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Twilight Sucks The Life Out Of Competitors

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Not surprisingly, Twilight rocked the box office Thursday night.

Don't believe us? Read the writing on the wall.

The movie took in about $7 million - just from midnight screenings!


– Fandango has been selling 5 Twilight tickets per second, as of early Friday morning

– Fandango sold out more than 1,000 Twilight midnight show times on Thursday night, in advance and online

– 34% of moviegoers in a Fandango.com poll said they will take off a few hours from school or the office today to see Twilight

– It’s the company’s fastest-selling film since The Dark Knight in July of this year

Twilight takes the #3 spot on Fandango’s list of Top Advance Ticket-Sellers, surpassing the Harry Potter, Pirates, and Lord of the Rings movies; Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and The Dark Knight remain in the #1 and #2 spots, respectively

That's a lot of blood they're sucking!

[Image via WENN.]

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74 comments to “Twilight Sucks The Life Out Of Competitors”

  1. 1

    Wanted to see this, before Perez ran it into the ground.

  2. 2


  3. 3

    Fat chicks love shit that gits their panties drippin'!

  4. PFF says – reply to this


    Well, that's all abit ridiculous. Don't these fangirls have homework?

  5. 5

    Re: Melissa is always right thinks ura TOOL – I want to make you moist!

  6. 6

    Robert was the most beautiful thing last night that I've ever seen in my life. So worth it

  7. 7

    I saw it last night, it was amazing! Thankfully, I don't have classes on Fridays. That's insane though, 1000 showings?

  8. 8

    Apparently, tweens have no taste. Good times.

  9. 9


  10. 10

    havent seen the movie yet. but the reviews pretty much sum it up. it sucks!!! such a highschool film

  11. 11

    oh my god! i've been waiting since the end of the movie last night to find out how twilight is doing!!! so happy its doing well… i saw it last night and basically was in convulsions the entire time… SOO HAPPY


  12. shi says – reply to this



  13. 13

    Too back the movie sucks

  14. 14

    Speed it up fat boy.

  15. 15

    The movie was awful….and I LURVE the books…but oh my god….it was so bad

  16. 16

    Re: harrybalsac thinks ur an asshole! – oh but you already do

  17. KayJ says – reply to this


    so sick of hearing about twink*light..that dude looks like a werewolf

  18. 18

    lol, twilight fan girls were dumb enough to think this would do better than batman…

    …but im seeing this later newayz..'


  19. 19

    where's my whore????

  20. 20

    the movie was AMAZING

  21. 21

  22. 22

    Re: shi – HAHAHA NOT FIRST

  23. 23

    Re: mama of 2 hates Whore1 – your hater left =(

  24. 24

    it's too bad that the movie SUCKED. how unfortunate, poor stephenie meyer

  25. 25

    I read the books! I am so pissed about the chick they picked for Bella. Bella is suppose to be hot. Kristin always looks confused and kind of manly.

  26. 26


  27. 27

    It was amazing and well worth standing outside before midnight to see it. VIVA LA TWLIGHT!!!

  28. 28

    can't wait to see it! :-)

  29. 29

    I'm watching Robert on "Ellen" right now. He's HOT!!!

  30. 30

    ooh how i love r-patz

  31. 31

    i will not be surprised when that Kristin Stewart girl comes out as a lesbian in the future. And i'm not saying that in a bad way. But she gives me that vibe. From seeing her in movies, and interviews.Anyone else notice?

  32. 32

    Perez did you see it yet? I watched it and I thought it was really cute and the people picked for the parts played them well. I think people will be confused a little if they haven't read the books. A lot of little things that make you laugh that you kinda have to know the book to get it.

  33. 33

    Yeah Twilight!!! I'll be seeing it tomorrow and I can't wait!!! I hope it does great this weekend.

  34. 34

    twilight is gonna rockkkkkkk

  35. 35

    Re: sable7 – So you do agree she has that les vibe. LOL. But she is cute so that wouldnt bother me.

  36. 36

    Too bad they totally lied about selling out so that they could fill up the 12:10 showings more. I went at 12:01, and including people that sneaked in with 12:10 tickets, the theater was only 80% full at the most.
    When you go to a Harry Potter midnight showing, there isn't a single empty seat in the entire theater. There were entire rows empty at Twilight.

  37. 37

    im going to see it tomorrow

  38. 38

    how GAY of them

  39. 39

    worst movie ever

  40. 40

    I just saw the movie and I liked it a lot! I wasn't expecting to either. Pleasantly surprised. Rob and Kristen were hot!

  41. 41

    that kristen stewart seems like a pistol- saw her on the Today show- shitty attitude

  42. 42

    Saw it, loved it. need to see it again

  43. 43

    It was pretty good. My daughter (who hasn't read the books) loved it more than those of us who had. Our expectations were probably a bit much. I think with the low budget they were working with..it turned out well. I am excited to see what they do with New Moon.

  44. 44

    i heard it sucked shit

  45. Watty says – reply to this


    It was GREAT! Twilight fans will be so happy :) Hopefully with more of a budget, they will be able to do CG, get some bigger name guest appearances, and have a bit longer of a movie for the sequels. It should have been 2 1/2 hours long. Catherine gets better and better with each movie that she does, so I am excited for the next ones :)

  46. 46

    i loved the movie wanna c it again

  47. 47

    the movie is AMAZING!!! they did a great job capturing the essence of the book, MUCH better than the Harry Potter movies, they just murder the books!
    anyways… loved it!!

