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A Meaningful Prop 8 Victory!!!!!

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The California Supreme Court has just agreed to hear the legal challenges to the recently passed gay marriage ban!

The state's highest court could have chosen not to hear any of the oppositions to the new amendment to the state constitution.

They've done the right thing today. They've done the right thing in the past. And they will (hopefully) continue to do what's right with regard to our rights!

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410 comments to “A Meaningful Prop 8 Victory!!!!!”

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  1. 201

    Re: SWEETPIECE LOVES PEREZ! – see, that's why I love ya bitch!

  2. 202

    Heather rightwing bigot,maybe you should see what our courts were designed to do.moron.

  3. kiana says – reply to this


    Re: LucyLips – Hey Lucy, do your homework girl! They didn't donate money, the church members did and they can do what they like with the money they earn. By the way, separation of church and state was set in motion to keep government out of religion. Our forefathers and those who fought for our liberties, freedom, and opportunities included "in god we trust" on numerous government documents, buildings, etc. They even said prayers in their meetings so ummmm yaaaaa. AND there you have it.

  4. 204

    Re: jackflash – maybe if we could come up with a kitchy new word…….domestic partnership just isn't very sexy….not enough dramz…….lol

  5. 205

    Re: kellymarieee – why thank you, i appreciate that. I understand those that get emotional about it (on both ends) it's a sensitive topic that brings out the best and worst of us as humans.. but it's not about attacking the other side. it's about discussing the issue openly and rationally. yes.. we need to protest and fight and boycott… that's how it's been done in the past when civil rights were not granted to other groups. It's also about knowing your shit and being able to back it up. don't come at me with your bible… because i probably know that book better then you do.

    What's even sadder is if my 4, 8 and 10 year old niece and nephews "get it" who are being raised in a 2 parent heterosexual home - why can't the rest of the world. it's not an issue of religion.. at all. it's a very very simple issue of equal rights.

    I'm sorry but if some murderer or rapist in jail can get married (and have ME pay for it) then i should be able to get married as well.

    so.. thank you :) I stole my avatar from my best friends myspace.. so i can't take all the credit

  6. 206

    Re: SWEETPIECE LOVES PEREZ! – love your new avie….you are positively GLOWING….happy bunny ;)

  7. 207

    greenghost- Actually judges have had to over-rule bigots like you many times in history,time to retract those fangs radical. The people spoke by a bare majority, and that majority shoulnt carry so so much power when it comes to deciding other peoples rights,you dont want to open up that pandoras box,especially when our supreme court decide otherwise. Another thing old woman its one thin puting your hideous picture along with bigotry,but you child is innocent.

  8. 208


  9. 209

    Krissy,you are a bigoted cnt.and thats what you are ,and if your parents were slighlty more educated you wouldnt be a bigot in their footsteps,the bush twins went to a gay wedding,whats your problem bigot.

  10. 210


  11. 211

    Perez! children are starving in AMERICA right now. I'm just curious why more people are not concerned about people's right to have BASIC needs like food, water & shelter? I have no problem with gay people at all. I love gay people. However how many children could have been fed with the hundreds of thousands of dollars donated to campaign against prop 8?

  12. 212


  13. kiana says – reply to this


    Re: knowitall – It is what it is. Doesn't matter if it's 1, 2, 3 or 20 points. If it was in your favor by even 1 point I'm sure you'd be fighting for it. The fact is the MAJORITY of the people in this great state said heck NO. AND there you have it. You don't have the right to take my rights away just to satisfy your need to be involved with someone who is of the same sex. Marriage has and always should be the right of the heterosexual community. You have your domestic partnership and/or your civil unions; be happy with that. There is a right and wrong to living whether you acknowledge it or not. Does that mean I walk around hating on people who live a gay lifestyle? Heck no, I believe they have the right to do what they like but don't think you're going to make it law or take away my rights.

