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New Slutty Cyrus!

| Filed under: Miley Cyrus

CLICK HERE to check out Miley HOrrific just-released music video for Fly On The Wall.

It's Lindsay's Rumors video redone with a much more annoying star!

What do U think of the vid???

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282 comments to “New Slutty Cyrus!”

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  1. 1

    no thank you

  2. 2

    ugh i hate her.

  3. 3


  4. 4

    she's so lameeeeeee!
    she can't sing!
    omg why do people like her???????????????????

  5. 5

    love that song

  6. 6

    Re: mamajud – HEY GIRL!

  7. 7

    seriously tho….i saw this about a week ago……

  8. 8

    not loving the dancing paps` but so-so..

  9. 9

    Too young to toss salad.

  10. 10

    I dont mind the song but shes trying waaay too hard to be sexy

  11. 11

    ug. worse. video. EVER.

  12. 12

    I can't wait for this chick to disappear

  13. 13

    my daughter loves this song though…can't see the video

  14. 14

  15. 15


  16. 16


  17. 17

    You get this one perez! It does suck!

  18. 18

    This girl has no long lasting star power. She'll be history in the not so distant future.

  19. JCPR says – reply to this


    just released? i saw this video on mtv few days ago!

  20. 20

    wtf i commented 3 times 4 minutes ago, and it didn't show up.
    i just need to explain how much i loathe this personnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

  21. 21

    I luv this video! It's so good! :D

  22. 22

    UGH!!! THIS SONG IS TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    youre embarrasing yourself Miley, this shit is beyond awful

  23. 23

    vids complaining about ur success…its downhill from here miley!

  24. linac says – reply to this


    give this a girl a break
    you all wish you could accomplish what she has!

    p.s I LOVE YOU PEREZ you are awesome :)

  25. Lene says – reply to this


    So catchy. i want a mvideo for goodbye and Hovering too tho.

  26. 26

    can i have back the 3 minutes of my life you just wasted??

  27. 27


  28. Trixy says – reply to this


    It's like she's talking to you, like the song was meant for you lol

  29. 29

    ridiculous , like the song though

  30. 30

    wow i just wasted my time watching this video. She has no talent!!!

  31. 31

    ok. seriously, this was the first time i have heard/seen any of her artistic performances…….and she is famous for what?

  32. 32


  33. 33

    all her viedos look like the same she does that weerid leg thing
    adn then the face close up adn she touchs her hair
    she has liek 2 chins

  34. 34

    i love it. =)

  35. 35

    grosss. hate her.

  36. 36


  37. 37

    It looks cheap and it looks like she's having an orgasm in a few scenes.

  38. 38

    the end is kinda funny tho

  39. 39

    Re: MichellaIce – hahaha…..but hanna montana songs are better….

  40. 40

    whomever told this bitch she could sing should be shot.

  41. MissT says – reply to this


    OK I don't like Miley Cyrus, but it's getting a little like high school all over picking on the ones you don't like until they are beat into submission. Come on, get your Christmas spirit. Peace and Love!

  42. 42

    she needs to stick to hannah montanna and tweens…she will be so type casted for the rest of her life…she will never make it big time in grown up celebrity status…she will be a washed up tween idol. i guarantee it…

  43. 43

    don't like it

  44. 44

    ew it's like all the fat goes to her face.and this is the cheesiest stupidest video fkn ever;it's like a cheesy rip off of michale jackson im bad,and lindsey lohans rumor.seriously,seriously?

  45. 45

    Re: linac
    how old are you 12?
    go play with some dolls bitch.

  46. 46

    ick…a little girl trying to be sexy and looking like a fool.

  47. 47

    It sucks! Terrible song and the video is even worse!

  48. 48

    it was watever… the dancing paps was a bit weird.. but the ending wasnt that bad… hence it was the end…lol

  49. 49

    whats with the weird finger dancing…. is it like she's pointing fingers?? im so confused…

  50. 50

    I didn't think it sucked. I like her. She seems cute and sweet to me, not slutty. She acts just about like my 3 teenage daughters did.

  51. 51

  52. 52

    what was that???

  53. 53

    Re: mamajud – DIDN'T REALLY MISS YA BITCH!

  54. 54


  55. k-lee says – reply to this



  56. 56

    "It's Lindsay's Rumors video redone with a much more annoying star!"
    -> With differences..
    - Miley can sing!
    - Miley observes the law
    - Miley wasnt in Rehab 3times and will go 4/5/6th time soon
    Team Miley!

  57. 57

    yeah i watched the video yersterday and i thought it was horrible!!! totally sucks!!! and the song… also sucks and this words comes from someone who loves hannah montana and usually listen her music but miley is getting worse everyday

  58. 58

    Oh.. and Miley doesnt have her breast and lips and who knows what else done..

  59. 59

    This is quite possibly one of the worst songs EVER. And a crap video to match…how nice. At least it's consistent lol.

  60. 60

    LAAAAMMMMEEEE! why couldn't she just stick to the disney tv show?
    that is THE only thing good that is connected to her - and it's mostly funny because of the other actors!
    i think she sounds like shit in this video and i hate, I HATE, when singers come out with songs/videos saying we all envy their lives and wish we could see or be with them when they "are really themselves." it's a lame concept and extremely conceited.

    i might envy a real star who has lived in the world longer than 16 years and has a solid career of quality work and personal integrity, someone who has bettered themselves or contributed to society or the world. but this little girl needs to shut her mouth and get over herself real quick.

