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Tyra Helps A Sister Out

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On an upcoming episode of Tyra, TYRAnnosaurus Banks surprises ANTM: 11's Isis King with the sex reassignment surgery she has always wanted but could not afford.

Tyra must have recommended the same doctor she used!

Born Darrell Walls, Isis became the first transgendered woman to appear on ANTM, as well as one of the community's most visible, educating a prime time audience on many issues the trans community regularly has to deal with.

Isis, who'd been living at a shelter when she landed the spot on ANTM, breaks into tears as she discusses the discomfort of a body that does not accomodate how she truly feels about herself. Though she'd begun hormone therapy, she was going to have to put off the surgery.

Until now.

Tyra introduces her to Dr. Marci Bowers - a leading gender reassignment surgeon who is herself transgendered - who will not only perform the surgery, but foot the bill as well.

On Tuesday's show Isisi will also reveal photos of herself as a man, which she wouldn't allow on ANTM. Of the photos Isisi says, "Let's move past it now.I'm just a woman trying to compete just like everyone else."

Tyra then went on to recount a time when she too felt uncomfortable in her own body, and then went undercover as a transwoman to investigate in the real world.

Just kidding!

But we wouldn't be surprised.

Tune in to find out!

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41 comments to “Tyra Helps A Sister Out”

  1. 1

    sick of her

  2. 2

    At least this brings ratings for Tyra. She's tacky. I mean good for Isis but Tyra is a douche.

  3. 3


  4. 4

    tyra is Great :)

  5. 5

    hahahah enough with the gay's! No special treatment Perezita!

  6. 6

    Re: _Alice_ – hi alice, I need discipline

  7. 7

    I thought Tyra got her trannie work done at AAMCO>

  8. 8

    she's not black and
    proud or she would
    take off those white
    wigs.she's ugly.

  9. 9

    THERE YOU GO PUTTING A NEGATIVE SPIN ON THE TRANSGENDERED. If you're so sensitive about LGBT rights, why is it funny that you imply Tyra is transgendered? Don't you think that's putting a negative connotation on the word "trans", which is supposed to be part of your community?

  10. 10

    haha! so…

  11. 11

    THERE YOU GO PUTTING A NEGATIVE SPIN ON THE TRANSGENDERED. If you're so sensitive about LGBT rights, why is it funny that you imply Tyra is transgendered? Don't you think that's putting a negative connotation on the word "trans", which is supposed to be part of your community?

  12. 12

    Poor girl…I am glad she is getting a vagina!!! She derves one-I hope she knows how much work they are tho!

  13. 13

    I feel sorry for all the members of the LGBT community that are involuntarily stuck with your hypocritical ass as spokesperson. Hater!

  14. 14

    She speaks from experience.

    TYRA = MAN

  15. 15

    Re: Major Dude – On your fucking knees bitch. And I want slow licking. No need to hurry. Just enjoy.

  16. 16

    Re: UrMommy – Im proud of Perez…..so go back under that rock you crawled out of dipshit….

    at least someone is doing something about all this bullshit

  17. 17


  18. 18

    I was recently at a fund-raising dinner raising money for gay marraige. They also presented Isis with an award for speaking out on TV. I have to tell you, in person she is very glam and pretty, but the best part, she was just so grateful for everything. There was a real sweetness about her and I really hope that everything works out well for her.

  19. 19


  20. 20

    Re: UrMommy

    Oh give it a rest, it's boring to be sensitive all the time.

  21. 21

    Re: kcarab niessuh amabo – that is not evena a word dude….youa re showing your ignorance

    gayism….lol…..too fucking funny….

  22. 22

    is tyra trying to tell us something?! SHE was the one with a song called If I was a Boy O_o


  23. Suze says – reply to this


    Good for Isis. Too bad the gift had to come from Tyra who was clearly using this as a ratings booster for sweeps week.

  24. 24

    I think it's awesome that Perez is covering this- I think it's beautiful that Isis was able to secure the body she feels she belongs in. What I'm concerned about is the mixed message of celebrating Isis while calling Tyra a tranny in a derogatory manner. I don't feel like there's space to both encourage and denounce being transgendered in the same post.

  25. 25

    "Tyra must have recommended the same doctor she used!"

    HAHAHA…hella funny.

  26. 26

    Tyra might annoyingly try to turn every conversation back into something about her but don't hate! Tyra is georgeous. I am sadly admitting that I am an America's Next Top Model addict! Lol. :P

  27. 27

    she's heartbreaking…no one should have to feel like a prisoner in their own body. it's seems like being trapped inside hell day after day.
    i hope she has a successful op. :-)

  28. 28

    TYRAnnosaurus Banks very creative

  29. 29

    Re: UrMommy – thanks, that's just what i thought.

  30. 30

    YAY!!! I'm so happy for her, hate Tyra, but that was a nice thing to do.

  31. 31

    I'm over Tyra. Next.

  32. 32

    I love Tyra! she's probably one of the most compassionate talk show hosts out there along with Oprah.

  33. 33

    That was such a crappy clip!!

  34. 34

    oh my sweet Jesus.

    This is the most idiotic biatch I've ever seen.

    She chooses to give someone a sex operation. Did she run of ideas?
    What about world hunger?? School funding for kids deprived of any education? What about the people who are out on the streets this Thanksgiving and Christmas?

    C'mon A sex operation…?!?!?

  35. 35

    i hope the heel of her last seaons louboutin breaks and shes falls on her face… shes so fake. someone who spends her day saying how she cares about people and wants to help them but cant stop for a pic with a fan is an ungreatful tool. without fans she wouldnt be ne 1 except some tramp in a bra

  36. 36


  37. 37

    Perez you are so hypocritical and racist on your own community. And mean to boot. You better hope no one in the Hollywood community who hates you is strung out one night and takes you out. You may be infamous now but you still do not have any respect from anyone..

  38. 38

    Good for her. Re: kcarab niessuh amabo – He's gay. Seriously.

  39. tetzy says – reply to this


    I'm completely anti-homo, but if reassignment surgery makes him happy, I say good for him. Bravo Tyra - this is the first good damned thing you've done in years.

  40. 40

    I am a total Tyra fan. She is a funky, brave, intelligent, pro-homo, hot lady who tires to educate normal society about issues that deserve air time. I saw the show today and was really happy that she is helping people with their situations, and I understand a little bit more about being what it is like being 'born with the wrong parts'. Way to go Tyra & Isis!

  41. 41

    Tyra has always been such a caring TV personality.