  14. 214

    Millie ,are nazi scum like you going to scream activist court everytime a court doesnt agree with the agenda of the hateful republican/mormon cult. For your information rightwing bigot this court which is the court that said gays have the right to marry was a republican dominated conservative court which no on every decided was liberal until they didnt back the bigotry of the mormon cult and its republican leaders. There will be no quiet in this county until gays get full civil rights and in most trailer park republican states they have no basic protections,not civil unions.no civil rights,so it seems like the republican trash has many more problems with gays then the bs they came up with the "word marriage" Karma will hit back at you,and if Jesus does come,you hatemongers will be punished for your evil.

  15. 215

    Re: kiana
    Oh, but it's okay for you to take away their rights? Good one.

  16. jefdo says – reply to this


    That's not the way it gets done. Supreme Courts have NO right in the legislative process unless a bill or law passed violates the law or consitution. This vote does not, therefore, the courts have no business addressing it. Courts don't make policies, legislatures do, and their wills are decided by the voters. The voters made their decision on this. If protesting leads to unjust court intervention on this where will it end? Checks and balances and the separate branches were put in place to keep one another from overstepping their bounds. The court in California is in the wrong here, regardless of where you stand on the issue each part of the govt. has its place.

  17. 217

    Wowreally-so your greivence isnt with the crusades against gays in Ca,its with how dare you gay people stand up for your rights,you are pretty disgusting,why dont you do other things with your money,gay people needed to counter this assault against them,and if you study what gay people have to endure through out this county you would be shocked,screw you bigot. You should be commending Perez for what hes doing.

  18. 218

    Re: SWEETPIECE LOVES PEREZ! – yes i did. don't be shy. let's tell the world!!
    why hide?

  19. 219

    Go Cali!!! Let gays be as miserable as straight people. YAY!!

  20. 220

    Devil dawg bigot- While so many decent people have not come back from Iraq and thats sad,other ones like the trash you are married to will come back,the world isnt fair. But just remember uneducated bitch,you and your scummy trashy husband are living off the tax money of gay people that you think have no right to be equal, Hope Karma visits all the people who voted for discrimination against gay people,I really do hope you get the Karma you deserve.

  21. 221

    Re: knowitall – you love to attack people. Its funny.

  22. 222

    I have been happily married for over 8 years and have watched so many people's marriages fall apart that I don't think that most heterosexuals respect the sanctity of marriage. There is so much infidelity, disrespect, abuse, and neglect that goes on in marriage these days because people aren't prepared for the commitment and seriousness of it all. So let homosexuals get married; heterosexuals have robbed it of almost all sanctity.

  23. 223

    genghis -you can take your bigotry somewhere else,this is the site of a gay man,and if you have such a problem with gay people maybe take your republican white trash or uneducated mintority butt somewhere else. History will view you like the animal that you are.bigot.

  24. jefdo says – reply to this


    Re: knowitall
    You're the biggest hypocrite here. How can you possibly call everyone uneducated bigots? Do you read what you write? How can you call people assholes and cunts and act like you're such a great person? You do nothing but tarnish the very cause you're fighting for. Why should anyone here respect your opinions when you speak like that? Don't talk about hate, when you're the most hateful uneducated bigot here.

  25. 225

    wowreally-only the bigots like you.

  26. 226

    Re: jefdo – and… prop IS a violation of the constitution as outlined in the 14th amendment:
    “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the
    jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein
    they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the
    privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State
    deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law;
    nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

  27. 227


  28. 228

    Re: jefdo
    also: if you go with the first amendment (the one with separation of church and state)
    I have 2 points on this: it states:"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances." Most of the community who support proposition 8 do so because of religious beliefs. If proposition 8 was written to respect an establishment of religion, doesn’t that make it unconstitutional? Remember “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion…” In other words, doesn’t Amendment I of the United States Constitution indicate that Proposition 8 cannot be passed?


    "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." Therefore the government should not protect “marriage” as it is religiously defined and is not obligated (nor does it have the power to) preserve it’s sanctity

  29. 229

    Re: knowitall – I don't think anyone, especially those who donated to campaign FOR prop 8, should have given their money when there are people out there who have lost everything and can't even afford to buy food. You should also look up some new slandering words, "bigot" seems to be the only one you know.