  48. 48


  49. 49

    Saw it this morning - take it for what it is. The books were great and I was pleasantly surprised with the movie. No movie adapted from a book can be perfect! Robert is great as Edward and Kristen is great as Bella. I left very happy - and I'm a 32yr old mother of 1. I hope this does well enough to fund the next 3 books. People need to stop hating and being so critical. It's a beautiful love story. If you read the reviews and assume it sucks, then you obviously can't form your own opinion about anything. Critics are nothing but failed actors! A love story with no sex is so refreshing in an oversexed world. Congratulations to everyone involved in this movie-I hope to see "New Moon" on the big screen in the near future. AND SABLE7 - Bella was NOT supposed to be HOT-she was supposed to be plain, just as Kristen played her!

  50. 50

    The book and my mental imagery of the character Bella was way better. I was a little disappointed :(

  51. 51

    i just saw that movie.
    It was AWFUL.

  52. 52

    Cant wait to see this, though i didn't like the books too much. Pattinson is a total cutey - I loves him!!!

  53. 53

    Twilight fucking sucked. I'm so disappointed in it. The movie is so different from the book!! All they did was throw in a few key phrases from the book and practically skipped everything else. The acting was pretty crap to and so was the music. UGH they totally butchered it!!

  54. 54

    I loved the movie and I didn't even read the books.

    Robert Pattinson is amazing.

  55. 55

    I saw it and I absolutely LOVED it!!!!!!!!!
    All of the actors did a fantastic job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I want to see it again!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. 56

    K people its time to clue in… no movie ever that was based on a book is as good as the book itself.. wanna know why….. because when you read the book you imagine everything in your head how you would like to see it, everyone has a different perspective therefore when the the perspective is put in front of you
    ( the movie) after you imagined it different in your head.. well its weird and it usually doesnt match what you pictured it to be…..a movie is just the perspective of a director/producer or whatever. Anyways, just enjoy the entertainment and stop complaining about the movie, and please if you liked the book better well dont bother going to see the other movies when they will come out with them….

  57. 57

  58. 58

    I was doubtful but i loved, it was a bit diefferent from the book but they couldnt make it exactly like teh book! I think it was awesome i loved it! Through the whole movie i couldnt stop smiling & i cried even though i knew wghat was going to happen. Ofcourse the people rated it low cause theyre OLD let someone rate it who is that age!

  59. 59

    just saw the movie this afternoon. omg, big mistake! all i could hear were squealing kids that had skipped school to go to the afternoon matinee. i was thinking of leaving and coming back another time when there'd be less kids. it got so bad they stopped the movie and told everyone to shut up. it was almost a riot! finally the kids calmed down and they restarted the movie. the plot is typical, but it was okay. worth the money and hassle.

  60. 60

    I knew Twilight would kick ass!!!!

  61. 61

    The movie was fucking amazing!
    Im going to see it again tonight!

  62. 62

    Hmmm I'm young and I read the first two books and I think they are most appealing to those with juvenile tastes, who want their literature condensed, without characterization or symbolism.

  63. 63

    People will see this regardless…people want to know what all the hype is about and of course the Twihard fans will watch it numerous times. I waited for 4 hours to watch the movie at midnight and I'm only keepin it real when I say that although I love me some Rob Pattinson - the movie itself SUCKED!

  64. 64

    KS is going to be a train wreck unless some one steps in to help her. She was so out if it all week when she was on TV. Movie is a big disappointment.

  65. 65

    oh my…

  66. 66

    Write your reviews at Crazy Critics.com help a perez reader out!

  67. 67


    i must see twilight :'(

  68. 68

    Listen stop criticising the movie. no movie is ever as good as the book itself just fucking shut up and enjoy the movie for what it is and plus edward is effin hot =] Go robby!

  69. 69

    Re: mauerlovah – AMen to that! i totally agree with everything u said. n yea i expected too much hence i read the book lol. but overall for a low budget film it was AMAZING! especially with rob as edward…. he was absolutely perfect :D

  70. 70

    I went into the theater with mixed view points on what the movie would be like. Let me tell you this, it turned out to be the most incredible experience! I was not expecting it to be so good. I actually went with about 14 friends, some had not even read the books and they loved it as well. Some of the elderly critics said that the effects were not that great so I was expecting them to be corny…they weren't at all. They also said the meadow scene was lacking, but I thought it was absolutely amazing! I watched in astonishment as my favorite book was brought to life on the big screen and the only thing I want is more!! The acting was incredible…you could actually feel Edwards torment in Rob's emotions. Kristen was a fantastic Bella, perfect in every way. I feel so lucky to have been able to see this movie and I will see it over and over again! Twilight has become a household name and this movie just reinforces all the hype!!!

  71. 71

    a well deserved spot!! twilight is awesome. i love the movie!! just watched it hehe

  72. 72

    well I saw it and it's just a good teenager romance with some sci effects and the revival of the vampire stuff cos it has been a long time ago since Van Helsing …
    Anyway, HBO aired one of the best vampire series of all time this fall, I can't get enough of it : TRUE BLOOD got me mad! But TWILIGHT will draw audience, I enjoyed it, but had the feeling that I saw too much in the trailers, the movie seemed to be missing something..the whole thing is set on fans because the acting is not that much but yes, Pattinson is hot and I dont care if does not win an Award with it.

  73. 73

    LOVED the movie!!!
    is awesome!!!!
    twilighter 100%!!!!!

  74. 74

    i went the day after it came out, at like noon. and there was maybe 15 ppl in the movie.
    i thought it was gonna be packed! but it really wasnt at all.
    i read the books, and thought the movie was gonna be soooo good!
    but the books are alwayss better then the movie.
    so i guess i was a lil dissapointed, but idontcare because overall the movie was still good. and i love the actors in the movie:)
    &yes im so in love with rob, taylor, kellan &jackson(: