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More Twilight Dramz!

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Time to get hustling on the Twilight sequel, New Moon.

Part two of the franchise remains un-helmed since Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke's departure, but with a tentative release date set for November 20th, 2009, whoever ends up coming onto the project would have to be in Vancouver by December 15th to prepare for a mid-March production start date.

The mad rush to feed off of Twilight's franchise potential may only exacerbate some of the problems that have already arisen for New Moon.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the fledgling Summit studio does not want to re-hire "baby-faced" Taylor Lautner as Jacob. They don't think he has what it takes to play the werewolf love interest/lead in New Moon.

And, in a desperate attempt to keep the role, Lautner's agent has reached out to the special effects people who did Brad Pitt's new Benjamin Button film to see what wizardry they could do to bulk up Taylor.

Another obstacle is finding Native American actors to portray Jacob's werewolf clan, which was difficult in the first film. Lautner himself is not completely Native American.

With only a slightly increased budget of $50 million and breakout lead actors to pay more, shoots in Italy, and shiny new special effects, Summit is going to have to cut corners somewhere.

Rumor has it that Summit has approached Golden Compass' Chris Weitz to direct.

Inside sources say that Hardwicke would have loved to direct the Twilight sequel, if given the license to take her time to make it better than the first, but "it ­became clear that Summit didn’t have those same priorities."

It all sounds like Summit is setting up its Twilight franchise for a sloppy sequel in order to cash in as quickly as possible on its box-office-busting success.

Despite all the dramz, brutal production timeline, and potential for total crap filmmaking, Summit shouldn't have a problem nailing a director soon because, as an insider put it, "We are in a recession. It’s a hit franchise. Whoever steps into it is guaranteed a $100 million gross. Everyone wants this movie."

An executive at another studio added, "You’d have to have a very high standard for art, hate the movie business, and hate ­money to walk off this sequel."

So is Hardwicke an idiot or just trying to avoid an embarrassing cinematic failure?

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418 comments to “More Twilight Dramz!”

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  1. 101

    Ok im a HUGE Jacob fan so i care who plays him ALOT, I thought that Talyor played jacob fine for the FRIST movie but do all the other people that are saying you a huge fan of twlight and changing him would be wrong…well your wrong from the 2 book and soo onn Jacob looks fromm 22-27 YEARS OLD and is VERY tall AND VERY MANLY. so you actually didnt read the book right. check out steven striat he is AMAZINGLY ment for the part and stehphani meyer also said so herslef she would be SOO happy if he played Jacob.

  2. 102

    I loved all the twilight books. Has anyone read any of Mary Janice Davidsons un-dead books? I thought they were pretty good.

  3. 103

    Perez keep it shorter. I hate when they replace an actor in a series of movies but Taylor Lautner was horrible in every way possible. He is to much of a light weight for the rule. I do not think that Hardwicke walked away has much has being forced out. She made a B movie. She can not handle the special effects needed to take this project forward. Now that they know they can generate big bucks on a poor movie, just think what they can do with a good movie. Hopefully they will make the right moves. Rushing it can not help at all and Chris Weitz is a horrble chose golden compass sucked. Replacing one light weigh director for another is stupid.

  4. 104

    I agree, they do need a bigger, tougher guy to play Jacob… taylor looks like a sweet boy, but Jacob has to be more manly, and be at least the same level as Edward. …..TEAM EDWARD CAUSE JACOB DOESN'T SPARKLE!…..

  5. 105

    Hardwicke is just someone who has character, and does her work not for the money but for her legacy

    obviously that makes her the opposite of an idiot
    and she isn't scared of cinematic failure, because as you said, even the crappiest sequel is guaranteed $100 million

  6. 106

    The Summit studios are making screwing up this book series SO BAD!

    They need to not rush, find a good director, and keep taylor.
    They don't need millions of girls to want to kill them

  7. 107

    now they can hire steven strait.
    taylor's cute and all and he was perfect for jacob in twilight but jacob's appearance evovles once he turns and taylor just won't cut it.

  8. 108

    Get rid of Taylor. Get Catherine back. All better.

  9. 109

    This is going to be a disaster.
    If they're not keeping the same actors from Twilight, why even bother making New Moon?
    If they're going to do it, do it right.