  30. 230

    Re: wowreallywut? – Maybe "biggot" was the secret word today on Pee Wee's playhouse! ;)

  31. 231

    MAJORITY ALREADY VOTED you shithead! Thanks once again for reminding me of how much I hate liberals. Just because you're gay doesn't me your readers like hearing about this homo shit.


  32. 232

    Re: asecretchord – typo in last post ~~~> me = mean

  33. 233

    Well, maybe they will overturn it again. It's going to be a long, long process though. When the Supreme Court of California overturned the initial ban, they did so on constitutional grounds. We all know this now. Then proposition 8 was put on the ballot with the intention to ammend the state constitution to only recognize a marriage between a man and a woman.
    I know people like to argue that religion has nothing to do with it, yet when asked to come up with a valid argument, it turns into a reduntant conversation that inevitably falls on the whole "God says so" way of thinking.
    I have been looking through my old history books, and papers.
    I found something interesting that I had not mentioned till now. Though it has nothing to do with courts and legal decisions, it is still an interesting read. Please check it out, you might learn something new.

  34. jefdo says – reply to this


    Re: dansergrrl
    Those clauses do not pertain to marriage. When interpreting the constitution you can't overinterpret it or add words. If gay marriage were to apply there would need to be an ammendment made to the constitution on the issue of marriage, that would be the responsibility of the legislators NOT the judges. Policy issues and laws are often decided by the voters as well and in this case it has been.

  35. Hmmmm says – reply to this


    Even IF the California Supreme Court makes a ruling on the challenges, they can't overturn the election results, and I don't see any Court interfering with the legislative branch of government. Even if they did make a decision upholding a legal challenge, it will be a short lived victory… the 9th CIRCUS Court is certain to EFF it all up!!! They manage to eff everything up that they touch and get paid for it!
    Perez seems to think that his "GAYS" are the only ones with any rights these days. I'm over it already. What I wouldn't give for a good ole picture of "Zacquisha" or something stupid about Speidi… that should be relatively easy shouldn't it?
    Throw us a bone Perez!!!!

  36. jefdo says – reply to this


    Re: dansergrrl
    The first ammendment concerning religion doesn't apply here. Although marriage is often a religious ceremony it doesn't have to be. You can be wed in a courthouse. It's not necessarily a religious issue, but it is a legal issue. All marriages are legal unions, however, they do not have to be a religious ceremony, so this is not a violation of church and state.

  37. 237

    Re: knowitall – I think everyone should just ignore knowitall- its obviously a 10 year old girl who has nothing better to do but try to anger people on these comments-she doesn't deserve our slightest consideration.

  38. 238

    People don't really understand American Democracy…It is an ELITIST system. That is why we have a popular vote and an electoral college vote. I AGREE with our forefathers–this is BEST.

  39. 239

    Devil dawg trash,you have dinner on the table because of gay tax-payers,get it right, your husband works for us,and when scumbags in the military forget that they are fighting people who would equally kill gay people as they wouldl christians,the separtation of church and state should seem more important to you ,not less. like I said I hope Karma vitists all the bigots like you,you deserve nothing less.

  40. 240


  41. 241

    Re: knowitall – Try clicking on "reply to this" instead of typing in the name…duh.

  42. 242


  43. 243

    Wow-im sorry if you dont like name-calling and bigotry,maybe you should target the bigots in here rather then people who dont tolerate it very well like me.and if you dont like gay people or think they shouldn't have rights I think you can do something else in whatever republican southern cesspool state youre from. Shouldnt you be helping a homeless shelter,bullied kids,aids victims.lots of good things to do,other than harassing gay people for standing up for themselves,bigot.

  44. 244

    I's still waiting for my last post with the URL for what I was aking you to please read comes up…so I'm posting it again.
    I apologize for being repetitive if there are two with the same URL..

  45. 245

    Yeah, in a Republic, the PEOPLE are the deciding political body, not the Court System. No court can rule the voice of the people as unconstitutional. If they do, then the people will once again vote to outlaw gay marriage. The day it happens, you have NO idea what will be upon us……..

