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Did Dr. Pepper Lie To Us?

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Guns 'n' Roses finally released their 17 years-in-the-making album, Chinese Democracy, on November 23rd. But, people were more interested in getting their free Dr. Pepper that the company promised to give out to every person in the United States if the GnR album was released this year.

Well, the album came out, so people were hurrying in droves to Dr. Pepper's website beginning at 12:01am on Sunday to claim their free sample.

One BIG problem, though, the site didn't work most of the day! We've gotten tons of emails from our Perezcious readers upset that Dr. Pepper "lied" to them.

If Dr. P is going to offer free soda to everyone, you'd think they'd be ready for the demand! At least have enough bandwith and servers in place so the website doesn't conveniently crash the day of the offer.

The site yesterday, for those who could access it, later read, "We are experiencing high traffic and are updating our servers. Please try again later or contact our consumer relations at 1-800-696-5891."

Though some calls would not go through with others having people hold in excess of 15 minutes.

So, in an effort to help calm the public, Dr. Pepper has sent out a press release stating their extending their offer until 6:00pm EST today.

The release says:

Based on tremendous consumer response, Dr Pepper is extending its offer for a free Dr Pepper until 6 PM EST
on Monday, November 24.

"People are passionate about Dr Pepper," said Tony Jacobs, vice president of marketing for Dr Pepper. "The response has been greater than anticipated and we want to do everything we can to ensure Dr Pepper fans get their free coupon. As a result, we've extended the offer, increased our server capacity and added a toll-free number, 1-888-DRPEPPER, for consumers to call to request their Dr Pepper."


1. Go to www.drpepper.com or call 1-888-DRPEPPER (1-888-377-3773)

2. Register your information online or by phone to receive a coupon for one free 20-oz. Dr Pepper.

3. When your coupon arrives, redeem it wherever Dr Pepper is sold.

4. Drink your Dr Pepper slowly to experience all 23 flavors. Dr's orders.

Allow 4-6 weeks for coupon to arrive. Coupons will expire on Feb. 28,2009. Limit one coupon per person. Full terms and conditions available at www.drpepper.com.

However, we just tried to go on the site and got a "Service Unavailable" error.

Have any of U had better luck?


[Image via WENN.]

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124 comments to “Did Dr. Pepper Lie To Us?”

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  1. 1

    Don't like dr. pepper. keep your free drink.

  2. 2

    Fuckers I tried that shit all day, fuck them!

  3. 3

    They are not liars, they are trying and then they changed it to help us get free soda. I think they rule for following through. Dr P is the new black!

  4. 4

    Website dosent work and phone number is ALWAYS busy

  5. 5


  6. 6

    Fuckin' Shit is still broke I just tried it! The new GNR is a Bigger POS than DP website!

  7. 7

    I Got A Service Error Too…

  8. 8

    At least SOMETHING good has come out of Axel Rose releasing that CD, because I seriously doubt anything on it will be worth listening to.

  9. 9

    Um, it works for me…

  10. 10

    You can get on the site. As long as you aren't in the US it seems. People from Canada and Mexico can get on the site. Probably because they don't qualify for the offer!

  11. 11

    I got in just fine. But I did get there late pretty early on Sunday. Like 2 AM, so maybe it wasn't busy yet?

  12. 12

    dr.pepper, shmocter pepper. how does this get me any closer to purchasing some hardcore Audrina Patridge porn? i love the way her eyes look when she is looking up.

  13. 13

    NEW YORK—For the fifth straight year, Jordan McCabe will return home for the holidays and spend the night before Thanksgiving running into every smug and unlikable asshole he ever went to high school with, the 26-year-old reported Monday.

  14. 14

    Oh for gods sake, relax. It's a fucking can of pop. Let's burn them at the stake for not having enough bandwidth now shall we?

  15. 15


  16. 16

    The trip back home, scheduled for later this week, will reportedly bring McCabe face-to-face with an endless string of pricks from his past, each of whom he will have to engage in awkward conversation, and generally pretend to be happy about seeing again.

  17. 17

    At Marleybone, McCabe will be required to partake in a number of unpleasant activities, including making small talk with several assholes who used to openly mock him during high school, and reminiscing about the "good old days" of which he was never a part. While the consumption of alcohol will initially make the evening more tolerable, McCabe is ultimately expected to leave the bar after realizing he has just as little in common with all these assholes as he did when he was 15.

  18. 18

    Re: LettyB Thanks All Her Fans! – Hi Sexy bebe… :o )

  19. 19

    yea, new album is H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E. i was really hoping it would be another appetite for destruction. it is the exact opposite. i wonder if axl has any Audrina Patridge porn. i would gladly give my dr.pepper up for some o that

  20. 20

    jesus christ perez, hysterical much, over something you damn well know is a common problem for a lot of sites during a big promotion?

    anyone getting upset over a dollar bottle of pop needs their head examined

  21. 21

    "I can't believe McCabe is coming back," said local resident Ricky Cook. "That guy's such a fuckin' asshole."

  22. 22

    I'd rather just buy my $1.00 bottle than fuck around like that.