  10. 110

    Re: Milky Milky-Ambassador to CanadaRe: Sweetpiece is confused??Re: Mistress

  11. 111

    Catherine was smart for leaving. She know it's gonna be a hott mess and a big upset. Especially with Summit rushing the script and film making. And you'd think with such a success that Twilight was that they'd give a lil more money to the New Moon budget. Poor Taylor Lautner is going to be kicked out of his roll! I thought he made a nice Jacob. Hopefully they can do something to muscle him up. I feel this will be the last installment of the Twilight series, unless Summit pulls it's stupid shit together.

  12. 112

    I understand he is baby faced but that is what they started with when hiring him for Twilight. They need/should keep him. If they don't there will be a lot of disappointed fans.

  13. 113

    I'll be SUPER pissed if they get rid of him. Way to fuck up the Saga.

  14. 114

    Re: Hot Monkey Love Obama Style!
    Monkey, speaking of recipes, I just made my blueberry-strawberry-raspberry smoothie.
    I am reading a book about "Titanic", drinking my smoothie, and my toy poodle puppy is nestled next to me and chewing on a bone.
    Life is good……….

  15. 115

    sounds like this movie is going to suck.

  16. 116

    It's one thing to fire the director who is behind the scenes but to fire an actor that an audience has already identified as the character?????? C'mon!!!! Its not like Robert Pattinson was the perfect image of Edward but he pulled it off through good acting - Taylor Lautner is a good actor!!! He can pull it off!!! Don't ruin it!!!

  17. 117

    I really dont like him , i really dont like jacob

  18. 118

    Re: avamaleki – I completely agree with you.

  19. 119

    wth? they cant eff with the characters now!

  20. 120


  21. 121

    He has established the role. Why change now? If you have a different director the picture will be differenet and he can change his character. He sure looked the part at the end of the picture. He can pull it off!

  22. 122

    Well why am I not surprised? It is all about….money!

    About Taylor (Jacob Black) I can see why they are not sure if he can lead the movie. When I first learned that Taylor was going to play Jacob. I had a such hard time trying to accept and grasp that in fact Taylor who does not look like my fellow brother *Yes I am part Native American* and I really wished they could have casted a real Native American actor. However I feel bad for Taylor because he tried hard and did the best he could. I hope the Summitt and Taylor's agent come to an agreement or something. I'm all about second chances. Good luck, buddy!

  23. 123

    As long as they have Robert in most of the scenes (I know this is not accorsing to the book), the film will be great or they should just skip to shooting book 4 as books 2 and 3 were not that good anyway.

  24. 124

    they need to take thier time.new moon is my favorite book of the whole series and i seriously dont want to see them screw it up.twilight in the first place was no where near as good as the book and i was seriously hoping that they would take there time and make new moon even better.PLEASE SUMMIT DO NOT MESS THIS UP :(

  25. 125

    Steven Strait!!Steven Strait!!Steven Strait!!Steven Strait!!Steven Strait!!Steven Strait!!Steven Strait!! Yes, please. Taylor [although cute] is NOT New Moon material.

  26. 126

    All these retarded fangirls are getting on my nerves. The book describes jacob as tall! taller than EDWARD!! If he want's to stay he needs to grow! We need to remain loyal to the story not the fucking actors… I want to see NEW MOON in film not some movie that resembles new moon with weird characters.

  27. 127

    OH EM GEE.
    it better not be an effed up movie !

  28. 128

    oh heyll no thou shall not fire taylor! hahaha im not a big fan of taylor but he makes a GREAT jacob no n no no no nono no nooooooo!
    they can not I REPEAT CAN NOT FIRE HIM!!!

  29. 129

    Nooo! They can't fire Taylor. He makes a great Jacob.

  30. 130

    They can't not have in the movie.
    He was so great, and it's just going to be stupid if they change Jacob.
    Taylor Lautner is the only reason I went to see Twilight, and I'll be pissed if they don't put him in the rest of the series.
    He's such a great actor, and his part in Twilight wasn't big enough to show that off.
    He deserves to be in the movie, and there's no reason for him not to be in it.

  31. 131

    Hardwicke is smart for leaving. i am a huge twilight fan and would be so dissapointed if the got a different jacob. summit needs to stop worrying about all of the money, let the movie be realesed in 2010, bring catherine back and give it a bigger budget. summit if you fuck this up watch you back because you will have one large group of angry fans!

  32. 132

    this is weird.
    i thought taylor made a good "jacob."
    in fact, the other night, a few of my friends saw twilight, and we all agree that we were excited to see NM because of jacob… even though im team edward.
    weird! that this is in the news.
    summit should take a step back and try to make NM good in quality as possible, or else, people might not pay to see eclipse or breaking dawn.

