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Say Goodbye To The Bratz Dolls - Forever!

| Filed under: Legal Matters


Bratz fans everywhere, brace yourselves. We have some bad news for you. Really really bad!

After a four year legal battle between Bratz maker MGA Entertainment and Barbie makers Mattel, the Bratz have lost. That we've know. But….

Yesterday a federal judge banned MGA from making and selling it's highly successful Bratz dolls!!!!

As we mentioned previously, Mattel sued MGA because the Bratz dolls creator, Carter Bryant, was working at Mattel when he came up with the concept for the dolls.

In August, a California jury awarded Mattel $40 million. Mattel was originally asking for over $2 billion. The jury also later awarded Mattel $10 million for copyright infringement and $90 million for breach of contract.

After yesterday's ruling to ban Bratz dolls, Mattel attorney Michael Zeller said "It's a pretty sweeping victory. They have no right to use Bratz for any goods or services at all."

Luckily for MGA and Bratz fans everywhere, the judge did allow MGA to wait until the holiday season ends to remove the toys from their store shelves.

MGA should be filing their appeal, like, RIGHT NOW!

[Image via AP Images.]

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101 comments to “Say Goodbye To The Bratz Dolls - Forever!”

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  1. 1


  2. 2


  3. 3

    thank god!!!! those dolls are so horrible, kids should never be allowed to own such demeaning, sexist, unrealistic pieces of junk!!!!

  4. 4

    Re: mama of 2 – I checked the profile and knew it wasn't you, hi Andy!

  5. 5

    Perez hates me ^^

  6. 6

    I actually hate those Bratz dolls and would be happy that they are off the shelves. They are awful slutty dolls, promoting younger females to wear makeup and dress skanky. They are the promoting everything that is wrong for girls to become….

  7. 7

    I guess you'll just have start stickin' G.I. Joe's up your ass from now on Mario.

  8. 8

    those dolls and cartoon are horrible examples for our children. seriously, have you ever seen a show/ lots of sexual inuendos and hinting

    so long!

  9. 9

    Re: alisyn – America needs my sluts & ho's, well BBD needs them.

  10. 10

    bratz dolls are slutty dolls.

  11. 11

    those stupid dolls should have never made the shelves to begin with.

  12. 12

    Re: mama of 2 – this is too much!!!

  13. 13

    Re: harrybalsac – lol
    andy probably is doing this.
    lettybee, lg, and now the real mama of 2!

  14. 14

    Wow! im going to go out and buy one ASAP and keep it in the box. Just like the cabbage patch kid that eats little kids fingers.

  15. Sho says – reply to this


    That sucks! Those dolls were creppy anyways, but I think its crap that just becasue he came up with the idea while he worked there doesnt mean he still didnt have a good idea to make a more trashy doll.

  16. 16

    Re: Milky Milky – LOL
    i was thrilled to have someone dislike me SOOOOO much to do that!!!
    made my day!!

  17. 17

    Perez hates me ^^^^

  18. 18

    I don't care about the dolls personally, but my 2nd grade daughter will be in hysterics this evening when she gets home from school. Yay. I can't wait. :(

  19. 19


  20. 20

    Re: mama of 2 loves her imposter!!!!! – All the folks who used to hate on him the most!

  21. 21


  22. 22

    sucks for them…..no more dolls dressed like hookers?

  23. 23

    Re: mama of 2 loves her imposter!!!!! – hahahaha….you're popular. Love it!

  24. 24

    Re: Milky Milky – HEY!

  25. 25

    what post did my imposter start?
    i have to go back and read about my life.

  26. 26

    christ…i go and actually do some much needed work around the house and this??
    i cannot spend another ENTIRE day on here trying to piece everything together!!!!

  27. 27

  28. 28

    Bratz dolls are beautiful. They have the features that all women want more than barbie. I mean look at that boring azz Barbie. Thin lips, pencil stick nose flatt azz. They wish they were are beautiful and exotic as Bratz dolls.


  29. 29

    I say good riddance, those dolls are horrible and they just tell little girls to dress like whores and it's only cool to wear at least three pounds of make-up and to have a waist you could wrap a fist around. Remember dolls when we were kids? Total effing opposite.

  30. 30

    Re: Frogger Loves Hot Monkey Love! – where have you been all morning?

  31. 31

    We all know what the big HEAD was for….

  32. 32

    Counselor Perez,

    Yes the appeal will get filed
    Interesting case.
    MGA however would not be prohibited
    from coming up with another doll
    or dolls
    One be even bigger the the Brat? doll
    whatever its called.
    I mean why don't they introduce a new doll that
    kicks Matells ass ?
    I wonder

  33. Ulia says – reply to this


    Yay! I hate those things - they aren't allowed in my house. 6 year old girls (or 10 year old for that matter) shouldn't be playing with slutty looking dolls. They are GROSS.