  46. 246

    dansrgrrl- I love all your thoughtful and heartfelt posts,trust me this scumbag Jefdo is a homophobe republican from some red state who is very antigay but not brave enough to come off like a bigot like some of his other friends here. Keep up the good work,the uneducated bigots are out of control.

  47. 247


  48. 248

    Re: jefdo – the argument before the high court is this: does prop 8 constitute a "major change" to the state constitution, so much so that it alters the structure of g'vt?
    If it does, and it does find all these marriages to be invalid then "major changes" require not ONLY passage by a general election but also a super majority (2/3) vote in the legislature.
    Opponents to prop 8 say that this prop IS a major change in the const. and alters the structure of g'vt in that it keeps the state supreme court from protecting fundamental rights that are already outlined in the constitution.
    The role of the court (as it has always been) is to safeguard the rights of the minority over the majority in the popular vote. This vote overturns a decision the court has already made,
    and therefore alters the nature of the government and alters the nature of the separation of powers.

  49. 249

    Re: lobsterlover – Mi gusto lobster as well. I'm just too damn poor to buy it!

  50. 250

    Perez, you have so many fucking loser haters on this board.. Fuckers. I am straight and passionate about no on 8 and these fucking idiots posting comments…ignorance is not bliss!
    fuck you losers!

  51. jefdo says – reply to this


    Re: knowitall
    wow is targeting the bigots, the biggest one here as a matter of fact, YOU! No one speaks more hateful or disrespectful here than you.

  52. 252

    The california legislature has already voted to let gay people marry,Gov arnold vetoed it twice saying he wants to hear from the court on this,the court made itsefl known it backed gay marriage just like the elected legislature in California, Gov Arnold schwartsnegger said that he now supports the courts decision and that gays should be able to get married. For the uneducated republicans and bigoted minorites who say the 9Th ciruit court is liberal,well this isnt that court morons,this is a republican led conservative court.

  53. 253

    Re: Chaz007 – Think Sodom and Gamorah!. This is what you are asking us to approve! Oh yah you probably think the bible is illiterate also. Thanks but no thanks!

  54. 254

    Re: knowitall – i apprecaite that knowitall… but i've discovered that namecalling and fighting wont help. While i respect and admire your passion towards something that is so important to me personally, attacks wont get your point across. It's best to stay calm and engage in debates where you have you points and can back them up. While i find it unimaginable to anyone to be anti-gay marriage my goal is not to change someone's mind about gay marriage - it's to open their minds as to what this decision actually means - as yes, at it's surface it is stopping a large portion of our population from joining together into a legal union (and enjoying all the rights and privileges therein) - but beneath the layers is a civil rights issue that is just the tip of the ice berg in pushing us backwards as a society.

  55. 255

    happy to hear that

  56. 256

    Re: knowitall – Thats hilarious that you associate Republicans with being uneducated! When do liberals have time to get educated? There too busy smoking dope,sitting at coffee houses and writing poetry!Lol! Cut with the stereotyping your pathetic.

  57. 257


  58. 258

    Re: tblossom – pot…coffeehouses….poetry. I hate coffee, can't even rhyme much less write poetry, and pot is usually something high school kids do. So, who else in here is guilty of stereotyping?

  59. 259

    From CNN: In its May 15 ruling legalizing gay marriage in California, the justices seemed to signal that a ballot initiative like Proposition 8 might not be enough to change the underlying constitutional issues of the case in the court's eyes.

    The ruling said the right to marry is among a set of basic human rights "so integral to an individual's liberty and personal autonomy that they may not be eliminated or abrogated by the legislature or by the electorate through the statutory initiative process."
    Seems to me that if those who proposed Prop8 probably read the Court's 15 May decision. Based upon the language of the 15 May decision should have known it could be very likely overturned upon challenge. With nothing more constructive to their money, decided to move forward with the initiative. Talk about being blinded by the right, err, light!

  60. 260

    Re: knowitall – A bare majority is still a majority. All of your hatred, your name calling and the horrible labels you give people will never change that. Take a step back and read the replies you posted to people. You call them bigots and cunts, asswipes and morons. You insult them, insult their education and make a general ass out yourself. Way to win people over to your side!

