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Bubba's Cooperating To Help Hillary Score Big Job

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Though still unconfirmed by the Clinton and Obama camps, the media continues to run on the assumption that Hillary Clinton is the front-runner for the Secretary of State position in President-Elect Obama's cabinet.

However, as we mentioned on Tuesday, her husband, former president Bill Clinton, was reportedly hampering things for Hills.

Billy wasn't giving the Obama vetting team all the information they needed to determine whether or not Mrs. Clinton would bring too many 'conflict of interests' to the job.

But, as of today, Wednesday, anonymous sources close to the negotiations say Bubba is whistling a different tune, according to a new report.

He's offered 'several concessions' to help Hills with the bid for the big job.

The former president has agreed to release the names of several major donors to his charitable foundation and will submit future foundation activities and paid speeches to a strict ethics review. They also said that he'd would step away from day-to-day responsibility for his foundation while his wife serves and would alert the State Department of any new sources of income and to his speechmaking.

The report goes on to say that Billy has engaged in other deals that could complicate Hill's Secretary of State duties. Records show he raised money for his foundation from the Saudi royal family, Kuwait, Brunei and the Embassy of Qatar, and from a Chinese Internet company seeking information on Tibetan human rights activists.

A team of attorneys repping the Clintons have apparently been holed up in DC this week negotiating with the Obama team.

Serious stuff!

Many people have said Hills is inclined to take the big Obama job if it is offered, but others also say it's not a total given as she is considering the consequences of leaving the Senate, where she had hoped to take a leading role on health care reform and other issues.

Just yesterday, Tuesday, the highly respected senior senator, Ted Kennedy, offered Hills a huge role in his health reform campaign.

She was asked by the esteemed Kennedy to lead a group focused on insurance reform.

Where will Hillary end up?

Tune in tomorrow for the next dramatic episode of As the Hillary World Turns.

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