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Are They Even Legally Married???

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Let's break down this Speidi bullshiz!

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132 comments to “Are They Even Legally Married???”

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  1. 101

    I totally agree! There is no way this was spur of the moment and we all know they are media whores.

    And WTF? Fuck you haters talking shit to Perez. If you don't like him then don't leave fucking comments! Perez, you look great! I love the Hello Kitty and I love your website! Keep doing what you do! xo

  2. 102

    i loveyou perez

  3. 103

    Perezito, a quien le importa si se casaron o no?

  4. 104

    ok to all of those people who are saying stuff about perez… its effing annoying okay, stop.

    I love it when you leave comments like "WHO CARES?" or "NOBODY CARES." when while "you reallly don't care about celeb gossip or perez".. you make an account, look at the website, and comment on everything saying how much you don't care.

  5. 105

    i don't know if thats your room but I LOVE the hello kitty
    pillow!!! wanna have one! its the only thing that got me to wacht all of the video becose is not that much of a shoker that the weddyng is fake!
    i can't stand this 2!
    how do they get up every day and not be disgusted by the people they are?
    i gess there's a secret drog for that… they should put it in the market!

  6. 106

    All these years, I thought you were ugly because you were fat. Nope, now it's fact that you are just plain ugly. Invest in brown paper bags.

  7. 107

    Ok, seriously, who the fuck even cares?! My big toe has more talent than both of those two combined. They're both fake and she looks like a goddamn horse. Way better things to post about than this shiz.

  8. 108

    I didn't even know they had gotten married.

    Not that it's surprising, as I don't really care about them.

  9. 109

    Perez, you are soooooo thin!!!!!!!!

  10. 110

    You look HOT! Perez! :) Can I have the sweater off your back to give to my SEXY husband?????

  11. 111

    nobody even cares about them perez!

  12. 112

    You know she's his pinchi beard!

  13. 113

    so um yeah this has nothing to do with those attention whores but id like to say the more weight perez loses the bigger his head gets is his body so hungry that it is now eating his hair? looking a lil thin there perez time to get the spray paint hair or better yet stop bleaching it.

  14. 114

    OMG! Perez is a marketing Genious more then anything. Perezito, Papi! you are business savvy and smart and everything profitable in this world! lol
    and i say this because anyone in the entertainment world who capitalizes on the demise of print media is RIGHT ON THE MONEY! literally!
    Any ways, you're right, and im sure most ppl here have been reading your blog long enough to realize all this crap!

    Te Quierooooooooo

  15. 115

    Uhhh They suck!!!! I hope Heidi and Spencer read this comment… YOU SUCK!!!

  16. MRSB says – reply to this


    Also, you have to apply for a marriage license before you get married…

  17. 117

    Who gives a fuck. They are both no talent freaks that wont go away. And you certainly arent helping. Stop reporting their bullshit!

  18. 118

    the world is ending…

  19. 119

    Hmm i give it 2 years till they are in divorce court ok 3.

  20. 120

    Re: KelliKel
    He's the biggest hater of all!!!

  21. 121

    Were you high when you did this?

  22. 122

    that was great!

  23. 123

    Why do I feel this is going to be a britney situation.. pop2 out and then go crazy!!!!!
    This scenario looks promising… and then hopefully she will come back to her senses.. and go "what was i thinking???".. but i'm not even sure she is big enough to bounce back from this and still have fans…
    Although i must admit.. the hills wouldn't be the same without these two characters!!

  24. 124

    i think Speidi's marriage is as fake as The Hills…

  25. Binaa says – reply to this


    No one cares about those two ass holes.
    Stop making them more popular!

  26. 126

    I never buy a magazine with these two on the cover, or inside the mag, or anything. Infact, I have been slowly giving up on the hills because I hate watching Spencer be a dick to Heidi and Heidis family. She has no friends anymore, you would think she would realize that. She lost her good job because of him, and her mom hates him. That would be more then enough for me to keep him to the curb. Make these two go away!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. 127

    they make me wanna puke

  28. 128

    Perez I heart you

  29. 129

    Is that your fucking room? You are a fucking horrible douchbag. Be a man and lift some weights and shit.

  30. 130

    its ashame though because I really believed Holly when they asked her if she knew about it on the Hills aftershow and she cried..I felt really bad for her and her family..who knows? but Perez you've got it right better believe they got paid oddles of dinero for this "story" ..sad..really!

  31. 131

    No one cares about a bunch of talentless people. C'mon, they don't do anything. why are these people famous. I wish all the stupid teeny boppers would stop watching that damn hills show so everyone can go away already. their marriage is not a real marriage, it is going to be a tv marriage, even if it is a real marriage, it is still a stupid tv marriage that will never last. everyone knows that marriage is made up by tv executives and writers

  32. 132

    seriously more than likely they will have a mtv special wedding…….fkn cruel to humanity i swear!!! I LOVE U PEREZ especially on Paris' show!! lol

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