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The Beyonce Recycling Factory, Working Overtime!

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Just sayin'!

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181 comments to “The Beyonce Recycling Factory, Working Overtime!”

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  1. 101

    They're both jay-z's puppets.

  2. 102

    This is bullshit.

    Beyonce is an original.

  3. 103

    she sure is a copy cat!!

  4. 104

    Beyonce sucks and she's always copying somebody else.
    get your own ideas woman!!

  5. 105

    Beyonce sucks, she's always copying somebody else!
    get your own ideas woman!!

  6. 106

    She copied jennifer lopez look, too.

  7. 107

    how gay of u

  8. Fweez says – reply to this


    Re: Pink_whitediamond

    Shat up WHORE !! There is only one Diva and her name Is Beyonce .

  9. Fweez says – reply to this


    Re: bethypoo

    What a stupid WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE !!!!!! Ciara' song name " Like A Boy "

  10. Fweez says – reply to this


    Re: creoledivaa

    THANK U !!! u r the beeeest :)

  11. 111

    She looks better than Rihanna in both.

  12. 112

    They both look like there copying Lady Gaga…Beyonce copies everyone remember Kylie Minogue,Dita Von Teese and Angelina Jolie.

  13. Fweez says – reply to this


    Re: Jenisis

    hahahahahahaha u didn't say anything wrong :)

    thank u

  14. Fweez says – reply to this


    Re: Obama says NO to prop H8TE

    FUCK u !! u r a fuckin hater … and no one cares about ur fuckin ass whoooore !!

    010 on ur fuckin ass .

    What a poor bitch

  15. 115

    Re: Gertrude – Yeah I remember, the chick has no originality. Beyonce is a bore, she needs to retire, she has a rich husband now, get pregnant and go away.

  16. 116

    Beyonce is gorgeous!

  17. 117

    Perez is such a hater. LOL Beyonce was around way before Rihanna. She probably gave Rihanna style tips anyway. I love both but no matter what Rihanna can't do what Beyonce can do.

  18. DH says – reply to this


    Of course she has to take someone else's unique styles becuase she's too much of an idiot to think of them herself..I fucking hate Beyonce she needs to disappear

  19. 119

    perez that is SO lame!

  20. 120

    Beyonce is old OLD washout news, she's just trying to steal RiRi's talent which Yonce lacks…obviously…

  21. 121

    i think they're both awsome!

  22. 122

    sasha fierce is better..just sayin….the truth

  23. 123

    I like Beyonce and all, but Rihanna is definitely more fierce! And her songs are better as well.

  24. 124

    "just sayin"..

    Well at least you're telling the TRUTH on that. That damn Beyotche doesn't have an original thought in her lace-front dome to save her life. Fuck that bitch and everything she stands for. By the way, she stands for nothing, but she lays for money and fame - triflin' ho.

  25. 125

    they both suck major ass (or major lips in beyonce's case) and apparently they're not that great at dressing themselves; however, they are great at applying tranny-like make up. you're princess riri BLOWS perez. oh and please try to remain objective and don't come off so opinionated…that's not why people like you.

  26. 126

    Beyonce is passe, and a lame copycat apparently. Riri rules!!!!

  27. 127

    Re: bethypoo

    Bethypoo, I know what you're trying to say, but Ciara made LIKE A BOY. Beyotche stole her swagger and put out If I Was a Boy. You were close, so I'll give you a pass.

  28. AalaA says – reply to this


    When you say Rihannn, the first thing that pops into your mind is "Beyonce's Wannabe" Beyonce is the genuine and Rihanna is the copycat :-)

  29. 129

    Re: AalaA

    You're smoking CRACK. Beyothe has NEVER been original; not even with Destiny's Child. When she came out on her own, her VERY FIRST attempt was stolen from someone else. As of late, her song "irreplaceable" was written by Ne-Yo - she NEVER paid him, but took credit for writing it. That BITCH needs to sit her lace-front WANNABE ass down somewhere.

    Now she says she wants to be Wonder Woman, then she says she wants to be the next STREISAND? Are you kidding me?

    STREISAND NEVER STOLE from anyone..SHE'S a TRUE artist, Beyotche is, like I said..nothing more than a WANNABE.

