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Paula Abdul Lashes Out At Idol Producers

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In an interview with Barbara Walters on her XM radio show on Monday night, Paula Abdrool decided to commit career suicide on air.

Like, okay, we get that Paula may want to move out of the house that crazed fan Paula Goodspeed killed herself in front of, but she needs to stop whining about it like she's the victim. A girl with obvious untreated problems killed herself and all Paula can do is bitch! This time it's about the American Idol producers.

When Goodspeed arrived for the ill-fated AI audition, Abdul begged producers to turn her away, but they insisted otherwise for "entertainment value" and Abdul said the encounter had her shaking.

You know what would have been smarter for everyone? To maybe help Goodspeed find treatment instead of exploiting her crazies and selfishly whining.

We want to know who let this girl even go to the audition? Why wasn't anyone taking care of her?

Goodspeed had been sending letters to Abdul for 18 years, and Paula had restraining orders against the girl. Following the disastrous audition, Goodspeed's letters turned dark, featuring nude photos of the fan and threatening bodily harm.

Paula said, "She said the only way I will serve her purpose is when I'm up in heaven being her guardian angel."

Why didn't anyone do anything?

When Babs asked Abdrool why she continues to work for American Idol, she responded, "Well, I'm under contract."

You won't be for long!

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56 comments to “Paula Abdul Lashes Out At Idol Producers”

  1. 1

    Paula needs a good assfucking to calm her calm her down.

  2. 2

    Perez Hates Me ^^

  3. 3

    Is all about Paula.Isn't it Paula?

  4. 4

    I think people are being way to hard on paula Abdul- It's not her responsibility to look after crazy people. She has her own life to live and she can't control people's actions- especially those of *ahem* CRAZY PEOPLE!

  5. 5

    You don't have another photo of her? The family of the poor girl needed to do something. Don't bIame A.I. If they would have done something, they would have been sued!

  6. 6

    Re: piazzasbuttplug – u read my mind

  7. 7


  8. 8

    That is fucking creeeeepy

  9. 9

    Re: mamajud – #6.

  10. 10

    Hold on a second, AI allowed a mentally unstable person to get near Abdul and you think THEY are going to fire her?? If anything SHE should be suing THEM!

  11. 11

    harry potter > paula abdulaa

  12. 12

    Typical Hollywood flake . I'll bet she was an Obama supporter

  13. 13


  14. 14

    She's nuts everyone knows that and I am sure all the "medication" she takes doesn't help. Idol doesn't give a shit about anyone or anything as long as the money keeps coming in. And for anyone who was wondering or heard the rumor about Stage 46 The Reality of Reality Television, yes it is about Idol. I know the author and helped put the book together.

  15. 15

    Paula Abdul is about as flaky as the dandruff under Master Patrick Berlin's gimp mask but she does have a valid point here.
    The woman had been stalking her for years - she never should have been allowed an audition - especially seeing as she is fucking nuts and cant sing to save her life (literally).
    The producers obviously saw an opportunity to exploit the story and lets face it, this is one of the most interesting things to happen on American Idol in YEARS!!! And trust me, Australian Idol is even worse!!!!

  16. 16

    I like the Donald Trump combover.

  17. 17

    It's gotta be scary to be stalked by a loony toon for that many years & then have her show up at an audition. The AI people should have listened to Paula, especially since she had a restraining order out against the girl. Paula's not whining, she's got reason to be upset. I wouldn't want that girl's suicide on my conscience either, even though it wasn't Paula's fault. It's a real tragedy but Paula shouldn't feel responsible. The girl's family should have been looking out for her.

  18. Wrenn says – reply to this


    Leave it to Paula to turn another person's suicide into drama and publicity for her. I HATE that drugged out, whiney bitch.

  19. 19

    oh my dear god… she looks like a witch

  20. 20

    #9….LeOna'$ GHo$T Pres. D.I.S.S
    ………….many thanks…..such a compliment coming from someone with such exquisite taste…..it truly will be a season of joy!

  21. 21

    Re: SupremeSarah – Love the Nuns With Guns!!!!

  22. 22

    I don't see how from any of this you would conclude that Paul is "bitching" and that AI would "fire her". Paula was extremely fearful of this crazed fan and AI exploited it. She should be the one suing AI.

  23. 23

    the girls parents are the ones to blame.
    where were they?

  24. 24

    Re: Howard100news – what does being an Obama support has to do with anything?

  25. 25

    quit trying to act as if you give a flying fuck about people suffering from emotional distress/mental health issues - you single-handedly CREATE emotional issues/low self-esteem/self-hate with this BULLSHIT site of yours every single fucking day, asshole. You're the one that needs help - maybe if you felt better about YOURSELF you'd leave everyone else alone for once and get a REAL fucking JOB?

  26. 26

    She SHOULD be throwing the producer's under the bus if they in fact pushed for this whack-o to be included in the show and KNEW that she had been obsessed with Paula for years. How long before the family sues American Idol? I'd say Paula's comments just opened them up for a lawsuit if she truly did divulge the lady's background to the producers and they pushed forward for "entertainment" value.

  27. 27

    Paula is SO in appropriate. It is always all about her. I watched one episode of that nitwit show of hers to see if she was being misinterpreted by the media, or being misrepresented by gossip sites. Uh- evidently she is a batshit crazy as she acts. She is always "in pain" or being misused or abused, or whatever. Her huge emotional swings are legendary. And why should AI protect her? She is a "star" and can hire her own bodyguards. Looks like she has people buying the victim game she plays yet again.

  28. 28

    personally, i think they are all a-holes on american idol. they don't exactly carry the sensitivity gene when it comes to letting people down easy. and they tend to exploit those "different" from the "norm". you know…have a great big laugh over it in front of millions of viewers. they should have some sort of psychological screening for people before auditions…to stop this from potentially happening to someone else.

  29. 29

    Re: tateration – This is his job, you douche. He gets paid everytime your dumbass gets on here.

  30. 30


  31. 31

    I say good for her for speaking out. I had to get a restraining order on someone once and to think her boss would let that person come close to her after she told them she had a restraining order on the woman is not only wrong but illegal! I am not a fan of Paula but right is right and it is not her fault that this nutcase killed herself in front of her place and it is not her fault this nutcase stalked her. The woman wanted to kill Paula yet people want to put it on Abdul as the bad guy. If the woman had killed Ms. Abdul you would all be saying "why didn't someone do something to protect Paula" instead of saying she is a bitch for standing up for herself.

    This woman killing herself is the best thing becuase there is one less nut breathing the air that sane people need and Ms. Abdul (and maybe others) is a lot safer.

  32. 32

    I do not feel sorry for Paula, I feel sorry for the girl who killed herself. She must have gone all those years without help.That's really to bad. Mentally illness can be treated if someone reaches out to help.

  33. 33

    Perez, gotta disagree with you on this one. Paula A. has every right to be upset about this situation. Paula G. was emotionally disturbed and kept stalking her, right up to her work place. And Paula A's employers egged her on by allowing her to audition! That's insane. What if she had harmed Paula A? And apparently Paula G. fell apart after the reaming she took at the audition. Tragic stuff. I really do believe that Paula A. has a right to be deeply upset about this situation - it IS upsetting, and it WAS wrong of AI to exploit the situation.

  34. 34

  35. 35

    why are you so foul towards her?
    do you have any idea what it feels like to know that there is someone dead because of you?
    it may not be in anyway her fault, but it feels horrible to be the cause of someone, even a crazy person's, sick actions.
    there is a girl dead, & all YOU, PEREZ, can think to do is use this against paula abdul because she responds like any human being would instead of a publicity crazed pr freak. noone is super human. everyone has feelings. you may not like the woman, but don't be a nasty because you feel bad about yourself.

  36. 36

    I don;t blame Paula Abdul one bit.

  37. 37

    hey i think that is somthing to bitch about someone killing themselves outside your house and was completly obessed with you can go heavy on your heart the fact that little ol you has the influence on someone who was that crazy would scare the crap ot of me and to know that ai producers knew of this and let her on anyway would be unsettling your not in the situation who are you to judge perez

  38. 38

    she is a mess….and woould be nothing without idol….
    she needs to learn to just not speak…ever…

  39. 39

    Re: tateration – he makes more than you ever will….
    and he is getting paid right now…with every comment….YOU are paying him….
    suck on that…..