  23. 23

    Re: obsess_much – i love the way her eyes look when she is looking up

  24. 24

    Re: LaDiva is repping New Jersey – Same here. That shit is nasty.

  25. 25

    Re: harrybalsac teabagged the gravy! – You have to love The Onion eh Harry?

    In other news… Perez, save the vitriol. They acknowledged the error in the website and are working towards a solution. This does not make them "Fucking Liars", it makes them incompetent at judging demand and implementing technology… wait, that sounds kinda like this site on most days.

  26. 26


  27. 27

    I hope all the fur wearing hores get …oh god I hate being like this… get sum terrible deseAse!!! I hate N ritchey why is she even famous…????

  28. 28

    Yes, just call 1-888-DRPEPPER the site doesn't work. The # has a recording to leave your info to send coupon.

  29. 29

    Buy my new album" Chinese Dickcheese" on 11-31-08!

  30. 30

    Re: obsess_much – ok we got it.
    on every post. she looks up.

    shut up now.

  31. 31

    i got to the sign up screen it doesnt have an enter button..so i hit enter and it just says service unavailable.

    cheap ass liars.

  32. 32

    I tried yesterday and today and nothing…it kept saying the site was timing out after 30 seconds and shutting down. Boycott Dr. Pepper!

  33. 33

    F Dr Pepper!

  34. 34

    Re: obsess_much – If she had a dick growin' out of her forehead then she'd be lookin' up a two hairy balls!

  35. 35

    they should extend the offer for a whole week so people can get a free dr pepper. HOLD UP TO YOUR OFFER!!!

  36. 36

    Re: tgladden – I can cut and paste with the best of them!

  37. 37

    doesn't dr. pepper cost, like, a dollar?

  38. 38

    I like diet Dr. pepper and I want one . But no luck as of yet, I got my vest out of the closet and all i need is my diet dr pepper


    i WILL NEVER buy dr pep if they give me a free one

  39. 39

    Eh. I'm not giving them my email address for them to spam for a fucking 99 cent bottle of soda.

  40. mben says – reply to this


    Haha! Perez! I got mine no problem!! I think they just don't like you!

  41. 41


  42. 42

    i had luck with the phone number, first i was on hold for a minute, ao i hung up. then 5 seconds later i called again and the number worked. you need your address, name and email.

  43. 43

    get over it perez, they are like 1.75 at the store, GO BUY ONE!!!! geezus ive never met someone who complained so much in MY LIFE

  44. 44

    I've gotten the time out, the server unavailable and now it is saying my email has already been used. So I tried to login and then it tells me that I have an invalid login……..So, technically they lied to me. I don't even like Dr. Pepper, was just getting it for my daughter……

  45. 45

    WOW we really are living in desperate times if so many people are going crazy and getting mad about not getting a dollar and a quarter free drink

  46. 46


  47. 47

    I tried submitting my information on their website, but it didn't work!
    I tried repeatedly too.
    Buuut since it'd be a whole lot easier just to buy a Dr. Pepper, I said fuck it.

  48. 48

    Re: STFUP – keep trying! i tried for five minutes and then got through!!

  49. 49

    I'm so mad at them. I'll prob never voluntarily buy a bottle of Dr. Pepper ever again.

  50. 50

    OMG……..Its because millions of people are going on that site every minute so im sure the website keeps crashing! who cares anyway sodas bad for you.

  51. 51

    It took me 3 straight tries to get through to the phone number. Like in a row..I didn't 'try later..'

  52. 52

    Nobody lied… think of how many people were on that site yesterday, it was bound to crash… I was able to get on late last night with no problems at all… People need to chill out and be understanding about it. You are getting something free and people still complain… POOR YOU!!

  53. 53

    They are HUGE liars!!! It doesn't work.

  54. 54

    Besides the one I'll be getting free in a month… the line worked for me

  55. 55

    Dr Pepper shouldnt have to give us shit….

    why you may ask???


    its the axl rose solo project!!!!

    you cant kick all the founding members out of a band and still call it a band…. fuck axl rose and his little bitch ass for even attempting it!

    ok…i feel better now…happy monday all!

  56. 56

    Yup. I can get to the site now but get an error when I try to register. They were not prepared. Too Bad. I have a case in my garage but still!

  57. hmd says – reply to this


    The server was slow, but I was able to register for my coupon this morning. :o )

  58. 58

    It's not just about the free drink!!! Don't promise something you can't deliver! BASTARDS

  59. 59

    Go to the text version of the site and you can get on it much easier.

  60. 60

    I logged on to the Dr Pepper site around noon, local time. No problem getting to the site, the form or submitting the form. Dunno what was special about me!

  61. 61

    "People are passionate about Dr Pepper" oh jesus christ….

    what an outrage. this is the biggest national tragedy since 9/11.
    god forbid people should fork over $1 for a shitty ass soft drink.

  62. 62

    It worked fine for me, but then again I also registered pretty early. Having technical problems does not mean they are "liars" though, it means they are HAVING TECHNICAL PROBLEMS.