  61. 261

    Here's a free debating/public speaking tip folks: never get emotional or personal. Just state facts. If you stereotype, assume, lie, or resort to name calling, it makes you look like an unreliable source, uneducated, desperate, and just plain immature. No one will take you seriously and you'll never win. Just look at John McCain's campaign…..

  62. 262

    tblossom-you dont like living in a place that has separation of church and state,go to iran and get back to me ,tell me how you like it.

  63. 263

    Re: jefdo – you must be joking. the freedoms granted in the constitution include all human rights with the exception of harming others and doing things violently…and last i checked gay people were not hurting anyone by getting married…not even you religious freaks who feel you way of life is better then anyone else's.. why don't reset bans on interracial marriages while we're at it? and a limit on age difference between two people who wish to be married? these are all things that might make people uncomfortable but it is no one's business other then the two people getting married! marry who you wish to marry and let everyone else in this country do the same! your crazy church does not have to marry anyone that it does not wish to marry- i'm sure gays will be fine not going to your church to wed them. your rights and freedoms are not being infringed upon by allowing gays to marry, so why do it to them? the state of california did a terrible thing by voting yes on 8 and it needs to be reversed. how would you feel if someone took away a right from you just because their religion does not agree with that right? i'm pretty sure you would not appreciate it.

  64. jefdo says – reply to this


    Re: knowitall
    It doesn't matter if the court's back gay marriages. The only responsibilities of the courts are to uphold the law, their personal opinions are meaningless. They're not elected officials, and they do not represent any consitutents. Gov. Schwarzenegger needs to respect the democratic process and accept the vote of the people. If he is going to put a proposition for voting he needs to respect its results. You need to get over your petty blame game. Democrats have a large majority in the Congress, like I've said before and you tend to ignore, the democrats in California would have had enough votes to kill prop 8, they did not. Apparently many Democrats in California were against gay marriage. Don't blame the Republicans when your party could have voted down prop 8.

  65. 265

    Re: knowitall – i'm uneducated???…….i'd love to respond….but your run-on sentence grammatically challenged rant leaves me scratching my head……wtf are you trying to say???
    p.s. i corrected myself on the 9th circuit….you know how it goes when your jockeying for 1st
    seriously….are you jermaine???…….if you are….i kinda miss you

  66. 266

    Re: b a t k i s s
    GOOO Batkiss!

  67. 267

    Re: lefty lady – Touche! I was trying to make a point with stereo typing and was not at all serious. Sorry if I offended you!

  68. 268

    Jefdo the vote was 52-48, On the pro-gay rights side you have the republican Gov,the republican led supreme court,All the state-wide elected officials,the state legislature who voted twice to give gay people equal civil rights ,you also have all the civil rights groups and many religous groups,and you have the wealthy tax paying parts of the state voting overwhelimingly to give gay people equal rights. On the gay hate side you have the republican party who unlike our gov are radical reichwingers,you have out of state groups who put this on,you have the utah mormon cult ,focus on the family cult from colorado,and uneducated minorites. There is no way this is going to stand this bigoted republican/mormon assulat on gay people and their civil rights.

  69. 269

    Oh snap! That's right; I went there!

  70. 270

    Kiana ,the only people who could vote for bigotry against gay people ,hate them to begin with,so dont give me that bs. God bless

  71. 271

    Re: mamajud – I have been searching for that cuntface; you got me all curious but I found nothing from Friday! Damn, I wish I had thought of that name ….. oh, and knowitall is a hypocritical, hate mongering asshole. I will resort to name calling, don't care if makes me an unreliable source or not!

  72. 272

    Re: tblossom – lol…….now your typecasting…….the love of gange has no idealogical boundaries

  73. 273

    Re: tblossom – Ah…I get cha! I kinda had a feeling that was your m.o. I'm feeling a bit slow and sluggish today.

  74. 274

    Re: lefty lady – not saying its not a great city…..im just sayin……it smells like a big ol paper factory…..thats all….

    and its fucking cold there…..and it rains….a lot….lol….

    im indiginous to fla now…..cant do ohio anymore…..but im still a farm boy at heart

  75. 275

    Jefdo= Our republlican Gov,our state legislature,our republican Ca supreme court have spoken out loudly that gays can not be treated like second class citizens. The close vote of 52-48 of out of state sponsored hate should not be enough to over-rule the court but to also write discrimination into our constitution. This bigotry will not stand.

