noticed? do you think zac resembles a young rob lowe?

  54. 254

    r-patz= yummmmmmm

  55. 255

    Rob, obviously.
    Though, he's more gorgeous in person.
    Pictures don't do this man any justice!

  56. 256

    Robert. The comparison is not even close. Pre-pubescent tween fangirls (and the adult women who have the same low level of emotional maturity) only see what's on the surface - it's not surprising that they're attracted to the vapid prettiness that Zacquisha Efron so completely embodies.
    These girls and women have no sense of what truly makes a man attractive. Robert exhibits a sultry, naturally-masculine appearance, a real-world attractiveness (and just a bit of mystery) that is 10000 miles opposed to the artificiality of Efron's plastic, shallow appearence.
    Lastly, Robert's kind of looks will age gracefully, while Efron will brobably be a troll in less than ten years.

  57. Mel81 says – reply to this


    Zac Efron has a lezard face!

  58. 258

    rob is way hotter than zac…

  59. 259

    Is there a NEITHER choice? Mama no like girly men. They seriously look like butch lesbians. Where's the beef, for real??

  60. 260

    How do you answer this? Quite frankly, Zefron looks kind of like Kenny Rogers after all the plastic surgery……. and who the fuck is the guy on the right?

  61. 261

    Both are FUGALIOUS!!!

  62. 262


  63. 263

    Brooding Sexy Vampire always beats the teenybobber-HighSchool singer boy

  64. 264

    Neither, gay looking white dudes just don't do it for me Perez, but obviously this is YOUR type. Ewwwww!~

  65. 265

    I agree with some other posts that RP is not really hot enough for the Edward part, but come on, who would be? Edward is described as shockingly, inhumanly beautiful in the twilight series, so who could really live up to that? he's good looking enough, but I can't think of anyone I've ever seen that would be good looking enough to play the character of Edward as Stephenie Meyer describes him!

  66. 266

    btw saw you on muchmusic perez!! HAHA, there were ALOT of people there!!

  67. 267

    EEEEWWWW…….i just dont get it….i guess to each their own….

    but hey…..this is coming from the guys who thinks tommy lee is the hottest thing ever…..so my taste in men is definitely not the inthe majority

  68. 268

    guess who wont be seeing this shiteous movie……. um me….. harry potter peen 4 the win lol

  69. 269

    Perez you're a bitch !
    it's like if you ask me to choose between mum and dad !

    I votes Zac because he's After Rob but it's was horrible !!

  70. 270

    Re: MBitch
    Ahah thanks! :) You've just described Zefron PERFECTLY! That's EXACTLY WHAT HE IS! Everytime I see him I just think High School Musical. That's all he is… might as well change his name to Troy.. Rob on the other hand has more than proven himself talented and diverse, and he's gonna be big! I can just imagine in the future… Rob all rugged and manly like our boy Depp and Zac still looking girly with like 10 lbs of makeup, a comb over (bald from all the hairspray) and looking like Mickey Rourke.

  71. 271

    Why isn't there a "neither" button?

  72. 272

    Rob! Rob! Rob!

  73. 273

    Rob all the way….Zac is such a cocky guaperas!

  74. 274

    Robert!!! Zac is too feminine for this chick. :)

  75. 275

    isnt liking a guy who has no talent sooooo last year?

    rob is humble and sweet

    zac is arrogant and high maintenance

  76. 276

    neither look good to me. Zac looks like a 10 year old little girl (tomboy). and the other guy looks ok in his movie, but in his normal pics, he looks kind of bland.

  77. 277

    At least Robert Pattinson doesn't look like such a fucking girl

  78. 278

    i dont think robert is attractive.
    if your looking for the hot guy in twilight.
    look no further than Kellan Lutz
    fxcking sexy asss.

  79. 279

    It is out of the question!!!ROB ALL THE WAY!!!So HOOOTTTT!!!

  80. 280

    Perez, how dare you poll us to measure the hotness between Robert Thomas Pattinson to Zacqushia or whatever his name is!? Rob is not just a number, nor he need to be judged by you!

    Let him be or we will have another Leo DiCaprio in the making! Remember Titanic insanity?!

  81. 281

    Well, this is pretty unfair since I don't think Zac Effron is cute and easily resembles plastic. Even given that though, hands down, Rob.

    ::: swoons :::

  82. 282

    Rob!!!!! obviously!!!!
    zac is a so girly!

  83. 283

    None off them, they bot luk like day want to have a dump. y think by lookin at dem day luk hot wen day remind u of SHIT!!

  84. 284

    If i HAD to choose then it would be the BRITISH VAMPIRE .. R-Pat, kinda hot, kinda

  85. 285

    Robert of course…I prefer men over boys :D

  86. 286

    Robert is a yummy screw

  87. 287


    He's wayy hotter !

  88. 288

    As some have noted that may not be the best picture of Zac but that is not the best picture of Rob. The brit is definately my pic, he is simply beautiful.

  89. 289

    theres no competition…


  90. 290


  91. 291

    LOL Robert is the hottest for sure. I can't believe how big Twilight is man…


  92. 292

    Ok, seriously people, what is wrong with you. That freaky vampire looks nasty.

  93. 293

    Rob much? Pretty easy question!

  94. 294

    Zach Efron looks like a 12 year old girl
    Robert Pattison has a sexy Brittish accent
    Zach Efron starred in a musical about high school kids
    Robert Pattison stars in a movie about shockingly beautiful vampires\
    wow….that's a tough one

  95. 295

    Zac is fugly, I never got his appeal. Robert is ugly too, but ..well, he's much better than Zacquisha.

  96. 296

    Robert. I have been in love with him since Harry Potter 4. He's so hot. Plus to me Zac looks like a woman…at least in this picture he does. I don't like his eyes much. Meh…Rob also has an accent and that's just something I want….hot hot hot.

  97. Rimsy says – reply to this


    R-Patz fo sho!

  98. 298

    I love Rob!
    Not because he's playing Edward (seriouly Fangirls calm down he isn't the real Edward HE'S a human being. So wipe off ur drool)
    I love him because he seems more down to Earth and he's a great actor!

    Zac I had hated you then and forever will hate you MAN UP DANG IT!

  99. 299

    Re: DaniSonia2008 – da only reason hes even a lil hawt is cuz he packs on da man makeup!

  100. 300

    Ummm Zac Efron is overrated…he's just a pretty boy. I see guys like him all the time! Robert Pattinson on the other hand, wow! He has such a unique hottness to him. Plus, who can resist the accent I mean come on! :) -

    P.S: Vanessa can keep him (Zac).

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