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Manson Has a New Lady

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Marilyn Manson's ex isn't the only one who moves on quickly!

Evan Rachel Whore already found herself someone to go out with fuck. Now, it seems Manson has found someone as well.

And by the looks of things, he definitely likes the dark hair, extra fair skin look on his ladies.

Manson was spotted out with a female friend known as "Isani" this week.

The two were at the Louis Bar Lounge at The Gansevoort South in Miami for Manson's Art Basel party.

And, Thursday night, the couple showed up at the media preview of Trismegistus in Miami's Design District.

Among his artwork were three recent paintings of a blue-eyed woman, "Isani." To which Manson said, "That's my special lady friend. I really don't want to start the next chapter of my life by . . . burdening someone with being the solution to my problems — or the source of my problems."

The odd couple were also spotted kissing and caressing all night long and then shared some drinks with friends.

What do U think of Manson's new lady pal?

Definitely an upgrade of the Dita Von Teese wannabe.

[Images via Mavrix Online.]

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166 comments to “Manson Has a New Lady”

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  1. 101

    He's really fug, and not hung at all…..WTF is the attraction? And YES, she looks to be only 13 or so……Too bad MM and Dita couldn't make things work, she's a class act. Obviously doing OK without him!

  2. 102



  3. 103

    He looks way too old to continue to pull this look off, it looks completely ridiculous, he's not some goth kid, he's lookin like someone's grampa who got loose who is out drinking with his granddaughter. He goes for the unappealing, over the top thing, but that wave passed for him in the 90's for kriminey. Botox can only do so much, dude, retire already and leave your hands out of your grand daughters pants!

  4. 104

    How he pulls chicks i will never know. He looks like something outta the hills have eyes.

  5. Jai says – reply to this


    She looks like Jennifer Love Hewitt gone goth.

  6. 106

    she looks like potato head

  7. 107

    Re: fuzzbucket – Sweetheart..It's Evan rachel wood not rachel evan wood. I don't mean to get all bitchy on you just tellin you so you won't sound stupid.

  8. 108

    Oh fuck actuall im wrong sorry. Now I look like the dumb bitch…

  9. 109

    Oh fuck….I'm wrong it rachel evan wood sorry……Great now I look like the dumb bitch….

  10. 110

    Wait hold on a damn second…..Yep I'm right it's evan rachel wood.

  11. 111

    Damn, she's hot.

  12. 112

    Manson's face looks like it's MELTING. Everything is going SOUTH.

  13. 113

    Much prettier than ERW.

  14. 114

    Manson looks even uglier when he smiles. Who would've thought.

  15. 115

    Perez Hates Me ^^

  16. 116

    UM Wood sucks just because she's Wood.
    They look good together.

  17. 117

    That chick is obviously stereotype goth…BUT she's also HOT so she can get away with it in my book;) but WHAT THE FUCK is she doing with Manson?! Puuuuke,while Manson's music is somewhat enjoyable,his face certainly isn't

  18. 118

    isn't he like 50 now or somethin? eeww cradle robber

  19. 119

    OHHHHHH how cute… they share lipstick !!!

  20. 120

    You can find girls like that all over the world. Someone's desperate for young girl sex.

  21. 121

    He looks like a fucking fool. He's supposed to be hard core, anti-beautiful hollywood, why hide your fugly face? Rock it, proud. I still see a scared, dorky high school kid behind this make-up.

  22. 122

    Eww. People it doesn't matter if you're skinny or fat, it's gross to cross your legs in a skirt.
    I think she's gorgeous. But.. he's looked better. How does he get all these pretty girls?
    He must fuck like a tiger. Lol

  23. 123

    I rebuke you in Jesus' name!!!

  24. 124


  25. 125

    what an ugly mother-fucker

  26. 126

    Actually Marilyn Manson needs to get rid of this lame chicks and find himself someone that will fits perfectly in his wild fake life… yeah someone like you Piggy… you and him will make the cuttest couple ever!
    Show some respect for Rachel, I don't know why you hate her so bad but it's obvious that she was another victim of vampire Manson… hope you and him live happily ever after anyways!

  27. Kalia says – reply to this


    Blech! She looks like his daughter. He has had too much botox and plastic surgery. I can't imagine waking up to that cream puff and thinking to myself, 'damn, I'm a lucky woman to HAVE that'. He looks like a peice of crap.

  28. 128

    darling, hit a nerve did I?

  29. 129

    He is almost as ugly you Mario, but he is trying to be ugly and Mario, well, you can't help it. Where are the nudie pics of Dita from German Playboy Mario. I want to see those sagging implant tits. She is sooo wonderful and talented at being a.. a..a …well she is a fucking one trick stripper I guess.

  30. 130

    Looks like he's ingested a bottle of Absinthe and snorted a few grams, eh?

  31. 131

    Hes picked some real winners over the years. If you can give me a name of one of his girlfriends that was not a money grubbing slut, i will take back everything ive said about him.

  32. 132

    MLIF United whatever, since the reply button doesn't seem to work: refer to comment above and since she's become so irrelevant, the Dita wannabe, no-one remembers her name.

  33. 133

    wow shes skinny and shes isn't ugly.
    but he's a freak!! how could she like him??