  30. sideh says – reply to this


    perez is loosing alot of respect

    open your eyes. no body even notices this shit.

    rihanna cant even dance!

    beyonce forever btch

  31. 131

    lolol…is it surprising that someone like B or Xtina "borrows" other people's looks? I mean, if you're surprised then you must believe they're great artists, rather than what they really are…a voice, and a face. People who can learn choreography. That's it. Someone else writes for them, someone else styles for them, someone else figures out everything. They're brands, money making machines, that's it.

  32. 132


  33. 133

    You are such a fat fucking bitch perez.

  34. 134

    If they look alike, if that's what you're implying, there is no way in heck that Beyonce would copy Rihanna. I have no idea why you always trash Beyonce like you have something against her. Did she kick you? What did she do to make you annoyed by her so much? Beyonce's album is better than Rihanna's by 3843493%, fyi.

    And get over it, at least she has better hair than you, yes, I went there. Who are you to talk about celebs like this when you should just look at yourself in the mirror once in a while. Sick of you hating on people you aren't even close to. Gosh, you're a sad man.

  35. 135

    Re: loves1embrace – Agreed! :O

  36. 136

    LMAOO ommggg iv never seen anyone with SMOKEY EYE SHADOW or SHOULDER PADS before!!! omg perez thats world newwwss!!!

    Perez is just picking on Beyonce cos she doesnt kiss his ass to get publicity on his site like Rihanna does!! LMAOO!!!

    the funniest thing doe is he says BEYONCE copys Rihanna when Rihanna said herself that Beyonce is one of her inspirations!!!!!!

    I dont see perez posting the ”Rihanna” haircut under the recycling section cos thats the exact same as Beyonces hair in her ME MYSELF AND I video!!!

  37. 137

    LOOK at beyonces hair in me myself and i video……. then look at rihannas 2 years later!!!

  38. 138

    When I saw Beyonce in that Gareth Pugh outfit, I though she looked so stupid! It´s not her style at all and she didn´t own the outfit! And she totally stole Rhianna´s look, or I should say her stylist stole Rhianna´s look! If you steel somebody´s look or music you should at lest be better than the original other wise you just look like a common thief!

  39. 139


  40. Relly says – reply to this


    That first one is J Lo, not Beyonce, silly! But you already knew that…

  41. eej-x says – reply to this


    rihanna is way better then her.

  42. 142

    Bitch has always copied Rihanna. Can't think of anything original I guess.
    Team Rihanna she is the new shit not that annnoying has been!!!!!

  43. 143

    oh please. u should c all the stuff rihanna jacked from beyoncé. 2 things… wow.

  44. 144

    Its not like rihanna was the first person to wear those styles!!! and rihanna doesnt own a copyright to those looks, lol!


    Perez HILTON! where did that come from?!??!?!!?!?!

  45. 145

    Re: Dizziewizzie

    LOL and Victoria Beckahms hair!

    so many ppl have done that hair b4

  46. 146

    What your sayin is that she had a nose job? Her nose was fat and now it's not.

  47. 147

    Beyonce needs to stop copying for once in her life, she's obviously biting Rihanna style but it doesn't work for her anyway

  48. 148

    Beyonce will never be rihanna, no matter how hard she tries, shes just old and boring.

  49. 149

    Shes not copying like Christina is

  50. GIO says – reply to this



  51. 151

    Stop Perez, so many designers have similar looks, stop hating on Bey!!!!

  52. 152

    WOW!!!! yeah i think beyonce needs to come up with her own things.
    yeah make up styles ARE copied but hers looks way too similar to Rihanna's.

  53. 153

    neither of these girls have any sense of original style, beyonce steals her hair from tyra and everything about rihanna was taken from fefe dobson. so they are both unoriginal at least beyonce writes music so that's her only saving grace, anyone could do what rihanna does, all you have to do is have an okay voice and stay in shape, everything else is planned out for her.

  54. 154

    RIHANNA AIN'T GOT SHIT ON BEYONCE!! Beyonce sings better, dances WAY better, and looks better than Rihanna! Plus her general attitude is way better. I love you Perez, but you are crazy! There is no comparison…Beyonce is the QUEEN B!!!

  55. 155

    both look awful

  56. 156

    Re: Aetcheight – agreed

  57. 157


  58. 158

    oh my gosh perez, you are so lame, just saying….

