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Kiss Gets The Kiss Off

| Filed under: Music Minute


Rock band Kiss got the kiss off from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and they are none too pleased about it.

With their first album released in 1974, the band now easily officially fulfills the requirement for nomination - 25 years since an artists debut - but the rockers are nowhere to be seen on the ballot.

The always outspoken Gene Simmons said, "There are disco bands, rap bands, Yiddish folk song bands in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but not Kiss." He added, "I believe we have more gold records in America than any other group, but it's OK."

Kiss lost the ballot to Metallica, rock guitarist Jeff Beck, and soul singer Bobby Womack. The final five - voted on by industry members - will be unveiled in January.

But we don't think their campaign is going to go too well. Simmons signed off on his speech at the Billboard Touring Conference with a nice little jab at the Hall's top officials.

"A lot of those guys on the board can go and get my sandwich when I want, and I mean that in the nicest way."

What a graceful loser!

[Image via WENN.]

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43 comments to “Kiss Gets The Kiss Off”

  1. 1

    that is absolute bullshit.

  2. 2

    What a ripoff.

  3. 3


  4. 4

    That is pretty ridiculous though, and he is right. There are people in the hall of fame who shouldn't be there or KISS should have been there before them. If Madonna is in the rock and roll hall of fame and grandmaster flash and the furious five are..then KISS should be too..because they are at least very rock and roll.

  5. 5

    kiss rocks and I wouldn't even want to be in that shit hall. Follow the Pistols and f the mediocrity.

  6. 6

    absolute bullshit!

  7. 7

    the rock and roll hall of fame is bullshit…..fuck that place.

  8. 8

    I think more people have heard of KISS than Bobby Womack. WTF?

  9. 9


  10. 10


  11. 11


  12. 12

    Kiss should definately be there!!! Who the fuck is Bobby Womack?? I love Kiss but I cannot stand Gene he is a arrogant cocky son of a biotch

  13. 13

  14. 14

    vomit vomit vomit

  15. 15


  16. 16

    kiss should be on there. no doubt

  17. 17

    Agree - BS!

  18. 18

    Did ever release an album titled " My Ass" ?

  19. 19

    Iggy Pop & The Stooges have been ignored by the Hall for way too long. Until they get in, Kiss can take an eternal time-out in the corner.

  20. 20

    How they got passed over for Metallica…jesus h.

    Kiss is one of the most influential rock bands of all-time. Respect!

  21. 21


  22. 22

    OK…im so not a Kiss fan……but they do deserve it…..

    just like Depeche Mode deserve it!

  23. 23


  24. 24

    there are a number of good bands out there and Kiss isn't one of them. They are the biggest sell out in all time mainly because of Gene Simmons and slaping the name and image on anything and everything.
    I am sure he'll bitch about it on his crappy ass reality show.
    Metallica???? really they suck just as much as Kiss.
    They are really two of the groups that need to just go away.

  25. 25

    Re: vagvagwhatvag got the dildo stuck – Thank you 14, my sentiments exactly. Would you hold my hair ?

  26. 26

    Jann Wenner sucks the donkey, and the donkey feels good.

  27. 27

    Not so fast Gene Simmons…a lot of people think that KISS was actually one of the bands that RUINED Rock 'n Roll back in the late 70s. Don't be so damn full of yourself.

  28. 28

    Re: ShakeYourkitty – another sibling feud with my bro…….KISS vs ABBA

  29. 29

    I LOVE Gene Simmons. That's just wrong.

  30. 30

    They are the original Linkin' Park. They might be popular, but everybody is ashamed to admit they listen to them.

  31. KayJ says – reply to this


    hate that dude.

  32. 32

    Gene Simmons is an egotistical douche nozzle, but he's right. It's silly that Kiss wasn't nominated. They were the most popular rock band in the 70s. They don't get any respect because Kiss was for "kids", but those kids made Gene, Paul, Ace, and Peter very wealthy.

  33. 33

    Kiss, Cheap Trick, Grand Funk Railroad, Rare Earth, James Gang, just a few ROCK BANDS that ARE NOT IN THE so called rock & roll hall of bulshit.
    Patti Smith is,what a skank.

  34. 34

    SIN!!!! WTF?!?!

  35. 35

    Re: mamajud wants to adopt baby bronx – Is ABBA not in the RR hall of Fame??????

    they soooooo should be…..

  36. 36

    Not that I would ordinarily give two hot August craps about the $ock $nd $oll $all $f $ame, but he's right, KISS should have been inducted almost ten years ago due to the way they revolutionized showmanship in rock and roll alone. When John Mellencamp is getting in before them (even though I do like Mellencamp), you know something is wrong. But if they lost their spot because Metallica is getting in, then that's quite alright. Compare the five best KISS performances to the last 1:00 of Battery on Live Shit: Binge and Purge in Seattle, it'll blow your little mind into sixteenths. I can't believe I'm even mentioning the mighty Metallica on a page known for pimping sixth rate drum 'n bass reject disco music.

  37. 37

    While Gene's ego is as big as his bank roll, I got to agree that KISS should be in the hall and should of been there a long time ago. There are several that should of been in there… Iggy and the Stooges, Alice Cooper, Ted Nugent, Styx… I could go on. Until I start seeing some respect given to some of the true legends of rock, I will not be going to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Shame.

  38. 38

    I'd like to see where music would be these days without KISS. KISS pioneered most things that bands do today (like mailing their demo tapes to everyone and putting up band posters [from Kiss and Tell- Gene Simmons])

    I say KISS should have been in the rock and roll hall of fame the year that KISS turned 25! If Madonna is in the RRHF, KISS definitely should be!

    KISS forever!!

  39. 39

    Wow…how can KISS not be in the Rock & Roll Hall of fame? That's insane. Just about any rock musician cites KISS as an inspiration.
    That is just absurd. I love Metallica, but KISS should be in there before them.

  40. 40

    Gene Simmons has always been and will likely always be a first class idiot. Not to mention that most sexist pig that has ever walked the planet.

  41. 41

    *** What a graceful loser! ***

    Kinda like you and the other No on 8 people, eh Perez?

  42. 42

    Well, I can't say much for Metallica, but Jeff Beck and Bobby Womack have some talent - unlike the members of Kiss.

  43. 43

    I'm not the biggest fan of kiss, but I do like them and they do deserve to be in the rock n roll hall of fame.