  33. 133


  34. 134

    they cant fire sharkboy!!!
    sharkboy was lovely in twilight

  35. 135

    Re: Nachan
    summit didn't keep much of the book in the movie, so why would height diff makes SUCH A BIG DEAL to get taylor fired?
    lame !

  36. 136

    Ok if you think he has bad acting then they should fire Kristen Stewart because her acting is worse than his.

  37. pod says – reply to this


    I hate it when producers/directors replace the original actors who portrayed a character. How very soap opera-like! If Harry Potter managed to keep all their original actors (minus Richard Harris for legitimate reasons) I see no reason why Twilight should not.
    Also, if Summit is hellbent on rushing New Moon out in favor of a quick buck, I'm pretty confident when I say that their results will seem minimal next to Twilight. There's no use denying that the fans will go out and see the movie- they will, but if they're aware of all this (and I'm sure they are) they will most likely not see it twice. Summit needs to keep in mind that people LOVE these books. Fucking with literature-people is rarely a good idea, because they hold books close to their heart and cherish their stories. Not giving said stories proper respect will surely hurt Summit's "Twilight-Cred."

  38. 138

    This smells bad ppl!!! Really, really bad!!! Summit is TRYING to fuck this up for us!!!! Don't fire that boy…FIRE THE SCRIPT WRITER!!!! she did an awful job!!! She helped kill twilight! New director, NEW SCRIPT WRITER…And for loves sake UP THE BUDGET!!!!

  39. k-lee says – reply to this


    Fire Kristen. She stutters a lot and she's monotone.

  40. 140

    it is crazy that they say they can't find native actors…come to Canada…one of our hot native stars is on Law & Order sometimes…a lot of movies filmed here have a full native cast and there is a tv station called ATN that features native Canadian programming. completely stupid…if they change him it is no big deal because he is supposed to look like he changed overnight

  41. 141

    i understand that the first movie did not live up to its book and a new director is probably a good idea
    but remove sexy jacob who drives 50% of the ladies crazy and there goes half your viewers

  42. 142

    I HATE when they change actors in movies!

  43. AMO says – reply to this


    He looks like a cave man.

  44. 144

    nooo!!! don't fire taylor!!! everybody loves him!!!! …not to mention, besides rob, he's a marketing dream! (lol such a ham!) cuz lets be honest k-stew isnt exactly the best interview giver in the world.

  45. 145

    Ok people who think that Taylor Lautner is right for Jacob have CLEARLY not read any of the books. Other people have mentioned this, but Jacob is 6'7 in the book and looks 25 years old. Taylor Lautner is 5'9 and 16. I mean really. Why would they want to put that much energy and effort into transforming him into someone else when they can just GET SOMEONE ELSE! I mean really. It's common sense. A GENIUS has suggested Steven Strait. Not only is he hot, ALREADY buff, and a workable 6'2 but he has already shown he can carry a movie. (The Covenant, anyone?) So all you teenyboppers LET IT GO! It already seems like this movie is going to rushed and wack at least lets have something going for it. Oh and whoever was talking about how wonderfully he acted in Twilight, he had five lines. Doesn't really show your acting prowess.

  46. 146

    if taylor gets fired, i'm not watching new moon.

    ok i prob will, but it's not the same without him!

  47. 147

    there should be a petition to keep taylor!

  48. 148

    I don't think the Studio understands how ANGRY and PISSED OFF all the Twilight Fans will be if they don't re-hire Taylor.
    He played the role really well, and I think he would be great in the second film. There will be such an uproar if he isn't rehired!

  49. 149

    I'm so mad that Summit is messing everything up! Firing Catherine and rushing everything for an earlier release date is bad enough but replacing Taylor has to be the last straw for Twilighters, come on DO SOMETHING!

  50. 150

    Re: Hot Monkey Love Obama Style! – Good night sexy bitch!

  51. 151

    Whatever they choose to do, they need to make sure that New Moon is closer to the book than Twilight was. And sorry folks, but there is NO WAY Taylor is going to be able to pull off growing inches daily and looking more and more like a man every time Bella sees him. It's just not possible. Since so much of the movie revolves around him, they'll need to figure out how to either make Taylor 6'7 for the movie or find someone who is.
    I thought he was great, but when I saw him I knew there was no way he would pull it off in the 2nd movie.

  52. 152


  53. 153

    Summit is really going to eff up this movie I am PO'd
    I rather wait that see I crappy movie
    I rather not have New Moon if it's gonna be eff up
    If they're gonna fire someone it should be Kristen

  54. 154

    aw i feel bad for taylor, he makes a good before wolf jacob but an after wolf jacob, idk! i agree with Grace88, summit take your damn time making this movie cause if this movie sucks i'm going to be pissed.