  76. 276

    Re: ShakeYourkitty – Ah…I'm so jealous. The hubby and I LOVE FL. We were in Sanibel in May. Got a spare couch? ;)

  77. 277

    Re: devil_dawg_wife – someone is a little pissed…..

    i have valium….lortab…..and a little bit of E left….i think you need it more than i do…..

    P.S. Mix the E with a little GHB……good times

  78. 278

    Stone I only treat the bigots in here like they treat people.you won't see my posts aimed at any decent people in here. Oh and the vote was all about bigotry,the republican Ca suprmeme court said that gays shall not be treated like second class citizens.,sorry that bothers you but it sure does which speaks volumes about you.

  79. 279

    Re: lefty lady – no…..but i got a spare condo….lol…..

  80. 280

    Re: Melissa is always right hates Perez – lucky for you….i am a forensic detective….well, not really….i'd puke all day long…"Dr Green back from the dead"……..she's a palm tree, but check the profile…..rumor has it it's masta P himself

  81. 281

    Re: lefty lady – naples is about 30 min form sanibel…..

    very relaxing down here…..not many places you can lay on the beach almost year round…….and i take full advantage….

    and yes….im sure i will have skin cancer sooner or later….

  82. 282

    tblossom- When I hear bigots like you say soddom and Gomorrah, I just know that this country has some very sad elements in it. You are really pathetic.and republicans aren't educated,they sure make up a pathetic minority at ever good college but I'm sure they make up the majority at Alabama state community college.

  83. 283

    3) Catholic Charities in Boston was forced out of the adoption business for
    the first time in 100 years because it will not place children with
    homosexual couples.

    4) Two physicians were successfully sued for refusing to artificially
    inseminate a lesbian. Despite being referred to another physician, the
    lesbian couple chose to sue the doctors to make them an example because of
    their religious beliefs.

    5) In New Mexico, a Christian photographer is being tried under a state
    anti-discrimination law for declining to photograph a same-sex commitment

  84. 284

    1) After Massachusetts legalized gay marriage, public schools began to
    teach school children about gay marriage. After second graders were read a
    story in which a prince married another prince, some parents complained. A
    court ruled that they had NO RIGHT to withdraw their children from classes
    that taught gay marriage. And since CA law already provides children as
    young as kindergarten be taught about marriage, gay marriage will be taught
    in our schools too.

    2) The Methodist Church's Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association in New
    Jersey was stripped of its tax-exempt status for part of its property after
    it refused, for religious reasons, to allow a lesbian couple to hold a
    civil-union ceremony at a pavillion on the camp's property.

  85. 285

    Re: ShakeYourkitty – one of my friends got married at the chapel by the sea in captiva many moons ago….i still crave the grouper poached-in-a-bag i had at the bubble room when i was there……omg…i'm hungry

  86. 286

    I always like to look and see who is for and who is against a prop. For
    example, the prop 8 on gay marriage. A yes vote means not redefining
    marriage. A no vote is in favor of gay marriage and who is supporting this?
    The League of Women's Voters and the teacher's union. Two of the worst and
    most liberal organizations. Just reaffirms my intention of having votied yes on
    prop 8.

    By the way, do you all realize some of the implications of prop 8? We are
    led to believe that this is a matter of "tolerance" or, if you are in favor
    of this, your lack of tolerance.

    Here are some possible implications from the defeat of prop 8. These are
    actual legal cases that have already stemmed from this type of legislation:

  87. 287

    So many of these comments are totally disgusting. It's totally horrifying that people still seem to think gay people are the scourge of the earth. Gay people are PEOPLE and we are EVERYWHERE–we design your websites, we bag your groceries, we pick up your garbage on trash day and we will NOT tolerate being looked down on and being forced to believe that we are some kind of second class citizens. We gay people love our partners just as much as you straight people do, if not more, and we should be given the same protection under the law!

