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Surprise! Sluttyienna Miller Is Getting Dirrrrty With an Unmarried Guy

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Sluttyienna Miller should get the award for horniest celebutard!

The girl needs a warm male's body at her side at all times.

So, it's been what, about a month since her break up with married oil heir Balthazar Getty and there's already news that she's already dating someone else!

A snitch told The London Paper that they spotted Slutty on a 'secret date' with the scruffy and smelly Josh Hartnett at an exclusive East London bar.

American actor Josh, as y'all know, is in London for Rain Man. And he's sick! Probably a result of getting too close to Slut Slut!

A source said, "They definitely looked like a couple - and a good looking one at that! At one point, they were holding hands across the table, but they quickly hid them underneath. They looked really cozy as they dined, gazing into each other's eyes, smiling and laughing. They continued talking and drinking until very late into the evening - there was definitely a buzz in the air."

Good job, Slutty!

Glad you found someone unattached to satisfy your needs!

That's totally more like it.

[Images via WENN.]

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39 comments to “Surprise! Sluttyienna Miller Is Getting Dirrrrty With an Unmarried Guy”

  1. 1

    She's flashing her little boobies to someone new.

  2. 2


  3. 3

    she's so over

  4. 4

  5. 5

    he got the food poisoning from her lady juice

  6. 6


  7. 7


  8. 8

    Run Josh run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. 9

    What the hell does she have that all the guys want??????

  10. 10

    Gross. They're perfect for each other.

  11. 11

    i really loathe that whore.

  12. 12

    Not quite sure why you give all the homewreckers such a ridiculously hard time, except the QUEEN of all homewreckers, Angelina Jolie!!! She's done it, unapologetically, over & over!!! Why doesn't SHE get the 'Perez treatment?'

  13. 13


  14. 14

    WTF is so wrong with Sienna?? Woman and men cheat on their spouses, girlfriends and boyfriends all the time. Stop being so judgemental… It's getting OLD!!!!!!!!!

  15. 15

    This shit is so slow, I'm about to take a nap

  16. 16


  17. -liz- says – reply to this


    i agree a good looking couple!

  18. 18

    is she the one that was gettin dirty with him in the library?? (perez posted it back in the day)

  19. 19

    i can't believe i just created this whole account to tell you that you sound like a misogynist creep.

  20. 20

    sorry folks. i can't hate on sluttienna. balthazar is FINE as hell.

  21. 21

    Re: heidianne – Absofuckinglutely!!!!!!

  22. 22

    He's a fox and can rock my world anytime.

  23. 23

    ALREADY?! That took a whole minute!

  24. 24

    omg!…RODE HARD!….this how many things have been up inside this one…ewwwwww.

  25. 25

    2 sluts together great

  26. 26

    perez what the HELL do you have against josh hartnett?? I met him after Rain Man and he was honestly one of the sweetest and most down to earth celebrities I have met, and was definitely CLEAN and not smelly. and incredibly handsome. so whatever your petty issue is with him, knock it off because I doubt you've ever come face to face with the guy. he doesn't deserve that, he seems like an all-around good guy. please put your energies towards a better cause, for all of our sakes.

  27. 27

    EW really? I saw him in Rain Man a week ago. I never thought much of him before, but he was pretty good in it….but if he's dating her…blah…she's so blah looking…actually I dont really understand why you hate her so much but…she just seems bland is all.

  28. 28

    Get a grip Josh. She's had more pricks than a second hand dartboard. You'll get the clap. Don't say you weren't warned!

  29. 29


    Can you not find any interesting news to report?

  30. 30

    Also, it's been said that Ms. S&M won a lawsuit against the paps, so the paps should honor that fact and not photograph her anymore. Well, not so much because of the lawsuit as much as the fact that nobody really cares.

  31. 31

    Funny how you never comment on Angelina Jolie's relationship with a married guy. Not to say I like Sienna, but Balthazar was already separated from his wife, whereas Brad and Jen were married for all intents and purposes. I personally think you're kissing Angelina's ass and hoping you'll meet her someday. Although if you met Jen you'd probably kiss her ass to her face too.

  32. 32

    I don't know what it is, but I just can't hate her! She's underrated as an actress, she's a grat style icon…Okay, she's made some shit decisions in the love life department, but haven't any of you???
    Lay off, Sienna, she's not the only person in celebland to fuck up!

  33. 33

    They only had dinner.FFS.!!

  34. 34

    Now, this is a choice that I can live with!! I think she found her perfect match!!

  35. 35

    Why is she a whore and Madonna isn't?

  36. EmmaH says – reply to this


    It seems at least 75% of the men in Hollywood have no moral standards. If she is so slutty as to take up with a married man then she will have no qualms about cheating herself. And I guess that's okay with guys like Josh. Maybe he's not big on fidelity either.

  37. EmmaH says – reply to this


    Re: Nico214 – The problem is that no matter how common cheating may become it will always be immoral. PERIOD! NO matter how many fools prattle all sorts of garbage to the contrary. Besides that old argument that everyone else is doing something is so lame. No responsible parent would allow their child to get away with such a childish excuse. So why on Earth would any sane person let a so-called adult get away with it? There are a million excuses to cheat but not ONE SOLITARY good reason to excuse such selfish behavior.

  38. 38

    Why doesn't she go away somewhere far far away. She is such a YUCK! I guess some people in showbiz do not comprehend the difference between being judgemental and exercising good judgement. One (being judgemental) is frowned upon even by the bible because it entails condemning the person and only God can do that. The other (exercising good Judgement) is a necessity to keep people who are not good for us as far away as possible.

  39. 39

    I will also add on a side note that not everyone in Hollywood cheats on their significant other. The man I sometimes do interior decorating for has been married for over 30 years to his wife and he swears he has never cheated on her even once. He has plenty of opportunity and plenty of offers but he really loves his wife and has honor. Honor prevents a person from selfishly pursuing whatever actions he/she might want because they made a promise and people who break their promises in one area of their lives generally break their promises in other areas as well.