  34. 34

    Re: mama of 2 – i feel so cheap and used. i need a shower.
    how dare an imposter make me feel that way!!!
    i'm kinda liking it………..

  35. 35

    Re: Frogger Loves Hot Monkey Love! – DON'T SLEEP IN BITCH! YOU MISS SHIT WHEN YOU DO!

  36. 36


  37. 37

    Re: Milky Milky – WORKING AND SLEEPING :smile:

  38. 38

  39. 39

    Barbie probably sued them becasue they were making so much money and brought the income and high demands for the dolls down..They didnt want to be taken from their number one spot after so many years, and they obviously have the money to get the BRATZ dolls kicked to the curb..

  40. 40

    Kinda sad for the Bratz creator but…. I hate those dolls! I do not let my 4 year old have them. Why teach kids to be nasty schanks? They look mean and evil, Like the mean awful slut girls in high school. They are like Barbies for future porn stars.

  41. 41


  42. 42
  43. Linds says – reply to this



  44. 44

    "That we've know" … more and more often there are grammatical errors in most of your posts. a little misspelling here, bad syntax there… I can't believe that you don't proofread your shit, mario. fuck you!

  45. 45

    GOOD! Those dolls are so trashy!! I would NEVER allow my daughter to play with one! She got one as a gift for her birthday last year and it went in the TRASH where it belongs! Glad I won't have to see their big eyed heads on the shelves anymore!

  46. 46

    That's great news!!!! I hated those dolls!! They look like cock suckers.

  47. Gigit says – reply to this


    Goo, the dolls are TRASHY

  48. 48

  49. 49

    those dolls were too slutty for children anyway….

  50. 50

    No more slut dolls. Boo hoo! Maybe my future children have a chance of not wanting to dress like baby prostitutes.

  51. 51

    The judge in this case was an idiot. The judge had no idea about childrens toys. Carter Bryant did nothing wronge. Mattel should be ashamed of what they did to Carter Bryant and his company!

  52. 52

    That really is sad

  53. 53

    Thank god. I would never let my kid play with a doll that looks like a trashy stripper that gives bjs for cash on the side. They are far worse than Barbie, at least she had a few dozen careers.

    And they don't have noses. What the fuck is up with that?

  54. 54

    As far as I'm concerned the courts made the right decision. Though the award amounts are pretty harsh…Moral of the story? Read your employment contract and read it well.

  55. 55

    i feel bad for my youngest sister. she likes bratz because they're prettier (yeah, a bit slutty) and easier to dress. have you tried keeping a barbie's shoe on her foot? the constantly slip off. i think they're slutty but i think kids find them more fun than barbies. i'm gonna make sure to buy another brat for my sister for xmas. i already got her one of those ridiculous "jammin' " ones but since they're going to be taken off the shelf, it won't hurt to snatch another one for her.

  56. 56

    YAYYYYY!!! Maybe now I won't have to go thru the endless "no you can't have this doll because it's inappropriate" grief with my 3 yr old like my 6 yr old. Kids don't understand why these dolls are inappropriate, and it was entirely irresponsible for the company to manufacture little whores for our daughters idolize….welcome to the unemployment line motherfuckers.

  57. 57

    YES! I HATE those disgusting slut dolls! Eeew. Barbie 4 evah! Now, if they would only bring her tits back so she doesn't look like an anorexic coke sniffing socialite.

  58. 58

    THANK GOD!!! those dolls have always glorified the disgusting whore look with their over-thin waists and huge bulging lips and chests. I thought they should have recalled that shit a long time ago, but better late than never!

  59. 59

    bobble heads like posh spice

  60. 60

    Bratz are just a cool version of slutty barbie

  61. 61

    Although I think Bratz dolls are rediculous, what was Mattel so worried about? It's called competition…They spent that much money on a court case to put someone out of business, and now they are being awarded HIS money that HE earned. That is so greedy. They should have just redesigned their barbie, maybe they would make more money.

  62. Moec says – reply to this


    It matters what you teach your children,
    The Brat Kidz are the best, they dress cute and my daughers love them. It's a shame.

  63. 63

    those things were disgusting anyway… good looking out…

  64. JCPR says – reply to this


    that's racism! its because they half black and half Chinese! and the barbie is white! putos americanos!

  65. 65

    Re: Holly770 – hahaha yeah i've got that problem too!!!!

  66. 66

    Mattel is just jealous that the Bratz dolls were way outselling them. Guess they won and won't have any competition anymore….

  67. 67


  68. 68

    Good riddance…young girls can do so much better. I found those things to be so ugly and tacky I don't know how anyone found them appealing. Team Barbie!

  69. 69

    Barbie FOREVER!!!!

