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If You Are Easily Offended….

| Filed under: If You Are Easily Offended.....

Then do not CLICK HERE!

Dressed in her best homeless chic attire, Bjork does a little shopping in NYC on Sunday. So hawt!

bjork-112308-08.jpg bjork-112308-03.jpg

[Santiago and Freddy Baez via Ramey Pix.]

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103 comments to “If You Are Easily Offended….”

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  1. 1

    When'd she get hit by the retard bus?

  2. 2

    Looks like she usually does.

  3. 3


    I wanna sammich!

  4. 4

    WTF is wrong with her? Really?

  5. 5

    Look at that, the paparazzi just asked her to put on her sexiest face. Is that the best she could come up with?

  6. 6

    not bad

  7. 7


  8. 8

    That outfit looks like something your gay ass would wear!

  9. 9


  10. 10

    oooh no! i LOVE bjork. and all of you who hate on her have probably never listened to her music. she's a brilliant musician (and award-winning actress), not a fashionista

  11. 11


  12. Synik says – reply to this


    I'm sure Marc Jacobs was thrilled to be associated with this train wreck of a fashion statement.

  13. 13

    Do we really expect anything less from Bjork?

  14. ivvoi says – reply to this


    i LOVE BJORK. she does what she wants.

  15. 15

    i wonder what Audrina Patridge would look like making that face in a porn. i love the way her eyes look when she is looking up.

  16. 16

    Lol. Bjork's awesome.

  17. 17

    she's always been a little off

  18. 18

    wtf is wrong with her? first?

  19. 19

    barf! 1st?

  20. 20

    Love it.

  21. 21

    guess not…barf again

  22. 22

    Is she giving herself a thumbs up??

  23. 23

    Bjork is a fucking artist.

    Give her a break.

    She's amazing.

  24. 24

    Yes, it's so much better to waste money on high end couture that is worn only once.

  25. 25

    Re: harrybalsac teabagged the gravy! – She needs some ball gravy.

  26. 26

    Re: ivvoi – i saw her live last year and cried my eyes out. people just don't understand how wonderful bjork is. they don't even give her a chance.

  27. 27


  28. 28

    Gimme a sammich!

  29. 29

    Find the asshole who first heard this retard babble and said"Fuck , we got to get this shit on tape!" and punch that mutherfucker in the face!

  30. 30


  31. 31


  32. 32

    I LOVE the 'Walmart chic' look! VERY trendy in our troubled times.

  33. 10010 says – reply to this


    LOVE HER! She has this little thing called talent. Might want to look into it Perez.

  34. 34

    wtf is that thing??

  35. 35

    damn she's crazy…..if i were a pap….id stay the fuck away from this one….

  36. 36

    She's amazing, shut the hell up Perez.

  37. 37


  38. 38

    Re: latinafantastica – didnt say she wasnt a musical genius….she is….she's just nutso…..

    really really nutso…..not just "im faking crazy because im a musician" kind of nuts….

  39. 39


  40. 40

    window licker

  41. 41

    she reminds me a bit of the drama-queen boy on Paris Hilton's my BFF. I didn't watch the show, but remember the advertisements for it, and she looks kind of like him.

  42. 42

    total fail

  43. 43

    flock of seagulls much?

  44. 44

    Easily the best artist on the planet, but is a bit on the strange side. Love her though! :)

  45. k-lee says – reply to this


    ahahahha what an unfortunate shot.

  46. 46

    Que Bonita!

  47. 47

    she looks like she has a mental problem or something…

  48. 48

    who cares.let her shop in peace.not every body get all dolled up just to shop.

  49. 49

    Oh man! lmao!

  50. 50

    lmaooo :')

  51. 51

    vomit-inducing completly nasty.

  52. 52

    Oh my. She looks…..special.

  53. 53

    I like Bjork

  54. 54

    Dios mio! My eyes hurt now!

  55. 55

    bjork is awesome, even when she looks like crap.

  56. KayJ says – reply to this


    um she always looks crazy. but she is awesome.

  57. 57

    how can such beautiful music come out of such a weirdly dressed person?

  58. 58

    cute tights/boots sorta.

  59. 59

    What do YOU think about music???
    Go to reportell.com and write your own opinions.

  60. 60

    I love that woman.

  61. 61

    Im totally offended!

  62. 62

    youre an assshole perez shes a godess. after the horrific outfits you wear how dare you talk shit about her? youre not worthy to speak to her much less post her picture on your site.