  55. 155

    The series is a guilty pleasure of mine. I had high hopes for the movie, but it really could never have stood on its own. It's only kind of good if you know where it originated from. I didn't feel drawn to the main characters, there wasn't nearly enough suspense, and it seemed like they were trying to fit too much into a short period of time. As much as I love the books, I'm not going to reward greedy shitheads who wanna make bank and scrimp on quality. I'll just read the books again.

  56. 156

    I heard he has a 3-year contract with the people of Twilight. so, if he does, doesn't he have to play Jacob?

  57. 157

    Re: BILLIELIPS IN THE JUNGLE!! – lol no it's interesting!

  58. 158


  59. 159

    i want him to be jacob still! even though he looks kinda weird with a wig. but whateverrr. and im mad that their all rushing the movie to come out nov.20 even though i cant wait

  60. 160

    omg I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee him as jacob
    I thought that was perfect
    I'm so sad :( Hes so hott even though I'm a year older :S
    booooooo this isn't good
    the new one wouldn't be as hott

  61. 161

    I was wondering how they were going to make this kid fit the part of a 6'7ft tall massive muscular indian werewolf in the next film! He fit perfectly for the first movie but they are going to have no choice but to cast somone bigger for this intense role, New Moon is 90%Jake & Bella–the other 10% is action packed with the return of Alice Cullen taking bella to Italy-saving Edward from suicide via the Vulturi. haha the Movie(s)SUCK but the Books are Great!

    Hopefully they can find someone bigger/better who looks similar, OR maybe they can bulk him up & touch him up && use some filming tricks to change his size.

  62. 162

    why are they rushing to make the sequel? don't they know that making people wait will only bring in MORE money…..I remember freaking out at the end of each lord of the rings because I absolutely could not wait until the next one…it's the wait that makes it worth it!

  63. 163

    pleasepleaseplease don't do that
    taylor is soo cute.

  64. 164

    No!! Not Taylor D: He's like MADE for the role of Jacob XD

  65. 165

    I can't believe that all of these teens on here want Taylor to stay because he's hot….makes me lol. I mean he's cute for a kid I guess, but the movies need to have some integrity in the way they relate to the books. Taylor is a kid. He can't play the older, buffer, bigger version of Jacob. It's just impossible. I think it's kind of sad to say that "oh I won't go and see it if he's not in it". lol If anyone is looking for another great series try JR Wards Brotherhood series, Sherrilyn Kennyon, Laurell K Hamilton, Kerrilyn Sparks. I pretty much only read vampire stuff. :)

  66. 166

    They finished filming Twilight in like 4 months, I doubt they will rush New Moon. But the only thing is, they know that everyone will go see it, regardless who directs it or how fast they film it. So it's a win-win situation for the whole cast and crew of Twilight/New Moon.

  67. 167

    wait…. why are they getting "slightly" increased budget? New Moon is pretty much guaranteed to make a shit ton of money, so why are they only getting $50 mill work with? that's effin bogus.

    AND…ok, so they wanna try out this chris guy as a director. that's ok with me, i think he did a decent job with golden compass (it looked pretty) ……BUT Compass budget was $180 million!!!!! what is Weitz gonna be able to do with only $50 mill? i shudder at the thought.

    LASTLY…..i hate to be cruel but i gotta say it - if anyone's getting fired it should be Kristen Stewart hands down (or at least get the girl a good acting coach) she's suppose to be the LEAD for fucks sake, NOT blend in with the wallpaper every damn scene!! a movie reviewer said "if i hadn't of read the books i would have never guessed that bella even cared about edward" and i agree completely. there was no expression of love or longing in her voice, face, or body language - just bad acting.

  68. 168

    I think he is cute and seems very sweet, but I didn't care for his acting. Maybe he needs to concentrate on acting class until then. I hope it works out for him.

  69. 169

    I totally agree they should replace jacob. Also they should replace kristen stewart she is a terrible actress. Steven Strait is an amazing replacement! hes hot tall and buff. Twilight sucked. It was so painful to watch. If any of u who read the book u will understand. I dont know why they are rushing new moon. I want some damn good quality here. Even if the movie came out in 2010 it would still make a lot of money. Hello people love the twilight saga and i think they can wait for quality. i know i can. I was so disappointed. I dont understand why u guys are saying taylor was a good actor he had like 5 lines! I will be pissed the fuck off if they screw this up AND plus Edward does not have a big part in new moon. So whats the point of seeing a sucky movie plus no robert pattinson. SUMMIT MAKE IT WORTH IT!!!!

