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Prince William's Penis!!!!

| Filed under: Royals RoyceOops!

CLICK HERE to see the royal cock.

It's real!

The heir to the British throne was secretly snapped by the paps taking a leak at a polo match and you see Willy's willy!!!!

Now if only we could see Harry's!

Update: Oops. Y'all were too excited for royal peen. Looks like we've crashed the site with Willy's ween.

Hopefully it will be back up again SOON!

Update #2: We found another link!!!!!!!

CLICK HERE to see the royal cock!

Update #3: If for whatever reason both of the above sites are down…

Try THIS ONE too!

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242 comments to “Prince William's Penis!!!!”

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  1. 201

    personally….im thinking if he's gonna be king of the jungle, he is gonna need a little help in that area!!!!!!!!!!!! damn….im dissapointed!!! ;)

  2. 202


  3. melb says – reply to this


    Dude that was a gay porn website
    How f-ing trashy

  4. 204

    LOLLLLL i just saw prince williams wee wee on a gay site!!! HAHAHAHAH! i felt so dirty LOLLLL!!! ewwww! i love my man's latin wee wee its wierd to see a white guys stuff LOL! so pale and white! haha!

  5. 205


  6. 206

    Thats hot. :] TGIF!

  7. 207

    hahaha thanks perez…. i just clicked on a gay porn site at work! lol

  8. 208


  9. 209

    I'm just not impressed.

  10. 210

    the urinating part was gross…. but the cock is looking good…. it must be big in its full glory
    i'll agree with you perez that i'd rather see harry's

  11. 211

    It's small!
    thick though!!!

  12. 212

    worst picture ever

  13. 213

    Wow! Well helllllooo BIG boy. Loving the thickness…………. Us Uk folks have known about the "Royal Bulge" for a while now our tasteful paps have made much of the Princely package. The best "bulge shot" of him EVER was in a fancy dress outfit at some party - all I can say is the lycra clung in ALL the right places!
    OMFG what has coming on this site done to me? Am I really typing this? Oh well (or OH !!!WILL!!!!!!) ROFL

  14. 214

    To all the desperate Willy watchers out there the second link is now OK….
    What I really wanna know is what's with the "finger grip"? Maybe he's dropping some sorta gang sign as he pees……….
    Love the "princely" music in the background.

  15. 215

    Just a final thought, Perez that's def. you of the yearly honours list. The odds of you getting a Knighthood here in the UK have just dropped from 0% to the minus column LOL

  16. 216

    Re: J-Love – holdin' back the foreskin dear

  17. 217

    Re: bootylicious – of course he's got a foreskin

  18. E59th says – reply to this


    What man pees like that? That's no way to hold your peen.

  19. E59th says – reply to this


    By the way, ROYALS DON'T PEE AND POOP! They're not human!

  20. 220


  21. 221

    mmmm…. royal cock. sexy….

  22. 222

    So, he's a natural blond, yes? I couldn't even tell whether he got the royal circumcision. Probably had too much to drink. Dummy. How low class. Where's his little consort?

  23. AMO says – reply to this


    What a gentleman.

  24. 224

    how nice. i wonder how embarrassed he is to know that his
    dick is all over the internet… hmm…

  25. 225

    Wow. Just…wow. Can't believe he's flashing that around but hey, when you gotta pee….you gotta pee!!

  26. 226

    oh wow! thanks for sharing. i wish they would have shown more. lol

  27. 227

    photoshop, photoshop, photoshop, photoshop, photoshop! there is no way william would be daft enough to whip out the willy and actually pee in public. besides his security detail wouldn't have let him do that (plus they'd be blocking the view). also look at the head (the upper one! hehe) it is too small in proportion with the shoulders. so yeah, photoshop, photoshop, photoshop, photoshop!

  28. 228

    He evens holds it properly. LMAO

  29. 229

    ahahahahaha this is hilarious!! And I don't feel that bad for him because he did go outside. If you're that well known, you kind of have to expect you are being stalked at all times.

  30. 230


  31. 231


  32. 232

    Re: Jillarooney – i-must-investigate this bulge shot on google

  33. 233

    Re: DLR in Canada – omg you don't know SHIT that is no photoshop

  34. 234


  35. 235

    It's not that big.

  36. 236

    I was expecting something much much bigger. it looked, well…not very big, and skinny, not ANY girth to it @ all.

  37. 237

    It's cute how he holds his wee-wee. And people you have to look close, it's uncut not cut. His "head" barely peeks out. Now the one I would like to see is Harrys!!! He's dreamy ;)

  38. 238

    that my cruz wtf that gross

  39. 239

    Re: Jillarooney – WTF are you talking about, he is not big at all, you must have men in England with small dicks if you think that is some kind of huge package, he is not packing at all idiot. you are definitely a biased English twit.

  40. 240

    i feel so bad for him !

  41. 241

    I think he looks HOT

  42. 242

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