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How Do We Say This Delicately???

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Somebody forgot to tell Paris that it's Thanksgiving coming up - NOT Halloween!

We kid. We kid.

Hilty got really into it as she attended the opening of the new Pussycat Dolls Lounge at the Viper Room on Sunset in L.A., Sunday night.

[Image via WENN.]

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122 comments to “How Do We Say This Delicately???”

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  1. 1

    Paris hilton is so dried up now.
    no one cares about her stupid act.

  2. 2

    Overrated, but smart because she is playing on American's stupidity…

  3. 3

    hawtttttt but somebody's got soft in the middle…… hahahahah

  4. 4

    Uhh, sexy sexy single lady!!
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  5. 5

    ick! I usually like her clothes, but this outfit is a mess

  6. 6

    Nicole Scherzinger is NASTY & not in a good way!

  7. 7

    even her crabs have HPV. she is gross. who would hit that?

  8. 8

    Cheesy Hooker

  9. 9

    Major fashion disaster on par with Gweneth's goth incident. I can't believe she left the house like that, trying WAY too hard, bet she is trying to make Benji jealous, she just looks like a freak in need of a stylist!!!

  10. 10

    a walking herpetic sore….

  11. 11


  12. DBag says – reply to this


    Paris has zero ass and is extremely over rated.. I really don't get the hype.

  13. 13

    Why couldn't I have been born a Hilton

  14. 14

    That's Paris Hilton?

  15. 15

    She kinda looks like Christina Aguilera, with out the boobs.

  16. 16

    Re: Corrine – because you must have an IQ of -1000

  17. 17

    Is she trying to look like "Katey Perry"?

    That was the first person I thought when I saw this pic.

  18. aj says – reply to this


    damn she looks skinny as fuck! actually hot kinda. channeling Xtina with the makeup much, though?

  19. 19

    Re: Chaz007 – QUESTION: If you don't like her, like I don't, how is that stupid? I don't buy her products, watch her shows…excuse me sex tapes so…??? Please explain! Thanks!

  20. 20

    I didn't even recognize her!

  21. 21

    love it

  22. 22

    She looks like she's ready to play soccer with those shin guards, and she totally looks like she's dressed for halloween

  23. 23

    The girl needs to eat a damn sandwich!

  24. 24

    Paris is definitely a catcher and not a pitcher.

  25. docis says – reply to this


    Remembers me of Christina!

  26. 26

  27. 27

    are you sure that's her? that does NOT look like her!!

  28. 28

    i am in love with this girl. i wanna be her bff. that outfit is hilarious and amazing.

  29. 29

    she has the body of a ferret

  30. 30

    put a fork in her. aren't we done w/ her yet?

  31. 31

    One big bag of STD's wrapped in latex is what she looks like! This should be labeled under ICKY POO!

  32. 32

    I wish she would do something with herself………besides act like royalty!! What a waste of space!

  33. 33

    I bet she made squeaking noises as she walked

  34. Bambi says – reply to this


    Yikes Body of a child this one has

  35. Bambi says – reply to this


    Ugh what a poser

  36. 36

    I thought that was Xtina at first…

  37. 37

    She looks like a Dominatrix Nazi

    Uuugh..hate that betch.

  38. 38

    no curves what so ever >;p

  39. 39

    For the occasion - she looks great. :)

  40. LNW says – reply to this


    Now I know the reason she dumped him, she still wanted to act and dress like a skank, but he wouldn't let her, because he wanted to settle down and she still wanted to act like a whore. Benji you are better off!

  41. imk says – reply to this


    the innocent girl act if finally over. won't be long before she is showing the world her snatch again. the tummy is bigger then her pancake ass.

  42. imk says – reply to this


    giraffe body.

  43. 43

    What the heck is with her zombie hand!??!!!

  44. 44

    I actually think this is a good pic of her. The angle makes her look super skinny, and you can't see her eyeball that is always staring off at a crazy angle.

  45. 45


  46. Bucky says – reply to this


    I think she looks hot in that.

  47. KayJ says – reply to this


    COOL lets dress up like latex condoms..since she's never seen one in her life

  48. Sgirl says – reply to this


    She looks like hammered shit. Who give a shit about this disease infested skank? Who the hell's writing this shit?

  49. 49

    Perez you have you pull your head out of her std-ridden asshole and realise she is a washed up whore! Don't 'kid' when you know its true.how can you call miley a slut and not this cumrag

  50. 50

    Ho's been watching my you tube channel, AGAIN.