    Barbie has been a princess from bygone days, has had every posible career and has exemplified most nationalities in a classy way.
    Little girls don´t need whore dolls when growing up!

  70. 70

    I'm actully glad those thing are the slutty's things ever!
    i mean my god a saw a barbie in the christmas magize's i thought was an add for a dirty geek add

  71. 71

    I would never buy these for my niece or any other young girl. I am happy to see them off the market - I think they portray the wrong image to growing girls.

  72. 72

    Well, since the creator of Bratz was being paid by Mattel/Barbie at the time of invention, I think the license should be passed on to Mattel!!

  73. 73

    That's ok, Bratz dolls are like ho barbies.

  74. 74



  75. 75

    i really hope they're gone forever, bratz dolls are the worst, why would anyone let their daughter play with some slutty looking bobble head doll that called a "brat"?!?

  76. 76

    Mattel just doesn't want anyone else to compete against them. On the other hand the guy was stupid. He should have worked on Brats at home on his OWN time and bought it out 2 years after he left Mattel. Also, there should have been NO computer trail. Good grief doesn't he watch tv? Besides young girls CAN do better, they have Britney as a role model lol.

  77. 77

    Yay! Next is barbie!

  78. 78

    Isn't the corporate world lovely? although saying that, I never did liked those slutz dolls.

  79. 79

    Bratz are the ultimate white trash toy. Every time I see a little slut with one I note that her mother is a whore.

  80. 80

    good, those dolls are horrible for little girls to look up to!

  81. 81

    Say what you will about Batz dolls (thats a matter of personal choice and private consumption) -But it's pretty irresponsible for a Judge to basically shut down one of the few companies that is actually still thriving, without government intervention in this recession. Lets not forget people, that when companies go down they take thousands of jobs with them.

  82. 82


  83. 83

    Oh well…does this mean the remaining dolls will be worth money now its off the shelves? :/

  84. 84

    wow, pure corporate greed at its finest, this is so disgusting

  85. 85

    Good riddance. It's about time these highly sexualized toys were off the shelves. They have never been allowed in my house.

  86. 86

    Thank god these ho's are going down. My eldest daughter got one of these nasty tramps for her birthday from a friend. Thank goodness i'll never have to see one of these at target ever again.

  87. 87

    Good those dolls are disgusting.
    Barbie looks more realistic and at least Barbie is a Dr and teacher etc etc.
    Better role model.

  88. 88

    Oh please people! There not any worse than Barbie. Who is that skinny and busty and drives a Vett, lives in Malibu, and has that many clothes? These companies are just greedy money suckers.

  89. 89

    these dolls come equiped with STD's they are DISGUSTING, what happend to good old regular toys…wtf?

  90. 90

    It's far from over. Don't say goodbye to the Bratz yet :)

    www bratzworld tv

  91. 91

    Re: bunbun18 – At least Barbie had work clothes. When I played with Barbies when I was growing up, they weren't slutty at all (But Ken indeed looked quite gay). About the only thing wrong with them was their "perfect" bodies with no "hoo-has."

  92. 92

    I'm sorry Bratz fans, but this news made my day. My local Walmart has a toy aisle dedicated to Bratz dolls and it's nauseating just walking within 20 feet near it. Worst. Toys. Ever. Good riddance!!

  93. 93

    Good riddance, those dolls are nothing more than mini hootchie mamas that are horrible role models to little girls. If I had a daughter I would not spend my money on such a shitty and worthless toy.

  94. 94

    It all comes down to money and greed. When Mattel realized that no one gave a damn about Barbies anymore and saw how much money Bratz dolls were pulling in, they decided to cry copyright infringement and breach of contract. Not that I care, I hate Barbies and Bratz.

  95. 95

    Considering they're a horrible influence, I say good riddence. I mean, they're dressed like hookers! What kind of a message is that sending to little girls?
    In my sociology class, our teacher read out a line from one of their colouring books that said "Sparkles are good! You should try and where as much as possible" and "Lipgloss is great! But if your parents won't let you wear any, trying using some petroleum jelly!"
    So now we're teaching children to sneak around behind their parents backs? As if they didn't do that enough already.

    I see no great loss in losing the whores of the doll world.

  96. 96

    ugh. good. i hate those dolls.
    and their freaking show.
    my 8 yr old neice loves that show.
    but what kind of msg are they sending, if the characters are telling each other not to eat because theyre gonna get fat???

  97. 97

    Re: JCPR – wtf? how is it racism?

  98. 98

    i refuse to buy those dolls for my daughter anyways. little sluts.

  99. 99

    i think that that is really dumb! i hate bratz dolls just like the next person but that's really stupid. they probably didn't even have proof that he came up with the bratz dolls when he still worked for them. dumbasses!!!

  100. 100

    how did they lose this is imposible

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