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How Do We Say This Delicately???

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This sucks dirty socks!!!!

Yes, this is the poster for the new Jonas Brothers film.

Whose brilliant idea was that???

Yes, that's a pretty pic, but that's NOT a movie poster!

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145 comments to “How Do We Say This Delicately???”

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  1. 101

    yeah i love the jonas brothers, so any picture their in
    is awesome, i just don't see this as a movie poster =(

  2. 102

    Re: youheartmaggles.com – your stealing ideas now?

    from kiki kannibal

    how sad

  3. 103

    Oh for God sake, I could have given birth to these little creatures, can they be gone soon?????

  4. 104

    whatta gay pic.

    suits them tho.

  5. 105

    I think its kind of interesting and different. I love how everyone has no imagination and gets all upset and thinks something "sucks" because its not what they're used to. Ya, it dosn't look like a movie poster, but movie posters are usually shit, artless crap.

    PS I hate the fucking Jonas fags

  6. 106

    Perez, even though it's not what you were hoping for don't let that stop you from masterbating in front of it.

  7. 107

    Who the hell do these guys think they are? They suck, they're nothing, they need to quit wearing little virgin rings and get laid already. Their agent should be shot for this pic.

  8. 108

    it's definetely a bad pic 4 a movie :( i'm sure they could think of something better

  9. 109

    They look amazing!
    and this poster is perfect

  10. 110

    it is incredible!!!
    i love it

  11. 111

    jonas brothers suck. losers

  12. 112

    Re: LettyB Hates Perez – What the hell? I hate the JB but 2/3 of them are legal adults lol. And Nick isn't that far off from being legal lol. In fact, he's legal in about 90% of the world and in some of the states in the US. Not that that condones Perez's strange ass fantasies about Nick…but still lol. I was just saying. :)

    But yes, I agree that Perez is slowly but surely becoming a pedophile. It's creepy as hell lmfao.

  13. 113


  14. 114

    I love the Jonas Brothers and all but this would be better as a magazine poster… Totally not for a movie….

  15. 115

    I Like the poster but i hate the Jonas Brothers ^_^ and I hate Miley, Selena, Demi, HSM …. i hate this star's factory

  16. 116

    xddddddd..what does happen with his hair!xdddddddd………

  17. 117

    They could of used a better pic. I still love them and will see the movie anyways!! :) :):)

  18. 118


  19. 119

    Who do they think they are stepping off that plane? Zeppelin?

  20. 120

    It makes it even worse that the one guy is holding that gay designer bag. BAG FAG

  21. 121

    Not to mention… getting off their private jet? Green much?

  22. 122

    It looks like a bunch of girls.

  23. 123

    no offence to gay people cuz you're actually kooler than the jewish brothers!

    sorry i didnt mean to offend any jews either.

  24. 124

    these kids think there the beatles or something…lame…and whats with the louie vitton(sp?) bag that kids wearing… fuckin no talent little kids.

  25. 125

    Re: mollyporgie – Awww … the purse is so Jackie O …. maybe their next poster will feature the Grace Kelly one

  26. 126

    i am a HUGE Jonas Brothers fan…. but you're right…. that's not a movie poster… but they do look gorgeous and i can't wait for the movie!!

  27. 127

    Total Beatles ripoff! And we all know these idiots won't be around NEARLY as long as the Beatles!! I give 'em five years…TOPS!

  28. 128

    two things:
    i love the purse and i want to fuck with joe jonas!.. he's sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo OMG

  29. 129

    its not THE movie poster, its just a filler until they come out with the actual poster. It is a nice pic, but I agree and hope they put the actual one up very soon.

  30. 130

    That's a movie poster??? Who made that, a two-year-old???

  31. 131

    This poster looks VERY boastful….just wen we were beginning to think they were down to earth……DONT PULL A MILEY ON US BOYS!!!!
    That postr sucks big time

  32. 132

    Re: febreezyfosheezy – Thats very true….it really does make them look REALLY CONCIETED…like wow look at my louis vuitton and private jet and la la la…..it also looks tacky and childish!

  33. 133

    eww dis poster does suck!!

  34. 134

    Hmmm, I guess whoever picked it thought since it's a 'tour' to get the whole plane/travel/all over the place theme in there. It's OK.

    But yeah, I can think of much more 'appealing' themes to promote this movie — like a poster with crazy fans photos and proclamations of love, like a really awesome artistic shot of them on stage, like a really really tight close-up of gorgeous Joe, or a close-up of Joe, or a closep-up of Joe (cause he's foxy).

  35. 135

    they should change it.

  36. 136

    its a laptop bag not a purse you stupid mf

  37. 137

    Perez Hates Me ^^

  38. 138

    Re: I Love Alan Rickman
    "duckie" was in pretty in pink.
    nd none of them look anything like him
    just sayingg

  39. 139

    you know lv paid them to do it.

    as long as their faces are on it…..

  40. 140

    yeah, I saw the picture a couple days ago and I was like "Miley's poster was so much better". I hate miley cyrus with a passion, but their poster sucks butt.

  41. cmd08 says – reply to this


    I don't see anything wrong with this being a movie poster… it's different. I thought everyone LOVED AND WORSHIPPED CHANGE?! right? I'm confused…

  42. 142

    wow, I could seriously make a much much much better poster than that.
    anyone was do that!
    I really hope that is just a first draft and not the final copy!

  43. 143

    i love there movie poster ur just a HATER

  44. 144

    actually i likke it cause the movei is supposed to be like a day in there life so a perfectly posed picture just wouldnt workkkk nice try though perz.

  45. 145

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