    I don't see what you straight people are so scared of. Stop hiding behind your fake morality and fucking deal, because we're sure as hell not creeping back into the shadows because our rights were repealed. You can argue that a majority rule is always correct, but I'm sure you wouldn't be saying that if the majority ruled straight marriage to be outlawed. Or if the majority ruled that rape was legal. Or murder. Or segregation.

  88. 288

    Re: Mamajud rocks! – that was a totally funny avatar! wow, that was great. where the hell were we? you have gotta tell milk me tomorrow, she'll love it.

  89. 289

    Re: devil_dawg_wife – In its May 15 ruling legalizing gay marriage in California, the justices seemed to signal that a ballot initiative like Proposition 8 might not be enough to change the underlying constitutional issues of the case in the court's eyes.

    The ruling said the right to marry is among a set of basic human rights "so integral to an individual's liberty and personal autonomy that they may not be eliminated or abrogated by the legislature or by the electorate through the statutory initiative process."
    Howdy d_d_w! Not shouting from the rooftop yet here. But considering what the Court said in May, I have the ladder out, making sure it's got solid, sturdy footing.

  90. 290

    Re: ShakeYourkitty – not to be a downer…..but i hope your slathering the sunscreen……i was a child of the baby oil generation……i speak from experience..melanoma is fucking scaaaary and life changing

  91. jefdo says – reply to this


    Re: knowitall
    Keep spewing your nonsense and playing the blame game. Democrats are the large majority in California, Democrats alone could have easily voted down prop 8, many democrats voted Yes on 8, end of the story. You refuse to acknowledge this because I guess in your book Democrats are infalliable, but it's the truth. You're party didn't stand together and that's why you're in this position. And you can continue to mention that your Gov. is a republican, but Schwarzenegger is a very very moderate republican who stands to left on many issues. Many refer to him as a RINO (Republican in name only). Had Prop 8 failed everyone would have applauded the democratic process and said the people had spoken. Now they're sending it to the courts. Apparently ballots are like toilet paper if they don't please everyone. If you're going to send this to the courts what other votes will be next? Courts don't decide and/or overturn policy issues. The interrupt the Constitution and actions that violate it or the law. This proposition does not. The courts are being used to change the outcome of votes that many aren't pleased about, that's an abuse of their power.

  92. 292

    Re: SWEETPIECE LOVES PEREZ! – awwh you called me a dumb cunt…you're such a charmer. Love the way you spelled come, cum.

    Someone's coming off a little sexually frustrated. Not having a gay old time, princess?

  93. 293

    Re: ShakeYourkitty – we all gotta die from something, right? Might as well enjoy it! I just like Dayton (and other blue collar towns) because dirty men are HOT! Give me a sexy, greasy mechanic any 'ol day of the week. Blue collar men get me goin! Woo!

  94. 294

    Re: Melissa is always right hates Perez AND MAMAJUD – heeeeyyyyyyyyyy…
    ok…scanning really quickly, i've come to the deduction that mama knows who is who, who was who and who will become who? awesome!
    i'm going to search this dr green stuff………
    till tomorrow…..

  95. 295

    Re: Wanna Milk Me Hates Perez!! – and mama - I'm out too, lates haters!

  96. 296

    Re: ShakeYourkitty – Aw man, (this is for you too, mamajud) there is this place on Sanibel called Monta Luna's (not sure of spelling, but I know it's damn close) that is KILLER. The crab bisque is out of this world!

  97. 297

    Re: lefty lady – oh i soooooo agree

  98. 298

    Re: jefdo
    You're right.
    Though some people may find this difficult to believe, I do know Republicans who voted no on prop.8
    I did ask a couple of my friends why, and they simply said that government was way too ivolved in people's private lives already.
    It was rather interesting though because while they disagree with same-sex marriage based on religious conviction, politically they thought the proposition should have never been on the ballot.

  99. 299

    funny you should mention that skin cancer shit mama……im dealing with it right now…..just a little spot on my chest…its all good tho…..

  100. 300

    Re: ShakeYourkitty – on the crab bisque or the dirty sexy men? Or both?

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