  34. 134

    That looks like Russel Brand's Satanic Sluts "friend" that caused all the uproar on the BBC!

  35. 135

    Number 14…. You are so right!! I know a girl that suddenly starts flirting with guys as soon as they are no longer single. It's like a competition for her to see how she does against their girlfriend! It happened a few times with other guys she is friends with, and then once I started dating my husband she sent him messages that they should get naked! WTF???? Well, luckily I picked a good one that told her to go away! Some bitches be crazy!
    I also love how you pointed out that Angelina has done it twice! I believe Laura Dern thought she still dating Billy Bob when he and Angie got married! I still love her though, but she is a man stealer

  36. auds says – reply to this


    How the hell does someone SO ugly, disgusting, and demented keep getting beautiful women? UGH.

  37. 137

    Re: Than Thou – I was thinking the same thing. Isn't he almost 40 now? Time to give it up.

  38. 138

    Isnt manson like 40 something now….???
    how old is too old to play goth?
    I think once you are out of high school…that shit needs to stop….or it just looks stupid…

  39. 139

    She looks just liike him. Same long, oval face shape, same lips. He is now officially fucking himself. His dream come true.

  40. 140

    despite the fact that you can see her cunt she is quite pretty, and surely better than rachel whore. however, no black haired slut can compare to Dita.

  41. 141

    this chick is not attractive. her forehead is kina bulbous in the bottom pic, her eyebrows are weird, and any female that wears that much makeup IS NOT ATTRACTIVE!!!
    she looks like a 13 year old transvestite or clown (not much of a difference, really).
    and him, well, don't even get me started.

  42. 142

    Is she old enough to drink?

  43. 143

    and she's like 20. yikes.

  44. 144

    omg what the hell is wrong with all of you bafoons?!?!?
    MM is amazing

  45. 145

    Re: fuzzbucket – whatever I dont care. Dita is classier than any of his new hoes

  46. 146

    she looks like a veronica

  47. 147

    She's much prettier tha Evan. And doesnt seem like a Dita rip off youre right. She has her own style. I think she's fair pretty: ) Him not so much

  48. 148


  49. 149

    yay twinss!

  50. 150

    he/she/it is, in one word…..revolting.

  51. 151

    he is lookin OLD. and she looks like a goth Jennifer Love Hewitt.

  52. 152

    How old is this one….13? 2 words: Gary Glitter!!!!!

  53. 153

    can't compare to dita, stop it pig.

  54. 154

    his face looks like it has more plastic on it than joan rivers'. is that just the way he naturally looks?

  55. 155

    She's hot. I'd pound her in the ass :-P

  56. 156

    Re: deethewhoore
    yes he is

  57. 157

    i know this girl!!! shes very beautiful in real life but the goth look is a total sham, if not for Marilyn. a wannabe model from LA - so bitches, dont act like if you were a wannabe model that you wouldnt bone whatever famous loser to get your name out there too! She's definitely older than ERW, but totally creepy that her and Marilyn look pretty much alike.

  58. 158

    I wouldn't want to breathe the air if that slimeball walked by me. Im afraid
    I'd die from some third world mongrel eggs that were airborne.

  59. 159

    Even WITHOUT makeup that guy is butt-ugly.

  60. 160

    pretty sure that first picture needs a look-a-like with a certain dark haired veronica

  61. 161

    She looks like a weird gothic version of Jennifer Love Hewitt.
    seriously, take a good look, anyone see the resemblance?

  62. 162

    loll looks kinda like the goth vers of JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT …

  63. 163

    So all of his chicks have to convert to goth? What a gimicky cocksucker!

  64. 164

    Hmm, I thought he died..

    Well, maybe he did, look at his face!

  65. 165

    WOW, he keeps getting worse and worse with the ladies he dates!! This chick looks like any of his uglish-average looking but coated in goth makeup desperate groupie wannabe fans that you can see by thousands at any Manson concert, or like any uglish-average chick you can find at any given goth club.
    She is sooo goddam AVERAGE. He used to date and do stunning goddess-like women like Traci Lords, Jenna Jameson, Marilyn Star, Rose McGowan and (my least favorite decent-quality Manson girlfriend) Dita Von Teese… WTF went wrong Manson? now he's gone back to dating chicks that look and are like the chicks he probably used to date back in the day when he was not famous and no one cared about him!! AVERAGE fugly goth chicks!! WTF Manson? hot chicks and goddesses no longer want you or what?
    And I have to disagree with you Perez… even though Evan Rachel was ugly and the worst Manson girlfriend he had had to date, she was a lot better than this average-uglish goth chick. At least she looked rather glam and cool, even though she was a total shameless Dita impersonator and wannabe, but she was better than an average goth chick like this one. Manson keeps getting worse and worse with the ladies!!

  66. 166

    Re: Absynthetic – I agree, she looks like a mix of a goth Alanis Morrissette, Amy Winehouse and a way uglier version of Jennifer Love Hewitt gone goth. And WTF is wrong with her nasty hair? It looks like if she hadn't washed it in a freaking month. She's ewww. Worst Manson girlfriend to date. What happened Manson, what happened? Why are you dating these ugly-average goth chicks?

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