  40. 40

    okay im no lawyer Perez
    seems to me
    that if Abdul begged AI top brass NOT to let the stalker
    be on the show
    I mean if Abdul actually begged "don't let stalker girl on AI"
    and AI failed to exercise what is called "due care"
    then guess who is liable to Paula
    If that is what happened It was forseeable
    the f*$king show subjected Abdul to Psych distress by letting a psycho on when they knew or should have known the history
    they are so liable
    Now Perez you know I Know your very smart
    but you are letting AI off way to easy
    Paula has suffered a major trauma
    thats understandable
    But as I see it AI lit the stick of dynomite
    and threw it right at Paula
    People hate lawyers until they need one
    well guess what Paula needs a lot of lawyers right now and if she doesn't sue
    then she is out of her mind too and is so driven by the fame and the money
    that she could be totally nuts too
    but any way you slice it AI owed a duty to keep the known crazy away
    from all the AI people
    but its like you said they just want a crazy F&$king show
    Im just sayin

  41. 41

    Re: ShakeYourkitty – Paula Abdul was a major star WAY before American Idol - it's why she is a judge. Number 1 album, a stack of number 1 hits, BEFORE downloads. So she's a bit vague. BIG DEAL. So is your neck and chin. American Idol chews people up and spits em out.

  42. 42

    Perez I think that would be a very horrible thing for Paula Abdul to go through so I dont blame her at all for "bitching about it".

    I do agree though that someone should have help Paula G and AI definitley exploited that poor girl who really needed some help. But that is showbiz for you… unfortunatley.

  43. 43

    OK, 18 yrs. of stalking? Does this mean that P. Abdul had a "restraining order" on "Goodspeed" when we see her auditioning in front of Paula? Had she been sending the nude pics and Paul A. knew it was her work while she was auditioning? Dayuum, yeah, why didn't anyone do anything?

  44. 44

    She looks like Bevus or But Head on of them…

  45. 45

    wait a minute,18 years of stalking,how old was this girl.i thought american idol had an age limit? and i find it hard to believe that the show would subject paula to a known stalker.there were times when paula wasnt there to judge,she couldve just went to her dressing room,and came out for the next contestant,after the crazy one.or just sat there and said nothing.i mean she couldve had her agent do something,if it really affected her that much that she was supposedly shaking….

  46. 46

    you know when i watched that audition clip again i thought that simon knew in advance that this was a nut case paula stalker……he doesn't actually look happy about it either, but he would have been better off to not offer any comments at all instead of attacking her braces. unless he thought it would be fun to enrage a paula stalker, somehow i doubt it, he's just off a bit

  47. 47

    That is simply terrible that they explioted this girl by letting her audition! They should be ashamed!

  48. 48

    SCARY!!!! seriously…this pic is scary!

  49. 49

    I'm not sure if Paula is lying or just stupid. If what she is saying is true, a court would allow her to terminate her contract because American Idol has the duty to protect its employees. As a manager myself, I have had to refuse abusive husbands, etc. to enter the business to comply with orders of protection. It's the law! When the order was granted, the judge explained to Paula, the victim, that her employer is to accomodate her in the court's order.

  50. 50

    I'm with Paula on thsi one. If the producers knew this white heffer was stalking paula and had been stalking her for over 13 years and they still put her on the show, they should be outed and shamed. C'mon Perez, if that dyke Ellen Degeneres had a stalker and her producers made sure that stalker got to sit on the front row, you would cut yuor scrotom off in a hissy fit and you know it!

    Paula is/was a victim you moran. She had a stalker that threatened to kill her appear on her show with the producers blessings. Dayum dude, has fudge packing messed your head up?

  51. 51

    She is crazy as a bed bug.. but she does have a point….

  52. 52

    That girl was not well but I thik Paula is now exploiting the situation. She should get some class and not talk about the incident. The girl is dead. Let her rest in peace.

  53. 53

    "You know what would have been smarter for everyone? To maybe help Goodspeed find treatment instead of exploiting her crazies and selfishly whining."
    Cause you will never ever make fun of someone with mental problems or issues in her life right? Cause you will never ever vent personal life out there so people mock at celebs or start to call them or her kids stupid names like Sunday Roast or others right? Cause you will never ever push ppl to come out of the closet just for the sake of it right? Cause you will never ever insult a gay… come on Piggy stop acting like Santa Sluttielina and get lost!

  54. 54

    Re: tateration – Ditto!

  55. Noxx says – reply to this


    What exactly is bad about voicing objections of the heartless treatment of a disturbed person? Asshole.

  56. 56

    Her skin looks like a crayon drawing, straight-up lay off the make-up crazy…did anyone see her freak show out on Letterman? She's got some mental problems, but I'll give her the pass this time, somebody did suicide out front her pad. That's got to mess you up…