  70. 170

    I think if he bulked up a little bit he could do a good job.

  71. 171

    Let's be honest. Taylor Lautner seems like a sweetheart. But a tall, manly, werewolf, lead character like Jacob? Not at all. Maybe if the movie was being made in two years after he grew up a bit more, but he's just too young looking to play the part. It's not that he's not likable (because he definitely is), he's just not Jacob. Unfortunately, New Moon is really Jacob's story, so Summit needs to make sure they have someone comparable to R-Patz to carry the film. If Summit was smart, they would take their time on making this movie, not soak it for all the money they can get.

  72. 172

    all i can say is SUMMIT SUCKS if they are gonna rush this movie cuz then they'll just make it even more horrible than it has to be. I LOVE the Twilight series and would rather have them take they're time filming it than rushing into it. and they shouldn't fire Taylor either. Taylor did an awesome job as Jacob in Twilight. SUMMIT, YOU ARE IDIOTS!

  73. 173

    they cannot fire Taylor!
    he's a perfect Jacob!!!
    that would fuck up the movie if they remove him, NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. 174

    Re: BBBoricua
    btw, thats not his real hair.
    thats a wig.
    his real hair is really short and spikey.

  75. 175

    YO the Twilight fandom dont play this is the same fandom who petitioned against Rob being Edward (pissed me off ) we would not go buy into a sucky movie just because it was huge opening weeked doesn't mean we deserve a shitty movie we as the fandom made it was it is today all this hurrying and rushness frightends me all Summit wants is more money those greedy twats! also 50 million for a budget this movie is on it's way to making 200 mil worldwide now they want to pocket the money fot themselves greedt bastards Summit can eff of for all I care word spreads like fire in the Twilight world and if New Moon is shit the i'll be lucky to make 30 mil at most! oh and keep Taylor I like him

  76. 176

    No Taylor, no movie. I'm seriously going to boycott New Moon if Taylor doesn't return as Jacob. To tell you the truth, he's the only reason I went and saw Twilight. If they lose Taylor, it will be a big mistake on their part.

  77. 177

    i dont know about the whole taylor thing..it would suck and be extremely devastating/embarrasing to him since he has spoken about doing the other films…BUT I DO KNOW that summit is SERIOUSLY GOING TO KILL the series if they make shitty movie..honestly why do u have to fuck up a good thing. If Hardwicke "quit" because of this whole thing being rushed then AMEN to her…

    take Catherine's advice and take the time to adapt it to the book, because if not your going to have a bunch of angry little teenage girls sending you hate mail and god knows what else for making a shitty movie…you cheap bastards

  78. 178

    thats going to fuck things up. but, Jacob gets GIGANTIC and manly, i mean he looks older than Bella.
    I dont want them to switch him, that would be confusing.
    they better fix this and fast, or else the saga is going to be ruined.
    its going to be alot of pressure on poor Taylor, cause half the book is just him and Bella.

  79. 179

    I will have a heart attack if they mess this up!!! I would love to see the movie tomorrow but I don't think I will be able to handle a horrible movie! I would rather wait for a good one that have a shit one tomorrow. I understand money is important but come on!!! The books are sooo good I NEEED to see a good movie! AND I HATED Jacob in the book but Taylor makes him soo lovable! DONT FIRE HIM!!!!!! God I wish I was a film person, cause seriously I would do a much better job!

  80. 180

    Ok they can't get ride of Lautner! He is Jacob! Yea he is young but give him a chance. Ok all I have really wanted is for Summitt to speed this all up so we can get another movie but I am worried that they are gonna mess up this amazing Saga. I hope Meyers can hold them off from messing this up.

  81. 181

    whatever they should just fire the bella girl. she SUCKED in the movie she was so monotone and not a good actress at all.

  82. MRSB says – reply to this


    Perez, one of your comments is sooo ignorant! There are tons of Native actors in Vancouver. Canada has entire shows that are cast only with Native actors.

  83. 183

    Summit can Fuck off for all I care this is the reason why there company had horrible movies in the first place now there gonna eff up Nre moon I hope the Twi-hards eff them up and cause a colasal bomb!

  84. 184

    I really hope they do fire him, I think he's an absolutely terrible actor.