  59. 159

    whatever…beyonce always has and will always be ten times better than rihanna!
    And shes been around much longer than Ri and came up with a lot of things herself!

  60. 160

    yeah perez…you're really hatin on people who don't deserve it more and more these days…xtina, beyonce, jen aniston…3 successful stars and you seem 2 b the only one who has a problem with them! on us weekly there was a poll team aniston vs team jolie…last time i checked aniston wz winning by like 70:30…you defintely don't rep the majority!
    whats your deal?
    Only reason i cum on this site if for the gossip…and even that can be slightly biased! Not cool.

  61. 161

    Fool you lost your mind!! Beyonce will BLOW Rhianna out the water!! Why dontbyou post that video of her singing at that talent show? Just saying…

  62. 162

    But Rihanna copied Fefe Dobson. Seriously, go check it out.

  63. 163

    Rihanna > Beyonce.
    I hate Beyonce with a passion lol, ugly 30 year old bitch looks like she's in her mid 40's.

  64. 164

    hahaha I just noticed that red outfit Rihanna is wearing looks like a modern version that Milli Vinilli wore! hahahahaha

  65. lanie says – reply to this


    um, back in the day didn't you try to say "riri" was biting beyonce's style? from working with jayz right on down to beyonce's pit sniffing pose? yeah. someone's always copying someone. get over it pez head. you aren't exactly an original either. and this isn't exactly interesting.

  66. 166

    yeah, sorry dude, riri doesn't have exclusive rights on the smokey eye!

  67. 167

    The smokey eye is not good evidence, but the shoulder pad outfit is!! What an pug fugly thing to wear and then to copy!!

  68. 168

    ohh, like structured costume jackets and dramatic eyes were INVENTED by rihanna… with the whole lady gaga/xtina thing going on, i think people are just a bit too quick to jump to the "copycat" claim

  69. 169

    Wow Bitchonce stans come on Perez too, wow great no where for me to BITCH!!! Riri is new peeps give her a chance to prove herself against BITCHONCE!!!

  70. 170

    ohhhh SN-APPP! you did it again Pretzelz…you did it again, papi lol. Classic.

  71. 171


  72. 172


  73. 173

    OMG! how can you even sugest Beyonce copies Rihanna… Beyonce = Queen, Rihanna = Lame Wannabe who will never fit in unless she wears odd clothes and flaunts that forehead, work the forehead girl!!

  74. 174

    oh my gosh! you grown people are sooo sad! especially the gay bastard that made up this junk.Beyonce is eveything you wish you could be and more. shes rich famous and beautiful,just like you wish you could be. never could you talk about copying cause your life and career is nun but a copy. so you see who is the real perpatrator(cant spell it:) the only reason somebody know who you iz becuase of a mistake by yo momma and the fool that hired you.

  75. 175

    yall need to shut the f*** up she can do anything she want to. and and where i come from callin someone"ri ri"(retard rihanna) is disrespect!

  76. 176

    yeah.. so weak. i didnt know celebs wore makup. or clothes. we've never seen more than one celeb look alike. lets just compare them all. ooh ooh. a lot of them wear jeans and a tshirt a lot. oh shit. we knew that. come on perez. im just saying. get some good stuff.

  77. 177

    Re: Dizziewizzie – HELL YES

  78. 178

    Rihanna 100 times better!!!!!1

  79. 179

    beyonce copys everyone look up on google, and stop nicking mtos shit

  80. 180

    Re: Obama says NO to prop H8TE
    shut up man havent you said enough?

    i've been a fan of beyonce from day one and she has always stood by the fact that she looks up to artists such as barbard streisand, diana ross & tina turner.
    why i repeat why would she copy a girl who doesn't write her own songs, sounds terrible live, dresses like a tranny (and who is TOTALLY feeding into that fad that all the teenagers are feeding into…emo, goth, bad ass what ever you wanna call it..)
    BTW rihanna's distrubia video totally a copy of thriller by MJ…zombies, dancing etc…
    Beyonce has so much talent and will be an idol in years to come. She has been one of mine for over 11 years and will be in the very future…
    Rihanna certainly wont be in 10 years….and neither will you perez

  81. 181

    I love both of them.they are gorgeous……
    wanna Be on real TV like them and dazzle the world with your looks… Uploaded.TV allows you to upload your modeling video in www.uploaded.tv and appear on real TV, all across the world.

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