  61. 61

    Desperate for attention! Ugh i can't stand her voice! what a loser!

  62. 62

    she's ugly and her voice sucks…….does she think she's sexy?

  63. 63

    like the song

  64. 64

    She annoys me in general. I hate when she speaks, her singing I could live without, and just in general she is an attention whore.
    She needs a reality check.

    I say she gets a new makeover.. her look is getting old.

  65. 65

    Sadly enough Lohan's video was better (as was the shitty song)… and even Britney's arm flailing in her last few performances was better…the crappy thing: Miley had people edit hers to look "better"

  66. 66

    Re: MichellaIce – is that really your pic in the avitar…..because i think i just lost some IQ points just by looking at it…

  67. 67

    A little to sleazy for a girl that just turned 16! I dont really care for that song either!

  68. 68

    And if you don't agree with me.. please youtube her interview with Ellen, Because I haven't wanted to smack a bitch so hard in SOOO LONG!

  69. 69

    fail (:

  70. 70

    WOW…..I really just hate her and she cant sing at all and I really HATE celebs that complain about being famous….If you hate it that bad just go do something else.

  71. 71

    This song is beyond terrible!!! Her family is white trash and she is just disgusting.

  72. 72

    Damn Perez, quit being a Miley hater! She's a little girl!!! Your just jelous cuz she's hotter than you!

  73. 73

    lindsay lohan's rumors was all about complaining and like "omg i'm so sick of people starting rumors omg cyyyy" and her tits were flopping all over the place
    but miley's isn't taking herself so seriously, theres humor in it and that song is fucking catchy.

  74. 74

    Perez, I think you're determined to hate Miley, regardless. Matters not if the video is good or bad - you'd bash her.

  75. 75

    Ew, i used to like her back in the day but now i can't even stand her show. i agree that she is tring to look sexy and it's def. not working. i used to lyk this song but now seeing this retarted video wit the stupid dancing pap. its shyt. tooo tooo much like rumors i agree wit u there perez only lindsay did it better.

  76. 76

    Re: LettyB Thanks All Her Fans!Re: mamajud – Letty at #53 and mamajud, I'd like to humbly petition to be a part of your esteemed club.
    Of course, ideally, I'd like to have LG's and harry's approval, too.

  77. 77

    I didn't watch the whole thing, was there a perez impersonator in it chasing behind her screaming slutty whatever to get his 5 seconds of fame?

  78. 78

    That sucked! The whole video was her flinging her hair around! Boo! It really was very Rumor-esque!

  79. 79


  80. 80

    this makes me wonder if i should be put on suicide watch.

  81. 81

    Re: Lillian725
    1. Hahaha ya about as well as a dying cow.
    2. Last I checked, statutory rape is against the law. But I guess that is her boyfriend's problem, not hers.
    3. Lindsay wasn't either when she was 16. Give Miley time, she'll get there.

  82. 82

    The tunes alright but Miley and her voice pretty much ruin it.

  83. CMT says – reply to this


    The paparazzi and opening parking garage scene from Lindsay Lohans Rumors video is very similar…I can also see similarities from Michael Jackson's Scream….

    Love her outfit…it does kinda look like she was tryin too hard to be sexy.

    Nice song good video tho

  84. 84

    i love hannah montana songs but mileys……… just suck just like her videos, i wish hannah montana was someone else

  85. CMT says – reply to this


    Re: jenzou – Omg I totally agree. I think no matter what she says/does from this point on Perez will find a way to bash her.

  86. 86

    1. it's obnoxious
    2. she definitely tries way too hard to be sexy. she's just a kid. why won't people let her be a little girl? why do they try to "teach" her how to be lazy. it fails miserably. just let her learn on her own. I'm sure she's been sexually active with many, many boys, so she should learn in time.

  87. Cheez says – reply to this


    I've never heard or seen Miley do anything, but I saw this video on MTV this morning and I have to say that I'm impressed. Good job!

  88. 88

    yeah that video sucks ass!!!
    but i love miley & i love that song.

  89. k-lee says – reply to this


    Re: beansy

    She's not worth it, trust me.

  90. 90

    its like if Thriller mashed up with rumors. But mostly just mashed up.

  91. CHA says – reply to this


    Don,t yuh wish you were a fly on her wall……….
    The vid is okay.

  92. 92

    OMG y does anybody listen to this music????? STUPID and BORING

  93. 93

    the end was pretty funny

  94. 94

    my god perez, go and pick on someone your own size, and maybe age!
    she'll be more successful than any of you will ever be, and doubt she has time for you people who constantly diss her, she's busy making money off her talent..maybe you all should get one too.

  95. 95

    The lyrics are about a guy keeping tabs on her so the video is a bunch of paparazzi dancing in a parking garage? Who directed this shit?

  96. 96

    I liked it better when it was "Rock Lobster".

  97. 97

    at least lindsay looked good…..and wasn't 12….

    song isn't too bad, she ruins it with the head banging and trying to be flirty…….crap. so many other people could have done it better

  98. 98

    Once again Perez, you are so late posting this
    And the slut thing is getting so old

  99. 99

    I really liked this video. It was cute perez go suck it

  100. 100

    the song is really cute
    and i like the dancing in the video

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