  51. L' says – reply to this


    She has the body of a greyhound, standing up…
    wait no, greyhound has boobs and ass

  52. 52

    Perez Hates Me ^^

  53. 53

    there is no delicate way to say anything about this chick she looks like a domihatress.
    She is in no way appealing she needs to go hide

  54. 54

    didn't even recognize her!!

  55. 55

    as long as she doesn't talk she's hot lol

  56. 56

    Wait a second….that is so NOT Paris Hilton in that picture. Anyone else agree?

  57. 57

    Get Paris' Spats at Revolveclothing.com : Posso The Spat - The Preacher in black patent leather.

  58. 58


  59. 59

    her new boobs have magically disappeared.

  60. 60

    Paris Hilton is a $2 hoe

  61. 61

    Oh Perez, be serious you know you are not kidding. Just because she is your namesake doesn't mean that when she dresses ridiculous you can't call her out on it. Besides, it affects you too, you don't want to be associated with trashy people….

  62. 62

    Your girl Paris Hilton is a joke. Her backside is as flat as her front.

  63. 63

    she still looks great!

    and she looked KILLER last night at the AMA's with T-Pain…

    she may not be able to act or sing….but bitch usually looks good….

    and with her money….she better look good!

  64. 64

    I love her spats! Posso the Spat ohh yeah

  65. 65

    Re: schmoopy84 – really???

    she charged me 4…..bitch!

  66. 66

    To the people who trashed her. You have 200 kicks in the head coming from me. HAHA

  67. 67

    I'd spank that bitch!!

  68. 68

    Re: JokerBaby – if your not joking, shame on you!

  69. 69

    Someone needs to cut out a few inches from her torso…too much longness there. Too too skinny to be wearing that outfit as well.

  70. 70

    oof- not hot

  71. LIP says – reply to this


    I liked her more when she was tied down to benji. Stupid girl.

  72. 72

    Why was she at the AMA's anyway? This chick is a dried up ole prune. She needs to go back with her boyfriend who was good to her and crawl back into the hole in which she came.

  73. 73

    I hope she has seconds on Thanksgiving.

  74. 74

    Paris looks FUGLY!

  75. 75

    ew. lol shes flat :L

  76. 76

    My god, celebrities need to DROP THE RED LIPSTICK. It looks horrible on /everyone\.

  77. 77

    I don't get it…shin pads…soccer? no…ummmm…police hat? shiny police hat?? yea, I don't get it…fit for the pit

  78. 78

    i luv paris…i ovez her hat :D

  79. 79

    You shush your mouth Perez… PARIS LOOKS HOT!!!

  80. AMO says – reply to this


    You cannot dress like that.

  81. sushi says – reply to this


    Does this chick even have tits? I don't care how much money she has, who would want to fuck someone with warts that doesn't even have tits?

  82. 82

    that's not christina aguilera?

  83. 83

    dude, i so thought this was christina aguilera.. ha.

  84. 84

    doesn't even look like her , other than the slut look. okay, I am alot older than her, BUT, she has to get it through her whore head that she is not 19, 20 anymore and while she has money, people will just laugh at her more and more and she will only end up with a skank like her if she does not go back in her hole.

  85. 85

    She was with Avril, partying at villa the other night then they went to her sisters nikki later.

  86. 86


  87. poop says – reply to this


    bless her heart. She looks hot. But I am sure she is bummed. Hope she moves past her break up well!

  88. 88

    one night in paris is a series now?

  89. 89

    except she may need to lose some weight.
    perfect otherwise (:

  90. 90

    what does she eat p/d???

    my god….

  91. 91

    It's good to see her back as the trashy whore that she is.

  92. 92

    Hilton who?

    The bitch is dried up and dead news no one gives a fuck bout her anymore.

    She looks like a hollywood hooker..wait…isnt she one…?

  93. 93

    Flat as a surfboard. At least in this pic you can't see her flipper hands and feet.
    Disgusting, meaningless human being.

  94. 94



  95. 95

    Once a ho, always a ho.

  96. 96

    PLEASE STOP! I cannot stand this fucking annoying, dumb, ugly slag!
    Why cant you post about the classy pplz like scarlett, anne hathaway etc.
    This thing is soooooo wrong im sick of her PS i heard she has aids!

  97. 97

    Eat a sandwich bitch!

  98. 98

    Re: biiitch. – I hope you're kidding. This chick looks like she eats one cracker a day!

  99. 99

    ******NEWS FLASH*************

  100. 100

    She looks Agent Provacteur or a.k.a Smokin'!!!

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