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Linda Hogan Is Brizoke! Wants MORE Money

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Either Linda Hogan is a liar or she's the dumbest person alive!

Due to a court ruling, Hulk Hogan has been paying Linda $40,000 a month in temporary alimony payments.

That's more than some people make in a year!

But now Linda is claiming she's out of money.


In a hearing on Thursday, one of Linda's attorneys asked the judge to set a hearing next month to talk about unfreezing some of the couple's joint assets for Linda's use. However, an attorney for Hulk said she wanted to see some proof that Linda was really out of money.

What or who could she possibly be wasting that kind of money on?

Hulk's attorney said, "They have to tell me why she's out of money. They have to show me in bank statements."

Oh, and Hulk also pays some of her bills, in addition to the monthly alimony. For example, he's required to pay repair and maintenance on their home in which Linda is currently living.

But Linda's side wants more. They say Hulk is refusing to pay for "cable, pest control, window washing and their security system."

WTF! Bitch is getting thousands a month. SHE should pay for that!

And surprisingly, this idiot, Judge George W. Greer, told Hulk's attorney's that he would have to pay for the cable, pest control and window washing bills.

Adding that Hulk would not be required to pay for the security system as that's not Hulk's problem any longer.

What, and Linda's cable bill is???

Seriously, some divorce cases are ridiculous!

[Image via WENN.]

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123 comments to “Linda Hogan Is Brizoke! Wants MORE Money”

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  1. 101

    Thats too much! bitch asks for too much.
    She should get a job to pay for some of her effin expenses. She should also stop trying to dress like her daughter; thats just disturbing.

  2. 102

    LISTEN. He paid for everything before they were separated, so it's not like all of a sudden he's needing to shell out an *EXTRA* $40K!! It's their LIFESTYLE, that's what alimony is meant to maintain. Neither person is at fault, so why should the woman have to suffer? GOD you stupid tabloids exaggerate every damn thing and ruin people's lives for your own benefit it's pathetic.

  3. 103

    I have to sode with the Hulk on this one. I cant believe she needs more than 40k a month. I dont make 40k a year and this just makes me sick. Please bitch, pest control, window washing…..lololol give me a fucking break!!!!. I do believe she deserves half of what the Hulk has but not until the divorce is final. She is doing this cause she is blowing her money like crazy and doesnt know how to manage her assets since she doesnt have someone to control her stupid lifestyle. So I hope the judge gets wise on this issue!!! 40k a month is more than enough to live a great lifestyle. I rank this cunt as the same level as amy whitetrash!!!! Some bitches need to get a life, really.

  4. 104

    no sympathy for the rich, sorry.
    move into a condo you freak.

  5. 105

    she's stupid as well as that sorry ass hogan family…i still can't believe they have the nerve to point the finger @ john. here's a finger i'm pointing to linda hogan LOL!! guess which one?

  6. 106

    Can I have 40K…a year even? Jesus Linda, you greedy cunt. If I had that much and I were you I'd get my face fixed, get a new bod and quit wearing the fucking clown make up.

  7. 107

    what a selfishass biotch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. 108

    This drag queen lookalike got alot of nerve requesting for more money.

  9. 109

    Bitch is Out of Order.

  10. 110

    Re: thegee – i agree…..GET A JOB BITCH!

    oh wait….you have no skills or talent…..

    just a tired old whore……


  11. 111

    What the hell is this hog doing with 40 gs a month? She is a ugly mess. If I were Hulk Id be sending all this cash to an offshore account. I cant believe this donkey cant pay her cable bill. I mean at the max its 250 a month right? PLEASE she needs to stop buying her child of a boyfriend his diapers and passies. Gimme a break. And she wonders why her kids dont talk to her. FUCKING IGNORANT FOOL

  12. 112

    god she is such a fucking loser. Dont she realize what a dumb ass money hungry skanky ho she looks like. I never liked the bitch before! This tranny looking slut hasnt ever had to work, gets 40,000 a month thats what my husband makes a year! but shes broke?? lay off the plastic surgery you fugly bitch!!! your practically a child molestor dating your BAM BAM wannabe! When you date someone your own childs age your just a fucking skank forever! Thank god Hulk upgraded which wasnt hare to do!!!! Linda and brooke both looking like TRANNIES!!!!

  13. 113

    OK. Here is the real reason. She knows ahe better get hers NOW, cuz once Prez Brotha gets in, Hulk may not have so much $$$$ left, after all the new taxes he's going have to pay. I mean really, most of you dumb fucks supported our new pimp, so I don't really understand all this. Look….it's very simple: She wants to TAKE from someone that HAS, and GIVE it to someone that DOESN'T. You know, SREAD THE WEALTH. Isn't that what all you (PEREZ) DUMB FUCKS VOTED FOR!!???

  14. 114


  15. 115

    Re: Wanna Milk Me Hates Perez!! – Milk me where were you the other day??
    OMG I was praying you'd post on the "man gets charged for having sex with COWS" In fact I kniow you would have had so much fun with it 'm going back just to check I didn't miss you!!!
    Oh baby you and all those udders……………………………LOL

  16. 116

    Oh poor poor Linda! Doesn't your heart just bleeeeed for her having to live in such abject poverty!
    Never mind I'm sure we could all come up with some good money-spinners for her couldn't we peeps?

  17. 117

    Cry me a fucking river bitch! Really, there's no fucking way she could be spending all that money unless she's spending it on that little celeb hungry boy toy.

  18. 118

    Yes, it IS ridiculous! So are gays SURE they want gay marriage rights? It comes with free ridiculous divorce rights, too! lol :-D

  19. 119

    Pathetic leech

  20. 120

    Brooke in 20 years. Gross.

  21. 121

    The crazy bitch is getting mad and even, the idiot deserves it for creating the monster. He made his kids media ho's as well…boo fucking hoo,go sulk Hulk.

  22. 122

    She's a disgusting old pig, her daughter takes after her!

  23. 123

    I can't stand this woman, and I do think she is a gold digger- but in her defense, he did cheat on her.

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