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Quote of the Day

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"The stuff I find attractive in women I always regret finding attractive. I always like a kind of madness in a woman, and when they are really, really strong. And they're the worst - mental strong women!"

- Twilight star Robert Pattinson tells the new issue of Britain's Closer magazine

[Image via WENN.]

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162 comments to “Quote of the Day”

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  1. mday says – reply to this


    Scarlett O'Hara?

  2. 102

    love him!!

  3. 103

    I don't find him all that attractive. He seems a little creepy looking to me. I am pretty sure it is his eyes that creeps me out the most.

  4. 104

    how beautiful is he?? DONT WRITE ON HIS FACE PEREZ!!!

  5. 105

    hummm , odd he has said in interviews that Kristen is a very strong woman and now he says he likes women that r like that ?????

    still fuling the rumors Rpatzz???

  6. DC says – reply to this


    He has hair growing on his neck! WTF eeeewwwwww O_o

  7. 107

    Well the translation is: I like girls who do cocaine, meth and heroine…

  8. 108

    I'd love to be his mental strong woman :D

  9. 109

    ill be his strong woman. he is so yummy :] TO THE HATERS: cant judge him until you see twilight, then youll see why we love him so much.

  10. 110

    omg, he is sooo gross
    i don't understand why we r even talking about him?

  11. 111

    so…i am 100% CERTAIN now that rob is the guy for me. haha. every interview he gives makes me like him more. it's refreshing for a guy to say what he's really into in a girl–not just spout-off the token answer. i must also admit–i've been called overly emotional/passionate/somewhat crazy by boyfriends in the past–so i know mr. pattinson and i could make it work;) love him!

  12. 112

    Sexy… Love him. :)

  13. 113

    Hot picture. :D I love himmmmmmm. :)

  14. 114

    oh rob. :)

  15. 115

    yeah thats HOTTT!!!!
    my kind of guy ;]

  16. 116

    After reading Crazydude's comment i have decided not to post my prior comment, which would have said: " IM SO IN LOVE WITH ROBERT PATTINSON I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO"

  17. 117

    i love you rob!!
    your so hot!!
    i'll be your woman!! haha

  18. 118

    There is only one thing he can do for me.

  19. 119


  20. 120

    He makes me feel uncomfertable.

    Is it just me, or does he REALLY look like he is on heroin.

  21. 121

    Ahhhhhhhh RRPATTZ posts make my day!

  22. 122


  23. 123

    I guess I'd be right up his alley then. :P

  24. 124

    no wonder why he's said women like to yell at him in relationships.. lol.. i'd be a stong crazy girl for him anyday. he's effing hot as all hell!

  25. 125

    I am fully prepared to be the strong insane woman in your life.. lol

  26. 126


    For once in your lifetime, would you fucking please quit putting drool drawings especially on Robert Pattinson! Draw something else but not drool/coke, okay???????

  27. 127

    i could be his worst - mental strong women!!!!

  28. 128

    No more talking he sounds like an idiot, just sit there and look pretty.

  29. 129

    this makes no fucking sense to me, is he high?

  30. 130

    He's fricking HAWT Y'ALL KNOW IT!!!

  31. 131


  32. 132

    OOOHH!! i think he is Gorgeous!! and he just described me in a nutshell!!
    If there were any way, i would have him! It was just the frosting on the cake when he played edward cullen, but if i do say so myself..they could have found a much better actress to play along side of him, someone with actual talent

  33. 133

    If you don't like him then why are you on his comment page…nothing else to do in your pathetic lives

  34. 134

    surfing net & came across pics of Rob arriving today at LAX carrying the book "2666". Isn't that the book that the supposedly "fake Facebook Rob" had listed on the screencap as his current read? Fishy??

  35. 135

    i heart him :]

  36. 136

    i can't help it, i thinks he's totally cute (it's not my fault,i'm a hormon-ruled teenager !)

  37. 137

    fuck what the haters say, i'd still bang the hell out of him

  38. 138

    So freaking amazingly HOT!!! We LOVE you Rob, keep up the crazy press bullshit, everyone loves it ;)

  39. 139

    If I were dating him I would be full of madness too…

  40. 140

    He looks a bit like he spended the last night in a paperbox.
    (don't get offended fans! I have nothing against him I just got a littlebit scared from that picture ! xD )

  41. 141

    Robert is so beautiful.

  42. 142

    IT'S THE NOSE!! his nose is so fucking weird -he could be fit if it wasn't for it

  43. 143

    This scariness is HOTTT… he is gorge

  44. 144

    He is beautiful inside and out. And I think that it is sexy that he does not wash his hair!!!!

  45. 145

    i'll give you a mentally strong woman baby…

  46. 146

    I like the way he thinks but I really dont like the hateful comments that the snobby people leave him. That is just mean and cruel. He seems like a nice man and they should not judge him for that.

  47. 147

    Damn. I'm definately not fat and I think that man is fucking sexy.

  48. 148

    i really dont understand why you people have suchh stupid comments on robert . i can REASSURE NONE of you know him . i most certainly dont & i would LOVE to meet him & i say he is VERY talented & doesnt give any of you a reason to talk shit about him . hes amazing .

  49. 149

    haha Funny.

    Rob your awesome, come to Manhattan some time so you could see what a mental strong woman is really like ;)

    P.s. lol I'm only 19.

  50. 150

    AW! i dont care what anyone says. i love Robert and always will!

  51. 151

    Re: Crazydude – i wonder how you look dont be mad cause your not him

  52. 152

    im crazy lmao so i would be perfect for him

  53. 153

    I think people should stop judging Rob so severly. I mean.. whoring the franchise around the globe .. plane ticket to plane ticket..
    to drooling–screaming–girls AND their mothers.. It's no wonder he looks out of it. Poor guy. I nearly pity him.

    But god, I'd love to be him strong woman. And many people would agree with me.

  54. 154

    Re: sarah25gutierrez – I meant ***his*** strong woman. I'd like to be her. … . . but alas I'm just one of millions of fans around the glibe.

  55. 155

    Robert….I'm crazy for you!Does that counts???

  56. 156

    Hahaha hes so different, I hope he stays that way and does his own thing. I will agree that he does always look like hes coked out but if i had that kind of cash and a million people screaming at me all the time id be smashed much of the time too!

  57. 157

    hes so gorgeous

  58. 158

    ohh boy i love him

  59. 159

    Leave him ALONE. he is georgous

  60. 160

    this man is beyond sexy…men who don't care or try too hard are the sexiest around. all the haters are soo jealous, just stfu!

  61. 161

    OMG he is so like chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just want to lick him for hours!

  62. 162

    He is absolute…..perfection.

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