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Gossip Girl Stars Making Some Real Life Gossip!

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Celebrities are just like us!

And just like us, they get stuck in holiday airport traffic, waiting around for hours while drinking at overpriced airport restaurants!

Spies at the Dallas airport caught a trio of Gossip Girl cast members - Ed Westwick, Chace Crawford, and Jessica Szohr - waiting for their flights this holiday weekend.

The stars were in Texas for Thanksgiving with Chace's family.

After Chace-Gayface-Crawford departed on an earlier flight, Ed and Jessica were caught smooching!!!!!

A spywitness says, it was "Not a French kiss, but a smooch definitely. They were being very flirty when people were not paying attention."

At least when they thought no one was paying attention!

Sounds like some juicy real-life gossip!

[Image via WENN.]

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53 comments to “Gossip Girl Stars Making Some Real Life Gossip!”

  1. 1

    NO FUCKIN' WAY!!!!! REALLY??????

  2. 2

    Ed's a FAG!

  3. 3

    i'd so do him, but her… come on! you can do better ed!

  4. 4

    oh common. he kisses everyone. he's the same douche as his character.

  5. 5

    Never woulda picked them together

  6. 6

    I don't care about these people…..

  7. 7

    Never woulda picked them togetha

  8. 8


  9. 9

    That chick looks like someone hit Megan Fox in the face with a frying pan and then gave her a show on the CW.

  10. 10

    I don't blame the guy, She has kissable lips.

  11. 11

    top 10

    I dont care about them… Realy… e____e

  12. 12

    who the fuck are these people?

  13. 13


  14. 14

    I love this show, but she is not very attractive.. Her nose is weird..
    Check out freshkids.wordpress.com

  15. smake says – reply to this



  16. 16

    Ew she is so not hot, Ed is too good for her.

  17. 17

    I do not buy that guy is straight at all .Are they trying to sell this to the pre-teens?

  18. 18

    she needs to keep her hands off my future ex-BF

  19. 19

    NOO! He is so hot and she tries way too hard. She is like oooh im so boho, i live in Brooklyn and have an art gallery! (im really just thinking of her character on gg but whatever)

  20. 20

    He looks like Shannyn Sossamon from A Knights Tale - they could be brother and sister.

  21. 21

    eddd…how could you!?
    she's my least favorite character on the show

  22. 22

    ooooooooooooh man.
    and i thought i finally had a chance.

  23. 23

    this isn't true

  24. 24

    Gross, Ed looks like he got kicked in the face by a horse

  25. 25

    i love him i love him

  26. 26

    No! Not with her!

  27. 27

    he can do soooo much better…
    she's kinda cute… but i dont see them together… or maybe i am just biased by that ugly pic of her

  28. 28

    eeewwww she's disgusting and i can't stand her character "Vanessa". Her face looks like a chewed up mars bar.

  29. 29

    gross. ed can do better than her. he's awesome.

  30. 30

    HAHA u know everyone in here who's trashing jessica ? whatever her last name is…..are all jealous girls who are in love with chuck bass!!!!! she's actually really cute! something tells me tho this isnt any big deal……u know how it is when you work with attractive people u most likely make out with them at some point right??! maybe they were really buzzed from the airport bar! too bad i just read in us weekly that her and jason lewis from sex and the city were makin out all weekend in miami for the victoria secret show!

  31. 31

    wow would have never guessed…pretty cute though

  32. 32

    She is actually really pretty
    They scruffed her up a little for the show
    but on CSI she looked so much better.
    Be nice people….

  33. 33

    So after 10000 posts stating that Ed & Chace are together just because they are bros and live together now apparently Ed was spotted smooching with what's her name? lol… get it straight Piggy is he or is he not gay??? you are obviously not a journalist you are just a copy paster!

  34. 34

    I saw them at Family Guy Sings! at Carnegie Hall.

    They are DEFINITELY together.

  35. 35

    Ew! She is my least favorite person in the show. She is ugly and can't act! He could do better!

  36. lil says – reply to this


    Oh come one jealous girls, Jessica is pretty. Who would you want end up with Ed? Leighton Meester? Nope, they only have on screen relationship and let the boy have whoever he wants. Just find someone his own age. Lol!

  37. 37

    Supposedly, the three spent the holiday with Chase's family…clear as day. Yo, how come no one has stated the obvious? She's their beard! Duh. I'm sure they noticed they were recognized at the airport so decided to "act" the part.

  38. 38

    Ok Can someone please tell what is so fascinated about this dude he is not attractive at all specially when he makes that thing with his mouth uhh !!! anyway he is ugly!

  39. 39

    i rather hear about ed being a fag bag with chace

  40. 40

    And we care why??? I'm tired of these non-deserving "celebs" getting attention, they're basically another version of "The Hills" cast!

  41. 41

    I love this show… she is very attractive..
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  42. 42


  43. 43

    wasn't he just making out with Drew Barrymoore?

  44. 44

    No fucking way.. ok, whatever ed belongs to me.. or Leighton maybe.. but are you kidding? this can't be true .. Jessica looks like a 35 year old lady.. Leighton rocks..

  45. 45

    That bitch.
    Ed is so hot! He can do so much better

  46. 46

    I don't understand why almost everyone's angry at her. Haha, it's not like he's gonna be yours right now, (or eeeeever) She's so beautiful! :-) Deal with it.
    Try to be happy, and then maybe you would be 1/4 as beautiful as Jessica!


  47. 47

    …sounds like the most recent GG episode- except if you trade Ed/Chuck for Chace/Nate.

  48. 48

    Weren't they friend before the show?

  49. 49

    Who cares who that splay-foot, paper-bag face muthafucka is perpetratin' with? Next!

  50. 50


  51. 51

    AHHH!!! I knew they had chemistry!!! =D

  52. 52

    omF! i love chuck=)

  53. 53

    She's the luckiest woman on earth.