  85. 185

    Summit, what is your beef ?
    First Catherine, now Taylor.
    You're about to fuck yourself royally.
    Ps, I personally want Steven Strait to play Jacob. But there's no reason both can't be in New Moon.

  86. 186

    Twilight needs a new studio ASAP!

  87. 187

    Re: chelsuz
    its not like him being taller or looking older is going to change the base of the plot. him and bella are still going to hang out all the time, edwards still going to leave, everything will still be the same.
    yes, he's suppose to be a grown man, but most movie adaptions of books have to leave some things out.

    like a mentioned before, harry potter is the same thing. harrys eyes are suppose to be green, like his mothers, yet the actor has blue eyes. Did that change the plot of the story? Not at all! In the third movie, it was never mentioned that it was actually harrys father who helped make the map, yet it was still there, and the plot was still the same.

    I agree that they should take more time on the movie instead of rushing it to get out, but they also have to think how the vampires are not suppose to age. think if they took 2 years between each movie, all the actors that play vampires would look a lot older. In my opinion, i would rather the vampires stay looking younger rather than jacob looking older, seeing as it might be a choice of one or the other. Since the first movie, we all know that edwards been seventeen for "awhile", we (perhaps as people that did not read the book) know he's not going to age. So I think the plot point of vampires staying young is more important than jacob looking older. they can make him look a bit older with subtle make-up, maybe make him look around 19-20, which is better than 16.

  88. 188

    thats unfair , catherine hardwicke WANTED to do new moon D;

  89. 189

    OH MY GOD!
    if they do not give the part of jacob to Taylor
    they can't do that!! there is plenty of ways to bulk him up
    and are they forgetting that he is supposed to be fun-loveing
    and funny and sweet!!!! yes, he is a warewolf and he has a temper but
    ITS CALLED ACTING i am sure that he can pull off a temper!
    he did a really nice job with his part in Twilight
    Twilight was pretty good and i hope that sumit does not completly fuck it over to get it out faster…… as much as i am looking forward for it to come out i am willing to wait if it means it will be a better film


  90. 190

    Fire that dumb bitch who played Rosalie! she was the most miscast character of all.

    and hardwicke was fired for making a horrible first film, dumbass.

  91. 191

    Ok here is an idea (might be bad) but I am trying to think out of the box. I understand Jacob is suppose to be a big guy. Can't we keep Taylor and have him morph into the werewolf? Like the hulk, maybe bad idea LOL…..maybe get the rock as the guy playing the werewolf LOL..ok bad idea

  92. 192

    taylor is 16 and he looks a bit older for his age
    even tyra on her show thought he was in his 20's
    and he does have alot a mucsel

  93. 193

    Why would they change something that is working!!! don't they know the phase "if it ain't broken don't fix it" I understand that they studio want to capture the hype and money but please don't ruin the movie..because then forget about the third and the fourth sequel ones. As for Taylor, he just needs to get a trainer and gain some muscle…

  94. 194

    ugh! they better not screw this up or things will get fug! and if they think they can fire taylor, psssh! they should have listened to catherine cause she did a great job with twilight and truly gets it. its so obvious the connection she had with her actors. no way is some other director gonna make it good. summit, get your shiz right!

  95. 195

    true… reading New Moon, his character goes through crazy changes. if they're smart, they'll keep Laut and fork over the extra dough to work on special effects!

    i'm totally team Laut

  96. 196

    KEEP JACOB!!! He was good. New Moon is a big undertaking, I hope they don't screw it up by cutting corners.

  97. 197

    Seriously Summit is fucking just ruining the whole damn series! This is pretty much trashing Meyer's books. I mean I'm an avid fan, but Catherine had the best thing going for these series. She didn't want to rush it so basically Summit canned her because they want their friggin' money. Well I'm ripshit now. Taylor can't go, they had enough trouble finding him. The whole cast is probably pissed.

    AND WTF!? Chris? That's good put someone who friggin' did something like American Pie on as the director..it's sure to be a great flick (completely out of whack, just cause he's friends with someone on Summits boards????) No one saw Golden Compass….that gives me no hope.

  98. 198

    "the werewolf love interest/lead in New Moon."

    What are you smoking? He's not the lead, or a love interest. It's still Robert and Kristen, Perez. Get it right. The sweaty mouthraping indian kid is an annoying sidekick at best.

  99. 199

    i wont see the movie if they fire him…. well ok maybe not that extreme but noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  100. 200

    I hope they don't screw this film up. I'm very excited about the next installment, but I would rather wait for a good film that get a half-assed version next November.

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