  63. 63

    Are you really as stupid as you sound?
    The server load on www.drpepper.com must be enormous, you can´t figure that out??!!
    NJuat take it easy, you´ll get your free soda, cheap biatches… :-P

  64. 64

    i tried, filled it all out and pressed submit and what a shocker….nothing ever happened….SO DISAPPOINTED!!!!

  65. 65

    I just did it like an hour ago and it worked ok for me. Try again, yo.

  66. 66

    Re: harrybalsac teabagged the gravy! – so don't go then, get drunk with your family instead, at least they actually care about u!

  67. 67

    Nope, site STILL doesn't work. "Service Unavailable"

  68. 68

    Actually love Diet Dr. Pep, but haven't able to get on either. This may seem silly to some- but good for you, Perez for calling these people out on their unfulfilled promise. As soon as I heard it was only available for one day, I knew this was what would happen, AND I think they did too- JERKS!!

  69. 69

    yay! i was bummed when it didn't work yesterday. today i had no problems. thanks, dr.pepper!

  70. 70

    Um….are you serious??? People were writing you saying they couldn't get their "free" Dr. Pepper??? Seriously?? Wow, who in the world has time to worry about junk like that? Who cares about one free can of Dr. Pepper? I mean, really? I know everyone is broke and it would be nice to have something for free….but Dr. Pepper? Who cares? Dr. Pepper isn't even good.

  71. 71

    yeah i tried all dayy…nothing

    however i called…and i am getting 3 coupons mailed to my house!

  72. 72

    Perez… start a nation wide boycott of Dr. Pepper. If they want to screw with your readers, then bankrupt them!!

  73. 73

    i just tried at 2:13 PM EST and got the same thing. boo

  74. 74

    nope. still cant get on the site to the coupon. all this shit for a dollar soda.

  75. 75

    Screw them! I love your complaining ass, and apparently I am not the only one!!

  76. 76

    It doesn't work. I hate doctor pepper but I like free stuff! :)

  77. 77

    To call this Guns and Roses is like saying Britney can sing, or a man can get pregnant. What a total load of shyt.

  78. 78

    I got mine. You just have to have patience with it and keep trying. If the page doesn't load after you register… just try going back and signing in.

  79. 79

    It worked for me! 2:45pm EST :) It was SUPER slow and I got the Service message a couple times but I kept pushing the back button and refresh until the thing worked.

  80. theJB says – reply to this


    i went on last night and had no problem at all. WooHOO


  81. 81

    Their servers can't handle all the traffic (duh). Quit calling people liars.

    I'm guessing there are a lot of people who REALLY LOVE Dr. Pepper otherwise there wouldn't be so much bitching and whining. LOL!

  82. 82

    I called the phone number and got through just fine. Kind of a pain in the ass to spell out all of your info over the phone, but it said my request was accepted… Now, whether or not I actually GET a coupon in 4-6 weeks is unknown…

  83. 83

    Website doesn't work! I like dr. pepper, but not enough to wait for the site to come up. it never loaded.

  84. 84

    Stay on hold for 15 minutes or try to get online for hours for a freakin 99 cent can of pop? Then you have to wait 2 months for it?
    I guess we are in a shitty economy!

  85. 85

    "People are passionate about Dr Pepper," said Tony Jacobs, vice president of marketing for Dr Pepper. "

    People are passionate about FREE!!!!!!!!

  86. 86

    Re: theJB – i just puked in my mouth a little bit….

  87. BS says – reply to this


    The website does not work!! get your shit together Dr. Pepper!!!

  88. 88

    Are that many people actually worried about getting a free soda?

  89. 89

    I gots me a free dr. peppa!!!!!!

  90. 90

    Just used the website and got thru. I also called the number and got right in. Thank you Dr. Pepper for the freebee!!

  91. 91

    i don't like Dr. P but my dh does. I think if they would have had the window open longer than a day (now 2) there wouldn't be such a rush. then people could take their time. Shoot, a week is good considering how long it GnR to get there $hit together

  92. 92

    Can't get through on the website or on the phone. We were scammed!

  93. 93

    "Welcome to the jungle" of Dr. "Feelgood"Pepper, the most awesome pop around. All we need is a little "Patience". Don't feel "Estranged" and "Don't cry".If you don't get thru, then "Live and let die". If you do get thru, then hey its "Paradise City". Hope we don't have to wait for "November Rain" to get it. Can't wait to tell my "Sweet child O mine".

  94. 94

    Re: BearBear – dr feelgood is motley crue…..just fyi….

    you know….an actual band!

  95. 95

    Re: BearBear – and that was sooo lame….how long did that take you to think of???

  96. 96

    I'm on the site right now and it's 2:24 PM Monday afternoon November 24th.

    The site is still "unavailable".

  97. 97

    It's 3:54 pm eastern time Monday and Dr Pepper's site still gets fatal errors. What a bunch of crap.

  98. 98

    I kept getting the service error, so I tried calling the number and it was busy- but I just tried the website one more time and it worked, so I guess you gotta keep trying!

  99. 99

    I had no trouble with it. Worked just fine

  100. 100

    Cut them some slack..imagine how many ppl are rushing to the site.

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