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Stephen Baldwin Is Still An Idiot

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Okay Stephen Baldwin, we get it, you're an idiot.

You don't have to continue to prove it to us!

But the man insists on speaking, and this time he's rescinding the comments he made previously regarding Barack Obama.

Amongst other things, he called the President-elect a 'cultural terrorist.'

Backtracks Baldwin, "The liberal Democrats who didn't get that I was joking need to lighten up. Obama is obviously talented and intelligent, and I have great respect for the man. He's got my full support, and I'm gonna be praying for him and his administration."

Oh, you were just kidding!

You so funny Baldtwit!

A hundred comedians out of work and you wanna be one!

To top it off, in regard to gay marriage, Baldtwit says, "If they legalize gay marriage in all 50 states in my lifetime, I'll get a Billy Ray Cyrus tattoo on my butt to go with the Hannah Montana one."

Ugh, please don't. We're sure that would make Michael Lohan jealous when he's doing you doggy style!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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