  63. 63

    Re: latinafantastica – If she is not trying to be a "fashionista" then why is she shopping at Marc Jacobs?

  64. 64

    that's her O face…so sexxxy

  65. 65


  66. 66

    Come on Perez, it's Björk! It's just how she is.

  67. 67

    fuck that! bjork is awesome! at least she has a sense of humor- not to mention talent up the wazoo!

  68. 68

    are you sure thats her it looks like goofy the dogs long lost two legged sister

  69. 69

    when did she have a stroke? Help me keep on top of this stuff Mario.

  70. 70

    Love the colour

  71. 71

    I love Bjork!

  72. 72

    As Oscar Wilde… (more of a gay man than you'll EVER be Prerez)…once said:
    ”Those who follow fashion are not the fashionable…’tis the ones who dress for themselves that truly are”.
    Bjork is irreplaceable and utterly fabulous, and dresses way better than you Perez..aka Monsieur Lardass.

  73. 73

    People you seem to be the ones who are retarded, this is just a really bad picture of her, the other pictures the pap took must be just normal pictures

    tho its a hideous picture but we all got those.

    She's one of the few people, who is not only known for being talented but that has got a fashion sense not influenced by someone else, and has the guts to express herself and who she is. If you want anorexic fashion victim talented twats go for Victoria Beckham or something.

  74. 74

    People you seem to be the ones who are retarded, this is just a really bad picture of her, the other pictures the pap took must be just normal pictures

    tho its a hideous picture but we all got those.

    She's one of the few people, who is not only known for being talented but that has got a fashion sense not influenced by someone else, and has the guts to express herself and who she is. If you want anorexic fashion victim talentless twats go for Victoria Beckham or something.

  75. 75

    I didn't even know she's still alive. O_o

  76. L' says – reply to this


    Finally! Something that is offensive… kinda
    We need better stuff, Mr. P

  77. 77

    I've seen her out and about all around reykjavik. She has some pretty great clothes, and honestly what she is wearing in this picture isn't to far off from what everyone in iceland is wearing. ég elska ísland!!!!

  78. 78

    She's amazing: a v. v. talented musician. She could kick the shit out of you. Didn't you ever see her attack the reporter who kept hounding her? youtube it. Hil-ar-ious

  79. 79


  80. 80

    She's fabulous and talented, and couldn't give a rat's arse about what anybody thinks. I love her! Your godawful Agyness Deyn, however…….

  81. 81

    Well . . . clearly the pic is taken an a mid-gulp of water . .or whatever . . .lol . .unfortunate timing . . .but funnt nevertheless.

    I love how Bjork rocks her fashion all the time . . .like there is never pics of Bjork in jeans and t-shirt . . . .she rolls in full fashion all the time . . . not many celebrities have the balls to rock avant-guard fasion to event . .much less in their daily lives. she's FIERCE like that. love it or hate it . . it's awsome she just does it! . . . .but that said . . .that face she is making is a riot.

    hope she's in NY working on new music!!!

  82. 82

    Re: stellygirl – hahahaha…..loves it!!!!

    she is just nuts….lets leave it at that…..

  83. KayJ says – reply to this


    Re: stellygirl – SHUT UP AND GO SIT IN THE CORNER

  84. 84

    Suri Cruise, all grown up

  85. 85

    hahahahaha! thats evil damn

  86. 86

    Perez Hates Me ^^

  87. 87

    this lady is nuts

  88. 88

    I love her music, though! Bjork I love you!!!!

  89. 89


  90. 90

    I love her

  91. 91

    hahaha i LOVE the homeless mouth!!

  92. 92

    Re: candyasslvr – hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahah this made me laugh SO hard!!! hahhaahha

  93. 93

    Re: flangie nopants – wow, i totally youtubed that, BRUTAL *paris smirk*

  94. 94

    leave her ALONE! U FAG! LOL x

  95. 95

    I love her, you cunt.

  96. 96

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!! MY EYESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. 97

    now perez… this is just bad publicity for marc jacobs and we all LOVE marc jacobs….

  98. AalaA says – reply to this


    I love her :'(

  99. 99

    Fuck you, Perez, really.
    Bjork does whatever shit she wants so this is perfectly fine.

  100. 100

    Didn't she used to date that hottie from That 70's Show? She looks … not so great here. That's a shame.

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